[2.2 Perandus Berserker Video Guide] Non Crit Lioneye's Split Arrow (75k+ dps on 5l)

Video Guide and gameplay footage

Passive Skill Tree

Lioneye's Fall is required in the duelist jewel socket to convert the axe and two hand nodes to bow nodes.


For my second character in Perandus I wanted to make a tanky archer with top notch dps without breaking the bank. For this build I've spent 3 exalts in mixed currency including the cost of both 5 links. The damage has exceeded my expectations and is pretty overkill.

For map mods the only thing I have not tried yet is elemental reflect. I've run phys reflect and just had to use blast rain for the whole map.

At level 83 I've run up to tier 10 maps. I'll go into red maps once I get a few more levels as they are pretty wasteful at my current level.


Split Arrow -> Physical Projectile Attack Damage -> Pierce -> Added Fire Damage -> Weapon Elemental Damage -> Slower Projectiles -> Faster Attacks (if 6 link lioneye's vision)

Blast Rain -> Physical Projectile Attack Damage -> Faster Attacks -> Added Fire Damage -> Weapon Elemental Damage -> Pierce

Blink Arrow -> Mirror Arrow -> Hatred -> Herald of Ash

Blood Rage -> Rallying Cry -> Vaal Grace -> Increased Duration

Cast When Damage Taken -> Immortal Call -> Molten Shell -> Increased Duration


Lioneye's Glare is the core of the build as it lets us ignore accuracy and saves us passives since we don't have to travel to resolute technique.

Drillneck is highly recommended to help scale damage, also it has flat physical, life, and evasion.

Lioneye's Vision is a cheap way to get a 6 link with stats since it has pierce built in. If you manage to 6 link it you can have a 7 link.

Rings and Amulet look for flat physical damage, life, and resists.

boots, can be armor, evasion, hybrid. Look for 30 move speed life and resists

helm/gloves can be armor, evasion, or hybrid. Life and resists are the primary affixes, but gloves can offer damage with a flat physical roll and attack speed.

Belt, rustic or heavy belt. Try and get armor life and resists.


Stibnite is especially useful for devo's, drop bears, flicker strikers, and leap slammers.


To level this build I used earthquake, sunder, and sweep. There are a number of great unique weapons you can use throughout the leveling process to make the process really easy.

Head towards the duelist area to get the two hand nodes and grab the two hand nodes in the marauder starting area while leveling. Spec out of the marauder nodes once you switch to bows, and use lioneye's fall to make the duelist area bow nodes.

Last bumped on May 8, 2016, 9:28:46 PM
Gonna try it out as soon as i got time :) got most of the gear for under 1ex in mixed curr (went lucky with the bow, bought for 4c with max stats and 1 soc, 1 jew and it was 5l 6s)
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MeRix1312 wrote:
Gonna try it out as soon as i got time :) got most of the gear for under 1ex in mixed curr (went lucky with the bow, bought for 4c with max stats and 1 soc, 1 jew and it was 5l 6s)

That is indeed lucky, I'm sure you will enjoy the build. This is is up there with most ridiculous builds I've done, and I've played pre nerf RF, Mjolnir, coc, etc.
Hey what did you go for bandits?
I bet, normal=life, cruel=increased phys or attack speed, merc=Frenzy charge

Like every other phys bow build ;-)
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Running this build in 2WPHC atm; haven't switched to Bow yet tho.
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