[1.0.6] 1H shield infernal blow marauder/duelist with video by boxsalesman ( Immortal build )

IMPORTANT EDIT : I have stopped playing for a while now and some parts of the build are now outdated , I'd like to refer you to the following guide for an updated skill tree : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995

This post is an addition to my youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwR2HWErCw4&feature=youtu.be

Now there's also a follow up video out after getting aegis aurora : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbhaa50Kw7c

Facetanking a huge amount of voidbearers with stone of lazhwar : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zpwtidrqi4&feature=youtu.be

Accidentely almost one shotting the unique boss in a lvl 71 map , showing the dps can be amazing also : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TDDH7vEmms

I also have a map bosses video series where all of my new fights are done with this build, Here's a playlist starting from the moment where I started using this build.

Many people are beginning path of exile after patch 1.0.0 ( release ) and have no idea what to build anymore with the changed passive tree. I started from scratch on the domination league and am currently at like rank 140 by only playing solo, so I can say the build is pretty effective. It can be played with either a physical mace, sword or axe. The build can be summarized as a 1H + shield infernal blow build that can survive almost anything. Very good for beginners and also good for experienced players playing hardcore leagues.

After getting Aegis aurora, you are able to facetank any amount of hits as long as it's not a huge one like vaal smash ( which you shouldn't be hit by anyway ) , check out my 2nd and 3th video link if you want to see just how effective it is. That's NOT with amazing gear , only the aegis aurora being the amazing part.

Let's just jump right into it

The build can be played either as a duelist or a marauder, it's the exact same skill tree.

I'll post the versions of the build for about lvl 80, if you want more insights in the route taken or the points you could take at even higher levels , check out the video.

These builds don't use unwavering stance, but you should eventually take the node. The reason I don't got it currently is because I still have an armour/evasion pieces that need to be replaced by a pure armour piece. And my health is still high enough to avoid getting stunned. Once you get to higher level maps ( exspecially starting in temple map , you do NOT want to get stunlocked by a piety lightning storm ), you should take unwavering stance.

Mace build

Sword build

Axe build

High lvl mace build ( mace because it has better dps nodes and the option to swap to glacial hammer for reflect maps ) , this is a lvl 97 build and is mostly ment to give you an idea what to take at higher levels.

Very good aoe damage potential
Amazing for the domination league because of huge packs on shrines
Very tanky with low gear requirements to get tanky
Can do almost everything solo, and even works better solo due to the way infernal blow's explosion is based on the monster's base health and does NOT scale with amount of players.

Single target damage is on the lower side, requires high gear to get strong
Can't do the 0 regen map mod ( EDIT : I've actually done a -% max resists 0 regen map , once you get life/mana leech and aegis aurora this is no longer a problem )

4L RRRB : cast when damage taken lvl 1, enduring cry lvl 5, molten shell lvl 7, summon skeletons lvl 7 ( IMPORTANT : do not level the gems past these levels or it will NOT work )

6L RRRRRG : infernal blow, melee splash, multistrike, melee physical damage, weapon elemental damage, faster attacks

2L : leap slam, faster attacks

4L : reduced mana, enfeeble, elemental weakness, tempest shield ( Only start using tempest shield once you're comfortable with your mana pool , this usually requires mana leech and + mana on atleast one item )

3L : hatred, clarity, reduced mana

4L : Heavy Strike , Melee physical damage , Multistrike, added fire damage (Usefull for the unique bosses at the end, this will beat infernal blow at single target dps unless you have a 6L infernal blow , at that point you can drop this 4L)

boots/gloves/chest/helm/shield : resists/life/armour with some +int/dex when needed for skills
amulet/rings/gloves : +x-y physical damage and high life/resists
belt : rustic sash with life and resists
chest : 6L resists/life/armour ( astral plate preferably )
weapon : any one hander with high physical dps, the elemental dps is much less important.

Make sure you get atleast 1% mana leech on an item ( ring/amulet/gloves )

Good uniques for the build :
Aegis aurora shield + rainbowstride boots( best use combined , although aurora is very strong in itself also )
stone of lazhwar amulet
soultaker axe ( so you can use 2x60% aura's and don't need to care about mana anymore )

Keep in mind this gear is really low-end as the league is less than 5 days old so I haven't had much time to farm maps for better gear.



Basically , elemental weakness is slighty better than flammability but has a very high intellect requirement, while flammability is a str/int gem and therefor has a much lower intellect requirement. If you manage to get lots of +int on your gear, use ele weakness. But otherwise use flammability

Flammability or ele weakness is for easier packs/bosses, just to do more damage.
Enfeeble is for very hard bosses or annoying monster packs.

Leap slam is used only for mobility, linking faster attacks to it actually makes the jump happen faster, making it pretty good for moving around the map and exspecially for taking shortcuts by jumping over area's that normally can't be crossed.

Determination and hatred , determination is a very strong more multiplier on armour.
If you have aegis aurora you could also use discipline instead of determination, but only if you have high intellect and high armour while lacking some ES for aegis aurora.

Because we barely have any evasion. I currently have 587 evasion and that's only because I got some armour/evasion pieces that need to be replaced by pure armour pieces, it's not worth going to iron reflexes for. And it's not like the little bit of evasion we have is worthless , it helps for mitigation also. It's just not worth the 4 nodes to get it, you're better off just getting more armour nodes.

Help oak in every difficulty

how well do you do reflect maps (before Aegis)?[/quote]

The only dangerous thing is the big blue packs, or monsters with very high base health ( like the golems ). The explosion from infernal blow is dangerous but the actual attack isn't at all , because that damage can be blocked by normal block.

If you have an ele reflect -% max resist map I recommend you swap infernal blow to glacial hammer for the entire map.

If you do find a really big pack with reflect on a non -% resist map there's several options.

1) either swap to glacial hammer ( I have that gem in a socket in my setup for a fast swap )
2) Seperate the pack and make sure you don't all blow them up at the same time
3) Aoe them down to like 20% health , wait 0.5 seconds so the explosion doesn't proc, finish with your single target ability
IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

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Ive been working on one for nemesis, and the only problem ive had is the single target. any ideas on a secondary skill or can infernal blow still work well enough once i level higher and get better gear?

ive been using heavy strike too but its kind of boring and i dont really want to have to use 2 attacks like that anyway.

i also have searing bond that ive been messing with but not sure if that would even be worth supporting, or what kind of help it would be against higher level rares
JusSolus wrote:
Ive been working on one for nemesis, and the only problem ive had is the single target. any ideas on a secondary skill or can infernal blow still work well enough once i level higher and get better gear?

ive been using heavy strike too but its kind of boring and i dont really want to have to use 2 attacks like that anyway.

i also have searing bond that ive been messing with but not sure if that would even be worth supporting, or what kind of help it would be against higher level rares

I'm using a 4L frenzy for single target , but will drop it as soon as I get a 5L or higher infernal blow, the single target is indeed pretty bad but many maps always have a blue mob pack next to the boss , making it go much smoother.

IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

ill try it out. im going to be using a similar tree but taking more of the hp/armor nodes so will probably need some godly dps gear eventually to make it viable later on
added a section explaining why we don't take iron reflexes
IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

added bandit choices
IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

IGN : boxxboxx ( Domination )

I'm trying this type of build, first time too. It's a beastly build. This is what I have at the moment:


Not sure if Blood Magic is worth it as my infernal blow - melee splash takes a lot of mana right now to use. Worried that I'll be killing myself.

Only gripe I have is that you started in the Duelist area and you are in the Marauder section.
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If you need single target you can also take out the melee splash gem when you go to fight bosses. You can just clear all the mobs out normally and as long as you can open up your items tab without dying, that's a decent single target dps increase.
i dont want to insult your build, its vety good BUT its practilaccy taken 1to1 from
with only a few addition....

still good build and good luck in the nemesis league :D

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