[2.2] Chieftan - Kongor's AoF Ele-Overload Infernal Blow

Been lurking on the forums for a while, this is the first build I've ever made myself (I usually just copy something cool looking and go with that) and it actually worked out pretty well as far as I'm concerned- so figured I'd share.

Build Summary
The build is centered around Kongor's Undying Rage (because 2H melee looks the most BAMF) and trying to maximize all the cool stuff it does. I ended up going Avatar of Fire to get 100% fire dmg w/ Infernal Blow, Elemental Overload, using the Chieftan to grab a bunch of regen and MOAR fire dmg, and a passive tree that balanced life, regen, armor, and dmg.

General playstyle is: Flicker into group of mobs (to apply ele-weakness and fortify), smack them with Infernal Blow, watch the group explode and move on. It feels much smoother than I expected- I generally suck at clicking on individual mobs, and this did not turn out to be a problem as packs just explode so fast.

Sidenote: pretty sure I stole the flicker-curse mechanic from somebody, but not sure who.. but I certainly didn't invent it. Whoever you are, thanks.

With 7k+ hp, ~800 regen/sec, ~7k armor + 6 end charges, fortify and a wee bit of leech, I also feel pretty tanky


You're 2H Melee and you're a marauder, so you look like a BAMF.
Decent clearspeed, relatively safe
Can kill Atziri
First time I've done Atziri ever, and it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. Vaals died super fast even though I accidentally enraged one of them, Trio I had no idea who I was supposed to kill first because I'm a scrub, so I basically just face-tanked them and bashed them w/ infernal blow- they died fast enough it didn't seem to matter. I died once on Atziri because I'm literally THE FUCKING WORST at dodging her attacks. I don't think I dodged a single small flameblast, again- because I'm a scrub. Regardless, killing her was also super easy and fast. I was almost disappointed how easy it was, I had really hyped it up in my head haha.
Can clear all maps
I've done up to T14 just alch & go, I can't (well never bothered to try) blood magic or ele reflect. Had no issues anywhere, just did a twinned Wasteland Voll and that was easy, which was cool. I feel like I go relatively quickly- I'm sure it's not top end, 1:30 gorge speed, but it feels powerful.


Kongor's doesn't have 3d Art. Like.. seriously? Come on. The 2d art is rad.


Somebody can flesh this out WAY better than me, but here's my basic take on how everything in the build works together:

Infernal Blow + Avatar of fire makes all my Phys Dmg -> Fire Dmg. So now, all increases in Phys and Fire Dmg are bueno for us.

The 20% extra phys dmg as fire from Chieftan + Elemental Overload gives us even more fire dmg.

To make Elemental Overload work, we need to crit- this (to me) seems relatively easy w/ Kongor's. The only crit investment I have is:

Which seems like enough to keep EO active the vast majority of the time. ALSO- it's pretty cheap to get +1 curse on an Ungil's Harmony because nobody else wants to use that amulet.

Flammability, Ele-Weakness (note you don't NEED both curses, I just started using them once I got the +1 curse Ungil's), and all the fire pen (like 40-50% between tree and fire pen gem), makes our fire dmg pretty effective against everything.

Passive Tree


Somebody better at POE than me could probably optimize this a bit more.
Also not sure if Iron Reflexes is worth it... originally I thought high hp, high regen, high armor would be cool, and thought IR would help me get MOAR armor, but I never ended up using Grace so not sure that the ~800 base EV I have from gear is worth the 4 passive points.

My Gear

Ending Thoughts
- Sorry no video right now, I tried once but my laptop was like "lol think again"

- Definitely the most fun I've had as a melee build. Cyclone pissed me off because it gets stuck on stupidest shit, Earthquake I didn't love (partly because every other melee build seems like EQ, partly because it doesn't seem that imaginative), Ice Crash would be better if the graphic wasn't so retardedly in your face.. Infernal Blow has pleasantly surprised me.

- This is the furthest I've ever progressed in PoE (level 91, T14 maps, Atziri). Part of it was definitely Perandus, where I could actually buy things like a 6L Belly, and part of it I think is because this build is not-shitty!

- Any questions/comments welcome, I'm sure there's a bunch of ways to optimize/make the build better
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Props. This is a fun build. The core combination of Kongor's, Elemental Overload and 100% fire damage is a blast with chieftain.

I literally just tested this exact same build TODAY in standard before reading this post. Mine is just a test so I don't have the build quite tuned up yet. There are some major differences:

Elemental Focus support gem has worked to great effect. Burn damage isn't that important with Infernal Blow.

Leap as a mobility skill is my main way to proc burn. I leap into a pack, proc ignite and smoosh the whole pack with infernal blow.

I've been using molten strike as a single target skill to spam fireballs on bosses. Meh. Not great, but it works.

Thinking of trying with slayer instead of chief

how does physical leech work with this setup? Isn't all your damage fire?

I'm assuming taking the physical damage notes are a waste or do they get converted to fire dmg too?
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dantven wrote:
Thinking of trying with slayer instead of chief

how does physical leech work with this setup? Isn't all your damage fire?

I'm assuming taking the physical damage notes are a waste or do they get converted to fire dmg too?

I don't have any phys leech (that I'm aware of)- and yes it wouldn't do anything since damage is all fire. I do pick up the generic attack dmg life & mana leech on the passive tree, mostly for the mana leech tbh, which does work w/ fire dmg

The phys damage nodes on the tree all get converted to fire (50% from Avatar of Fire, 50% from Infernal Blow), and the phys dmg also gets added as extra fire before conversion (20% from chieftan, 15% from herald of ash, ~40% if you use added fire gem), so phys dmg nodes seemed pretty worthwhile to me.

Slayer seems like it would work OK, Impact might let you drop melee splash, and the Headsman more dmg and AOE looks nice (although you don't get the handy reduced reflect), not to mention lots of uptime on onslaught. Let me know how it works out!
It's working out great so far - one shotting evverything in maps
OK, so im thinking of taking this into HC. Would you recommend anything different like specing into juggernaut rather than warchief or is the defense capable as is?

Thanks, and the build looks awesome.
Whats your thoughts on trying this build with the new Brain Rattler mace from the Minotaur boss? I know Kongor's is pretty central to the build, but having access to shock on a full fire conversion build sounds sexy
what aura/buff do you use
What do you think about Oro's Sacrifice in this build? Would it better than Kongor's Maul?

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