[2.3][Prophecy][lvl 96, R28] Mjolner Voll's Juggernaut 6.9k hp, high damage+clear speed, high budget

Hey just wanted to share my build I've been playing on prophecy server. Completed the gear requirements on day 4 (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1676226), have since upgraded most of the gear, done every map boss (including multiple deathless core malachai's), grinded ladder to a comfortable position (lvl 96, rank 2 juggernaut, rank 28 overall as of writing), peaked at 7 min 14secs on uber lab runs (https://www.pathofexile.com/labyrinth/Prophecy/4/1465516800 position 156) and overall have very much enjoyed this build.

Mjolner+Romira's+Voll's is nothing new, but with 2.3 received a huge buff which I couldn't wait to exploit in prophecy. I didn't follow a guide for this build (though there exists https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1606509 which is another variation, with 5k hp and crit), so here's my own.

So, the build:

-can do deathless, flaskless, twinned core clear easily (check videos)
-very high damage
-very high survivability
-high clear speed
-can do every map mod except reflect (even reflect with more investment, lvl 23 purity of fire+rotp)

-is melee range
-is high cost
-I have pk'd guildies (they can't see bearers in my discharges)
-is not ranged
-have to travel to mobs to kill them


How this build works: I have Resolute technique, I cannot crit. I hit a mob, romira's banquet gives me a power charges. My mjolner procs discharge, and voll's devotion gives me an endurance charges, I also gain another power charges from scoring a non-crit on discharge. Juggernaut passives give me my max endurance charges (currently 9 potentially 10). My mjolner procs discharge again, I discharge all endurance charges, I also gain all my endurance charges, feeding a cycle and doing SICK DEEPS. And every endurance charges I lose, I gain 100 hp from the chest Kinsguard giving me very good life recovery that isn't affected by how much damage I actually do.

This works on any attack. Including leap slam and shield charge, so while moving very fast with shield charges I also kill everything, neat.

I have immortal call on cwdt and self cast. I always have max endurance charges up so it lasts for 5-7 seconds.

Gear and gems

absolutely required gear:mjolner, voll's devotion, romira's, kingsguard. Repentence, Death's door, devoto's are BiS. +1 endurance charge belt with life, res also BiS. ring=life and res. Saffels because physical damage mitigation is irrelevant.

It is very difficult to cap res (ele weakness cap in T15 is 177 res in ho, thats with +8 max res from purities and saffels) using all the BiS uniques, use rare's until you can. In order of preference repentence>devoto's>death's door (my personal opinion).

All the gems are in the gear. Molten strike is the best single target. I use shield charge because it's fast and one shots every white pack even in T15 maps. I use Discharge-discharge-fire pen because it's the highest damage vs maxed out res mobs. A second discharge is 100% more damage, fire pen is 148% more damage vs 75% res mobs, and 74% more damage vs 50% res mobs.

Aura's: I use 3 of the purities for safety. The biggest threat in maps is bearers (avoidable) and volatiles (almost completely unavoiable) so the only answer is life and max res. I use lvl 3 enlighten in a +1 repentence which is the second cheapest option to fit in all the auras, the cheapest being get aura nodes on the tree. You can also buy a lvl 4 enlighten or use blood magic in a 6L kingsguard, or even use a helmet with reduced aura reservation, whatever works.

I don't have a single curse because I want to do every map mod including hexproof, and I really don't need curses.

6L: absolutely not necessary. I guess I would put in lmp but don't think I would notice the difference. Or blood magic and drop the mana gained on hit jewels for more damage.

Mjolner gems

With this build every discharge in mjolner will do maximum damage (discharging max endurance charges atleast). This was not the case before unrelenting, here's an explanation:



Before unrelenting double discharge:

assume 3 PC, 3 EC before hitting mob.
Mjolner procs, casting both discharges in succession:
the first discharge consumes 3 PC and 3 endurance charges, and procs both romira's and voll's to generate 1 PC and 3 EC.
The second charges then consumes these charges, leaving you with 1 PC and 1 EC after romira's and voll's.
Mjolner procs again casting both discharges. Now both discharges only consume (and generate) 1 PC and 1 EC, so you lose loads of damage.

With unrelenting double discharge:
assume 1 PC, max EC before hitting mob.
Mjolner procs casting both discharges in succession:
the first discharge consumes 1 PC and max EC, and procs both romira's and voll's to generate 1 PC and 1 EC. Then unreleting makes this max EC, so you now have 1 PC and max EC
The second discharge consumes 1 PC and max EC, and procs both romira's and voll's to generate 1 PC and 1 EC. Then unreleting makes this max EC, so you now have 1 PC and max EC

So every discharge proc consumes and generates max endurance charges.

As for support gems, fire pen provides the most damage vs max res mobs, (148% more damage) which is when it really matters. A second discharge is 100% more damage (and 100% more life gained from kingsguard), and a third discharge is 50% more damage (+50% more life gained), and might be better in some situations.

passive skill tree, bandits, ascendancies and jewels

This tree prioritises life over all else. You can change the tree to your playstyle, personally I like never dying to anything if i'm going for lvl 100.


For ascendancies: unrelenting, undeniable, unstoppable. Again you can change to what suits you. Unstoppable provides freeze, chill and temp chains immunity. Undeniable is just a good amount of attack speed, but not necessary with RT.


Brute force solution goes under duelist area for 94 int and -70 str. priorities for jewels in order are: total +4 mana gained on hit, int/str requirements, life, attack speed. Need the mana gained on hit for no regen maps.

Bandits:oak, kraityn, oak

Resolute technique vs Elemental overload

Short answer=EA is more dps, RT is safer

Long answer: I rely 100% on immortal call vs phys damage, so I want to have max endu charges at any time during a fight, as IC can proc at any time. Without RT there's some chance that the following scenario happens:

-proc mjolner with 1 power charge, max endu charges
-first discharge crits (with atleast 10.5% crit chance)
-now have no power charges, max endu charges
-second discharge also crits, now have no endu charges, no power charges
-I cast IC either by cwdt or self-cast(e.g. 2 seconds before a palace dom slam) and it last 0.7 seconds
-I die to dom slam

This is very unlikely to happen, but it did happen twice where I almost died because of it. Grinding ladder or playing HC it's not worth the damage change to go EA over RT. But if you wanna do damages go EA.


This was my first character in prophecy and I planned to make this build from the start. I levelled 1-50 with flame totem, fire trap and got blood magic and elemental overload and switched to explosive arrow, with almost identical tree. I stacked MF (about 220 rarity, 20 quantity) using the ascetic and some other uniques and farmed dried lake and low tier maps using almost entirely self found gear (bought a 5L chest for 3 chaos, bought quill rain for 2 chaos) and spammed the unid chaos recipe. Bought brittle emperors as early as possible, dropped 2 myself and paid between 30-50 chaos for the rest.

Since I don't get any damage nodes til about lvl 20 I got carried by guildies which helped a lot. I travelled to duelist area only after respeccing to mjolner at about lvl 85. You can also level very fast with twink gear (tabula, dual life sprig or facebreaker+all that gear+the +1 totem quiver). I don't get any damage nodes til about lvl 20 so I got carried by guildies which helped a lot.

Here's some screen shots:

molten strike

defense in hideout

Note: physical defences are irrelevant because of 99% immortal call uptime

Videos: Flaskless, Deathless twinned core clear:

Uber Atziri

I'm sure this build can do Uber as I've done uber on much weaker builds including a weaker (pre ascendancy) version of this build. The only changes I would make is using empower on purity of light and purity of fire, dropping purity of ice, and using righteous fire somewhere. I would probably use 1 health potion and 2 rubies+2 topaz to be able to completely face tank the split phase. I haven't done Uber on prophecy because I'm poor and would rather invest into gear and other characters, and Uber is no longer a challenge for me.

This build is OP

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For bandits im guessing oak, kill, and endurance charge?
For bandits im guessing oak, kill, and endurance charge?

oak, kraityn, oak. added, ty.
Pretty much so. I did kill, kill and endurance charge. Like the OP stated this build is unreal. I leveled using shield charge and Warchief. Once I got all the required gear I switched to the Mjolner build at level 68. Build has very good single target and multi target damage. Going into packs with shield charge and watching them blow up is pure joy. Hopefully GGG won't nerf it. Mjolner for 2016.
The potential of his build is ridiculous, but I think I am most impressed by how you could afford this build in just four days. Can you explain a little how you were able to afford all of this so quickly?
Can you explain a little how you were able to afford all of this so quickly?

I played 27 hours straight day 1, with explosive arrow (identical tree except for elemental overload and blood magic) with as much mf gear as i could (the unique ammy+perandus blazon total ~200 rarity, 20 quant) I logged off that day with 2 brittle emperors, 1 dropped for myself, one bought for 30 chaos. Day 2 I bought another 3. day 3 i bought 2 more, and got the last as a drop. I paid between 30-50 chaos for them all, got from spamming the 2 chaos recipe. day 4 i got mjolner (paid 2 ex, at the time ex were 35 c i think) and kingsguard 5link. Notable drops: 1 exalted, tabula and pledge of hands for ~20c each.

It is very lucky to get 2 drops in 188 runs. Average is 1 in 400 according to community.
Hey there! Nice build btw, i want to ask if 2 Discharges in Mjolner works twice better than 1, and if fire dmg increase and spell dmg increase really affect the discharge dmg, and why u don't use blood rage?
'budget'... yes very budget friendly

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