[2.1] Blast Avatar, Crit Pure Fire Blast Rain, 22K x4hits, 5KHP Acrobatics

Hi guys
This is an introduction of my Critical Pure Fire version of Blast Rain build. Still working on it. Feel free to post any question.
(See Vaal Pact version in Shadow builds list, Ref-proof, no life regen though )
(See Ascendancy Chieftain with life regeneration version here.)
Blast Rain is a new Bow skill released by 2.1 Talisman patch.

It looks like the spell 'Firestorm' except 4 random located but target-centered AOE explosion occurs when the projectiles land. They always overlap targeted area!
It has a decent coverage, and because the explosion overlaps, it's also very powerful againsts single target.

Character Status and DPS Track

lv90,current. 3.6% life regen, 5K HP with Acrobatics

5L with 'Concentrated Effect', Hatred, HoA, Ice Golem, Blood Rage.

5L with 'Increased Area of Effect'

Vaal Grace on

lv88, 5 Endurance Charges, Point Blank. drop Heart of Oak

lv87,drop staff crit cluster for stun avoidance, more dex

Skill Tree, Heart of Oak
Defeat Atziri in the Apex of Sacrifice.

Full view

lv86,more DPS and leech rate, less life regen

Skill Tree, Three Lioneyes Fall
Life regeneration dropped to 4.8%.
5L with Kaom's Heart
BR(lv16), Fire Penetration(lv19), WED(lv12, q19), Concentrated Effect(lv19, q20), FA(lv19)
Hatred + HoA + Ice Golem + Blood Rage

lv85 (7.6% life regen)

DPS with 6L and Hatred + Ice Golem + HoA +Blood Rage.
(I don't have a 6L bow, capture this with my 6L chest. Gem BR lv15, WED lv13, no quality on faster attack and fire penetration, it should be more if 6L bow with Kaom's Heart)


Character status lv85 (7.6% life regen).
It's 5000 life with 'Kaom's Heart' / 4000 with normal 6L chest.

Concepts of this build.

1. Convert 50% physical damage to fire damage by Avatar of Fire. With another 50% damage conversion from the skill itself, Blast Rain now do pure fire damage.

About Damage conversion see here

2. Use Lioneye's Fall to transform melee skill node to bow's.




3. Defence:
Life regen version: Stack life/regeneration for survivability.
Keystone Unwavering Stance and Iron Reflexes are options.

Acrobatics version: Get around 4% life regen to cover blood rage, then more life after that.

Get as much Dodge chance as you can from gear and buff.

4. Leech life and mana from attack damage (new skill cluster at Duelist section).

5. 'Pyre' is an option, you can play this build without it, but it's strongly recommended

It converts all cold damage to fire damage which makes 'Hatred' more effective. It also increase burning damage.
And the last affix works just like 'Shatter'. It grants the ability that destroy ignited enemies, thus prevents some on-death effects by monsters that could cause further damage.
About 'Freeze and Shatter' see here.


-Rapid clear speed with 'Increased Area of Effect', great DPS with 'Concentrated Effect' for boss fight.
-Decent survivability with Acrobatics
Great chance to dodge attacks and 46% chance to dodge spell.
With Vaal grace, 10sec 70+ dual dodge!!

-If go Life regen Version: Fair life regeneration rate. 7.6% at lv85 now.
-Remote elemental AOE attack, slight delay, solid hits, clear packs at safe distance. I like it. xD

-We don't have VP, no instant leech, so Elemental damage Reflection could be serious danger even we have 80% fire resistance with purity of fire.
-Poor Jewel sockets in skill tree.
-Lack of DEX and INT. Either Harbinger Bow or Assassin Bow requires 212 dex to equip with. Need find some on gears or use Fluid Motion to convert some strength to dex.

Passive Skill Tree & level up step


lv50 63points

Normal help Oak/ Cruel kill all/ Merciless kill all.
You can start with Tempar /scion /Duelist.take life,life regen, crit.

Gear & Flask

Before you get a nice bow like mine(xD 100% self loot and crafted. just can't get it 6L yet.) There are options that offers fair DPS. For example:

Tool tip DPS when you use 'Chin Sol' may seems a bit low, but if you fire Blast Rain around your character you'll find it does a great job. (take down Voll merciless Dried lake in 6 seconds, I guess it's not that bad.)

This is the 6L before I get a 6L bow.

Kaom's Heart is the goal once I have a 6L bow.
Fire damage and 500 life! love it.
(Actually I'm using my 5L bow and Kaom's Heart. 5k life, no problem with DPS for now)

If you want to focus on AOE coverage and dps Carcass Jack might be an option for you.


5L/6L Blast Rain
General set balanced for both clear speed and boss fight:

Gem order by priority, about Penetration see here
If 5L, switch between 'Increased Area of Effect' and 'Concentrated Effect' for clear speed or higher DPS for boss fight.

If you want more dps with 6L, PPAD is an option, though you need to consider socket colour changing.

4L #1 CWDT set.

This set separate you and melee attackers also block projectiles from ranged monsters after you take damage and trigger 'Frost Wall'.
'Immortal Call' gives over 0.6s physical invulnerability with 'Increased Duration', it'll last longer if we have 'Endurance Charge'(which we get often from critical strike. xD), it's a very effective defense method.
When it comes to party, 'Frost Wall' is annoying. Here's some option:

4L #2 Aura / Buff / Movement

Extra cold damage from 'Hatred' will be converted to fire damage by 'Pyre'.
Besides extra fire damage, HoA ignites 130%+ overkill dmg to nearby enemies, you'll find out monsters out of BR AoE could just burned down by HoA.

On-demand option

Try get a RBGW 4L for this set, easy swap purity of elements(fire/ice/lightning) means better adaptability.
4L #3 Vaal Grace / Vaal Haste / Blood Rage.

This build has enough life regen to cover the 4% degeneration of 'Blood Rage'.
Though we don't do physical damage, therefore no extra leech for us, it's still a strong buff with increased attack speed and chance to gain 'Frenzy Charge'. It refresh its duration while we clear mobs, so usually we just cast 'Blood Rage' at the beginning.
Both Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste take advantage of increased duration support. They offer Great Dodge chance and boost DPS / movement speed to a higher level for 10 seconds.
Vaal Grace
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
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Savour these moments, for they may never return.
Looks interesting.
Going to be trying this, though with a few small alterations.

Going to be staying around Mara/Templar instead of going to Duelist -- using the BM Keystone & the Reduced Reserved nodes behind it to run HoA on life & use Doryani's Invitation .2% Fire Damage Leech to cover the costs of the spell.

Another option is to drop Hatred & use Herald of Ash/Clarity/Blasphemy Assassin's Mark for mana on kill + Clarity regen & 200% Crit from Power Charges. Possibly swapping the 6L to Point Blank or picking it up for two points with your tree.

Other than that everything is pretty much the same! What do you think about PPAD vs. FA?

Also is this bow & quiver decent enough?
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It's interesting. Let's do some math. xD

URL for The Image above

Now I know PPAD is better for me. In your case Ceveth (BM with HoA), 'Added fire damage' is better.
Though their effect are slightly different, I'm happy about figuring it out, Thank you for reminding me.

And nice gear, bow still has one prefix available for crafting, awesome!
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
Last edited by shghostell on Dec 28, 2015, 11:16:19 AM
Oh, neat.
I meant Faster Attacks though. ;D

How do I know whether it would be better craft flat x-x fire damage vs. % WED?
Last edited by Ceveth on Dec 28, 2015, 11:58:22 AM
Sorry for that, let's do it again.

URL for The Image above

It depends on your attack speed. The faster you attack the more effect PPAD offers.
In my case, PPAD gives more dps while Blood Rage is on, otherwise faster attack does a better job.
Thank you again. xD

And with all the % damage modifiers from gears and skill tree, definitely go flat on weapon.

Savour these moments, for they may never return.
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Any chance you can un-private your characters so I can follow along with your progression?

I also think Sibyl's Lament;

is a very strong consideration for a ring spot. It has WED, Life & almost most importantly x-x Fire Damage...
Along with considerably addressing one of the major build cons; reflect. Possibly a defensive option to consider instead of Pyre.
Last edited by Ceveth on Dec 29, 2015, 4:35:17 PM
At first I thought it could be great. I tried, but it's not what I expected.
I lost 17.5% extra fire damage from 'Hatred'(DPS 25774 -> 22782) after I took off 'Pyre'. Then I put 'Sibyl's Lament' on, DPS went to 24440, not bad, but it reduced the DPS overall(and total -60% resistance).
And about dealing with reflect, '30% reduced reflected damage taken' isn't as good as it looks like when we don't have instant leech.
Without instant leech, it's just unlikely to solve the problem of reflection for skills deal massive physical/elemental damage in one shot(uninterrupted Immortal Call is an exception).
'Sibyl's Lament' with 80% fire resistance, One pack of monsters, one arrow to the sky, the next second my character was lying on the ground. xD
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
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Might be because you had it in the wrong ring slot... :P

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