[3.1] JUGGERNAUT/BERSERKER 1H+Shield Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer+a BoR version

Thanks a lot for explaining, I always had this aspect wrong, only got back into the game a couple of weeks ago.
That really explains a lot :D
Why is the Aegis Aurora so good? I'm using Chernobog's Pillar and it seems a step down to go with the Aegis. I also have Lioneye's Remorse waiting for me when I hit 70, and that also seems better. Am I missing something?


Haha okay I tried it. I'm using The Overflowing Chalice with is keeping Rumi's Concoction up all the time and the 61%/55% block to attacks/spells is keeping energy Shield up almost all the time. Crazy. I only have 322 ES, but it may as well be a couple thousand.

What a shield.
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I´ve chosen this guide for my first POE char, started 1 week ago, currently at T8 maps. I`d like to ask some questions before i get better gear and finish the skilltree.

Do you use Wildfire jewels? , and jewels in general ? or you rather go 5% lifenodes.
Is Amplify skill mandatory for this build?
My Dps seem low vs Bosses, but maybe its just supposed to be like that ( its my first poe char so i have no comparasion to other chars). any tips on that?
Is it mandaotory to take All endurance nodes? I have only 1 so far, since i felt i need more Hp/dmg nodes.
Could this build be used for Tectonic slam potentially?
I'm currently lvl 85 on xbox, beastiary hardcore with this build, still lacking on a few good items but I managed to get doryanis catalyst. Woot!
Death's Oath Astral Plate looks pretty good for this build.

Do you agree?
Hi, first of all nice build.

I have a question. In Skill gems section I see Infernal Blow + Ancestral Call but in BoR section I read Infernal Blow + Melee Splash...so...what is better and why in BoR melee splansh?

thank you a lot.

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