Shadow builds list 1.2 - 2.4 (closed)

Due to limited time available i can no longer maintain the build list.
Below you can find a list for 2.2-2.4 builds and a link to the archive for older builds.

builds 2.2-2.4

ASS – Assassin
SAB – Saboteur
TRI - Trickster

ASS Arc: [2.2][ASS] The Limit Breaker - Exessive Crit (1000 Multiplier) Caster Build by Miacis
ASS Ball Lightning: [2.2] Ascendancy - Ball Lightning - Staff Crit - CI - atziri viable - fast map clear
ASS Bladefall: Sherkhan's Bladebender [100k+ Bladefall; cheap and OP, as always]
ASS Bladefall: Undying Bladefall [2.2 Update]
ASS Bladefall: [2.2.] Very cheap, very strong - Chaos bladefall uses Apep's Rage
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4 essence league] Poison Vortex (Blade Vortex)
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] zSavage's Poison Hurricane (Crit Poison BV)[Budget Friendly][Assassin]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] Greedy Roomba - MF Blade Vortex Assassin (63/329) - Atziri Viable - Solo T10+ (37/40) [Videos]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.2]The Circle of Gore - Assassin Crit Blade Vortex staff!
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.2] Stoya's CI Trickster Blade Vortex Shadow ! HC viable
TRI Blade Vortex: [HC/SC] [20 Blades] 2.4.0 Tankster Blade Vortex MoM Poison [crit/non crit] [Atziri Farm with 4L]
ASS Blade Vortex: (2.3) Belton's CI Cospri's Tri Curse Blade Vortex Poison Assassin. WIP
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.3] LL Blade Vortex Trickster - Great DPS, Tanky, Fun!
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.3] The Charge Harvester Blade Vortex Assassin with budget version [MoM][Poison]
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4 Video Guide] Assassin Blade Vortex End-Game Build & Uber Farmer! [HC/SC]
ASS Blade Vortex: 2.4 Blade Vortex - essence league (Crit CI Assassin - HC/Shaper Viable -- Faceroll content)
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] World's #1 BladeVortex Damage Build , Shaper/Uber Deletion, Millions of DPS (with Videos)
TRI Blade Vortex: [2.4]TRI Cheap CI Ephemeral Edge Blade Vortex
ASS Blade Vortex: [2.4] vB_Bv CI done right by Rico
ASS Detonate Dead: [2.4] Detonate Dead CI Assassin, Detonate Dead isn't dead
ASS Discharge: [2.2] Kripp's Assassin self-cast Discharge (Dual curse 100+k DPS, ES/Life Hybrid)
ASS Dual Totem - Bladefall: [2.2] [HC] Billy's budget bladefall brotems 29k/totem
ASS Dual Totem - Bladefall: [2.2] Rohak's Crit Dual Bladefall Totem
ASS Dual Totem - Flameblast: [2.4] Totems of DOOM (Dual Crit Flameblast totems)
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3 Trickster] 17k+ DoT - ED + Abyssal Cry [Start-Atziri / 2.1 Videos -T12 Village + Atziri]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.2] Yalani's Aegis Aurora Essence Drain/Abyssal Cry Build uses Abyssal Cry instead of Contagion for aoe damage
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] Death's Kiss, a Trickster Essence Drain/Contagion full build and leveling guide
TRI Essence Drain: 2.2 Eluminator's Essence Drain & Contaigon Trickster with Righteous Fire!
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3 Video Guide] LOW BUDGET Essence Drain & Contagion Trickster [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.2] Chaos Trickster - Essence Drain Trickster - MoM/Flasks/Block [HC viable]
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] The Master of Agony - CI / ZO + Tri-Curse Essence Drain / Contagion Trickster
TRI Essence Drain: [2.3] Temporal Drain - The ultimate ED / Contagion build (budget)
TRI Essence Drain: [2.4] Essence Drain Build Options
TRI Essence Drain: 2.4 Trickster Essence Drain Progression, no whirling blades. Life to CI to LL
TRI Essence Drain: (2.4) Essence drain shadow, trickster Hybrid (Budget friendly SC/HC Atziri red map viable)
TRI Essence Drain: 2.4 LL 26/20 Essence Drain Decay Bow build. Shaper/Uber Atziri/Anything farmer
ASS Ethereal Knives: [2.2] Acrobatic Knives - Assassin - Ctri EK/MoM/Phase Acro/VP, Ascendancy skill tree updated
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.2] Roth's Knives - 30k+ EK DPS Trickster ( 14k EV | 45/51 Dodge ) [Budget friendly: 40c start] uses Roth's Reach bow
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.2][Trickster] Venu's Budget Low Life Evasive Caster (Trickster, Crit, Evasion,ES, Low Life, EK)
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.3] (Trickster) Ethereal Knives MF Build. 8.5k ES, 150k DPS, 200+ IIR, 43 IIQ, Triple Blasphemy
TRI Ethereal Knives: Innsbury EK Chaos Poison,Cheap, Fun,deadly, any map..Trickster
TRI Ethereal Knives: Ethereal Knives Trickster [2.3] Atziri Destroyer 10-15ex build Max Evasion, Max Dodge + Block
TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.4] LL Ephemeral Edge EK 175K dps without charges
ASS Fireball: [2.2][hc/sc][cheap/atziri with only a 4link][insane aoe][ +100k dps] [fast clear][tutorial video]
ASS Flameblast: 2.2 Assassin 100% Crit Flameblast Prolif
ASS Flameblast/Vaal RF: [2.4] Crit Flameblast / Vaal RF Assassin (HC) - NO BS 11.6 MILLION One Shot Damage on a 3-Link
ASS Flameblast/Vaal RF: [2.4] CI Assassin Crit Flameblast + Vaal Righteous Fire (Shaper viable! w/ video)
ASS Frostbolt: [2.4] Assassin LL Frostbolt Spellcaster
ASS Heralds: [2.2] The Storm Herald (crit thunder/ice heralds) easy maps! Heralds as main damage source
ASS Heralds: [2.4] Wormageddon (crit Herald of ice) Herald of Ice as main damage source
TRI Ice Nova: [2.2] The Pizza Nova - Ignite Ice Nova/Flameblast Trickster Build Guide fire conversion
TRI Ice Nova: [2.3] The Eraser - An Ice Nova Build - 200k+ dps & amazingly fast clear speed
ASS Ice Spear: [2.2] Assassin - Ice spear - Atziri viable
ASS Icestorm (whispering ice): The Whispering ice crit build Hardcore Perandus
ASS Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.4] Crit Whispering Ice Assassin [SC/HC Viable]
TRI Magma Orb: [2.4][Trickster] Burning Legion Magma Orb build !
ASS Magma Orb: [2.4] [SC/HC] Lazy's Orb Build - Assassin Ele Prolif Magma Orb with Vaal RF and MoM [Build for lazy]
ASS Shock Nova: [2.4] [Assassin] Qwark's Shock nova build - Cheap, Very high DPS, HC viable, 7,5k+ EHP.
ASS Shockwave Totem: 2.2 Crit Shockwave Totem Assassin - 625k+ DPS - Ez Atziri/All Maps
ASS Spark: [2.2] Sparkssassian 380k DPS - Insane self cast sparker (WIP)
TRI Spark: [2.2]The Sparkster - Lowlife Spark Trickster - 75/69+ Block 9k+ES
TRI Spark: Low life Void Battery 7 aura crit FrezzeSporker. Dr.Freeze)) 200+ k dps, insane clearspeed!!
TRI Storm Call: [2.2] Detailed very cheap CI storm call
SAB Summoner: [2.2] Boulz's Secret Build: The Cult Leader. (Minion Instability) exploding zombies with minion instability
ASS Vortex/Frost Bolt: 2.4 Kudo's Max Crit/full Crit Vortex/FrostBolt build [Assassin][budget friendly][now with 2.4 guide]

ASS Ancestral Warchief Totems: Dual curse, dual Ancestral Warchief CI Assassin
ASS Ancestral Warchief Totems: [2.4][Assassin]Dual DoT Kondo's Pride Crit Ancestal Warchief [HC/SC] Atziri/Uber lab/T15 viable
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3] Best BladeFlurry End-Game Build? 100% Crit, Poison/Bleed, Uber/Shaper Deletion (with Videos)
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4] Life based Scourge Blade Flurry(Shaper down, moved from original post)
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3b] CI Dual Curse Crit DoT BF Assassin!
ASS Blade Flurry: [2.4.3] Everyday Normal Casual Assassin CI Blade Flurry
TRI Cyclone: [2.2] Crit Elemental Cyclone "ElCyTrick" | 240k+ dps | 15k eva | relatively cheap
ASS Dual Strike: [2.3] Dual Strike crit shadow using daggers (IR/Heart of Oak)
ASS Dual Strike: Return of the Dead End King ( Vaal Pact Dual Claw 2.2 BOTW S: 2 EP: 9 )
ASS Dual Strike: [2.4] Say_Ten's Melee Shadow - Murder Everything Cheaply
ASS Earthquake: WIP [2.2] Assasin Crit Pillar EQ - The shatterquaker! Cheap and end-game viable! uses Pillar of the Caged God
ASS Earthquake: Assassin 2.2.0 - Varun-assass-quake (Varunastra/Earthquake/CI) - 90%+ crit @ 444% multi' w/videos
ASS Earthquake: [2.3] Hegemony's Era & Voidheart Crit Earthquake Assassin
ASS Earthquake: [2.3] (Prophecy) Poison Prolif Earthsplosion! A Dual Wield Earthquake Build (Uber Lab Farmer)
ASS Earthquake: [2.4] CRIT STAFF DoT Earthquake Assassin: "MiasmaQuake" Over 1m DPS / 0.38s Duration / VIDEOS UP!
ASS Earthquake: CI EQ Dual-Curse Assassin Faux-Tank (w/ Varunastra)
TRI Flicker Strike: (2.4) CI, Dual Curse, 10k+ ES/49%Evade Hybrid Flicker Strike 1mill+ DPS Trickster
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.2] Omnislasher - Flicker Strike NUKE | 1.3mil+ AoE DPS/ 10k ES+73% Block | UBER | Core FACETANK
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.2] Assassin Flicker Guide - Low/Medium Budget - Life Based
ASS Flicker Strike: The Mojocopter --> Crit Oro's Flicker ele build with Oro's
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.3] Souleater flicker massive clouder - strange and fun build (with video!)
TRI Flicker Strike: KimiiG's Low Life Flicker 2.2 Perandus. 4 Aura, double Curse 640k+ DPS
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.2] CI Oro's Flicker Strike Trickster
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] Artificially inflated: 5M+ DPS Flicker, 2h/1h variants, poison 100% crit, with Cospri's Will
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] Oro's Crit Flicker Assassin - 200k-300k dps, dual curse, 6k+ hp, Acro, uber lab viable
TRI Flicker Strike: [2.3] |TRI| Poor man's flicker strike
ASS Flicker Strike: [2.4] "Flitzker" Assassin Pure Lightning Flicker (acrobatics, cheap, fast clear, uber lab viable)
TRI Frost Blades: [2.2] Why Life/ES hybrids are so strong yet noone knows that - Frost Blades example
ASS Frost Blades: [2.2] DEEP FREEZE - Frostblade Crit Assassin - Dual curse - (Video)
ASS Lacerate: [2.3]Ax's Chaos Lacerate-Sword/Claw Assassin.
ASS Lacerate: AsStarforge 2H Crit Lacerate 2.4
TRI Reave: Soul Reaver Reave CI crit shadow Updated 2.4!! TRICKSTER 750k dps
ASS Reave: [2.2] Guide for Life based Crit Dagger Reave
TRI Reave: [2.4] Trickster CI, Crit-Reave - Peaks @ 1.68mil dps, 12.6k ES | Building 6% leech for Shaper
ASS Reave: [2.2] "Bill the Butcher" DW Crit Reave Assassin by fiqst
ASS Reave: [2.3] Scaeva Southpaw Assassin | (Atziri/Uber-Izaro/Core)
ASS Reave: [2.3.0][Assassin] TheBockwursts Voidheart DOT Reaver [+300kDPS/massiveDOT/Acro&Phase]
TRI Shield Charge: [2.4] How to break Faces (CI Trickster crit Facebreaker Shield Charge build)
ASS Sunder: [2.2 Assassin] Crit Varunastra - Atziri/HC Viable - Budget
ASS Sunder: [2.4] - The slammer - Crit CI Sunder Assassin
TRI Unarmed (Doryani's Fist)/CoMK: Doryani's Fist Shock Nova || Tanky + Insane Clear Speed
ASS Viper Strike/Reave: Kingshaunter's 568k dps Crit Viper striker Assassin!-Reave for AOE 2.2 UBER BUILD
ASS Viper Strike: 2.2 Viper Strike Build Fast, Fun and Cheap to Start [Video Guide]
ASS Viper Strike: [2.2] Assassin Viper Strike
ASS Viper Strike: [2.3] Chaos Oriented Viper Strike/Abyssal Cry Build [Dirt CHEAP]
ASS Viper Strike: [2.4] Crit DW Viper Strike - Pre-nerf Core Viable, Ms of DPS
ASS Wild Strike: [2.2] The versatile Assasin: Dual Claw, Wildstrike, Blasphemy

ASS generic: Headhunter on a budget - Emperors headhunting Assassin headhunter effect with several inspired learning jewels
ASS Barrage: Orion - the hunter - a god with the bow - cheap, insane DPS, fun as hell - uber everything down
SAB Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.2] Blink / Mirror Arrow Summoner - Saboteur Uses traps
TRI Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.4 Trickster] Mirror Arrow Summoner/Trapper! Me and my 30 Friends HC/SC [Video Guide] Uses traps
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.2 Trickster] Grocery's Caustic Arrow Trickster Shadow! HC Viable!
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.3] [HC] Caustic Arrow Trickster [Kintsugi/Phase/Acro] [Atziri/UberLab viable]
TRI Caustic Arrow: Caustic Arrow Build On Magic items HC
TRI Caustic Arrow: [2.4]Caustic Arrow - Hydra - EVA / LIFE - Cheap & Newbie friendly - Ranger/Duelist/Scion
ASS Ice Shot: [2.2] Chin Sol, Herald of Ash Railgun
ASS Lightning Arrow: [2.4]Solas's Slivertongue Bow Crit DoT Assassin Build (WIP)
ASS Lightning Arrow: [2.4SC/HC][Videos]King of the Forest(Crit): Top Tier Archer. 6K+ Life,Uber Atziri,Guardians&Shaper!
ASS Puncture: [2.2] Puncture build - "Bloodseeker" by ad1ce (Rank 11 PHC League)
TRI Rain of Arrows: [2.2] CI Rain of Arrows Trickster - DMG Conversion (WIP)
ASS Rain of Arrows/Puncture: [2.2] Bleed Poison Master
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.2] Kenzorz's Crit DoT 5-Ballistae Iron Commander
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.2] Xedralya's Lightning Commander / 200k+ DPS Max-Crit Quad-Totem Ele Ballista!
ASS Siege Ballista: [PSC 2.2] Crit Bow Assassin + Siege Ballista [Video + Pics]
ASS Siege Ballista: [2.4] Ballistopheles : 5 Poison Siege Ballistae with Iron Commander [Atziri and Uzaro Farm + 3/4]
ASS Split Arrow: [2.3 ASS SC] Council Spine Madness, 1 click packs & bosses (12 projectiles 1mio dps bleed poison)
ASS Split Arrow: [2.3][Assassin]Cheapest 100k+ dps Split Arrow Build Ever
ASS Tornado Shot/Frenzy: [2.2 WIP] Grocery's 400k+ DPS Frenzy Tornado Shot Physical Bow Build!
ASS Tornado Shot: [2.3][Assassin] TheAmigoReach! Reach of the Council Insane DPS Poison Tornadoshot! -Easy Uber Lab!
ASS Tornado Shot: [2.3] LL Crit Reach Of The Ass (Millions Of DPS, Atziri Viable, With Videos)
ASS Tornado Shot: PHC Boisoner - TS Reach Assassin. Abusing poison with a fat belly [Detailed. Multiple variations]
ASS Spectral Throw: Crit Ele Buzzsaw // Elemental Crit ST /80k+ Gmp DPS Atziri Facerolling
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.2] Crit Elemental Spectral Throw, Dual Wield Hyaon's Furry - CHEAPASS ASSASSIN
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.2 with Video]/(Budget)/One Hand Bino's Spectral Throw Asssasin.| 40k DPS GMP
ASS Spectral Throw: The Complete Life Based Elemental Spec Throw Guide (2.2)
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.3.1] PSC DW Crit Dreamfeather chaos Buzzsaw, Uber Atziri Farmer
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.4] The Rabid Rhoa Spectral Thrower uses malicious gemini claws
ASS Spectral Throw: [2.4] zSavage Unleashes the Goddess! (Assassin TGU ST) uses The Goddess Unleashed
-----WANDS (Frost wall no longer works with own projectiles in 2.4!)
TRI Kinetic Blast: [2.2] Crit Ele Wander - Kinetic Blast - Hybrid Life/ES/Evasion Trickster
ASS Kinetic Blast: [2.3] Chaos Wander Assassin - Fast clear, tanky, boss nuke, ALL map mods

ASS Arc mine: [2.2] Mine Arc Diamond Shrine (MADS) - 45k+ PER cast, Atziri Viable. LL available 72k+ cast
ASS Arc mine: [HC Assassin] 2.4 Arc Miner build - Fast Clear + Very Low Budget!
SAB Arc mine: [2.4] Blue Screen of Death: Arc Tremor Rod Trapper. HC viable. Cheap. Lots of Arcs
ASS Arc mine: [2.4] Sorith's Arc Miner Shadow [Crit/Eva/Dodge] [Budget friendly & nice clear speed]
ASS Arc mine: [2.4] [ASS] CI Arc crit miner
SAB Arctic Breath mine: Loate's Nuclear Winter Build (2.3) (Arctic Breath - Remote Mine - Sire of Shards)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4] CI Bladefall Trapper - High tier mapping - EV/ES/Block - Updating for 2.4.
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.2] In depth poison trapper guide, Uber viable.
ASS Bladefall Trap: Life based crit poison bladefall trapper (2.2 Ascendancy)INSANE DMG
SAB Bladefall Trap: [HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison trapper saboteur atziri/high maps 6,5k life + evasion acrobatics
TRI Bladefall Trap: [2.2]Shadow - Trap Bladefall + Poison (Cheap build & Easy Atziri Deathless)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.2] Lockjaw Carpet Bomber (Budget Bladefall/Bear Trapper, T14 Twin/Atziri EZ-PZ)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [PoE 2.4: Prophecy]Shadow - Trap Bladefall - Uber Atziri Down (Cheap version with Tabula Rasa)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.3] Shppy's "Prismfall" - Bow trapper/miner with Prism and Reach. Oneshotting Uber Izaro!
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4] LL Trap Bladefall 2 curses 2 auras (8k es 45k dmg 66% block!)
SAB Bladefall Trap: [2.4/5] The Critfall Trapper | Life/CI/LL | Insane 2M+ DPS (Uber / Uber Lab) |
SAB Blast Rain Trap: [2.2] RogueOne's Blast Rain Trapper
SAB Blast Rain Trap: [2.4] Crit Chin Sol BR Traps - T15/Atziri/Uber Lab/Pale Court on 25c budget! Uber Atziri on 6-L
SAB Blast Rain mines: [HC/SC] Miner Blast Rain with Doomfletch's Prism [Critical]
SAB Detonate Dead: [2.3] Detonate Dead Elemental Proliferation Trap, Massive damage 1mil+
SAB Fireball Mine: [2.4] Dragon's Breath Fireball*154 +368%AoE Miner
SAB/ASS Fire Nova Mine: [Build 2.2] Crazy Miner's Fire Nova Mines
SAB Fire Nova Mine: [2.2] Tactical Decision Summon... err Saboteur - Pure Fire Dmg Fire Nova Miner - SSF HC Atz Viable
SAB Firestorm Trap: [2.4] The Shaper Deletion Build, Shaper/Uber Down, Millions of DPS (with Videos) chaos conversion
SAB Frost Bomb Trap: [2.4] [SC/HC] Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn [77-118 cold penetration]
ASS Frost Bomb Trap: [2.4] Assassin Frost Bomb Trapper
SAB Glacial Cascade mines/Ice Trap: [2.2] AoE Cold Saboteur - Massive Glacial Cascade Mines/Ice Traps | SC | Stupid Cheap | Easy PvP
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2] Ice Trapper [HC][SC] Atziri viable
TRI Ice Trap: 2.2 Tricksterteur ICE trapper build safe & fun HC/SC/High maps
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2] Avatar of Ice Trapper feat. Realmshaper, 6.5k life fire conversion
SAB Ice Trap: [2.2][saboteur] Non-crit ice trapper (HC-viable and atziri-viable)
SAB Ice Trap: 2.2 | Trapezist - Ice Trap Guide | Cheap / Friendly / Beginner HC build /SC/High Maps Viable
SAB Ice Trap/Bear Trap: [2.2]Kongming's Cheapass Blinding Fire/Bear/Ice Trapping Singular Spine Saboteur AKA THE FLASHBANG
ASS Ice Trap/Fire Trap: [2.2] Sando's Crit Trapper (95%Crit, Assassin, Fire/Ice trap, Atziri)
SAB Kinetic Blast mines: [2.3][Saboteur] Theros' MoM/Acro Kinetic Blast Wonderminer
TRI Lightning Warp mines: [2.4] Mines over Matter - Lightning Warp Finally Viable
ASS Rain of Arrows Trap: [2.3] Crit Chin Sol RoA Poison Traps - Full Key Uber Runs/Atziri/Pale Court/ T14 in 60c/4-links
TRI Shock Nova Trap/Fire trap/Cold Snap trap: [ASC] TrapTrickmaster - ultraCheap - No limit - 3 elements
SAB Shock Nova Trap/Fire trap/Ice trap: [2.4] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build]
SAB Shock Nova Trap: [2.2] [PSC] Lowlife Crit Shock Nova CotB traps (It looks pretty I promise)
SAB Vortex Trap: [2.4] Crit Vortex Trap Saboteur
SAB Vortex Trap: [2.4] The Plumber, a Vortex Trap Saboteur. Cheap and efficient

TRI CoC: [2.4] TankyTwirl - PhysSpell CoC Cyclone [still UberAtziri viable ] Bladefall, EK
ASS CoC: [2.4 Ready] Lioneye's Avalanche - All Map Mods - budget 800k+ REAL SingleTarget DPS Lioneye's + Bladefall
TRI CoC: 2.4 Coc Burning Vortex. 1-shot t15 bosses, great clearspeed vortex
-----CwDT, CoD, fire burst on hit
ASS CoC/CwDT: Fake Discharger coc nova + cwdt scold's bridle vaal molten shell
ASS CwDT: [2.2.0] Cast when Drinking Potion spell spammer - 20 spells per second with no active skills
ASS CoD: The Suicide Bomber (Cast-on-Death Discharge) v2.2
ASS CoD: Ass Poison Cast On Death 2.4
ASS fire burst on hit: [2.4]Omega Burst (fire burst + triggers) *updated* + other triggers
-----Trigger Uniques
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Aim's Malice 100% CRIT Discharger, Fast farms, 6 minutes Full Core Deathless discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] CoC discharge - still a good build(easy Uber Atziri) discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [Essence] The New Fakener | Discharge | Insane Clearspeed | Reflect map safe | 8.5K ES | t16 viable discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4 Essence] The Current State of Cospri CoC Discharge discharge
TRI Cospri's Malice: [2.4] [EHC] Zizaran's Cospris Discharge Trickster discharge
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Empty's "Mal"Assassin (Life Based / DW Cospri's Malice) Freezing Pulse, Vortex
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] THE FREEZERATOR. Dual Cospri's Malice Crit Assassin Lacerate. Frostbolt/Arctic Breath/Vortex Frostbolt, Arctic Breath, Vortex
ASS Cospri's Malice: [2.4] Cospri's Malice Flicker Strike Assassin || Insane Clear Speed, Budget and Defensive melee-coc hybrid; ice nova + flicker strike
ASS Cospri's Malice/VaalRF: [2.4] CI Assassin Cospri's Malice + Pyre Vortex + Vaal RF (one shot Hydra, Mino, Shaper) Vortex
TRI Kitava - Storm Call: [2.4] zSavage's Kitava's Thirst Crit Storm Call [Trickster]
TRI Kitava - Flameblast: [2.4][ESC] Kitava's Flameblast
TRI Mjölner: [2.4 ESC] Belton's Trickster Life Based Mjolner Arc/Discharge discharge

1.2 – 2.4 builds

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nice! thanks man!
cheers for adding my build to the list mate, really appreciate it, and thanks for creating and maintain these lists in general, youre doing a great service for the community.
Thanks for putting mine up too, will be adding vids and stuff now that I'm back at school.
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Hello, author of ' Vaal pact Dual Claw ' NineDeadeyes here..

I have got a budget Frenzy 100% Pierce Ice shot build here :)

Even with a 5 linked a can clear level 75 maps. ( In Video Section )

Let me know if this is good enough and if you need me to add more stuff I can. ( i will be
slowly building it with time like my Vaal Pact dual claw build )

I consider this a 'true' ice build using 'herald of ice' and ice wall :)
Last edited by ninedeadeyes on Sep 26, 2014, 9:42:35 AM
Hello, reworked my detonate dead build.
Uber atziri capable (8 kills from 8 runs/ and whole gear cost less then 1 item for st build)
Build is also withc/templar/ranger friendly since they need just 4 points to jump in tree.
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Playing OMGwtfwasthat lvl99/ Detonate dead - (Thread #991083)
OMG's Marketplace - (Thread #708436)
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