[2.2] Altha's EAZerker 2WFBPSC (HC Viable)

Hello everyone!

I'm here today to bring you a short guide to my version of the Explosive Arrow Berserker. I am currently playing this build in 2 week flashback perandus softcore. This build has been great for pushing the ladder since its incredibly tanky against all the insane event league combos. This build is really good for HC aswell.

Current Stats

Stats at 93 Without charges
Health: 8111
Armour: 11763 (54%)
Life Regen: 822 hp/s
Block: 24% / 14%

Damage: Good, EA tooltip is no show.

Gear with RT

No need for attack damage, so we will go for attack speed. Another option is a 6l +3 thicket/groove bow with dot dmg and ias rolls. Slower stacking heavier hits when you have lvl 4 empower with it.

Kaom's gives a ton of health and a nice dmg boost. Another end game option would be Lightning Coil for that sweet sweet damage reduction.

Pretty much optional, they help me keep up frenzy charges when not using blood rage. The life regen is quite a big boost. And the dex frees up a skill point. You can easily tweak this build to use another boots.

Since I'm Blood Magic, Essence Worm gives me a free aura to use. I choose to go with Grace + Iron Reflexes combo for a really nice armour boost (~2.5k armour before Grace + IR, ~12k after)

Rearguard is one of the few quivers that increase the EA fuses damage. It also comes with armour and block which are really nice. If you are struggling with resists, life, or stats, you can always go for a good defensive rare quiver.

General rares with high life and resists. Get your missing Dex on these pieces, and either a cold or lightning damage roll for Elemental Equilibrium. Just DO NOT get a fire dmg roll, it breaks the build.

This is my preferred flask setup, nothing is really set in stone. You can do pretty much anything you like with them. Stibnite, Jade and Granite are good for additional armour, Ruby to safeguard against reflect. You could aswell go for Sulphur for more damage and life regen boost. Rumi's Concotion works really nice aswell with the Rearguard for additional block chance.

Gear with EO



So there are many variants of this build around, so I wont go too indepth with it. Instead I will just walk you through the main keystones, rest of the build is pretty much build around the pathing to them.


Blood Magic
Blood magic = no mana problems. You can easily eat over 400 mana per second with just a 5l

Elemental Equilibrium
Get some cold or lightning dmg on ring/gloves/amu and you are good to go. Incredible damage boost.

Resolute Technique OR Elemental Overload
I'm currently Resolute Technique myself, since I dont have any accuracy on my gear. You can get a lot of accuracy from your rare pieces of gear, making RT useless and EO insane damage boost. I will transition to this when the gear is available, but since I'm in 2 week race atm it is a bit hard to acquire.

Iron Reflex
I respeced to IR when I got Essence Worm. I lost a few hundred life for around 10k armour, not a bad deal when the life loss was about 3% of your total life :P

For bandits I went with:

Oak - Kill - Kraityn.

Again these are pretty flexible. At some point a life node will give more life than normal Oak. Cruel Kraityn is good for smoother gameplay, while killing all gives you another life node. For merciless you can either kill all for life node, or help Oak or Kraityn. I went with Kraityn here for extra damage.

Gem Setup

EA - GMP - Less Duration - Fire Pen - Chance to Ignite - Empower
Before you get a lvl 4 Empower, Slower Projectiles or Conc are good options. Conc and Inc AoE work aswell. I'm currently swapping Slower Proj for GMP if I feel like needing single target damage. lvl 3 Empower is comparable to 24% more dmg if you want to consider when to equip Empower :P

RoA - Curse on Hit - Flammability
Blink arrow fitted nicely there so I just dropped it in. You can use another movement skill aswell if you want.

CWDT - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Inc Duration
My preferred setup. You can tweak it around if you feel like it.

Enduring Cry - Blood Rage - Inc Duration - Stone Golem
Kind of a filler slot, Blood Rage is a nice boost, Enduring Cry for some Endu Charges. You can use pretty much any of the golems to fit your taste.

If you have an Essence Worm and IR in your build, pop in a Grace for a great armour boost. Currently it gives me about 6.5k armour.

Peace out!

P.S. I got a 6l Quill Rain under a minute after posting the guide :D
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Can I ask how you leveled?
Khromix wrote:
Can I ask how you leveled?

I leveled with Flame Totem + Fire Trap + Flame Surge. This is pretty much what I did with passives.

I think I swapped to EA a bit after 40 with passives going something like this
wut about bandits ?
Added the bandits.

I went Oak - Kill - Kraityn myself, but they are pretty flexible.
how u deal with solo targets ?
For maps clearing isn't better Inc AoE instead of Chance to Ignite? I really don't understand the choice

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