[2.4] Invincible Juggernaut/Core and Uber down Deathless (DEAD)

[Officially dead in 2.5 as far as end game content]

2.4 changes
Its less DPS but still perfectly viable
-slot in hammer controlled destruction instead of firepen and conc or increased area effect depending farming or boss.
-Slot ele weakness instead of flammability on blasphemy
-Upgrade your hammer

2.4 core this is done on a 5L (I forgot GMP is way more deeps with GMP)

Everything Below is 2.3 but still applicable except for changes noted above.

Hi Everyone - First of all Big Thanks to SIQI for his many ideas as we went back and forth in another thread! If you want one of the highest offensive and defensive builds in the game look no further. This is the tankiest build I ever played including beating my Supertank incinerate which had 100% all res and 74% phys mitigation (when those were possible). Basically face tank everything build. Did not die leveling 89-94 doing all these hard maps for vids. Notice my fat EXP bar compared to others who record at ZERO exp to put best vids forward

It also hits harder than classic Rainbow Nuke or any CoC discharger I played mainly due to always 9EC discharge jugg gets and perma RF. I have 85K discharge at full charge.

Have a look.


Uber Deathless @91.3
*Bonus 16 second trio kill from same vid

Face Tank T15 Core w/vulnerability on me Deathless @92

Every other map is like doing lvl 1 Tropical Islands but I'll show a couple anyway

T15 Abyss Double Koam 5 second kill <could be even faster with ele weakness instead of enfeeble

Uber Lab and he's full generals.

Invincible is a high speed low drag farmer too. extra life gorge etc ~3min

Fellow player Aussue90 likes Shield Charge and ele weakness <2:10 Gorge

Plaza ele weakness on me still run RF. No gem swap doesnt matter with so much deeps even enfeebled.

Below VIDS @lvl 88
Abyss 5L and 30% mjo

Palace - ele weakness map still running RF due to 9 EC. I record this just to show its possible. You dont need to run RF on ele weakness

New Russian Version


Juggernaut has some big changes

Undeniable - Buff - Attack speed now increases along with accuracy! This is huge I have 3200 accuracy for 32% IAS boosted!
+1000 to Accuracy Rating
1% increased Attack Speed per 100 Accuracy Rating

Unflinching - Unchanged
20% chance to gain an Endurance Charge when you are Hit
+1 Maximum Endurance Charge

Unrelenting - Crazy buff that makes you always max your endurance charges! So wearin volls ammy for every charge you get you can get 9 EC to discharge.

Unyielding - Fortify buff
30% increased Damage while you have Fortify
1.5% of Maximum Life Regenerated per second while you have Fortify
25% increased effect of Fortify on You

This build uses nearly every trick in the book. Max blocking. Righteous Fire running to boost spell damage of already OP discharge. High armor. High life. Double Cursing. Over max resiting, and more.


Righteous Fire
Elemental overload
Blood Rage
Iron Will
Flammability on blasphemy
Ele weakness on blasphemy too if you don't want full tank mode
Fire pen gem
Double 8-10 EC discharge


52% Block naturally with no flasks
73% spell block naturally with no flasks
230% Armor
200%+ life (6000+)
88% fire resists
Enfeeble on blasphemy to erase effects of reckless defense jewels.
Fortify in every attack with 25% increased effect of Fortify on You
11% + life regen
8-10 endurance charge always up or IC
800-1000 life every discharge



7 Reckless defense jewels w/ 4% block

Comments on gear.
-need elron -8 ring or a ring with 55%+ mana regen to spam - can be any kind with INT + life. I just chose crit implicit because my resists were covered. Make up whatever you lack...
My Idea of a perfect ring would be
30% Resists Implicit
TI Life
T1 % Armor
T1 Mana Regen
T1 fire damage % or IAS or 30+ dex to save a point on tree.
Some other prefix ev, mana whatever
Here are two ring I can use

-Helmet or boot with INT saves another point on tree
-dont need + end charge belt can take .8 life regen at Mara start
-can use 5L chest and 30% mjo
-want 4% block reckless defenses
-repentance gloves should have low % reduced spell dam

3L Discharge (20/20) - Discharge (20/20) - Fire pen (20/20)(on Mjolnir)
3L Minon Life (20/20) - MinTotemRes (20/20) - Lightning or Flame Golem (20/20)
4L CWDT (9)- IC (11/20) - Enlighten 3 - Purity of Fire (20/0)
4L Blasphemy (20/20)- Enlighten 4 - Flammability (20/20)- Enfeeble (20/20)
4L blood rage (13+/20)- Enhance - RF (20/20)- Empower 4
6L Molten Strike (20/0) - GMP (20/20)- LMP (20/20) - Faster Attacks (20/20) - Multi Strike (20/0)- Fortify (20/20)

Gem Swapping
General farming
Cycone for LMP in chest
Run Increased Area effect in Mjo one discharge and fire pen

Hard boss maps 15+
Swap cyclone for LMP in chest
Run Conc effect or another Discharge if your CPU and network can handle it instead of Increased Area of effect gem

Not super CHEAP - its a top tier build - but can be inexpensive.
Like 30ex minimum. Biggest cost volls devo...

Only need 30% mjo

uber kill with 5l 30% but i strongly recommend 6L to spit out more balls

My gear is relatively high end for this build liek 80ex total, mainly because after I made this guide 4% Reckless defenses went from 20c to 3-4ex each...note to self - invest before making a guide. Haha!



My three flasks popped (granite, lightning, Atziri's Chaos)

full Ec and three flask

DPS up to ~2 million
Me with max charges/EO/RF/Atziri flask 89K+ x 7.09 ias x Pen x flammability x ele weakness if you use it

EZ Lvling tips

Just follow tree taking life, long runs and play flame totem(s) or shield charge flame totem. spec out of ancestral bond later. Spec into Endurance charges.

Early adopters comments

eugenez wrote:
Thanks Aim Deep. Finally took down Core.. By just face tanking completely.

dagul23 wrote:
This is truly Invincible! I got bored of prophecy already so i went back to my marauder discharger and specced to this. Really amazing dps and survivability. I probably need to change some stuff with my gear but i'm pretty much cool with it for now. Thanks!

stephenp1983 wrote:
Great build it really does seem invincible so far. I respec'd a character on Standard and with non leveled gems I'm face tanking anything in t12 and higher maps. Got lucky with the repentence gloves and with 1 divine went from 21 reduced spell damage to 0.

Git R Dun!
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I would not recommend using Righteous Fire with only 7.3% Life Regeneration... To support the damage you would be taking would require a minimum of 93% which would be 5% above your max cap. So you would be constantly taking damage unless you are spamming Health Flasks or Ruby Flasks.

Not to mention you aren't using any support gems to help with Righteous Fire damage, meaning at that point you are better off going full Discharge rather than trying to maintain Righteous Fire.
Last edited by XerxezBreak on May 31, 2016, 8:07:28 PM
The endurance charge usage with the chestpiece would outheal it anyhow. :-)

Is the GMP and LMP to proc Mjölner more often?
I haven't really used mjölner or molten strike - especially together, so i can't tell.
Last edited by permut on May 31, 2016, 8:08:10 PM
@XerxezBreak I have that regen. Look at tree and jugger closer.

Unyielding and life per end charge more precisely = 11.2% life regen total
Git R Dun!
Last edited by Aim_Deep on May 31, 2016, 8:11:13 PM
Aim_Deep wrote:
@XerxezBreak I have that regen. Look at tree and jugger closer.
Okay, sorry took me a while to do the math. I guess since you're relying on Discharge for damage & Molten Strike for maintaining Fortify the small damage boost you receive from running Righteous Fire as well couldn't hurt.

Although, I have to ask why would you run Discharge and Immortal Call together? Immortal Call will probably eat up your Endurance Charges before Mjolner can proc Discharge.
Last edited by XerxezBreak on May 31, 2016, 8:12:01 PM
permut wrote:
The endurance charge usage with the chestpiece would outheal it anyhow. :-)

Is the GMP and LMP to proc Mjölner more often?
I haven't really used mjölner or molten strike - especially together, so i can't tell.

Yes loads of balls everywhere hitting means Mjolner procs like a machine gun.
Git R Dun!
Double post
Git R Dun!
Last edited by Aim_Deep on May 31, 2016, 10:14:01 PM
Well Aim, it looks promising enough. [Been a long time since I used a Mara.] Your math seems ok, too.

I've only got a 30 mjolner not a 50 though... even so, it could work ok.

There are some very good looking theory-crafted builds floating around just before 2.3 that I've seen online so far.

Talk about power creep, we have it in spades!.

I guess that GGG will be upping the boss and monster packs to try and balance the new powerful builds.

Undoubtedly, the nerf stick will also be wielded freely, too...

Not too long to wait now, then the new meta builds will be coming fast.

I'll keep an eye open for your new build, mate. GL.


Nice build but!
You have 256 IQ with gear. Mjölner need more. +44 Not a lot but need.
I don't see any flaws here, well done! This could become the most "balanced" build ever. ;o)
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