[2.0.0] Kongor's Terror - "Crit" 2H Mace GROUNDSLAMMER

I started Warband league with a 2-hand melee build, then, i found something really fun with the "new" Kongor's Undying Rage and started to make a build base on it
Theory of the build

-Hit can't be evaded
-30%-40% increased crit chance, so the base crit increased form 5% (1.3.x) to 6.5-7%(2.0.x)
-Added Local Physical Damage Mod increased to 56-400
-Your Critical Strikes do not deal increased Damage
-You gain Onslaught for 2 seconds on Critical Strike
*Onslaugh: A buff that grants 20% increased attack speed, cast speed, and movement speed*.

-Gain a Power Charge on non-Critical Strike
-Lose all Power Charges on Critical Strike
With 3 power charge, it give you increased 150% global critical chance, that means you have ~20% crit chance on hit with Kongor's Maul.
Your critical strikes don't deal increased damage, but you gain onslaught for 2s, and the critical hit still deal crit effect (freeze, burn, shock....)


Normal: Help Oak for 40 life
Cruel: Help Oak/Kill all
Merciles: Help Oak for 1 endurance charge


Core item

My current gear (Updated 21/7/2015)


4l/5l/6l: Ground slam - Multistrike - Melee physical damage - Mortify - Increased area damage / Concentrated Effect / Item rarity / Physical to lightning - Added fire damage
4l: Blood rage - Rallying cry - Enduring cry - Increased duration
4l: Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - Warlord's mark - Increased duration
Leap slam - faster attack
Vengeance - endurance charge on melee stun

Tool tips/dps

with blood rage + 3 frenzy charge + rallying cry + onslaught + atziri's promise
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when did it get the crit buff?!?!?
IGN - Endoplasm
all i see in 2.0 path note is the buff on add phys damage, so i'm really suprised when i found it :)
Ungil's Harmony Turquoise Amulet might be good, at least for budget builds.
whats best 2hand maul right now?
@ninjaomega3 100% global crit on Ungil's Harmony is good tho, but i think the amulet with ~30% crit chance, phys damage, life and res may be better
@skr1b i think it's 821 dps maul of PaladinSMD, 35ex mirror service :)
18/07 updated gear and passive tree
level 83
4k4 hp, 4k amour, max res
DPS: 4l: Wild strike 42k dps, ground slam 35k dps, cyclone 40k dps
Updated gear, passive tree
set ground slam build

just dropped in a Maelstrom of Chaos, gonna test it out with my permastun marauder.
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