[2.2] Surt's Satanic Seizure ~ Oro's Infinite Flicker! CHIEFTAIN IS AMAZING

Video from level 81 in Talisman, rare Temple map and Piety kill:

This build utilizes the super high elemental damage unique 2 hand sword Oro's Sacrifice, which is not only upwards of 750+ dps, but has the unique mod 'Gain a Frenzy Charge if an Attack Ignites an Enemy'. This allows you to flicker continuously, as long as you keep igniting mobs.

This Oro flicker build is a slightly tankier version with high life regen, as well as plenty of armor and evasion. It is built for marauders, because they make the best giant, infernal armoured, demon winged, seizuring demons, but templar or duelist is viable too.

2.2 Changes ! ! !

Not much! I have an updated passive tree to share, but the biggest change is of course, the ascendancy subclass. Chieftain is obviously amazing for this build, the 15% ignite is huge, you could get 100% chance to ignite from gear and the tree if you wanted, but that would be overkill. 50 to 60 is plenty. The 35% increased fire damage to burning enemies is great, so is the 10% fire pen. That 10% fire pen is huge for this build. I will go for Tawhoa for the huge defensive bonus, but you might consider the Ramako as well, for the endurance charge generation, but that seems a waste, and we will have so much life regen already. With the 1% fire damage life leech, and crazy life regen, and much higher armor, and even higher damage, this build got a massive buff.

Below is old numbers from past leagues:
My Flicker Strike is over 70k dps WITH splash, 75k with fortify on (pvp), and before taking Fire Penetration into account. I have over 5000 health atm, 3670 armor (before endurance charges), and 2300 evasion.

Rare Strand Map Video


Flicker Strike is an attack that quickly teleports you to the enemy and attacks hard. It has a cooldown, but if you have frenzy charges up, you can bypass the cooldown by spending a frenzy charge. With the Multistrike support gem that makes your ability attack 3 times each time, you have triple chances to ignite. With high enough ignite chance, you will continuously flicker ridiculously fast in a blazing killing spree of fiery death.

Oro’s Sacrifice comes with 20% ignite chance. The skill tree provides 25% extra ignite chance, which brings you to 45%. You can get 10% ignite chance on Mokou’s Embrace(s) rings, 7% on Gang’s Momentum, and small amounts on jewels. With 60% ignite, you should stay between max charges and one less than max charges consistently.

The Stats at level 82

Flicker DPS (without splash) = 7347.5 per hit x 8.55 attacks per second

Flicker DPS (with splash) = 6919.5 per hit x 8.55 attacks per second


The Build

When leveling, grab Resolute Technique, then go to the Duelist area for the melee nodes and get the frenzy charge. Then head to the templar are for Ele nodes, Scion life area last. You can use this jewel to help along the way with dex requirements:

Okay, after MUCH deliberation, I have concluded that the witch nodes are too far out for not enough benefit, as opposed to the Fireborn/Wrecking Ball/Destroyer combo. The Fireborn gives juuuuuust barely enough damage to exceed those witch nodes, like by 2%... and it makes the tree less stretched out and easier to level with. The Lava Lash nodes grant 8% fire pen, which is HUGE, better than the witch nodes mere 3%. I tried to get both and that would be tough at lvl 100.

The only downside is that using the Fireborn jewel of course, eliminates a jewel slot, which could set you back up to 40% or more damage, which was my initial complaint, but as a whole, you're able to get more fire damage and life, since you don't have to travel as far to get them.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed feedback!

For the Marauder, this is the new build:


The duelist need only change the start nodes.

The witch however, will need to use the old build and travel as conservatively as possible, the starting nodes kind of suck. Go Elementalist and get Liege of the Primordial, which gives around 60% total increased fire damage by itself, then I think Mastermind of Discord is great if you can get into a rhythm of using lightning strike every 4 seconds. If not, go for Liege, Pendulum, and Shaper instead of Mastermind. Witch will be squishier, but has neato abilities.

Probably best option for Witch:



I use Anger for a massive increase to damage, and the fire golem. This leaves me 25% mana unreserved, which allows me to cast Lightning Strike as much as needed, for easy ignites to build charges and when distance is needed. If you want to go tankier, use Determination instead of Anger.


These are pretty easy choices.
Normal: Oak for the flat 40 life
Cruel: Kraityn for 8% increased attack speed, since we don't get any benefit from phys % from Oak
Merciless: Kraityn again for the +1 to frenzy charges for a massive boost to Flicker

The Links

Flicker Strike requires Multistrike and Blood Magic to work even a little bit, and Melee Splash to make it good for anything besides single target. Weapon Elemental Damage is a huge boost to damage. For the 6th link, Fire Penetration is almost as big a boost to damage as WED, as even when the mob has no fire resist, they will go negative in resists with this gem. For pvp, use Fire Pen or Fortify instead of Melee Splash.

Lighting Strike is an awesome attack for this build, as it is very fast, has multiple projectiles, and pierces with quality. After using Spectral Throw, Lighting Strike feels so much better.

The Gameplay

The gameplay for this build is rather simple. Use Lightning Strike to build charges, then go ham til everything’s dead.

Never start flickering without max charges. Each charge grants 14% attack speed AND 4% more damage, Flicker Strike gains 10% attack speed per charge on top of the 4% from the charge itself. The ‘more’ damage is important, as it is multiplicative not additive. If you flicker without max charges, not only will you build charges very slowly and may just bounce between 1 and 2 charges, but you will be very slow and weak, which will kill you.

Be wary of anything that summons mobs, get these down first. If you simply flicker fuck a pack without focusing on the summoner, it will take many times longer, as flicker is random and you may not hit the summoner with it continuously summoning more mobs for you to jump to. Mouse over it and hold Flicker Strike to keep at least every third hit focused on it.

The hardest thing about this build is that Flicker Strike can be frustrating with desync. If you find yourself flickering and not doing anything, stop for a bit and run til you sync up, get back to max charges, and go again.

The Gear

The gear for this build is a lot of uniques, which means few pieces with life rolls. However, as long as you have good enough ignite chance to stay at max charges continuously, none of the items are essential.


Starting with rings because the Mokou's Embrace rings are a huge boost to ignite chance. The stats otherwise are great too. Once you get plenty of ignite chance, at least 50%, feel free to replace one or both Mokous with a good ele damage and resists ring.

Extra fire damage % and 2 resists, and the increased attack speed when ignited is amazing. I love getting ignited.


Second most important piece of gear are the boots. You have two choices here:


Darkray Vectors gives you an extra frenzy charge, which as I mentioned, gives 14% more attack speed and 4% MORE damage, not just increased damage. If you're stinking rich, you can find corrupted Darkrays with an extra frenzy charge as implicit, netting you 2 more frenzy charges for one pair of boots.

Gang's Momentum is a tankier choice and doesn't have the pesky reduced duration on frenzy charges. The 7% ignite chance allows you to swap out a Mokou ring, but corrupted Darkrays are still the best option imo.


You have 3 options here, and I will list them in order of awesomeness:

Devoto's Devotion has a ton of attack speed, and being a pure ele build, the reduced phys damage dealth does not hinder us in the least. The dex on it is also incredibly handy, since we're on the far left of the tree and dex is hard to come by. The chaos res is nice, and movement speed is great too. Awesome helm, and you can get it for 15c.

Hrimnor's is a super cheap option (1c tops), and the 40% fire damage is nothing to scoff at. The cold res and armor is nice, and so is the chill/freeze avoidance. This is the budget option.

Lastly, you can just get a tri-res helm with 90+ life and high armor, and you will do fine, all up to your preference.


Doryani's Invitation has everything you could want in a belt for this build EXCEPT a flat life roll. Dual res, armor, increased fire damage, 10% ignite chance during flask effect, and most importantly, the fire damage leeched as life.

A good rare belt with high life, 30%+ ele damage and resists will work very well also, especially since we already have 1% fire leech from the Chieftain tree.

This is what I use currently:


For jewels, look for increased fire damage % first, then increased damage, then attack speed. Attack speed can be found by itself, combined with cast speed, and for each weapon type. Ignite chance and extra dex is super handy as well. Look for a combo or 3 of the above, at least.

The Rest

For the chest, get high armor, life, and resists to cap yourself. I was lucky enough to get mine for an ABSOLUTE STEAL at level 81, but leveled with a 5 link just fine. Of course, Kaom's Heart would be amazing, 500 health and up to 40% increased fire damage, but without at least a 5 link sword, a rare is better.

The amulet should have flat x-x fire damage at least, and increased fire damage % is great too. Other than that, life, resists, and enough dex to use your stuff is important here.

Lastly, we have hands. For these, look for 10%+ attck speed, fire x-x damage, life, and resists to cap.

To Baaklau, who gave me his 6 link chest for less than 2 ex, when he got sick of trying to color it. Here's to you, and may your future 6 link grant your desired colors with ease.

And to the readers! Leave me a comment, please let me know how I might improve this guide!
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Stats and tooltips?
ij0rthegreat wrote:
Stats and tooltips?

Good call, added stats pics, as well as aura and bandit choices.
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And a video!
awesome build, i went gang's momentum/Doryani's Invitation/kaom's heart.

the belt is an absolute awesome piece, nn flat life roll if you go kaoms youll get a world of hp anyways :)
Set sail for epic fail
this is absolute insane, now what items converts to fire damage, I ALWAYS WANNA BE ON FIRE!
Set sail for epic fail
Plaguetongue1 wrote:
awesome build, i went gang's momentum/Doryani's Invitation/kaom's heart.

the belt is an absolute awesome piece, nn flat life roll if you go kaoms youll get a world of hp anyways :)

Hey, glad you like my build! Let me know if you can get Atziri down, I never got around to testing it. Kaom's Heart is a great choice, but you need a 5 link sword, which is too pricey for me. Gang's Momentum is also a great choice, largely because it's annoying as shit to drop charges so fast with Darkrays. Thanks for the comment, glhf!
Hi, nice build. How do you reach +500% attack speed?
Rabalaflema wrote:
Hi, nice build. How do you reach +500% attack speed?

Multistrike, plus frenzy charges. Flicker Strike is also unique in that it gains an extra 10% increased attack speed from each frenzy charge, in addition to the 4% that each charge provides. Along with the 4% more damage with each charge also, it's a very potent combination.
roguemjb wrote:
Rabalaflema wrote:
Hi, nice build. How do you reach +500% attack speed?

Multistrike, plus frenzy charges. Flicker Strike is also unique in that it gains an extra 10% increased attack speed from each frenzy charge, in addition to the 4% that each charge provides. Along with the 4% more damage with each charge also, it's a very potent combination.

That makes sense.

Also, how do you survive with only 3,7k armor? Maybe with the high damage and life leech?

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