[2.2 Ascendancy] End Game Crit JuggerShot/TornadoNaut Tank


When I get myself established in a new league, I like to test out some builds in standard to see if it might be something worth rolling in the new league. Last night I was doing that test; I started with the idea of a resolute technique bow berserker, and I've ended with this monstrosity the Crit JuggerShot/TornadoNaut (you guys decide which you like better).

I've got some gameplay footage recorded from last night that I will get uploaded over the weekend.


-5k Life
-8k Armor
-2.5k Evasion
-37k GMP Tornado Shot dps (53k with flasks)
-68k Split arrow dps (81k with flasks)
-6 Endurance Chargges
-6 Frenzy Charges

I wouldn't say my tree is 100% optimal. There is still a lot to test, but I was very surprised by my initial findings that I felt it was worth sharing. After more testing I've found a better tree, but this is still subject to change.

Level 90 Skill Tree


Warning, this is standard gear. By no means is it *insane* it's just what I've aquired over the years


Atziri flask adds more damage than the taste of hate, I am considering dropping a flask for a second quicksilver. But I do need to see if a surgeon's quicksilver will help out before I do that.


Links listed in order of importance

Tornado Shot -> Greater Multiple Projectiles -> Physical Projectile Attack Damage -> Pierce -> Increased Critical Damage -> Increased Critical Strikes

Added fire will net you more damage than increased critical strikes, however with that gem I have 80% crit chance with zero power charges.

Auras: Hatred, Herald of Ash

Utility: Enduring Cry -> Blood Rage -> Increased Duration -> Blood Magic

Movement: Blink Arrow


I'm now using just the one lioneye's fall on the marauder side to get disembowling and smashing strikes cluster.

I may also use a strength to int or strength to dex jewel to fix dex/int requirements. Ideally with endgame gear this won't be needed.


Normal = Oak
Cruel = Help Eramir
Merciless = Kraityn


In terms of min/max the big question we have to ask, is this better than being a duelist champion (which gives permanent fortify). If we are being unbiased, I think the answer is a resounding no.

However, The juggernaut rewards maintaining endurance charges which the build does well with enduring cry, smashing strikes, and unflinching.

I believe when I checked I had 77% physical mitigation with my 8 charges and my base armor. Unrelenting give us an effective +8 to elemental resists and 48% increased damage.

The accuracy from the Juggernaut also makes for incredibly easy gearing and some insane hit chance (mine is 93% at level 89).

So while this may not the best min/max choice. I feel it's different, competitive, and pretty fun to play.

Also if you do have insane gear and can fix your accuracy, the Berserker would give some pretty incredible tooltip numbers at the expense of the juggernaut's tank status.

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Currently leveling a marauder for this build. I'm using some twink 2 hand weapons and a gold rim to speed through normal and cruel with earthquake and sunder.

I'm not sure when I will switch over, but the current plan is to use lioneye's at first and slowly spec into crit, then move to a harbinger once I have all the crit filled out.

I did more testing in standard and found split arrow to be pretty incredible for map clearing. And it's tooltip is great for the e-peen (upwards of 80k with my standard gear). I'm also updating the original post with my skill tree changes. I think I've found a more optimal skill tree, but it is still subject to change.

What gear would you improve if you could and what dps would you expect?

Hadou_Ken wrote:
What gear would you improve if you could and what dps would you expect?

Rings, belt, and bow.

My bow is 350 ish physical dps. If I had the currency I would shoot for 400+. Getting t1 flat phys on rings as well as weapon elemental damage would do wonders.

You could easily break 100k split arrow with this build and around 60k tornado shot.
I noticed on the far left you have a few skills going into a staff area, why is that?

Answered my own Question - I didn't realize what Lioneye's Fall did [Melee and Melee Weapon Type Modifiers in Radius are Transformed to Bow Modifiers]
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