[1.2.X Guide] Mollari's Self Cast Multicharge Discharger AKA Blue Flame Moose (no Voll's!)

This spec was originally created to mimic one of my favorite all time builds. The self cast multicharge discharger from the Anarchy/Onslaught league was one of my favorite builds to play but due to the Voll’s Devotion neck no longer dropping the rolling temp month leagues it is only playable in Standard/Hardcore. (Voll's can now drop in the temp leagues using the Onslaught/Anarchy mod from Zana!) This build was created to give that same playstyle without the neck that no longer drops and I feel was very successful. This build is pretty flexible so modifying it to your specific liking is very possible. This build does not take Vaal Pact or focus on crit so reflect can be a problem if you play dumb which is a large turnoff for hardcore characters as 1 bad discharge can kill you. I would recommend that this build be played in the softcore leagues.

All updates to keep this build current will be noted here. If a patch comes out and there are no changes here that means that the build didn't need any changes and remains viable!

9/27/14 - Updated guide to fit 1.2 tree and gems.

1.1.5 - Added Spell Echo support in place of Increased Area of Effect linked with Enduring Cry.

Normal: Skill point (kill all)
Cruel: Skill point (kill all)
Merc: Power charge

As with all CI builds it is not recommended to go CI until later in the game. I switched over to CI at level 72 but depending on your specific gear that may change. You may be able to do it a bit earlier bit I felt that 72 was the best level for me to switch. When it comes to leveling it was pretty simple as I just used a 4L Arc and Searing Bond. Flameblast is not a bad option at all so use whatever you would like to level until you make the switch. Keep in mind you should be leveling the gems needed for this spec as best as you can while leveling.

The playstyle of this build is generate all of your charges and expend them into a massive AOE that wipes the screen. This build uses Romira’s Banquet ring that allows for power charges on non critical hits. Since Incinerate has a base 0% crit chance and a very cast fast speed it can generate power charges VERY fast without running the risk critting and losing your power charges. Incinerate also serves a dual purpose by linking with Curse on Hit and applying Elemental Weakness to the targets it hits. Since you use all of your charges when you Discharge you will generate power charges and curse the next pack of mobs you are going to use Discharge on. The frenzy charges are generated through Blood Rage which generate 1 frenzy charge per mob killed and the endurance charges are generated through Enduring Cry.

Weapon: Void Battery would work best but is not always affordable. It gives you an extra power charge, a TON of spell damage, critical strike, cast speed, and mana. There are cheaper options like a Divinarius or a good rare wand. If you are not using a Void Battery you may want another point or two put into some sort of spell damage increase somewhere.

Shield: Saffell’s Frame is going to be our best bet. The +4 maximum to all resistances, 14 all resistances, and the spell damage make this the required shield for this build.

Helmet: A high ES helm with as much resistance as you can get. It will depend on your other gear but left up to you to find exactly the resistances you need. Strength and +mana would be ideal but not required.

Chest: A high ES helm with as much resistance as you can get. The chest would also need to be at least 5 linked for this build to work. Any +mana roll would be beneficial but not required.

Amulet: Eye of Chayula is going to be a required item for this build. Vaaling it would give the most benefit if you do not need the all stats. The best vaal would be +1 curse which would allow you to run Warlord’s Mark along with Elemental Weakness but other acceptble options would be +block, +spell block, + frenzy charge, +1 maximum all resistances.

Rings: Romira’s Banquet / Dream Fragments are the two rings that are required for the build.

Gloves: Highest ES you can get with the resistances you need to cap. If you can get strength and +mana on them that would be ideal but not required.

Belt: Try to get a belt with ES, armor, resistances and some strength. Any strength would help as well.

Boots: Rainbowstride boots are going to be your best option as they provide you with everything you need.

Flasks: I would highly recommend 1 Atziri’s Promise + 2 Granite (1 bleed + 1 armor) + 1 Quicksilver + 1 Topaz. Without virtually no armor/evasion you need to be using the granite flasks often. Use the Atziri flask for mobs that have high lightning res and/or curse immune and the Topaz for reflect. Keep in mind that Incinerate stacks the Corrupting Blood debuff very quickly so have 1, if not 2, remove bleed flasks is a must.

The gem setup is pretty straightforward. If you have a 6L chest then you can add Mana Leech and you can run a little higher arctic armor. With my setup I only used level 1/20Q Arctic Armor for the run speed but that may chance depending on your gear so be careful leveling that gem. All of the other gems you want to level and quality. Keep in mind that depending on your strength you will not be leveling all of your red gems to full. You should get at least 109 strength to level Life Leech or you may be forced to grab another 30 strength node in the tree.

Discharge (B) -> Increased Area of Effect (B) -> Concentrated Effect (B) -> Life Leech (R) -> Lightning Penetration (B) -> if 6L add Mana Leech (G)

Incinerate (B) -> Greater Multiple Projectiles (G) -> Curse on Hit (B) -> Elemental Weakness (B)
Vaal Summon Skeletons (B) -> Minion Life (B) -> Increased Duration (R) -> Blood Rage (G)
Reduced Mana (R) -> Discipline (B) -> Clarity (B)*** -> Purity of Lightning (B)

Enduring Cry (R) -> Smoke Mine (G) -> Spell Echo (B)
Vaal Discipline (B) -> Increased Duration (R) -> Arctic Armor (G)

*** With 1.2 Clarity got buffed meaning that the level 20 is probably too much mana reservation. We can now easily run a level 10ish Clarity and get the mana regen needed and still have enough unreserved mana to play the build uninterrupted.

Incinerate in this build pulls double duty. First, it is used in conjunction with the Romira’s Banquet ring to generate power charges quickly and effectively since it has a base 0% crit chance and insane cast speed. Second, it is used to curse the targets who will soon feel the wrath of the discharge. The 20Q is very important because the projectile speed increases the range at which you can hit targets with Incinerate. It is completely up to you if you want to level you Incinerate gem or leave it at level 1. Depending on your mana regeneration you may have to leave it unleveled. When you get some better regeneration I would personally level it because it actually does a decent amount of damage only linked with Greater Multiple Projectiles. It is nice to use a a quick finisher if a mod is super low and instead of burning all your charges you just finish off with Incinerate and save your charges for the next pack. Keep in mind that the way that the Curse on Hit gem works is per cast and not per target hit so your power charges will generate at the same speed with 1 or 50 mobs in front of you. With my current gear it takes about 1.2ish seconds to generate 8 power charges so it is pretty damn fast.

The auras are pretty straight forward but depending on your gear it may change when you can get Purity of Lightning running. I wasn’t able to use Purity of Lightning until 80ish but depending on your gear that may change. Also I keep my Arctic Armor at level 1 and use it for the run speed but if you have the mana regen and/or a 6L for Mana Leech you can probably level this a bit. Keep in mind that Inner Force increases the mana cost of Arctic Armor so you may want to pull those 3 points out and move them if you are set on having a higher level Arctic Armor.

Please note that with the buff to Clarity you can probably not afford to run it at level 20 as you did prior to 1.2. Around level 10ish is where I found I got enough mana regen to keep going without a Mana Leech gem while not reserving too much mana. It was not a nerf in 1.2 but just allows us to get the same mana regen from a lower level gem requiring less mana reservation.

In a perfect world you would have a +1 curse Eye of Chayula. Since I have vaal'd over 65 without getting that yet you may end up in my boat of just using Elemental Weakness. If I was able to obtain a +1 curse Chayula I would then move Elemental Weakness to self casting and Warlords Mark into my curse on hit Incinerate. This would cut down on the Enduring Cry usage and allow me to curse Elemental Weakness when needed. Keep in mind that the quality on Curse on Hit will increase the effect of the curse by up to an additional 10% at 20Q.

When dealing with a reflect pact you have to play smart. You will kill yourself if you discharge into a packed screen of mobs with reflect. Using the Topaz Flask and not discharging on more then 15ish mobs at a time will keep you from having any problems with reflect. You could probably do more than that but no need to risk it. It is possible to kill yourself so play smart and note that this build is not something I would recommend for hardcore leagues.

Map Mods
This build should stay away from elemental reflect map mods due to the fact incinerate will keep your shield from regenerating. Half regeneration is doable but annoying and you may want to switch in a mana flask if you really want to run them and I would stay way from no regeneration unless you have a 6L with Mana Leech. As with any elemental build, any -max res or eleme weakness you run into the chance of killing yourself to a reflect pack.

My Stats

My Gear

Thanks for taking the time to check out this guide! If you have any feedback (good or bad) please let me know and I can improve the guide as needed!

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Nice builds as always Mollari
I suggest corrupted gloves with Elemental Weakness on hit.
Completed 31 Challengesrenke wrote:
I suggest corrupted gloves with Elemental Weakness on hit.

Keep in mind that it would only be level 12 so 41%. Granted my Elemental Weakness is not Q yet because I had not run that gem yet this league. 20/20 Elemental Weakness is 59% so that would be ideal. I just had no idea that my RNG was gonna suck that bad for Eye of Chayula vaals. Also, finding good ES gloves with the resistances I need is a lot more expensive to gamble with versus the Eye of Chayula which I was buying for 1-5c each. Definitely an option, but quite a bit more expensive to gamble that slot for a lesser gain than getting that +1 Chayula. Thanks for the suggestion though!
IGN: @MollariFindsStuff
Livestream: twitch.tv/MollariGaming
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Well written guide & video (to the point regarding explanations, and gamplay footage). You've got a great "salesman voice" btw... ;)
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
nice guide and gem combos. i especially like the incinerate with curse on hit since you want to be close to mobs anyway when you discharge.
can you add your mana regen to the my stats section please
You got my vote!

- Not only due to the spec itself.

Mollari is a great streamer, friendly and always helpfull towards new players (and old ones) > He sure manage to keep the awsome spirit up at all time, no matter what!

Give this man a cookie!
Last edited by Tzaina on Jul 1, 2014 12:30:08 PM
Well written guide & video (to the point regarding explanations, and gamplay footage). You've got a great "salesman voice" btw... ;)

Ha! You are not the first person to say I have a salesman voice. :)

Completed 10 ChallengesSharmo wrote:
can you add your mana regen to the my stats section please

I just did, sorry about forgetting it. Currently 174.3 mana/sec with Clarity.

Completed 13 ChallengesTzaina wrote:
You got my vote!

- Not only due to the spec itself.

Mollari is a great streamer, friendly and always helpfull towards new players (and old ones) > He sure manage to keep the awsome spirit up at all time, no matter what!

Give this man a cookie!

IGN: @MollariFindsStuff
Livestream: twitch.tv/MollariGaming

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