[2.2 PSC/Video] COCserker Panon Wielding Vaal Pact

This is an answer to the call to make build guides!

Sample map I done

More videos soon!

I chose berserker because I really wanted to focus on clear speed.

On hardcore I would recommend Juggernaught and swapping the helmet with a scolds bridle as well as adding an endurance charge on the tree.

I have seen some nice Juggernaught builds out there.

My build is still in progress, but is already clearing extremely fast on very budget gear.

This is my first version:
I am still experimenting with which curses/aura's I prefer. Currently blasphemy with enfeeble seems to work well due to my low HP

The idea is to stack as much movespeed as possible to increase the amount of cyclones and to increase clear speed.

Trying desperately to 6 socket and 6 link this item (Spent way too much currency already without any luck)

I will update this thread to showcase with another video once I get it with a 5 or 6 link!
I would also need the boots Seven-League Step to make this build complete (Run Forest Run!)

I got the item to a 5 link.

Movement speed becomes insane.

So I decided to see what happens with increase AOE instead and changed chestpiece once again

I prefer this item in the end because it gives a noticeable damage boost at the cost of some movement speed (compared to increased movespeed armor's)

I have now also changed amulet to this

Which gives slightly lower movement speed than previous corrupted amulet, but the extra weapon range gives alot more hits for the cast on crit to trigger.

My current gear at lvl 84 is

Here is the lvl100 passive tree


Here is my current tree


Personalize it to your hearts content!!

For bandits I did OAK,KRAIT,SKILL

The build is so easy to make that you can experiment quite easily.

I really liked

compared to

Simply because of the idea that it is more budget and it feels like it increases clear speed due to the massive movement boost

For the gloves focus on getting ones with a low reduced spell damage roll. Having this item really helped boost the damage of the spells.
Alternatively use

Which results also in a big damage boost. I preferred the Repentance gloves since it gave me more armor, but Deodre's Tenure gloves allows for an extra two Jewels on the tree that would give more damage than the Repentance Gloves.

As a curse I run enfeeble on a blasphemy. It works for the build when mobs hit extremely hard, but actually works against weaker mobs (since Savagery won't trigger). When you go into a elemental reflect map I find Warlord's Mark as a curse a necessity for survival.

Ascendancy would be to go to Savagery and Crave the Slaughter.

Savagery causes us to instantly leach back life whenever big hits happen. Cast on damage taken with an elemental spell works very well with Savagery.

Crave the Slaughter is one of the best things for the clear speed of this build. You run faster if you have not been hit recently - which means if you have killed things without them touching you, you still retain a massive movement speed boost which results in faster clearing. If you are stuck on heavy mobs that did hit you, you get massive attack speed boost which hopefully results in more casts. I would still like to test which attack speed bonuses results in more spins.

What are the pro's / con's

Fast clear speed
Being able to be called a COCserker and be proud of it
Spending very little to achieve great clear speeds
Seeing a head-bob from running that defies gravity!


Hardcore will prefer Juggernaught due to permanent IC on character
Cant do maps with ele-reflect
Not good for slower computers since a lot of things are happening all the time
Stay away if someone in the family has epilepsy

Busy editing videos to upload!
You can reply here for any questions/comments/suggestions.
Also visit me on twitch for discussions/help and lots of fun! (pathofafrica)
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Video uploaded
Cool build! :)
Edited pro's and con's
Updated with new items recommended

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