[1.3.] 1H+Shield Infernal Blow Max Block & Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer (+a BoR version)

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If you're interested in the Bringer of Rain-version of this build, scroll down to the end of this post.

Hi everyone!

There's been a lot of interest in a previous build by Boxsalesman (the guy who some may know as the guy with all the VODs about map bosses), which unfortunately hasn't been updated from 1.0.6. You can find the original build here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/557394
So, to emphasize, the build was originally Boxsalesman's, who doesn't play anymore. I updated it since patch 1.1. to this day for each patch.

1.3. Update
Since patch 1.3, there has been significant changes to this build. The nerf to block overall means we can't reach max block anymore, which also means we have to use Rumi's Concoction. However, we still get a lot of life, plus, a lot more damage. The reasons for that are that the mana cost of Infernal Blow has been reduced (which means we can use a rare 1h weapon now instead of a Soultaker, and rare weapons can have a lot more dps than Soultaker), and that there's a lot more dps to get in the passive tree. Also, there's new counter-attack skills which are triggered on block, which might be something to try out.

Overall, the changes in patch 1.3. can be sorted as follows:
- less block and spell block chance
- forced to use Rumi's Concoction to compensate for the block nerf

+ more potential DPS from the tree
+ mana cost of Infernal Blow has been decreased
+ we don't have to buy Soultaker, which means the build is cheaper
+ we get even more DPS from a rare 1h weapon
+ because of the block nerf, Aegis Aurora will probably be even cheaper to buy in 1.3. than it was in patch 1.2.
+ very easy to get 3% life leech as well as Unwavering stance in the tree now
+ new block counter-attack skills

That said, I hope you decide to try out the build in 1.3. as well :)

Video Section

http://youtu.be/P2NoRoNsmec - a short introduction into the build with some gameplay

http://youtu.be/TYl8VK32jDE - Apex of Sacrifice deathless run, all bosses

http://youtu.be/lIJtX5u844M - facetanking Abaxoth in a 78 Palace map

Passive tree

This is a very high level passive tree, and only serves as an example of useful things you can take. Do not think you can achieve such a high level easily. However, even at level 70, this tree offers 5k HP with good gear and very nice DPS with a 5L or 6L.

Things to consider (if you want, you can take any of the following and change your tree accordingly): Unwavering Stance, Purity of Flesh (for chaos resistance and extra life), Lust for Carnage (if you don't want to use Warlord's Mark for cursing).

Skill Gems

6L: Infernal Blow - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Melee Splash - Weapon Elemental Damage - Faster Attacks
4L: Reduced Mana - Determination - Hatred - Herald of Ash / Tempest Shield (you cannot run all 3 at once, choose the 2 that you most prefer, or you can try and run Tempest + Herald + Determination / Hatred)
4L: Blood Magic - Immortal Call - Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration
4L: Vengeance / Reckoning - Melee Physical Damage - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - ?
3L: Blood Magic - Enduring Cry - Spell Echo
3L: Leap Slam - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks
Curses: Warlord's Mark for super boost to survivability, Flammability for more DPS

Auras & Curses

DPS auras: Hatred + Herald of ash
Other good auras which you can use if you want more tankiness: Determination, Tempest Shield.
If you have enough mana regen and/or mana leech, the best auras to run are: Hatred, Tempest Shield and Herald of Ash.

The best curse is Warlord's Mark IMO cause it gives you an insane boost to survivability and mana sustainability. Other useful curses: Flammability, Temporal Chains, Elemental Weakness.


Basically, there are no specific "must have" items for this build (except one, which costs only 1 chaos), but only base types of items.

- 1h weapon:
Can be anything you choose of the following: axe, mace, sword. What you need to be looking for, as for most builds, is pure physical damage on which ever weapon you choose. However, it might be good to focus on maces, if you hope to get or think of getting a Doryani's Catalyst, which is a great item for numerous reasons: 1) the DPS goes ove 300, which is very nice; 2) it gives you also 100% increased elemental damage, which is crazy good for the fire part of Infernal Blow; 3) it gives you 1% elemental dmg life leech. (A Doryani's Catalyst is not NEEDED, it is only a nice addition to the build if you can get it.)

An example of a good rare 1h weapon is this mace:

- Chest:
A chest with high armour, life and resists; no hybrid chests because we do not take Iron Reflexes on the passive tree. Late-game, you should try and get a nice Astral Plate for the resists. That's all there is to it. Of course, getting a 5L, and eventually a 6L is preferable.

- Shield:
Again, you want as much armor as possible, life, resists, and preferably additional block chance, just because block is one of the greatest mechanics in-game at the moment, and your build benefits greatly from it. Any rare version of a shield is good for this build, but if you can get a Lioneye's Remorse, or even better, an Aegis Aurora, you will only get more tanky.
I have to note specifically that Aegis Aurora is GREAT for this build (as for most builds), and if you can get your hands on it, you will literally be able to facetank most mobs and a lot of bosses in the game.

- Boots:
Again, armour, life and resists, and move speed, ofc.
If you can get the Rainbowstride boots, it is a great addition to your build to boost your spell block. They're not that expensive either (a couple of chaos atm).

- Gloves & Helmet:
Armour, life, resists, mana leech, attack speed, flat physical damage...

- Belt:
Try to get a Rustic Sash belt with additional life, armour, weapon elemental damage and resists.
This is a very nice unique belt for this build:

- Rings:
Resists, life, flat physical damage, especially mana leech/life leech...

- Amulet
This is the only item that is mandatory for this build:

The 50% block to spell block is simply too powerful to miss. Also, if you can get a corrupted version of the amulet with 4% additional spell block, or a similar GG corrupted mod, even better.

My Current Gear


Leveling Guide

26 points:

62 points:

89 points:

Great leveling items:

- The block chance on this shield is soooo good, and you can get it for 1-2 chaos! If you're really unlucky with drops, this shield is pretty good even for late game (you'll just be missing some armour).

- Life and mana leech, some life and res... all nice for leveling


Help Oak in all difficulties. (If you don't want the endurance charge in merciless, you might take the skill point, it wouldn't make a big difference. It all depends how much duration you want for your Immortal Call.)

Since a ton of people have been asking me if this build works with Bringer of Rain, I've decided to add a section only for that. The answer is: yes, it works.

Your gear has to be something like this then:

BoR 4-link: Infernal Blow - Melee Splash - Multistrike - Weapon Elemental Damage
(for single target DPS, swap melee splash with added fire; if you have mana problems, use either mana leech or blood magic gem instead of weapon elemental damage)

It is a lot more harder to get resistances, so you can't use Meginord's belt, you have to use a tri-res one. Your rings have less chance of having flat physical as well, so you lose some DPS and life on your gear. The good thing of using a BoR is that you don't have to buy/craft a 6-link chest and that you get 15% extra block, which is insanely good for this build, and which means you can lose some points from block nodes to put them elsewhere. Unfortunately, since with a BoR, your armour sucks, you more or less have to go for Iron Reflexes, so you don't gain actually any extra nodes from a BoR.

BoR passive tree:

Almost exactly the same, just picking Iron Reflexes instead of the life + chaos resistance nodes above duelist.

So, overall, using a BoR instead of a chest and normal helmet means:
- More block chance (74%)
- Cheaper to gear (since no 6L)
- DPS remains almost the same

- Forced to take Iron Reflexes (IR)
- Less armour even with IR
- Less life
- Harder to cap resists

pre-1.3. version (outdated!)

Video Section

My own in-detail guide into the build:
AFK facetanking magic mobs in Apex of Sacrifice:
Double Vaal in Apex of Sacrifice:
Three bosses in Apex of Sacrifice (Q'ura Y'ara'az A'alai):

Some old VODs from Boxsalesman, which still apply to 1.1, cause everything works the same:
- facetanking Voidbearers: http://youtu.be/0Zpwtidrqi4
- exploding monkey map bosses on a 71 map: http://youtu.be/2TDDH7vEmms
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block&Spell Block Tank:
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995 (Marauder/Duelist)
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Is this build better than a comparable Facebreaker build? What do I gain/lose by taking a 1h over using a Facebreaker?
Well, I'm not sure what the DPS is with Facebreaker, but I reckon it wouldn't be better than with my current axe, which is 1ex worth. If you go for a weapon and manage to get an even better axe, your DPS will probably be higher. Going Facbreaker Infernal Blow is probably cheaper, but I'm not sure how pleased you would be with it late-game.

Also, a Facebreaker with the passive tree I linked wouldn't make any sense, since in this build, you go for Resolute Technique, i.e. no critical strikes.
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block&Spell Block Tank:
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995 (Marauder/Duelist)
How effective do you think this build would be at clearing 76+ maps?
As you can see, my character was lvl90 when I posted this build, it is now lvl 91. So, I'm basically doing only lvl77+ maps :) the build is very effective, you will have no problems whatsoever, since you can tank almost all mobs with ease. If you can manage to get a &L chest, your clear speed will be even better. But even with a 5L, as I have one, you're fine.

Basically, if you're solo, you jump right in the middle of packs and blow them up fast, and if you're in a group, you're the tank and you're fast anyway since, well... since you're in a group :)
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block&Spell Block Tank:
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995 (Marauder/Duelist)
I have something similar, with a rathpith you can get 75block/spellblock
Zerber wrote:
I have something similar, with a rathpith you can get 75block/spellblock

True, but Rathpith isn't that good for this build, since it focuses on armor. That's why the lioneye's shield or, even better, aegis are great for this build. I say "even better" for Aegis because of the "Replenishes Energy Shield by 2% of Armour when you Block". This is especially OP if you're in a party where someone is running discipline.
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block&Spell Block Tank:
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995 (Marauder/Duelist)
looking forward to trying this build , I found a aegis when lvling my poison arrow guy and the poison arrow build just seemed very weak (lvl 81 and lvl 69 maps take forever to clear) ... it might be because i don't have the gear yet I'm not sure.

however this build seems fairly easy to gear for and since i have all the gems required already and an aegis i just need to focus on a decent 5l chest and a decent one hander and I should be ready to rock.

lvl 30 atm seems fun. will definitely stick it out and looking forward to being able to equip my aegis.
IGN- Shaeyaena
Could I please get a few tips for levelling?
I'm having huge mana issues at the moment, should I be using other skills?
Currently level 40.
You should get the mana nodes at the duelist beginning as soon as possible. Also, you need at least 2% mana leech on gear, but 4% would be ideal. If you cant get any of those soon, use mana leech gem, that solves all your problems until you get to late game, when you can get mana leech gear.
1H+Shield Infernal Blow High Block&Spell Block Tank:
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/868995 (Marauder/Duelist)

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