[3.3] What a Shocking Tri-Element Crit Trapper! [Fire/Ice/Shock Nova Trap build][Shaper Video]

When a single Trap just isn't enough!



I've looked through various Lists of Trapper builds and was quite confused that I've never seen a single Tri-Element Trapper since... Goodness me, I believe 1.something. Therefore, I had put it onto myself to create one, and dear me, was I positively 'shocked' at the result!


+ Can run pretty much any Map mod (Although no Life and Mana reg can be a major pain)
+ No mandatory Gear
+ Fast screen-clearing
+ Can get a decently high life and ES pool (5k+ life and 2.5k-3.5k ES(Depending on your gear)
+ Atziri, Izaro and High Tier Maps ain't no problem!
+ Can deal with every Guardian! (See Video's for each below)
+ Shaper and T15 Elder viable! (Video for latter to come)
+ Loads of fun to play!
+ Everyone loves a Shocker!

= Viable for HC, but can be a pain early on, as this build tends to be pretty squishy in its early stages.
= Mana heavy without Mind over Matter, meaning you need a Mana Flask if you don't skill it.

- The high amount of giant Shock Novas and Ice Traps can get on ones eyes quickly
- Your fingers can get stiff from constantly smashing the keyboard

Changes for 3.3

Uptdate 14.06.2018

Alright, time to give my proper post-patch comment now that I had a chance to get to level 90 and my gems to 20.

First, I don't think I will change anything of the build, even though I must admit Ice Trap is now not so good anymore. Technically it now deals more damage before the Patch, but that is purely due to the fact that it is now so easy to obtain Frenzy Charges due to Charged Traps. I can imagine why they reduced the damage of it, due to the fact the cooldown was removed and that by its lonesome one could actually run out of charges (even though it only had a 2 second cooldown) so they tuned it down to keep its old DPS. However, considering the two other Elemental "Main" Traps were buffed (Fire Trap and Lightning Trap), Ice Trap, which people already considered to be mediocre at best (this build was really the last one to use it, and even then it was mostly just used as a bridge for Fire Trap), was left in the dust. Fire Trap is literally better in every sense than it. The only thing Ice Trap has going is that it deals Cold Damage, which really is just a mood point.
One of my ideas was to use both Shaped Gloves and Deerstalker and get another Trap Link, using either Ice Nova or Vortex. Both those skills deal a lot more damage in a five-link like that, not to mention that Vortex slows enemies down consistently. Bottom line, Ice Trap needs a buff.

I did consider using Lightning Spire Trap for this build, but decided to go with Shock Nova Trap instead, due to the fact it's very awkward to use, the high cooldown makes it near useless for map clearing and against bosses it often fails to properly deliver damage. Main issue is that I think (Although, I am fairly confident) that the Trap does not hit targets directly below it. How do enemies trigger Traps? By standing on them. And if targeted, you will throw them directly below them. So they start off standing in the safe zone. And a lot of bosses often are mostly stationary, so they are completely unharmed by it. Shock Nova Trap is far less frustrating to use, and it works wonders together with Charged Traps.

Charged Traps Support on the Shock Nova link is a great idea, saves a lot of skillpoints and keeps you going with full Power and Frenzy Charges. Fantastic Gem! This should always be in one of your Traps if you don't use Blast Cascade and Master Sapper. Also, it causes Tinkerskin to be utterly useless on this build now, as none of this builds main Traps have a cooldown.

Siphoning Trap is far less useful as I intially expected, but it isn't a complete waste. One should never waste more than 2 slots on it in my opinion. Although, as it works quite nice by its lonesome already, putting it into an Unset Ring is a viable option.

Overall, this build now deals more damage, even Ice Trap (be it just for Charged Traps offering a sustainable source of Frenzy Charges). An issue is, due to Ice Trap being so weak, that it actually isn't really all that needed to go with 3 Elements on this build now. Not just because there is no cooldown on any of the Traps, but because, well, Ice Trap is just so weak. I'm going to test around with other Trap links first before calling Ice Trap off for good, but I truly wish that GGG buffs it along Fire Trap and Lightning Trap.

Update 01.05.2018

Turns out Siphoning Trap does not stick around if you switch weapon slots while it is in one. Well, that really narrows its use down.

Update 30.05.2018

Patch Notes are finally out, and dear me, they are far less stellar as I first hoped. Let's go through the changes of the Passive Tree and the main skills used in this build first.

Passive Tree
Overall, I'd say one can now expect a bit more damage from his or her traps. One node has been cramped between Assassination and Elemental Focus, a new one added for more Crit at the big Trap tree, you now no longer need to decide between Physical or Elemental Traps and Master Sapper has been moved up quite a bit closer to the Shadow (possibly close enough for me to consider getting it depending on how well Charged Traps Support generates Frenzy Charges). Trap throwing speed has been reduced, but really not too much (and it wasn't that important of a stat, anyways) and Trap recovery rate has been halved across the board (now utterly useless for this build). One a side-note, the base maximum of active Traps was increased to 15 (up from 3). With enough Cluster Trap skills, you can crank up your damage output quite a bit via Perfect Crime that way!

Fire Trap
Can't say if the changes made it better or worse for this build. The base damage has been significantly nerfed, 410-616 damage, down from 513 to 770 at level 20. Clearly, this was done due to the removal of the cooldown and the additional damage increasing effects. Since this build usually bypassed the cooldown of all three skills it uses, I can't say I am too happy about these changes. Considering how massively the damage increased of this skill after level 20, I'm afraid it won't keep that quirk. Let's hope it will.
It also got a huge Damage Effectiveness of 200% ow (something this build sadly doesn't take advantage of), meaning all flat added fire damage added to it gets doubled. The burning ground is now much short but also deals a lot more damage and is also affected by spell damage now and Fire Trap deals more damage to targets that burn (as in, those standing in the fire ground). Whether these changes make it stronger or not needs to be seen.

Ice Trap
Oh boy. Ice Trap is now, without a shred of doubt, worse than Fire Trap in any aspect. Even before the patch, Ice Trap was generally considered worse than Fire Trap, but now this is truly fact. Ice Trap has a lower critical chance (5% compared to Fire Trap's 6%), a lower Damage Effectiveness (110% compared to Fire Trap's new 200%). The cooldown rate is now an non-issue, as both have none now, the slightly higher damage Ice Trap has is insignificantly small and is easily outperformed by Fire Traps new various quirks, and hell, maybe Fire Trap will still deal even higher base damage than Ice Trap at level 21 as it did before 3.3 anyways! They reduced the Mana Cost to 22 at level 20, but that is only 2 lower than that of Fire Trap. And since nothing has been mentioned about its AoE, I will guess it is still small.
Bottom line, from the looks of it, Ice Trap got nerfed significantly without having a single unique bone in its structure.

GGG, if one of you are reading this over, I beg of you to please revisit Ice Trap. It is now utterly outclassed by its brother Fire Trap in terms of damage, flexibility and uniqueness.

It either needs a really useful secondary effect and more damage or just a significant boost in damage. If you do the latter, I would be very much fine if you reduced the AoE even more and ramp up the damage a lot so it may be a sort of single-target-splash skill (sorta like Magma Orb, more or less). Of course, I don't know if Ice Trap will perform better or worse after the patch, but is it still worse in every sense than Fire Trap.

Trap Support
Skills supported by this now also have no cooldown (Great!), but they also no longer gain the increased Trap Damage (Damn it!). It also adds Trap throwing speed now and has a much lower Mana multiplier. I'd say it's a decent change overall.

Trap and Mine Damage Support had its 'more Trap damage' increased by a whopping 10%. That's a lot more than you might think!

Elemental Proliferation had its range increased, but I feel like I will drop it in favor of Charged Traps Support or more damage (to balance out the damage lost due to Trap Support losing its additional damage), we'll see.

My conclusion is that I am worried about my build. The removal of the cooldown of every Trap used in this build should be awesome, but due to the way Ice Trap had been just crippled and left in the dust by these changes, well, I really don't think a third element is needed in this build. The only reason to even consider an Ice Skill in this build between Shock Nova and Fire Trap would be for it (like right now) deal quite a bit more damage than the Shock Nova link, otherwise one can simply rotate between Shock Nova Trap and Fire Trap. I don't like that at all. This is a Tri-Element Trapper, not a Dual-Element Trapper, damn it! I really hope they will grant Ice Trap some much needed love in a future patch. I shall still use Ice Trap, mostly just to see how it now performs, but I very much fear for my build. Regardless, a Path of Building link for the 3.3 Passive Tree (consider it in beta for now, however. Things might change) should be up. I will remove the other (including the progression picture) for now and update it later on.

Update 11.05.2018

Well, well, looks like the new League got announced! Sorry for the inactivity, but I shall properly update this build with new information as it comes in. This League looks interesting enough, but what I really was looking forward to were the new Traps and how they would affect my build! Sadly... Well, they all kinda not good for this build at first glance... OF course, this is just a first draft of each skill at Level 1, not to mention all of this is an untested first look, so opinions may very much still change! Let's just discuss each individually for now.

Explosive Trap

Finally something that may resurrect my physical brethren! Of course, if the damage of this trap is any good must be seen first. Has a decently high Crit chance, no cooldown but a pretty bad Effectiveness of Damage. 50% of the damage gets converted to Fire, and while this build does not rely on Added Damage x of any sort, one could almost hope that this skill could be used on a Tri-Element Trapper if all of the Physical Damage can be converted to Fire... But nah, the additional explosions after the first may clash with Elemental Equilibrium too much. The base damage must be a lot higher than Fire Trap even after getting out of the way to make all of the damage Fire to be worthwhile. Maybe it can work, since they want to change the starting Area of the Shadow in a way that so he has not to choose between Elemental or Physical but just pure Trap damage, but I will say this is just there for Physicial Trappers for now.

Seismic Trap

Physical big burst Trap with 8 seconds of Cooldown that has a casting speed effect that nobody will take advantage of because it is useless due to the high cooldown. Maybe something for Physical Trappers as a big burst of damage for bosses. Not made for this build.

Lightning Spire Trap

This Trap, once triggered, shoots three (maybe more with certain links) AoE lightning strikes around it. From videos, it looks like it is trying to specifically target enemies, which is good. Due to its nature of repeatedly striking around it, it most likely won't do well with Elemental Equilibrium. Has a higher Crit Chance against shocked Enemies, but doesn't shock well itself. Also, the bursts occur more frequent if you have cast speed, but I am not sure if that means it shoots more often overall, meaning it may or may not make that effect a bust due to its cooldown of 8 seconds. Maybe, and I stress, maybe something for Lightning Trap users. However, Lightning Trap = Projectile, Lightning Spire Trap = AoE, so we'll see.

Siphoning Trap

This one is... interesting. It deals Cold Damage over Time only, but if you stick close to it and there is an enemy around, you gain Life and Mana regeneration. Can't say how high it will turn out as only the level 1 variant of each skill gets shown off, but I won't keep my hopes up. First, no matter what, this is not going to be useful for Trash Mobs. By the time the effect of this Trap takes effect, another Trap will already killed them all. Also, since Pyromaniac allows you to have up to 20% life regeneration per second and also reduces the Mana cost of Traps by 25%, what this Trap offers really seems quite useless. However, due to the effect starting off big with just one enemy around, gaining a smaller increase with each additional enemy, this may be something used for bosses. At best, I could imagine putting this in a second weapon slot with added duration and maybe Culling Strike or something. Has a Cooldown of 4 seconds and only one charge, so it pretty much is designed as a regenerater and thus for a second weapon slot, anyways.

Flamethrower Trap

A third Elemental Trap, and a third bust for this build. This has to be one of the silliest Skills yet. Creates a fire cross (maybe one can increase the number of arms with additional projectiles or the like? Who knows) that spins in a circle... It's supposed to speed up with more casting speed which, again, seems really useless to me, even more so than the other two skills that do that, especially since this Trap also has a cooldown of 8 seconds. Although, this Trap confuses me a bit. It doesn't say it deals Damage over Time (which it really looks like it does) so I assume added Burning Damage does not increase its damage... Sooo, any Fire Trapper that wants to test out a new Trap Burner is already not going to be able to take full advantage of this thing. I guess it counts as AoE and does deal more damage to burning enemies (aka. Those standing on the burning ground effect of a Fire Trap), so maybe a pure Fire Trapper can take advantage of this thing. Useless for this build.

Charged Traps Support

A very useful Support gem I will most definitely connect with the Shock Nova Trap link. This skill kinda removes the purpose of Blast Cascade (unless it turns out having this effect just on the Shock Nova link won't be enough) and also makes the one useful node of Tinkerskin mute... Not to mention that the removal of Cooldown from a lot of Traps already did that with the other semi-useful effect.

Overall, only Charged Traps Support is going to be of any universal use. Most of these Traps seem to just add an additional Trap to builds using another Trap at best and I can't see any used often except for maybe the physical ones. Alas, let's hope the buffs to Fire Trap and the changes to the Skill Tree of the Shadow are better suited for this Build. And lets really hope they also buff Ice Trap, because if Fire Trap gets boosted in the way they plan to, Ice Trap is going to be straight up worse with no ups to be had.

Onto other news, I can confirm that this build is T15 Elder viable. I will wait to create Videos and other statements (for example, a proper explanation int the FAQ why it isn't Uber Atziri viable) until the next League just to see how much better Trappers are going to be.

More importantly, what do you guys and gals think about these new skills? Let's discuss them out!

Gem Setup

Fire Trap + Trap And Mine Damage + Concentrated Effect + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Increased Critical Damage/Increased Critical Strikes/Fire Penetration/Level 4 Empower

Your main skill for single targets, so basically bosses. It may seem kinda weak at first, but as you level it up, this skill melts bosses in no time! Since 3.0, Ignite on this is neglectable, hence you should use Elemental Focus. The Burning Ground, however, gets also boosted by this, turning it quite powerful, actually! Use Increased Critical Damage/Increased Critical Strikes for map clearing while Fire Penetration against Guardians/The Shaper, due to their high elemental resistances. For Budget, get yourself a Level 4 Empower. It will be better than any choice for the 6th slot, but is also the most expensive choice.

Ice Trap + Trap And Mine Damage + Cluster Trap + Added Cold Damage/Concentrated Effect/Elemental Focus

This one you use for groups of Trash mobs. Often, they die by this skill alone! Pretty darn powerful, these traps. Get Concentrated Effect if you want a lot bigger punch behind them with the fear of possibly not hitting a target more than once or Elemental Focus if you want more damage than Added Cold Damage (though not as much as Concentrated Effect) while keeping a good splash with the downside of not chilling or Freezing anybody. Elemental Focus is straight up better than Added Cold Damage for any single target damage, and even Concentrated Effect works out a lot better for that. Decide which you prefer.

Shock Nova + Trap(if you don't have Deerstalker yet) + Cluster Trap/Increased Area of Effect + Trap and Mine Damage + Charged Traps

This is the skill you always use at the very start of everything! With Cluster Trap, you make sure to spread it out as much as possible to Shock as many enemies as you can. Combine it with Charged Traps, as well. With this support gem, you are ensured to always get plenty Power and Frenzy Charges up!

On Cluster Trap: This is here to spread out the AoE of Shock Nova as much as possible. However, since it does reduce the damage of a single trap significantly, this can decrease the chance of shocking enemies greatly the higher the tier of map. If you want the traps to deal less damage overall and have less of an Area to cover, but a much higher chance to Shock enemies, simply don't use it and instead get Increased Area of Effect!

Siphoning Trap + Increased Duration/Advanced Traps/Culling Strike

Sadly, this Trap does not stick around after you switch Weapon Slots while it is inside one of your weapons, even while it is active. Sooo... stick it in if you have a free slot and combine it with whatever you like if you got another one free. Otherwise, just stick to Pyromaniac and a Stone Golem if you need Life Regeneration and keep a Mana Flask around. You will need Mana Regeneration only after you get smacked due to MoM, anyways, and in those cases you want your Mana back faster than Siphoning may be able to provide. A good option is to put Siphoning Trap into an Unset Ring, as it works quite well by its lonesome.

Whirling Blades/Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify or Lightning Warp + Faster Casting + Reduced Duration

Standard Movement skill-link for this build. Pretty slow until you get quality on the gems, though, and those two skills are arguably the worst movement skills out there, so I'd say this link really isn't all that necessary aka. the least mandatory one.

Lightning Warp won't allow you to have some sweet Fortify, but it is definitely far more flexible than the other two. Also, it is damn near essential if you don't want to have a terrible time with the Minotaur.

Cast When Damage Taken(Level 3) + Immortal Call(Level 5) + Increased Duration

Standard survival link. I consider this link almost mandatory as you won't have any physical reduction without Lightning Coil.

Blasphemy + Elemental Weakness/Temporal Chains/Enfeeble

Use Elemental Weakness for more damage and either Temporal Chains or Enfeeble for survival. Personally I prefer Temporal Chains from the three as it allows you to better kite enemies, but choose whichever tickles your fancy more.

Bear Trap(From your Shield) + Culling Strike + Increased Rarity

This skill you pretty much only use for culling, and it's good for it! But you can also mix it into your rotation when dealing with bosses. It's damage output is surprisingly high!

This will only come into play when you have Jaws of Agony, of course. If you use something else, or if you simply don't care about the Bear Trap that much, socket your Survival/Movement link in here.

Clarity for more Mana regeneration


For your Golem, either decide between the Ice one for more Crit, Fire for more consistent Damage, or Stone for much needed Life reg and the potential of him tanking a couple hits. I use the Stone Golem as it is surprisingly good at tanking some bosses. When its taunt hits, of course.

By the way, if you hate recasting the Golem all the time, just link him up with the Cast when Damage Taken support gem in your survival link setup. Of course, that way you will get a weaker Golem if you want it to be still cast by it.

Vaal Lightning Trap

If you got a slot to spend, like an Unset Ring, you can get yourself a Vaal Lightning Trap. This one is only useful for big, beefy bosses that have little or no minions at all. It adds a guaranteed Shock debuff onto these guys, well, as long as they stay within the lightning ground. For normal or even high tier mapping you really won't be needing it, however for some Guardians and Atziri it's nice to have.


So, now that we have the pro's and con's and links out of the way, how do you play this build? Well, it's quite simple! You start off by throwing a cluster of Shock Nova Traps, get everyone shocked by your prudence and then follow that with either an Ice Trap cluster if it is a group, or a Fire Trap if it is a single boss. Or, you know, you constantly spam all three, that works, too.

That wasn't only a joke, by the by. The best way to kill bosses is by throwing a cluster of Shock Nova traps to both Shock the enemy and activate Elemental Equilibrium, followed up by a Fire trap and lastly an Ice Trap cluster. From there on out you switch between Fire and Ice Trap to always get that minus 50 resistance debuff from Elemental Equilibrium for each Trap. When you think your opponent is no longer shocked by your sheer presence, throw another cluster of Shock Nova Traps and repeat from step one!


The best two uniques to get are these two!

These allow you to turn your Shock Nova Trap link into a 5-link! That means more damage, or chance to shock, depending on what you prefer. And the 30% movement speed is active at all times, anyways! The downside, of course, is that they have rather bad life, no resistances and a low Evasion rating. Still, they are totally worth it! Well, since 3.1, there is another option...

Of course, once you go into Maps, you may consider getting a set of Shaped Gloves that offer a Trap with possibly Added Trap and Mine Damage or just a global increase in Trap damage. They are relatively cheap for shaped items and, if you manage to obtain a nice pair, quite worth it. Overall, a good replacement for Deerstalker! I would suggest to get one with a Trap link and global added Trap damage on them, as having Added Trap and Mine Damage may give you a six link Shock Nova Trap, but the global Trap damage increase also affects your other Traps! The ultimate set of Gloves with this effect would be the Fingerless kind. Though, that would be very, very expensive.

This thing is pretty darn awesome, due to it's ability of pretty much keeping your Power Charges up at all times! And you get a level 20 Bear trap on top of it! But, just with the Deerstalker boots, its Evasion and ES is reaaally low, and the -15 damage taken from physical only offers so much... With which I mean it is near useless. It is best used in your offhand nowadays, so you can quickly change weapon sets, throw a couple traps, get your charges up and go from there. Together with Blast Cascade in the Passive Tree or Charged Traps Support in your Shock Nova Trap, you can ensure that your Power Charges are always up. You can see me make use of this tactic in the Shaper video below.

Other Uniques you should consider!

Ah, Carcass Jack, why are you so great? Oh, maybe because it adds both increased Aoe radius and damage! Get it, and love being clad in literally skin.

A Dagger that has all the stuff you need! More spell damage, more crit, more AOE radius! However, it does outlive its use once you get your hands on a better Dagger with both more crit and damage, but it's certainly a great choice until then!

Life, ES and Spell Damage. The perfect Shield if you decide not to use Jaws of Agony! Don't overestimate the 10%, however. Roughly 80 health will still be better on a shield. But hey, this amount of ES while still getting life and Spell Damage is not possible on other Shields!


Fairly simple: Get either Evasion/ES or pure Energy Shield stuff with extra life and resistances for those slots that you decided not to replace with a unique

Due to the High Mana demand, a very important stat to have is increased Mana regeneration on your Rings and Amulet. I highly suggest getting a Blue Pearl Amulet due to it's amazing base stat. Also, get some Dex and Strenght from your rings or other stuff, that way you don't need to skill it!

For gloves, since all the Izaro enchantments on them don't work for traps, getting Fingerless Gloves with some very swell effects is going to be great! Of course, you can instead decide to ditch Deerstalker and get some shaped Gloves with a Trap link in it with, preferably, global increased Trap damage. Now, if you can combine Shaped Gloves with Fingerless Gloves, that would be the ultimate combo.

As a budget idea, get yourself a corrupted amulett with Additional Curse on it and corrupted Gloves that have Elemental Weakness on Hit. In the Labyrinth enchantment runner I explain why Lab enchantments don't work with Gloves but Curse on Hit etc. does.

My current Gear (3.2)


At first, skill towards the big trap build on the right, getting all the life nodes you can get along the way. Next, skill either towards Blast Cascade or go straight for Mind Over Matter, getting all life nodes, the small Trap tree, Saboteur, above the Shadow, the two Jewel slots and Elemental Equilibrium on the way. Next, get Doom Cast and the Hasty Reconstruction, then all the stuff above the Witch. At last, get to the Templar and from there skill all the Jewel Slots and skipped single life nodes here and there that you still are able to get.

For Leveling, get yourself Explosive at first and a Fire Trap later along the way. Once you kill General Gravius, get Ice Trap, Shock Nova and potentially buy a Deerstalker for like 1 Alteration Orb. From there, you can go full Trapper, and yes, it does deal more than enough damage while leveling!

Level 94 Skilltree for the build

POB Link for version 3.3.

Other links will follow later along the League.


Saboteur is definitely my preferred one. You can get Assassin, sure, but Chain Reaction in my opinion outperforms any crit you get from the Assassin skills!

Get Perfect Crime and Chain Reaction with your first two batches of points and then Pyromaniac for Life regen and after that Born in the Shadows to blind your enemies with your shocking looks!

Lab Enchantments

For the helmet, it's either Increased Fire Trap Damage or Increased Fire Trap burning Damage. More damage for Ice Trap is also a good option, but it's better to get it for Fire Trap for more single target damage. The increased AOE for Ice Trap really isn't necessary, either, since it hardly helps. The Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed isn't needed at all, as you have 3-4 different traps and therefore never run out of stuff to throw, anyways.

For Boots good options are increased Critical Chance if you haven't crit recently to get an even higher chance to shock and just deal more damage with the first throw. If you go for more survival, get Mana and Life reg if hit recently or Spell Dodge when hit by a spell. Increased Movemtspeed when not hit recently is also nice to have.

For Gloves, things get a bit tricky. You see, everything that gets cast on hit does not work with Traps. Things like CoC don't work with Traps, either. However, stuff like Curse on Hit etc. do, because the trap technically doesn't cast that curse itself, but merely apply it. To put it simple, Traps can add status ailments and curses, but cannot cause effects that would cause them to cast stuff; they are Traps, after all. The moment the would cast the stuff, they are already considered dead, though status ailments can be applied even after death, hence they still work.

Regardless, this greatly narrows down the amount of useful enchantments for Gloves, and honestly locks off some of the best out there. So you have to decide between either an on kill or if getting hit/crit one. I recommend Commandment of Life when going for survival and not using Enfeeble, Commandment of Spite when going for survival and using Enfeeble, or either Commandment of Frost or Inferno on kill when going for more damage. Honestly, the on kill enchantments rarely come into play, so I recommend using one of the survival based once. Either that, or just get Fingerless Gloves.


Help Alira for more Mana regeneration, more Crit multiplier and some Resistances as a neat side bonus. Either that, or kill all and get 2 skill points, your choice.

For these, get yourself one Hair Trigger. The increase in Damage and Trigger Radius is quite nice!
For the rest, get rare once. These stats are important:

-Trap Damage
-Area Damage
-Crit Multiplier
-Crit Chance
-Mana Regeneration

These are alright to have:

Chance to Shock and Shock Duration
Resistances (If you haven't capped any yet)

The rest is pretty much useless, unless you want to pimp a single trap with extra x elemental damage.

Here are some examples:

Useful Quality for Gems

The Good:

Trap and Mine Damage: More Damage!
Controlled Destruction: More Damage!
Concentrated Effect: Moar Damage!
Cluster Trap: Did somebody say MORE Damage?!
Cold/Fire Penetration: I think you get the gist of it.
Fire Trap: More Damage since 3.3!
Increased Duration: Increased Duration!
Golems: More Golem life means longer distractions!
Faster Attacks: Faster Attacks for faster Movement!
Whirling Blades: Faster Attacks for even faster Movement!
Blasphemy/Curses: Quality with all of them is great to get!

The Fine:

Ice Trap. Increased AOE Range. Nice to have, but not the most amazing thing ever.
Shock Nova: More Shock Duration. Not bad to have.
Elemental Proliferation: Same as Shock Nova, too, basically.

The Bad:

Culling Strike: Increased Attack and Cast speed. Yey.
Immortal Call: Increased Cast Speed. I... never feel this. Does this get removed with CWDT?
Cast When Damage Taken: Increased Damage. If Immortal Call could only scream your enemies to death, eh?

Gameplay Videos

The Shaper
One death because I got cocky and danced with two Shapers at once near the end.

T16 - Maze of the Minotaur

T16 - Forge of the Phoenix

T16 - Pit of the Chimera

T16 - Lair of the Hydra
I die like an idiot at the end, though that's my fault and not the builds.

T14 - Mineral Pool

T14 - Maze


"Why don't you use Lightning Trap instead of Shock Nova + Trap Support?"

Lightning Trap does not harmonize well with the other two Traps due to the fact that it is not considered an Area of Effect skill; the other two Traps are. Due to this, anything that adds area damage does not support it, like Carcass Jack, for example, but only Projectile damage does, which in turn does not add any damage to the other Traps. On top of it, I don't enjoy it. It shoots a bunch of projectiles you need to get Penetration with and they can potentially miss something near were you threw the Trap, but maaaaybe something far away by chance. I'd much rather see what I hit, thank you very much.

"How about using Vortex + Trap Support?"

Vortex is a powerful spell, and is actually very neat when used as a Trap. The reason I don't run it is because first, Ice Trap requires not an additional link to work, and secondly because of Elemental Equilibrium. Vortex deals its main damage per the damage over time effect, potentially out-performing Ice Trap with it, but due to Elemental Equilibrium, said damage will go through the 25% Cold Resistance the enemy will gain.
The initial hit of Vortex will only cause Elemental Equilibrium, true, but it still will hamper the Vortex effect for some time before your Fire/Shock Nova Trap hits. Also, I prefer having my damage deal in one go, and not make we wait around a second longer! Still, if you want to use it, by all means, do so. It functions much better for this build than Lightning Trap.

"Does dealing two types of elements with a single trap cause Elemental Equilibrium to add resistances to both?"

Yes, and no matter how insignificantly small that second elemental damage was, it will still add it. This is a big problem with Elemental Equilibrium, forcing you to keep your Traps clean of any elemental damage except their main one. That means any weapon that deals X amount of damage to Spells is a no-go... Except if it is Chaos damage, I suppose.

"Why not drop Elemental Equilibrium? It seems it is more bother than help."

True, Elemental Equilibrium can be a bother sometimes. However, if one were to drop it, this whole build would actually be pointless. The only reason to ever use three Elements at once is because you use Wild Strike/Elemental Hit or if running Elemental Equilibrium. The -50% Resistance it essentially adds is huge, but requires a proper build to go with it. Also, if Elemental Equilibrium would be dropped, this build would be really boring. Instead of alternating between all three Traps, you might throw your Shock Nova Trap first and then whatever of the other two seems more useful a the moment. Elemental Equilibrium might be a special kind of wacky, but I love it.

"Why are you not using Tinkerskin?"

Short Version, it is a nice Map Starter due to being cheap, but cannot compete with Carcass Jack.

Long Version, Tinkerskin is a decent armor, offering high health/evasion/ES, adds some (very unnoticeable on this build) reduced Trap Cooldown, Phasing for fun, Frenzy Charges and a little (and I mean a little) Health and ES regen.

The reduced cooldown is now useless on this build since 3.3 which was its biggest upside before.
Phasing is fun to have, but that really is all. Sometimes it allows you to get out of hairy situations, but it's mostly a useless effect.
Frenzy Charges do not work too well with Traps, as only the 5% increased damage does anything, both casting and attack speed being utterly useless. Also, with the new Charged Traps Support Gem, this might be also a mute bonus.
And the regen, well, there is this Eldritch Battery build that people used to counter the high mana costs of traps together with this Armor, so they never go OOM... Can't think of any of those builds that stuck around for more than a week (Well, this changed since the introduction of Shimmeron, so this statement is no longer true). Past that, it is a really low regen, especially since Chain Reaction causes only one of your several traps to be actually triggered and healing you. Not a problem with obtaining Power/Frenzy Charges on trigger, but getting heals? Yeah, no. This is especially meh now since the new effect of Pyromaniac, which actually does not have the "Triggered by Enemy" restriction, making it infinitely better at regen.

Carcass, meanwhile, adds a solid 50% Area damage and increased Area of effect. Simple, but very effective.

Now, Tinkerskin might still be better for survival, however this build already focuses on it quite a bit, so throwing a Carcass in there to balance things out work quite dandy.

"Can I run X or Y instead of A and B?."

Absolutely. Try out things, go out of the norm, mold this build more to your own liking! Want to use Pain Attunement? Get Shavronne's and focus heavily on ES instead of Life! Want to use a different skill that is not listed in the guide? Sure thing, go for it! Builds are merely a template for you to go wild on, and I highly recommend for everybody to experiment with it. Hey, maybe you will find something even I didn't know about!

Now enjoy shocking your enemies with your magnificence!
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Completed 20 ChallengesMrMoho wrote:

= Viable for HC, but can be a pain early on, as this build tends to be pretty squishy in its early stages.

When you say early stages what are you referring to? The leveling process? Early mapping? Etc.


When you say early stages what are you referring to? The leveling process? Early mapping? Etc.

Ah, I meant the leveling process, mainly! Early Mapping can be a bit troublesome if you aren't careful, but it shouldn't be much of a hassle if you are.
Trying this build out, so far not going so good. Mind checking me out and see what you think?
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Jax_ wrote:
Trying this build out, so far not going so good. Mind checking me out and see what you think?

From looking at your Gear, it's quite simple. First off, you seem to have combined Shock Nova with Poison Support. That's not going to do much. Poison deals very little damage on this build even on Bear Trap. If you want to do more damage with the Shock Nova trap, use Increased Crit or Crit Multiplier. I suggest getting Innervate, however, as it greatly increases the chance to Shock enemies.

You are using Mind of the Council, I see. Yes, I said that the Mask fixes once Mana Problems, buuuuut at the cost of survivability. If you find yourself dying a bunch, get yourself a pure ES helmet with life and use a Mana Flask instead of Doedre's Elixir. Same goes for the Gloves. ES is far better to have with this build than Evasion. Of course, you should get some Evasion/ES Gloves, probably, to better get 4 green Sockets into them. Your belt is a Rustic Sash. The base stat of that one is useless to you, get one with life or ES isntead asap. Same for your Amulet. Decent increased spell damage, but nearly no increased life.

Also, if you don't have Chain Reaction yet, get it. It's near essential for this build.

Other than that, take it slow and level up your gems. The damage output of this build drastically increases with each level in Fire/Ice Trap and Cluster Trap.
Appreciate the reply, I do have chain reaction. Most of this gear so far came on a split second notice as I just speced out of BV and went trapper when I read your build. Appreciate the tips and I'll try to change gear over today to get better gear.

The reason for my boots and being the color sockets they are is I've tried every chromatic orb I have and can't get them to 3B 1G socket.
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Jax_ wrote:
Appreciate the reply, I do have chain reaction. Most of this gear so far came on a split second notice as I just speced out of BV and went trapper when I read your build. Appreciate the tips and I'll try to change gear over today to get better gear.

The reason for my boots and being the color sockets they are is I've tried every chromatic orb I have and can't get them to 3B 1G socket.

No Problem! If you have trouble getting 3B 1G, just use added Cold Damage(though I don't know if that will affect Elemental Equilibrium negatively) or Culling Strike even instead for now.
What is the dps of your traps with max Powercharges?
3.3 RF Trickster SSF HC guide :

Completed 13 ChallengesRusherboy wrote:
What is the dps of your traps with max Powercharges?

With a Trap build, especially this type, figuring out the exact DPS is rather difficult (On top of the actual DPS not being listed). There are so many factors that can apply. Did all traps hit? Was he Shocked? Was he blind for the Born in the Shadows plus damage? How many traps where out, due to the fact that Saboteur gets 8% extra damage for each? Are you using the Elemental Weakness Curse? All these factors aren't shown by the Average damage listed for traps.

Well, I will give you the Average Damage for each with Power Charges and after that will apply the extra damage factor from each possible source. Keep in mind, Fire Trap and Shock Nova Trap are only level 19 right now on this build, and so are most support gems for all three, so the damage will still greatly increase once I finally level them up with 20% quality.

Also, each of these calculations don't factor in Elemental Weakness and each base trap damage at 5 power charges includes the extra damage from BitS for 1-4 traps, as it is literally impossible to not get that extra damage.

Shock Nova Trap
3806.11 AvG. base with 5 charges, EP and TaMD. That one we have to multiple x4 by the end of this due to Cluster Traps

3970.5 with 9 traps out

5161.65 with BitS damage bonus

7146.9 on Shocked enemies with BitS.

10720.35 if counting Elemental Equilibrium.

That x4 equals to 42881.4 AVG. damage for each Cluster of Ice Traps at a best case scenario.

Ice Trap
6662.72 AVG. base with 5 charges. That one we have to multiple x4 by the end of this due to Cluster Traps

7025.9 with 9 traps out.

9133.67 with BitS damage bonus.

12646.62 on Shocked enemies with BitS.

18969.93 if counting Elemental Equilibrium.

That x4 equals to 75879.72 AVG. damage for each Cluster of Ice Traps at a best case scenario.

Fire Trap
25084.49 AVG. base with 5 charges.

27310.56 with 9 traps out.

35503.73 with BitS damage bonus.

49159.01 on Shocked enemies with BitS.

73736.51 if counting Elemental Equilibrium.

Remember, not all my gems are at full level, so the damage will increase by, eh, 20% I'm going to guess for each.

Now, if you are fast, you can throw three traps per second with this build, and if you throw your traps in a proper order to always get Elemental Equilibriums extra damage, the best damage possible per second should be a Fire Trap-Ice Trap-Fire Trap on a blinded, shocked and previously EE'd enemy, giving you a DPS of 166446.95 without Elemental Weakness.

Though if you Ignite anybody with that kind of Fire Trap on a crit, they will die in like three seconds, even Tier 15 bosses.

Also, I almost forgot, there is also a chance of 10% that the damage of each trap gets doubled.
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Completed 20 ChallengesMrMoho wrote:

I've looked through various Lists of Trapper builds and was quite confused that I've never seen a single Tri-Element Trapper since... Goodness me, I believe 1.something. Therefore, I had put it onto myself to create one, and dear me, was I positively 'shocked' at the result!

I have one that's around level 83, just haven't posted a build guide myself ^_^
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.

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