[2.2] Dyadus Firequaker - Atziri viable

Seeing how popular the run-of-the-mill Marohi Erqui Earthquake builds are I wanted to make one myself, although with a slight twist.

This build will utilize the one-handed axe Dyadus.
As you might have figured out already, this build will be focusing on fire damage and ignite/burning. This means we will need two Fireborn Unique jewel to transform physical into fire damage.


Tanky - 7 Endurance charges
Good damage - 60k - 100k
Can run most map mods
Atziri viable - First character I've actually tried killing her with


Can't run Ele reflect maps
Requires a lot of farming/luck in labs to get the right enchant(or you could just buy it) for optimal build
Some basic math skills required(will be explained later on)

Alright, heres a quick video of a gorge run to show you that the build actually works.
Atziri kill, my 2nd Atziri run, ever.

Let's get started with the actual build then.


There are several viable options here.
Chieftain with it's synergy to Ignite chance, fire damage, and high life regen.
Skills: Ngamahu - Hinekora - Ramako

Berserker with Aspect of Carnage for very high damage. A less tanky option.
Skills: Crave the Slaughter - Aspect of Carnage - Pain Reaver

Juggernaut stands as the middle path between the two previous Ascendancies, balancing tankyness and damage.
Skills: Unflinching - Unrelenting and either Unyielding or Unstoppable

I originally went with Chieftain . I have now changed over to Berserker and I feel the dps increase / squishyness trade-off is worth it. I will continue as Berserker.


Dyadus won't be available for use until level 69, I found it best to use two-handed weapons up til it's usable.

Head towards Resolute technique.
If you need more damage, pick up the Mace, Staves or Axe nodes, otherwise head up towards the Area damage nodes.
Skill tree - 39 points


Pick up the Area damage nodes and the life nodes there.
Then start moving down towards Duelist starting area.
If at any point you feel you lack damage, pick some more of the mace/stave/axe nodes.

When moving down to Duelist, use the highway down to Art of the Gladiator. Once that is done, head up to the Scion life rectangle.
Skill tree - 66 points


Now you have to start preparing for transitioning to Dyadus. Take the two-hand nodes down to the lower Duelist highway and get one mana-leech node.
Then pick up the endurance charges and jewel slots
At level 66 get the "Melee damage with shield" nodes down in the Duelist area. This let you have two paths down to the lower highway when you hit 69, this saves you three respec points.

Skill tree - 88 points - Pre Dyadus

After 69

Once you hit level 69 Dyadus is equipable. Before you can start using it optimaly you need to do some respeccing and get yourself two Fireborn unique jewels, these usually go for 1C.
Post Dyadus skill tree - 90 points

Skill tree - Level 85

There are two versions of this tree. What version you will use depends on your gear.

If you have a helm with reduced Earthquake duration AND a 6link chest armour.
Use this tree

If you have a helm with reduced Earthquake duration.
Use this tree

If you DON'T have a helm with reduced Earthquake duration or a 6link body armour.
Use the first tree


Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Skill point
Merciless: Help Oak


If you followed the skill tree you will need an additional 4 Dexterity(If you use Belly of the Beast and 67 Intelligence(For support gems) from gear.

There are several good options here.
Geofri's Crest
This helm is great for your aura and curse set up.

Doedre's Scorn
Another good option. Gives curse level and some extra damage.

Rare helm with Life/Resists/Armour

Body Armour

I prefer to use Belly of the Beast for that extra health, but any rare chest will do just fine.


Only one option here.


Rare shield. Focus Armour, life and resists here.
If your resists are capped, you can go for Chernobog's pillar instead.


There are a couple of options here, depending on what ascendacy you have chosen.
If you didn't pick Chieftain, using a ring with added ignite chance is very usefull.
The cheapest option would be Ngamahu's Sign giving some resist and damage.
The expensive option is The Taming

If you did pick Chieftain you are better of using rare rings with elemental weapon damage, life, resists and added elemental damage, if you can afford it.


The best option here is a rare neck with weapon elemental damage, life, resists and added elemental damage, if you can afford it.


The best option here is a rare belt with weapon elemental damage, life and resists.


You will need two Fireborn jewels
These need to be placed south of Duelist and west of Maurader.
This will convert the physical nodes within the blue circle to fire damage.
The third jewel slot, south of Scion(if you skilled it) is best used for a double % damage jewel.

Jewel Locations

My Gear

Gem setup

Chest Armour: Earthquake - Weapon Elemental Damage - Less Duration - Increased Are of Effect - Fire Penetration
For 6th link I would go for Fortify or Rapid Decay.
If you have the helm enchant, Rapid Decay will increase your total dps with ~15%.
Fortify will not give a dps increase, but it's very good if you feel you lack mitigation.

Weapon: Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks
Boots: Cast when Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Blood Rage - Fire Elemental
Gloves: Enduring Cry - Increased Duration - Faster Casting
Helm: Blasphemy - Flammability - Anger

Earthquake math

Our main goal is to have the Earthquake duration lower than out attacks per second. In order to achieve this we need at minimum 20q Less duration(59%) and helm enchant with 30% reduced duration for a total of:
Earthquake has a base duration of 1.5sec

20Q20L Less duration gives
49% LESS duration
10% Reduced duration
For a total of: 1.5 * ((100 - 49)/100 * (100 - 10)/100) = 0.6885 ~~ 0.69s

With helm enchant
30% Reduced duration
For a total of: 1.5 * ((100 - 49)/100 * (100 - (10+30))/100) = 0.459 ~~ 0.46s

With Rapid Decay
15% Reduced duration
For a total of: 1.5 * ((100 - 49)/100 * (100 - (10+30+15))/100) = 0.344 ~~ 0.34s

With option 1# the maximum attack speed you can have in order to trigger earthquake on each attack is:
1/0,69 = 1.45APS
Staying under this treshold is not possible, go for skill tree option 1 as detailed under skill tree section.

With option 2# the maximum attack speed you can have in order to trigger earthquake on each attack is:
1/0.46 = 2.17APS
This is possible if we have maximum 3 frenzy charges and drop one Axe node, west of marauder starting point, and you use a Dyadus with 10% increased attack speed.

This will set your maximum APS with three frenzy charges to 2.22APS which based on the math should not be enough to get you under the threshold, but magically it is.(I'm assuming this has to do with the attack animation).
Use skill tree option 2 as detailed under skill tree section.

With option 3# the maximum attack speed you can have in order to trigger earthquake on each attack is:
1/0.34 = 2.94APS
There is no affordable way to go over this treshold. You can go all out attack speed at this point.


The DPS of this build is hard to calculate, suffice to say everything melts.

My Stats - No charges:

DPS Calculations:
The following table assumes this gem setup:
Earthquake - Less Duration - Inc Aoe/Conc effect - Weapon elemental damage - Fire Penetration
With Berserkers Aspect of Carnage
Table below does not currently use Flammability fire resistance reduction in the calculations.

DPS Table

Link to the sheet.

That is all. Thank you for reading(and hopefully) using my first written build.
Thank you and good night.

Edit: Feedback is most welcome.
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Updated with locations for where to place the two Fireborn jewels.
Guess I'm going tank
Updated with:
Accurate dps calculations.
Improved gem setup.
Ascendancy skill choices.

Also, I would very much like some feedback on this build.
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pretty decent guide, no comment huh
I'm going to give this a shot
kudos mate
Looks good, I'll try in next league.

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