Templar Builds List

Due to real life issues and severe lack of free time i'm no longer able and willing to take care of the Duelist/Templar/Marauder build lists. I've informed GGG's Support about this.

If anyone wants to continue where i left it i guess you should contact support and talk to them. To the guy/girl who wants to take care of the lists : If i can help you in any way feel free to message me and i'll do whatever i can to help you as soon as possible!

Thank you all for the kind words, i hope that i was able to help you even a tiny bit with these lists. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that my decision may cause! Good luck exiles !

Well this is a list thread of all up-to-date Templar guides. ibugsy came up with the original idea with his witch builds list, which was later continued by Bada_Bing. I'll try to keep track of all new and old builds and add/remove them when necessary. If someone has a guide that i've forgot to add, please PM me and i'll add it! I hope you'll find this thread helpful!

Oh just to be clear ... i won't post "build" threads that consist of only your passive skill tree and your gear.

Theory craft builds will not be added.

I would appreciate it if the creators of the listed builds PM me with a short description ( 1-2 sentences ) of their builds. If they want to of course :)

Other List Threads:
Witch Builds List by Bada_Bing
Duelist Builds List by me
Scion Builds List by Bada_Bing
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Shadow Builds List by Bada_Bing
Marauder Builds List by me

Static Strike

Sovyn's Lazy Pally

Infernal blow

Spectral Throw

God of Lightning || Hyaon's Fury ST

PhantasmalThrow - LL Ele Spectral Throw Build Guide


Ground Slam

Glacial Hammer

The Clumsy Templar - Glacial Hammer Build

MFin America
A magic finding melee build that does not sacrifice much damage or survivability, while not relying on summons. The build focuses on crits and freezing enemies leaving nothing but frozen body parts in his path and solutes America while doing so.

Flicker Strike

Leap Slam

Ice Crash

Fakequisitor - 1h Avatar of Fire 69% fire pen Ice Crasher


Dominating Blow

Wild Strike

Shield Charge


FoxTactic's Crunchy Frost Ninja frostblades\wildstrike



nquisitor Templar 1H Sword Elemental Crit build


Hierophant Tank - 8L Earthquake

Trynquisitor Earthquake


The Pantless Samurai – 2H Sword Elemental Crit Inquisitor


Freezing Pulse

GreatMalek's Max Block/Spell Block Aegis Crit Freeze Pulse




Incinerate Tank

Incinerate MF Hierophant Templar

[Inquisitor] Incinerate is viable again! RF Incinerate

Triple Incinerate Fire Trap Tank

Low-life RF Incinerate Inquisitor


Detonate Dead


Easy-Peasy Arc Caster

IW ARC Templar Inquisitor

Freeze Arc Crit Build!

Arc Mine Low Life with Tabula Rasa

Cheap Tanky Non-Crit Arc Inquisitor

Inquisitor templar arc mine

Qlbuto's Arc Hierophant

Ice Spear

Magma Orb

Glacial Cascade


Firestorm Hierophant

PoH Firestorm Heirophant

Storm Call

Thunder God of the North - Crit Storm Call Inquisitor Build

Storm Call - a different approach vol.2 ft. Inquisitor

Crit Storm Call Inquisitor build

Storm Call Inquisitor

Overloaded Storm Call Heirophant

~AhfackNoPants~ Kaoms'n'Staff Storm Call PVP/PVE build - Inquisitor

Flame Surge


Loate's Bullet Hell Heaven build AKA Malachai's Revenge AKA The Funpocalypse


Crit Spark Inquisitor 100% Pierce

Fyndels LL Spark

Arctic Breath

Cold Snap

PoH / MoM / Aylardex / Mindspriral Hierophant Cold Snap Build

Lightning Tendrils

Shock Nova

Shock Nova/Storm Call crit Inquisitor

Shock-Nova Non-Crit, Dual or tripple Auto-Curse, Inquisitor

Ice Nova

Glacial Cascade/Frost Nova Inquisitor

PSC- Crit Ice Nova Charger/ Flame Surge Inquisitor

The Hierophant that sucks

Inquisitor/Elementalist's Ice Nova SHATTER Crit Build!

Ball Lightning

Crit Ball Lightning Inquisitor

Righteous Fire

Righteous Fire Inquisitor/Burninatorl

The Whispering Ice

FlashBack Solo AoF WI Guardian

Blade Vortex

I'M ******* INVINCIBLE! (100% Uptime IC)

Dual Righteous Fire Totems

Chill and Breathe: An Arctic Breath Totem Build

Inquisitor - Delete from Above - Triple Totem Storm call

MooNight009's Penta Totem build

3xChaosTotem 3xAuras

Low Life Guardian MF/Dual RF Totems

Crit , EB, MoM, BM, Flame Totem

Orcsalot's Ancestral Protector - Elemental Buzzsaw Totems

Cheap Beginners Crit Shockwave Totem Build

Ascendancy Triple Chaos Totem


patwtfs Quad Hierophant Stormcall totems

Inquisitor Shockwave Totem

Inquisitor Crit Ball lightning Totem build ------ Heralds of Obelisk

EE Searing Bond Heirophant/Chieftain

Life Crit Dual Spark Totem Inquisitor

Inquisitor Spark EB MOM ZO

Hierophant Qaud SRS Totem/Tanky Build

Dual Flame Totem Guardian Aurabot

Elemental Shockwave totem


Inquisitor - Crit BladeFall Totems

SRS, Quadra totem, Blood Magic

Tri-Ancestral Totem Facebreaker Ele-Equilibrium Heirophant

Inquisitor Crit Flame Totems

Quadra Flame Totem, Dual Curse Hierophant

Guardian summoner

Hiero CI spectre/zombie/AG summoner with triple-totem SRS

Elemental wander

Generic windripper inquisitor guide

Felix's "The Windripper" Inquisitor Tornado Shot

Why cant I hold all these rares? High Quantity/Rarity Tornado Shot Bow Inquisitor

Inquisitor - Voltaxic Lightning Arrow Cold/Chaos Non-Crit

SarangNoPants | 100% Conversion LA Inquisitor |

life based Inquisitor ele wander

Inqusitor Crit Cold Nuro Harp Build

Cast on Critical Strike

The CoC Slam - Groundslam AoE Cast on Crit

Templar Budget Fakener

Mjölner CoC build

Cast on Melee Kill


Thor, the Lightning God (Life based double Arc Mjolner / Triple Curse Blasphemy )

DaEagle's Mjölnerphant (Hierophant mjölner with discharge and triple-curse blasphemy)

Tanky Mjölner Hierophant MoM + EB + GR

Mjölner Science Inquisitor lvl 100 Crit Discharge Life Based

Poor Grandpa's Cheap Inquisitor Mjolner Build - RF Sustainable - Double Curse - Life Based

[Guardian]Not-support Mjolner low life Cyclone Discharge

Surley's Mjolner Inquisitor Slam Jam Superstar

Tanky Nuclear Bomb Guardian Ft Aegis Aurora

The Fake Fakener (Hierophant crit Mjolner build)


The Guardian Auromancer, party support build

PartyJesus: adaptable Hybrid-Aura Support

3xAncestral Protector Sunder Crit


Drunk Templar - Cast on Drink Build

Bumsky's Non Bloodmagic Guardian Support
Low budget, Low Life, No Bloodmagic Support with Zealot Oath

Inquisitor Crit Grenadier (Trap) build

Depressed Templar - Cast on Spin

Guardian Support Immortal Tank

ekkna's Low Life Penta Curse Quill Rain Support

Hard In The Paint Guardian

Norse's Hybrid Victario's Guardian Aura Bot

Tanky Guardian

End Game Guardian Support!

Guardian "#1 Aurabot EU"™ no skill/brain/hands required

Ruz's mana guardian support *very ugly looking character*

LL Brainless Tricurse 11 Aura Support TANK

Guardian Aurabot

"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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Melee Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Ice Age || Herald of Ice + Glacial Hammer / IC Templar

Captain WARLORD's "The Eternal Juggernaut"
pre 2.1.0
Hellcat5's Guide to Templar - Oro Ignis with Oro's Sacrifice

OldMan Crit Slammer

Generic Oro build #123 ( also usable with ice crash )

Grez of Gorz's Elemental Mace Templar

Gojira's Unkillable Bulwark

EE Cyclone

Niffler´s Oro's Sacrifice Spin to Win

Dyadus Elemental Wild Strike

pre 2.0.0
The Static Templar

Static Mosher-Detailed Pure Lightning Crit Staff Static Striker

Static Strike is Broken - 1.3 Templar 2h Mace build

Dual Elemental Static Strike

The Elemental Bomber (phys & ele Hybrid with Static Strike, Herald of Ice and Thunder)

Static fun, 2H Mace templar

Tanky CI Static Smasher

Staticstrike - Elemental Build

The true touch of God (with burns) Hybrid Herald prolif.

One Hit Wonder - 2H Static Strike Hybrid Templar

Freezing static striker - Hegemony + Three dragons

Full Conversion Static Strike

Three Dragons, Three Heralds - a Lightning freeze build

Avatar of INFERNAL || Dual Doryanis+Vaal Pact ||

ReverendBizzarre: ele cleave templar

Staff Knockbacker: Maximum knockback with hegemony's era

OldMan Crit Slammer

Kiki's Glacial Hammer Build - Tank & Control

Oro's Sword flicker

Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Fun

Oro's Sacrifice flicker build

Oro's Burning Flicker Build
Oro's Burning Flicker a semi-tanky, cheap and fast paced build.

LEAP SLAMER, Element's God

Flamenado - Scold's Cycloner with VMS

Dual Doryani Cyclone Templar

Ele Prolif Cyclone

DW (Soul Taker & Dory's) Crit Cyclone Acro

Lowlife Buzzsaw Dominating Blow

Father of All Evil

Avatar of Fire Shield Charge Arsonist

The Bare-Knuckle Preacher: a new approach to Facebreaker/Dom blow

Oro's Sacrifice - Elemental ST with perm Flicker Strike

pre 1.3.0
Kry's 2H Burn Prolif Molten Strike Build using 4L HoA

Lightning Strike Tank

Immolation Charger - burn proliferation crit Shield Charge Templar

AOF, Molten Strike, Herald of Ash

Tanky Staff Templar, Cyclone on Mana

Oro's Molten Strike

Elemental Cyclone Templar

Spell Caster Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Chaos-Crit Freezing Pulse

Burning discharger

Iron Will non-crit arcer

Tanky Arc Templar/TAT

Zeus- Storm Call Build Guide

Righteous Surge, Hypertank

Ice Nova - Life based - Dual blasphemy curse

Pure Righteous Fire Templar

pre 2.1.0
Flameblast Solo Map MF'er

BDY's HC Righteous Fire Flameblaster AKA Leftover Pizza Build

Burning Flameblast | Searing Touch | Templar

100% Ignite Flame Blast aka. "Screen Burner"

MoM Incinerate - no Zealot's Oath, no Eldritch Battery

Kaom's Pledge - Incinerate Mega Tank

Phage's Restless Ward Righteous Fire Incinerator w/ Searing Touch

Natharias' Incinerator

Blood Magic Incinerate Tank

Aegis Aurora Incinerator with Scold's Bridle

Incinerate Righteous Fire Templar MY WAY.


Lordanar's Incinerate Templar - The Lord Of Fire

Tanky Beginners Righteous Fire, Incinerate Build

Templar Burn then in Hell Incinerate Build

Iron Will - Incinerate - Righteous fire super tank

Jaari's ULTRA-TANKY HYBRID Incinerator

The Divine Pyromaniac, a Righteous Fire and Incinerate build

Pledge MoM TankyTankTemplar

Blood Magic Discharger

Warband Starter Magma Orb Build

Mahesys's Tanky Firestorm/Flame surge build for HC leagues

| Iron Will | Mind Over Matter | Arctic Breath and Flame Totem

Vulcan's Shatter Arctic Breath - Shotgun Reborn

''Why arent they moving?'' cold snap permafreezer

Shock Nova/Call of the Brotherhood

non-crit ball lightning mana MoM build

"Only in 2.0" - IW BM Block BL Caster

♥ The Righteous Fister ♥ Doryani's Fist + Righteous Fire + Avatar of Fire

Doryani`s Fist RF

Arikado45's Whispering Ice Low Life Crit

Kenzorz's Hybrid Life/ES with MoM Crit Icestorm (Whispering Ice) build

pre 2.0.0
Freezing Pulse Templar

RF Shockpulse In-Depth Guide

Templar Firetrapper (EB+MoM+AA)

Bringing Fire Trap Back!


GamingRendo's 1.3 Tanky Fire Trapper

Drelentless' Bear Trap Burn Prolif

Templar Fire Trapper build

MoosBlasteRF! Flameblast Flamesurge RF AA

Hybrid Life/ES Flameblaster

Templar Flame blaster for idiots

Sea of Flames Burning Discharge

Dual Curse Crit Proliferator Flameblaster

Xtreme Non-Crit FlameDAB

Angryweasel's No Pants Flameblaster

345+% rarity flamblaster

Mout's flameblast non crit build RF/Dual Curse

Cheap Atziri facetanker Incinerate

Next Level Incinerate: Low-Life Righteous Fire Rainbowhose

A Song of Ice and Fire - Freezing Incinerate

The Incinabomber : Scold's Bridle + Vaal Molten Shell abuse

Elemental Incinerator

TheHorus | Crit/Burn Discharge Templar

Burning Discharger, Explosion Of Fire.

3lmo's AoF Burning Discharger

Will's RF Burning Discharger...Nuke the Whole Screen

JAUERS Detonate dead eXterMinatoR

Daze (Arc-Stun)

Templar Arc - Tanky and powerful hardcore build from scratch

Budget Arc,Beginner Friendly

xeoni's Arc Crit Build

In Cold Blood - Blood Magic Crit Arc Freezer

Templar build - Mage Lighting

The Duke, a Torment Ice Spear Templar

Bloodlines Iron Will Christmas Tree Glacial Cascader

Support Glacial Cascade Templar

Talfus - The Elemental Spreader

FirestormGuy's firestorm build

Fury of Zeus

The Surgeon - Crit Shock Freeze Flame Surge Build

Duration Sparker Templar

The Touch of Frost

ChristusRex's Templar Cold Snap Perma-Freeze

Lightning Tendrils Build

Pagani's Rime Thunder Herald.

pre 1.3.0
Hrimsorrow/Nycta's Lantern GC Build

Serge's EB-MoM-AA Ball Lightning

Crit flameblast "The reflect safe oneshotter"

Blasting Cap Build - Flameblast / Summon Skeletons

CI Burning discharge

Pilar's Triple Curse EB Flameblast Templar

Rampage SlickMcgee's Detonate Dead Build

Burning Flameblast Build

Cloak of Flame RighteousFire 4.4k Tooltip flameblast Ignite build

Tanky Fire Discharger

InsaneMfB's Shock and Thaw - Ball Lightning Build

Mollari's Self Cast Multicharge Discharger AKA Blue Flame Moose

Crit Trapper

OMGWTF Hiroshima! - A Flameblast Templar Guide

Totem Builds

Summoner Builds

Ranged Builds

Other Builds

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Elemental Cyclone with COMK Shock Nova

Insane ComK

The TankyToss - Hybrid Cast on Crit Spectral Throw

Thor's Thunderblunt Mjölner - Life Crit Discharge

*The Imploding Bomber* - Reverse knockback Vaal molten shell

Sossaman's Mjolnadin

The Mad Bomber

pre 2.1.0
OMG I'm (almost) invincible! - CoC Immortal Call

An Electric Fisting - Doryani's Fist CoMK

Mjolner Life based crit

Nuclear Dawn - Vaal Molten Shell

Empires Grasp Support build

Templar Mjolner


The True Battlemage (Cyclone/Incinerate Tank)

Tanky multi-curse reverse knockback magic find support

Imprecision's Noncrit AB+HoI: EXPLOSIONS!?!

pre 2.0.0
The Winter Knight, arctic armor and glacial hammer CoC guide

Rooster Groundslam Build-CoC Discharge

Dweeb's Infernal COCblaster

Electric Blender - Sweep Cast on Crit Build

Wrath of heavens, static strike CoMK Arc guide, the Mjolnir for the poor

Splosions everywhere!

Static Discharger with Oro's Sacrifice Build

Fire nova on static kill

Kboom - Explosive arrow Templar

EE Self-Cast Templar

The Pantsless Elemental Bower

Templar Firestormer, +Sparker respec

Hivemind - Support/Summoner Build aka "the other player deal 1000% more dmg build"

Mjolner "The Thunder God"

Black Sun Acolyte - DPS-oriented Pure RF

litesabr's Original Rainbow Nuke Build

pre 1.3.0
Peeps 1.2 Angry Pillar God (CoMK) Ground Slam & Fire Storms from Hell

EPIKpm's "No_Pants_Required" Oro's Sacrifice build, with AA+MoM+EB and Searing Bond

MuteOne's Yolo Roller Templar

Papy calypse, coc cycloner/double auto curse/glacial hammer

Vroom Vroom Pop Pop - (Shield Charge Cast on Melee kill Discharger)

Exponential Crazy's Rooster(CoC) groundslam build
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
copy-pasted from the previous thread :

Hi. It seems there is no glacial hammer build yet so i came to propose mine :
[1.2] The Winter Knight, arctic armor and glacial hammer CoC guide


i still need advice about presentation of the guide btw
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"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Added a new "Totems" section.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"

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