My Vaal Righteous Fire Build...Yea you read it Right!! Ironically it's HC Viable

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this won't be such an in detail guide ,maybe if some people showed interest i'd do one,anw let's get started..

freezing pulse a normal skill has base damage at lvl 20 of 689-1034
if you're 5k hp,5000x1.39=6950 base spells damage,i think you got an idea why i'm playing Vaal RF

so what does the spell also have,well damage can't be reflected,so u're reflect immune,as long as you 1 shot everything ,you won't die

also the skill only uses 16 souls ,which is way too low,that allows with some other things,the ability to spam this skill

so how would you sustain the usage of that skill
several of this jewel to maintain 100% chance to gain an additional vaal soul on kill
gaining 5 vaal souls upon entering a new rampage tier,as well as recovering 20% of maximum life which is just a beautiful bonus.

so all in all up until now i've explained how to maintain the usage of that skill,but still the skill drops you to 1 life everytime you use it,in poe standards ,that's not sth you'd want at all...

well this is how the skill works,first of all it takes all your hp but 1 ,and use it as a base damage for the spell,but that leaves you fragile to death from any thing around you,well here comes the leech part,since the removal of the health is done before the damage,the leech will happen after you become 1 hp,which will generate you back to full hp,since damage of vaal RF can't be reflected,you're good then..that's basically the concept of it.


Gear Requierments
as we will be running RF to boost our spell damage for Vall Rf we will need the max fire res to help sustain RF

for the weapon,you have 2 choices.
this seems as ur go to,110% total elemental damage and the 0.2 of elemental damage leeched as life would also help us
with the tawhoa node giving us 10% strength,as well as we will be stacking strength on gear,you will have immense amount of strength,currently i have 900+str ,which gives us more total damage than doryani's catalyst

Gear Choices

the main choice here would be the chest ,we have several choices.
using this and running the vaal RF on u're doryani with a 4l.
life+the life recovery from flasks would always be nice,Gl with the coloring though
this is my favourite,20% radius is ALOT,we need to be able to take the whole screen with just 1 hit.
also being green/blue based,it will ease the coloring

with lvl 21 purity of fire,and the ring makin it lvl 23,it will give 5% max fire res instead of 4$

preferably one with +1 endurance Charges

The fire one ofc, will give us leech ,as well as chance to ignite during flask effects


other gear,stack str and life.simple as that

Gem links

6lL : Vaal Righteous Fire + Life Leech + Increased Area of Effect + Controlled Destruction + Iron Will
so basically this is your core 5l.
the 6l might appear so obvious which is elemental focus,i dont prefer it though,with the tree giving 20% chance to ignite,15.4% additional from flammability(10% increased effect of curses from whispers of doom cluster) ,you got a total of 35% chance to ignite,you dont need more damage to be honest,you'll 1 shot any pack regardless,personally i'd go for chance to ignite,sometimes map mods could have monster life +boss life=enfeeble,you wont be able to 1 shot boss with vaal rf initial damage,so the ignite will do the job along with RF

if kaom's then : Vaal RF +increased Aoe+Controlled Destruction+iron will from doon

4L : Cyclone/Frost Nova + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Elemental Weakness

4L : Righteous Fire + Enhance + Increased Burning Damage + Conc Effect / Increased Aoe "increased AoE caz chieftain gives u 35% dmg vs burning enemies ,RF makes them burning,so you want to have it with bigger Aoe,

4L : Enduring Cry + Stone Golem + Devouring /Rejuv, Totem + Vaal Immortal Call/Immortal Call, ur preference

3L "shield " : Purity of Fire + Vitality + Arctic Armor

3L "wewapon" : Lightning Warp + Less Duraiton + Faster Casting /Bloodmagic
Or Leap Slam + Fortify +bloodMagic /Faster Attacks


You are almost Immortal
You are literally immortal to Fire Damage
Atziri is like kuduku for you" though u cant 1 shot atziri due to split phases and shit,so just put you RF in the main links and stand beside her,and alt tab..."literally alt tab,i take her dbl big flameblast and don't die.
You feel badass like a suicide Bomber


You might be wanted by the FBI
Your hp bar is nerve wreckin dropping and fulling every sec
you cant do -max res. 60%slower regen will make your hp degen abit,vuln isnt a problem,blood magic just turn purity of fire,if you have the ring then just use it in it and no life reservation will be needed
when you feel mods are troublesome,put spell totem +RF in ur main links if you rly want to do the basically all mods are doable for this build

Last But no Least,after getting to somewhat high lvl and huge life pool,RF was just too OP that it melts everything right away,and i just decided to save Vaal RF for bosses only and just melt everything while running with phase run

So i did some changes ,and this is my Char now

Passive Tree

Gear,You can see the Current Gem links in it

I didnt put much time in this so not sure if it's not missing anything,if you have any questions ,ask in a reply or feel free to contact me ingame, MY IGN is : Masochist,well fits the char right,it's a suicide bomber anw.GL hf,and hope you enjoy the build.
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Hi. Seems to be a nice build:) I have to test it out soon. But one thing is missing. What bandits should I choose?
Bandits are in the Skilltree, he took kill all, kill all, help Oak.
I´d take Oak, kill, Oak for the extra 40 hp and drop the "3% resist/4%hp node"
Hey i´ve been wondering if you could pick up vall pact anyhow
This build doesn't take Vaal Pact... Doesn't that make it dangerous for Hardcore? Vaal RF brings you to one health, and the leeching isn't instant...
this sounds so fun i need to try this !
Is this build viable? Or are there 2.5 versions of Vaal Righteous Fire Build?

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