[2.2.1] Immune to physical IC stunslam juggernaut

This guy was born in the talisman league, bent towards a singular concept: "How can i not take damage?"

the answer to that is immortal call. And lots of endurance charges. Essentially this build uses ground slam/heavy strike in a 2h mace with endurance charge on melee stun in order to generate enough charges to give IC 100% uptime, and therefore laugh in the face of any incoming physical damage. This doesn't protect from elemental damage, so a large health pool is also maintained. The endurance charge on melee stun requires that we stun, which provides an additional layer of defense.


Very safe. high health and physical immunity
Stunlocking makes it so enemies rarely even have the chance to cause the damage you ignore
Cheap to outfit. You don't really need high armor on equipment so its pretty easy to get good gear. only expensive thing is your weapon and possibly kaom's heart if you want it.
bosses are not a threat when they are stunlocked. its kinda hilarious watching voll wiggle around helplessly beneath your hammer.
Most map bosses not a threat due to stunlocking


Not the best damage. Using your primary attack to facilitate defensive shenanigans kinda limits your clearspeed a bit. It is still sufficient but don't expect to powerclear maps.
cannot do "enemies cannot be stunned" map mods safely
unwavering opponents can be a threat.
Haven't tried it, but it likely would be rather difficult to do atziri due to her stun immunity. I will try to attempt this soon just to see if it can be done

Immortal call shenanigans

Immortal call provides immunity to physical damage from hits, which is great. It also has a 3 second cooldown, which is not so great. It will consume all endurance charges that you have in order to increase the duration, so maintaining endurance charges is key to your defense. This build was initially designed to maintain a greater than 3 second Immortal call using 7 endurance charges, but the Juggernaut ascendancy makes it a bit easier with 8 charges.

Immortal call is triggered with a low level Cast when damage taken gem. This way the immunity happens autonomously once you start taking damage. However this does have a few drawbacks. It means that you will take the full damage from whatever attack triggered it. If it was a big hit (such as voll slam) it can still take out a big chunk of health. IC also has a small cast time where a couple hits can occasionally slip in However, the 8 endurance charges help mitigate the initial damage so its not too big a deal.

Immortal charge has a base duration of .4 seconds. A level 3 CWDT allows for a level 5 IC, which gives 112% increased duration per endurance charge. To get passed the three second cooldown, we need a total of 650% increased duration. Which is easily achieved with 7 endurance charges. An increased duration gem gives us a bit more breathing room, and the 8th charge from the ascendancy class just makes it easy.

To maintain these charges, you need to attack fast enough to stun at least 7 times before the Immortal call wears off. For the base 3 second duration, that means an attack speed of 2.33. At my current level, i have a 4.24 second duration, meaning i need a minimum attack speed of 1.88 to get all 8 charges. This is fairly easily attainable.

It should be noted that this build does not cooperate well with multistrike. Multistrike both lowers the per hit damage, making it less likely to stun, and impedes gaining endurance charges, as you can only gain one charge per use of the skill, even if it repeats 3 times. This will dramatically slow the rate at which you gain charges.


You need to make Immortal call last 3 seconds, so get a bunch of endurance charges and link it to lvl 3 CWDT and increased duration. make sure you attack fast enough to get the charges back before its over. Multistrike is not your friend in this build


This build depends on stunning your enemies to gain charges, so lets talk about stun. You have a chance to stun an enemy when you hit them for a percentage of their total health. The probability of stunning them increases with the percentage of their health bar you do with with a single hit. Reducing enemy stun threshold reduces the percentage of health you have to deal to guarantee a stun, and increased duration just makes the stun last longer. This wiki page http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Stun explains it all in detail, and better than i can.

The shorthand is this. To guarantee a stun, you want to stack as much stun threshold reduction as is convenient, and deal as much damage in a single hit as you possibly can. If you can increase the stun duration to the point where it is longer that your attack time, then you can effectively stunlock opponents.

This build utilizes two main attacks. Groundslam is used as your primary clearing tool, and heavy strike is used for tougher single targets. The main reason for using both of these skills is the innate stun threshold reduction that is on both of the skills. Warlords mark can also assist greatly with stunlocking high health opponents, as well as providing a large amount of sustain through leech. This build uses two handed maces for their high damage and increased stun duration implicits.

skill tree


Important passives

resolute technique- It is much easier to stun people when you actually hit them. take this and don't worry about it

Unwavering stance- Its much easier to stun people when you aren't stunned. and you probably weren't going to be doing much evading anyway.

skull cracking- stun reduction, damage and free culling strike. hooray

Stun mastery- Helps with stun in multiple ways.

Juggernaut- the increased life from flasks is great

Vigor, Stamina, Endurance - You NEED endurance charges to function. get all of them

Oak is your friend. Take no others before oak

Ascendancy class

This build benefits immensely from juggernaut. Get unflinching for an extra endurance charge, Unrelenting so that your endurance charges increase your damage and make you even tankier. The last two points are a bit more optional. I went with Unyielding to get a great boost out of having fortify, which i think is probably the best option, but unbreakable can save a passive point and allow evasion chance (which could be an interesting alternative to armor), and unstoppable movement speed and undeniable attack speed definitely wont be wasted.

This build doesn't really have much to leveling. you can pick up ground slam almost immediately and use it successfully through the entire game. AS far as the tree goes, i would recommend grabbing the mace circle by marauder, the stun circle by unwavering stance, then head towards duelist for health and damage. Getting a Kaom's sign ring or two will allow you to activate your immortal call shenanigans before you have all the endurance charges from the tree. Make sure you pick up enough attack speed to maintain your charges, and get health when you can. I would also recommend running warlords mark on blasphemy to deal with mana issues until you start getting your final gear.


Max life
Damage (area, melee, two hand, maces,attack, etc.)
attack speed

This thing is also good for clearing packs. Though it can be replaced if you know you are going into a boss or something

Gems and links

Primary attacks

Ground slam-faster attacks-endurance charge on melee stun- melee physical damage---fortify-stun/increased area/added fire

I use a 5 link maul for this. A marohi erqi will add in increased area without the need for a slot, and if you do have a 6 link i would probably go with added fire to up your damage, though stun is also an option.

Heavy strike-faster attacks-melee physical damage-endurance charge on melee stun-stun---fortify/added fire

This is similar to ground slam mostly. It is used primarily for high health rares/uniques and bosses. You should prioritize stun over fortify for this one, as the point of it is to more reliably stun hard to stun opponents. You need all of it to maintain charges vs bosses.

Immortal call shenanigan

CWDT (lvl 3) - Immortal call (level 5) -increased duration- blood rage (lvl 8)

You want the CWDT to be as low a level as you can, so that it will trigger at the first sign of trouble. i Have mine at level 3, originally to help boost the duration when i had less attack speed, and also to accommodate the blood rage. Blood rage is useful to provide extra leech and attack speed, as well as frenzy charges. I have it linked to the CWDT for convenience, but it could reasonably manual cast at a higher level.

Movement skill

leap slam-faster attack-blood magic

Use this to get around and doge big attacks. Blood magic makes it easy to sustain.

Miscellaneous- these skills can go wherever, don't really need link support

Hatred and herald of ash- these are your auras, used to boost your damage output.

Warlords mark- used to make stunning easier and give some leech. While leveling, i highly recommend linking this to blasphemy to sustain your mana. Once you get leech on equipment, replace it with herald of ash.

summon flame golem

little fiery friend that gives you more damage. huray


There are two primary ways to gear this build. With Kaoms heart, and without kaoms heart

without kaoms heart

I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these. it does great damage has increased stun duration, and most importantly, gives a slotless increased area support. However, its attack speed sucks so you need to make sure you have enough from elsewhere to keep your charges up. a 5L marohi can be attained for 1ex or less, but is still probably the most expensive thing in this build. If you are on a major budget, a decent 5L rare mallet will also work

This is the chest that got me through talisman. As you may notice, its not all that great. Its got the resists, some health, and basically no actual armor. That is the great advantage of this build. Because your damage mitigation comes from skills, you do not need the base defense on equipment, meaning the gear you need is really cheap. IF you want to get good base armor, more power too you, but honestly it may actually be better to get ES/evasion gear, if you can make the slots work

all of this is basically used to stack as much health, stats, and resists as you can get. otherwise follows the same sentiment as the armor

belts are capable of rolling reduced stun threshold mods. If you can, you should try to get one. The rustic sash and studded belts both have implicits very useful for this build, so you should probably consider them as well. Though leather belts work well too.

with kaom's heart

This one gets a bit weird

cause it uses these three things


Two mallets.

Kaoms heart can give you an immense boost to health, which is prettymuch your most important stat. But it has no slots, which proves a problem for your heavy strike setup. I experimented with doing heavy strike in a 4L, but found it simply wasn't sufficient to stunlock tougher opponents like voll and the act bosses. So I bought myself a second 5L hammer for 15c and simply switch over when i want to kill one specific dude.


You want a bleeding flask because bleeds are annoying. Having chill and curse removal flasks are great for making sure you keep your attack speed as high as possible. Movement speed flask is good for positioning/dodging/running cross country

stats and such

Tooltip dps for groundslam is 19.3k. I told you at the start this wans't a high damage build. But this is enough to plow through most average mooks in decent time

Heavy strike dps is 30.9k using my secondary hammer, 30.2 with marohi

i have 5189 health with the rare chest, and a staggering 2580 armor
With kaoms heart, i have 6226 health and 3149 armor

I have 427 base health regen per sec.
The endurance charges grant an additional 32% physical damage reduction, 8% elemental damage reduction, as well as give some help with overcapping your resists and increasing your regen to 620/sec

So basically, defenses are great, damage is, well, sufficient. Have fun


note: dps should be slightly higher, took that after frenzy charges wore off

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This is a great build. I am really enjoying it. I tend to shy away from basic builds like ground slam because they have been around for ever have done many basic melee builds, but this one has a lot of not so obvious sophistication with the ic and stun features that make it a lot of fun to build and play. Thanks.

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