[3.2] [HC-SC] [20 Blades] Tankster Crit BV MoM Fake Poison Build [Assassin added] [1 to 2,5 mi DPS]

Old 50 max stacks, I miss you. :/

20 max stacks:

Attention, read the spoiler before proceeding

In patch 3.0 the mechanics of double dips was removed from the game and poison damage were heavily nerfed. Poison builds, almost all of them, have been destroyed. The only few who survived that still cause reasonable damage with poison are those highly specialized using Assassin + Toxic Delivery + Perfect Agony (depending on the build) + extreme attack speed.

This build is not exception, her poison damage was heavily nerfed. Because of nerf in poison in patch 3.0, some things were modified in order to try to minimize the lost. For example, I changed the old gems, now it is using Vile Toxins (more poison damage and more damage from hits). Despite the nerf in poison, the new Vile Toxins gem that was added in the 3.0 patch will work to procs more damage with hits based on poisoned enemy. So basically having 9 poison stacks on enemies (or 10 if Vile Toxins level 21) you will have between 45-50 more damage with hits. Concentrated Effect will provide a maximum of 5% more extra damage at level 21 compared to VT. But Concentrated Effect can be ally of Vile Toxins, using both against bosses and causing much damage. :)


Because this, this "poison build" has high damage, against poisoned enemies. Without forgetting that putting 4 off colors (2G, 3B and 1R) on a Cospri's Will can be very expensive, making Vile Toxins a great choice (3G, 2B and 1R). Using Cospri's Will will help to apply poison, removing Poison gem to use Void Manipulation to increasing the damage, but with this you'll still have 80% poison chance (except the Assassin version, which will have 100% chance).

The version with Assassin will work the same way, with the revamp in all Ascendancy in patch 3.2, Assassin now gains extra physical damage as extra chaos damage against poisoned enemies.


Patient Reaper also works by killing enemies affected by DoT, in this case by poison damage.


That is, poison in this build now only serves to proc any kind of advantage whose condition is the enemy being poisoned. :)

The changes in Swift Killer in patch 3.0 and in patch 3.2 to Trickster helped a lot to maintain relatively high damage, increased damage per charge now is global (from patch 3.0 until patch 3.1 was increased damage over time);

Temporary buffs/debuffs are important to cause very high damage, they should be used against bosses.

In other words, the current damage is very high and totally viable, and is necessary use the correct items (like Cospri's Will) and temporary buffs and debuffs to optimize the damage.

Lastly, this build is not recommended for players with little experience in hardcore, if you want to play with this build, play softcore with Assassin softcore version. Blade Vortex is a powerful spell that deals a lot of damage, but it is basically a "melee spell", so all caution is little. :)

So that's all. :)

All old videos before 3.0
Full Atziri run with 4L (died twice, first in trio and another in Atziri - have little experience with Atziri runs)

Almost full clear Overgrown Ruin Map T15 (died one time to volatile, take care with this :D )

Old 50 stacks
Normal Atziri fight with old 50 stacks

Goal with this build:
- 20 Blades at the same time to kill stronger enemies as fast as possible.
- Maximum poison stacks possible per second to procs "mors" damage.
- AoE enough to have a reasonable area of damage and QoL.
- Increased Skill Effect Duration enough to have a reasonable BV and Immortal Call duration, and others temporary buffs.
- Enough physical, chaos, elemental damage (with gear), cast speed, critical chance/damage to have a decent damage.
- The best defensive set based on Trickster + MoM + Weave the Arcane + Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics + gear + others temporary defenses (flasks + fortify + Endurance Charges / Immortal Call) combined with best offensive set possible.

Yes, Trickster is the King this build. With the revamp in trickster in 3.2, the introduction of Harness the Void is an excellent choice for builds that use physical/elemental damage deals extra chaos damage when choosing Trickster.

Harness the Void (more chaos and poison damage) + Weave the Arcane is mandatory.
If before you wanted to use a build that caused physical or elemental damage with Shadow, Assassin was the right choice, practically forcing a critical build. If you wanted to make a Shadow's elemental build and did not want to use Assassin, Sabouter was possible, even though it was very bad. With the changes in Sabouter in revamp 3.2, this class no longer lends itself to elemental builds, it's just for traps and mines now.
With Harness the Void, Trickster has become a great option now that Sabouter is out of the options.

Weave the Arcane > Harness the Void > Patiente Reaper > Swift Killer

I added to this guide the version with Assassin. For more, read the spoiler:
With the revamp in the Assassin in the 3.2 poison became very interesting to Assassin. Because of this I created a version for Assassin, highest damage than the Trickster version, but has less mana and its MoM is less efficient because it does not have quick recovery mechanisms (Weave the Arcane), only mana regeneration and Warlord's Mark mana leech.

The combination recommended to Assassin is:
Noxious Strike > Toxic Delivery > Opportunistic > Unstable Fusion

If you want you can get Ambush and Assassinate instead of Unstable Fusion, but you'll not have Power Charges. On the other hand enemies in full life and low life (95% of critical strike chance) will take damage very high damage. The truth is that both of the options are good.

Major god: The Brine King
Protects you from the effects of cold damage and stun. Very usefull.

Minor God: Gruthkul
Additional defense against physical damage while stationary (while stacking BV :P).

Usefull essences to this build
Always use theses essences in high ilevel rings and amulets at least +82, preferably in Shaped or Elder items. Only use this if you not have Ming's Heart unique rings.

Essence of Hysteria
Ring: Gain 10% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage

<type> Essence of Envy
Other Jewellery (rings or amulet): x% increased Chaos Damage

All simulations is against Shaper, level 92, 20 BV stacks, Wither totem 10 stacks, 8 charges (4 frenzy and 4 power), Atziri's Promisse, Diamond Flask, Despair (auto cast), Rallying Cry and Vaal Lightning Trap (shock) against bosses.
Trickster version with 5L, level 20 gems max quality:
881k dps

Trickster version with 6L (Empower level 4), BV level 21 gem max quality and 2 Ming's Heart:
1,2 millions dps

Assassin version with 5L, level 20 gems max quality:
1,1 millions dps

Assassin Version with 6L (Empower level 4), BV level 21 gem max quality and 2 Ming's Heart:
1,5 millions dps

Leveling Guide
Leveling with Blade Vortex is quite safe, just be careful not to take spike damage in well marked telegraphed skills (hammer smash Vaal Oversoul, Dominus, Malachai, Izaro, etc). Be very careful with volatile, they can (really) kill you if it has "increased damage", "increased elemental damage", "extra elemental damage" or possessed by a tormented spirit.

I recommend Izaro always go a little beyond the ilvl shown. Go normal Izaro around level 45 or more. Go cruel Izaro level 60 or more. Go merciless Izaro when you feel safe.

Always keep an eye on dropped items, take the first 4L you see the right socket colors or be the right base for you to put the correct colors. You need of 3 green and 1 blue in 4L, to all versions.

From level 60 you have prepared your CwdT set.

Before to farm maps, already have at least your CwdT set and your chest (rare armour until have Cloak of Flame). Until you have your Divinarius or a Shaper Dagger with at least 2 gain x% physical damage as extra elemental/chaos damage (save currency to it) you can use a rare dagger with at least 120% increased critical chance (global + spell) or you can use the unique Heartbreaker.

Passive Tree
Basically the passive tree are very similar, changing a few things in between. If you do not like or want to do more powerful versions you can change without much problems respeccing points.

- Trickster Version
Level 92

Full tree

- Assassin version:
Level 92

Full Build

Alternative skill trees: (open the Spoiler)
Due to some requests, some new trees was created to meet some specific demands. As I do not want to pollute this section (and post) too much, it will be in spoiler, besides what I will be succinct about the description and will have the link in PoB for you to do tests.
Assassin Softcore:
- 2 millions minimum dps in level 92, only Acrobatics, 6 sockets, 174% maximum life, Unstable Infusion (with Ambush and Assassinate in low and full life is average of 2,5 millions dps - no power charges).

Trickster Hardcore - hybrid version: (version with gear not optimized, make the modifications that you think necessary and have at least 4k of ES and 3-4K of life)
- 1,1 millions dps in level 92, 40% evasion, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics (50%/40%), 3 sockets, 121% maximum life, 236% maximum ES

Unique items
The AoE bonus + spell damage + critical chance + mana/life gain on kill is perfect to this build. Must have it. Only change this item for a rare Shaped Dagger with at least 2 gain x% physical damage as extra y damage.
Marxone's tip:
You can choose to go dual wielding Divinarius instead a rare shield if you are reliable and have the minimal resistance, this configuration is recommended for softcore. You can also use a good rare dagger with flat elemental damage to spells, critical chance to spells and increased attack speed to increased your clear speed.

Heartbreaker was buffed in the patch 2.6.0. Now roll between 60-70 spell damage. His natural culling strike to spells is equivalent to 11% more damage. Very good option for leveling.

The Embalmer
Great item added in 3.0. This is a 5L that allows you to have an early 5L from level 50 (minimum requirement of this item). Not only does this have Vile Toxins Level 20, but it also has generic flat chaos damage (which applies to spells too - increasing you hit and poison damage), flat life and increased poison duration. It seems that this item was made by GGG thinking about this build. lol

It's a cheap item and you should have it until you get a 5L on the chest, then you replace it with another recommended glove (like Maligaro's Virtuosity).

Maligaro's Virtuosity
This item will give to you medium critical chance and multiplier. Must have it.

Shadows and Dust
An excellent choice to use instead of Maligaro's Virtuosity if you have currency. In addition to having critical chance and multiplier, this gives you Rampage which makes it easy to clean up maps, increasing your clear speed, giving you on rampage Unholy Might. What's this? This grants an additional 30% of physical damage as chaos damage. Excellent item, consider using this.

Ming's Heart
Excellent unique ring that was buffed in patch 3.0, instead of losing 10% of maximum life, is roll now 5-10%. It is even possible to use 2 of them and try to compensate with gear with high life flat. Consider using at least 1 of these to increase your damage.

Broken Faith
Other unique item that was buffed in patch 2.6, now is a excellent unique! In addition to having a natural roll 5-10% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, if you block an attack it gives you Unholy Might for 10 seconds (same effect of Shadows and Dust). What's this? This grants an additional 30% of physical damage as chaos damage. With this + 2 Ming's Heart you can have until 85% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage.

The Magnate
This belt can provide up to 40% increased physical damage. If you have 200 of strengh it can provide 25% all elemental resistances. With the addition of prophecies that make this item in fated items, the variation The Tactician is very good to this build.

Cloak of Flame
Great option to hardcore. Nice physical damage mitigation.

Tabula Rasa
For those who want to explore the maximum damage and possible efficiency quickly the tabula rasa provide it and is a great option for those who do not have 6L. In the hardcore will depend on much damage you can mitigate (mainly physical).

Cospri's Will
Must have it if you want highest damage. With this you can remove the poison gem and use Void Manipulation gem.

Optional, but can be useful
Innsbury Edge
High attack speed, global critical chance, convertion of physical damage to chaos damage and 0.2 chaos damage leeched as life. Interesting to use.
Cost: 1c
Attack speed: high

Rare Items
Give preference to items that give you life + mana, that are your primary defenses, if Shaper or Elder item, the better. The plus for your rare items is to get life + mana + ES, that will be the best for you. Have a good ES shield with life, critical chance to spells and, if possible, block chance.

Save currency to buy a rare Shaped Dagger like this with at least 2 extra damage mods:

Or buy/use a white/bad Shaped Dagger high ilevel (+84) and spam Chaos orb until you get something like that.

Jewels with life, generic increased damage (this apply to all sources of damage), spell/physical damage, spell damage while holding shield and/or global critical multiplier. Or use Abyssal jewels with flat physical to spells, to spell while holding shield, physical damage as extra fire damage and/or cast speed if crits recently.

Help Alira.

Example of Gear:
Old gear 3

Old gear 2

Old gear 1

To all versions no Cospri's Will:
4L: Blade Vortex + Poison + Vile Toxins + Spell Echo
5L: + Added Chaos or Efficacy
6L: + Empower (more base damage, indirectly more poison damage) or Void Manipulation (more chaos damage - Added Chaos Damage, Force Shaper and poison damage)

To all versions using Cospri's Will:
4L: Blade Vortex + Void Manipulation + Vile Toxins + Spell Echo
5L: + Added Chaos or Efficacy
6L: + Empower

If you're using up to 1 Ming's Heart is worth to use Added Chaos. If you are using 2 Ming's Heart is worth to use Efficacy. Use Concentrated Effect against bosses instead Added Chaos or Efficacy. But if you prefer QoL (quality of life) use Increased Area of Effect instead Added Chaos or Efficacy.

Other Skills
You will use to all versions:
3L: Whirling Blades or Shield Charge + faster attack + fortify.
3L: Rallying Cry or Flame Golem + Despair + Vaal Lightning Trap
4L: Blasfemy + Warlord's Mark + Flame Dash + Enlighten
4L: Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting + Increased Duration
To Assassin, remove Increased Duration and use Blood Rage to generate Frenzy Charges.
This combination Wither + Spell Totem makes this build extremely strong, use in all bosses, mainly when you're facing difficult bosses like Atziri, Uber Izaro, Guardians or Shaper

Cast When Damage Taken defense
This is mandatory. Use CwdT (Level 1) + Immortal Call (Level 3) + Increased Duration (max level, if possible q20%). Immortal Call duration (it has duration tag) lasts 1 second, 2,2 seconds with 3 endurance charges, very usefull against Porcupines and other things.
To complete you can have Arctic Breath (Level 4) to chilled ground and complicate to enemies. If possible, Arctic Breath q20% Level 4 (10% increased area of effect radius). The Increased Skill Effect Duration from the tree works with Immortal Call and Arctic Breath (tag "Duration" to both, but dont work with Endurance Charges), then enjoy it. :D

A little of Math in spoiler:
Immortal Call L3 no endurance charges, duration:
0,4 * (1 + 0,45[tree] + 0,63 [increased duration level 19 no quality]) = 0,832s

Immortal Call L3 with endurance charges, duration:
0,4 * (1 + 0,45[tree] + 0,63 [increased duration level 19 no quality] + 3,18 [3 endurance charges])) = 1,704s

Arctic Breath level 4, chilled ground duration:
1,05 * (1 + 0,45[tree] + 0,63 [increased duration level 19 no quality]) = 2,184s

Maps mods to take care
- Avoid maps with reflect mod (rare monsters with reflect, just avoid the projectile refleted).
- Take care with Tier 12 or more with more of 2 damage mods (any combination with extra damage and/or critical strike chance and/or Vulnerability).
- Cannot Leech Life/Mana is possible (to Trickster), remove your Warlord's Mark and use Enfeeble, Despair or Vulnerability.
- Hexprof is possible (if you dont have Cospri's Will), turn off your blasfemy aura and you will get more free mana pool. But take care proceed with caution without risk.

Dead Bosses
Atziri was killed only with 4L. Just have at least level 18 gems and life pool at least 4400. Not need of gems with quality:
1 - Have at least one full damage flask to the split phase (Sulphur Flask, Atziri's Promise, Taste of Hate or Vessel of Vinktar).
2 - Enter the room.
3 - Put your spell totem with Wither.
4 - Accumulate as many stacks as you can.
5 - Use your Whirling Blades to touch Atziri while causing damage.
6 - Use your Whirling Blades to avoid the spells / damage and stacks more BV.
7 - Split fase put you spell totem with Wither in one Atziri (except Atziri with mirror) again and throw one Vaal Lightning Trap, stack your BV, use a damage flask (item 1) and touch one Atziri quickly to kill (avoid Atziri with mirror);
8 - Dance and Heal fase just stay in the center stacking BV. The mobs will die.
9 - Repeat the process from step 3.

The user @Waoooo killed the Shaper with this build before 3.0 patch. He used Cospri's Will 6L and tested this build to the limit and realized that to successfully defeat the Shaper had to make some changes in the original build. He used:
- Vaal pact in the tree + life leech skill gem, he said that is absolutely necessary for end game survivability.
- Rallying cry + Wither (Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting) is also mandatory for this setup because the damage boost you get is unparalleled (Physical/chaos-poison build). He did notice a lack of clear speed for maps but for bosses it's huge (if you dont want to waste time in clear speed, use Wither only in bosses +T15).
- Blasphemy + warlord's mark + enfeeble with MoM is also necessary for end game survivability.

Pros: you can kill Shaper, more base damage, more chaos damage, more cast speed, Vaal Pact.
Cons: less skill effect duration, less AoE, less increased mana.
Gear used by Waoooo

Enemies you should Avoid or to be Very Careful
The game has a great diversity of enemies, play it since 2012 and I do not remember all the combinations or all of the types that have been introduced over time. I remember some that surely you will have to avoid with this build, are the enemies considered "anti-fast hits."
Beware of enemies that have Lightning Thorns (Shavronne and Black Guard Tempest in the Promenade map).
Avoid bosses like The Arbiter of Knowledge (Academy Map) or Quetzerxi (Abandoned Dam, corrupted zone in the Dried Lake), these types of enemies have mechanisms that penalize those with very fast attack or cast. For anyone who is a ranged caster or ranged attack does not have as much danger, but for melee is a problem, BV is a spell caster melee.
Take care with mage goatman with Molten Shell in high tier maps +T10 with damage mods.
Have a certain caution with very strong melee bosses, for example Ossecati, Boneshaper in the corrupted area or Carnage (Colonnade Map). Even with all the physical damage reduction, you must be very careful.
Take care with Volatile with Extra Fire Damage or Extra Damage, avoid the ball.
Giant skeletons or giant vaal soldier is dangerous, take care.

You can have at least Granite/Basalt Flask. Do you not have Quicksilver, use your free Whirling Blades/Shield Charge. Pick flask with "Surgeon's" prefix (20% of chance to gain a charge when crits). Try combining with suffix "of Stauching" (remove bleeding) and other good suffix. Stibnite Flask is very good, consider add this. Atziri's Promisse is mandatory to gain higher damage against bosses.
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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Died on 11/6. Rerolling in the PrSC to test. :)
Avoid enemies with anti-fast hits.

- Update 15/6:
Playing PrHC again crit version.
Updated the links to non-critical version.
Updated Exploring Templar Tree with a alternative version (catching Battle Rouse in the tree).
Updated with new section Enemies you should Avoid or to be Very Careful.
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- Update 19/7:
This build was reconstructed to poison version using poison gem.
Now has only 2 passive tree options: crit and not crit.
Yellow and red notes to update the users.
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Damage section will updated;

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Critical version is based in the @waoooo tree made by me and he. Non critical version too.
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- Update 1/12:
Removed Controlled Destruction gem, now using Increased AoE gem. The reason is that the damage is enough to clean white, blue and rare trash. Against bosses use Concentrated Effect. With gigantic AoE it is possible to clean everything up more easily. With this you lose the disadvantage in using Controlled Destruction decreasing your chances of giving critical.
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Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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Progress: I'm leveling and now level 54 with a Consuming Dark that I bought selling a Voll's Protector 5L (5L prophecy). Nice to see 2 DoTs (ignite + poison) on the enemies.

I'm moving slowly through my lack of time and also to go see the prophecies of the game. But no boss so far (I'm in cruel, act 3) has resist more than 10 seconds with maximum stacks of blades that can at the moment (19).

Have not bought the Cloak of Flame because that the prices are still high. Should fall in the coming days. I also bought my Mindspiral.

Next 3 points in passive tree will take 2 AoE nodes of templar and will take MoM to test, thus:

Level 57

Level 70 plan to have a tree like this:

Level 70

For now are only those updates. :)
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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Thanks for the build, I'm giving the crit version a try :)
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I died on Saturday farming Dried Lake. I entered a corrupted area to fulfill a prophecy, Abandoned Dam, and I had forgotten that the area boss is anti-fast hits.

MoM helped me survive longer but it was not enough, the death was for all my fault.

I died level 71 and I was farming Voll in 10 seconds.

This was the gear that I was using (too bad yet).

I will recreate the same character critical version in the PrSC with friends, I want to see how much it would be good to farm Atziri.

In time I will put further progress.
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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Playing again with critical version on the PrHC. I like hardcore, I cannot play softcore (not yet played with my friends). Hahahaha.

Well, actually level 40, these are my items at the time.

I will update with a leveling guide.
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast
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watch my profile
i play near the same build on sc cause i like to play with my m8's :))
currently iam lvl 88 with 12k dps
Blaze2038 wrote:
watch my profile
i play near the same build on sc cause i like to play with my m8's :))
currently iam lvl 88 with 12k dps

Private profile?
I will update this topic later, wait. :)
Guides made by me:
Unnamed's CoC CI Discharge Trickster, Tankster BV MoM Poison, Saboquisitor MoM Pure Cold damage with Hrimburn, Trickster Critical Flameblast

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