[2.5.2]World's #1 BladeVortex Damage Build, Up to 1.4 Mill Tool-Tip, Shaper/Uber Deletion, 95%+ CRIT

For a long time I've refused to make a BladeVortex build due to the fact that everyone was doing it. I've finally decided to create the world's highest possible damage build with BV without going pathfinder. We are using Marylene's Fallacy as the main unique to achieve such high DPS.
This build requires a lot of unique items, so please make sure you read the guide thoroughly. There are two versions of this build (full DPS version, and tanky version), and don't forget that you can make your own changes to fit your playstyle.

This is a screenshot of the Tool-Tip DPS that I've achieved with blade vortex (with 9 power charges, 4 damage flasks, RF). Keep in mind that the Tool-Tip DPS is not the actual dps, the real DPS is higher than this.


Below you will find videos of full Shaper and Uber Atziri runs.

Deathless Shaper Deletion
Deathless Uber Atziri Deletion

Class Tree:
The best class for this build is Assasssin. You can modify the tree to fit your playstyle (i.e. drop some damage nodes and pick up potency of will as an example).

Lvl 100 Assassin

How it works:
The Blade Vortex achieves maximum damage due to our power charges, high crit chance, and high critical strike multiplier. We utilize several different unique items because their combined synergy allows us to min/max the damage on our blade vortex. The entire build revolves around dual Void Battery's (wands) and Marylene's Fallacy (+240% global critical strike multiplier). Because of this it is critical (no pun intended) that we get Deadly Infusion (Increases base crit chance and critical strike multiplier per power charge) and thus we have to go Shadow Assassin. This allows us to counter the "40% less critical strike chance" from the amulet, which brings us pretty close to 100% critical strike chance due to the power charges and assassin's mark.

Please read the properties of all the unique gear (listed in the Gear/Links section) so that you will have a better understanding of how everything synergizes.

Skill Point - Skill Point - Max Power Charge (+1)


We only need one curse (assassin's mark), however, if you want to min/max damage you could also get warlord's mark (for life/mana leech) this way you can swap out the Life Leech gem and use Increased Critical Damage Support (Or Empower if it's Level 4) in your 6-Link.

Assassin's Mark (To get our crit-chance over 90%+)

Ice Golem (or Flame Golem)
Herald of Ash (You can also add herald of Ice if you have space)

Besides the required uniques, the rest of the gear should be rare ES gear with the focus on capping out resistances. Everyone will have different gear, with that said, you should balance the build out based on what you have. For serious bosses use concentrated effect. For mapping use Increased Area of Effect.

If you don't have Skyforth boots then you can take out Controlled Destruction and swap in Power Charge On Critical Support. Also take note that below you will find my full DPS setup and a tankier version. Go with whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Required Gear:

My Current Gear (FULL DPS Version):

My Current Gear (Tanky Version):
The following stats are preferred on your amulet: crit multiplier, critical chance, % ES, spell damage. For the ES shield you would want the following: ES (as much as possible) critical chance for spells, spell damage. The gear that I'm using isn't the best, you can even craft better ones on your own. Just make sure you get 95% critical strike chance (for spells) when you have all of your power charges up.

These are the current jewels that I'm using. Jewels should be used to fulfill any requirements that are missing (i.e. resistances, ES...etc).

% Increased Spell Damage
% Increased Physical Damage
% To Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% Increased Critical Strike Chance
% Increased Maximum Energy Shield

Elemental Resistances (if needed)
Stats/Attributes (STR/DEX/INT if needed)

This is what I currently use (the mana flask below is a must). You can switch them out per your preference. Flasks should be used based on circumstances. If you want to use different flasks than what's listed here then please do so. Keep in mind that some of these flasks are experimental and also used for testing. If you are going to use Vessel of Vinktar then it is critical that you also use another flask that has the "Immunity to Shock during Flask effect, Removes Shock on use" mod on it.

UgotKickedMan (for helping me min/max the build)

My Twitch Stream: Original Caturai
Twitch Stream:
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Nice, was waiting for it,and will try asap. Well done!

How would you say Marylene's Fallacy compares to this?

As I'd have to invest couple less nodes into crit and put them into %ES.
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Great guide. It's impressive to see how far blade vortex builds can go.

I'm running a less pricey (no shavs, void battery, or skyforth) build in Essence SC using pure-phys crit blade vortex. It's nowhere near the astronomical dps of your build, but it's quite fun.
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Dunno if you read the latest Patchnotes. But not taking Poison and the related Poison-Nodes at the Assassin really isn't optimal. Yes, they don't show up in the Tooltip, but Poison is absolute insane amount of damage, especially as an Assassin.

Also I personally would feel kinda squishy with that amount of ES without other means of defense. But really neat you managed to critcap with that Amulet.
Completed 7 ChallengesGoranH wrote:

How would you say Marylene's Fallacy compares to this?

As I'd have to invest couple less nodes into crit and put them into %ES.

That amulet isn't even good enough to make up for Marylene's culling strike, let alone the 240% crit multi. ^^
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What about changing doryani's belt for a crystal one for more ES?

If Skyforth are not affordable this build is still viable thanks to the assasin node right?

Would we lose too much dmg carrying just one void battery + shield?

The -7 mana cost of skills in the ring is mandatory?

Thanks bud!

PS: Could it be possible to get some decent amount of mana regen so we can get rid of the mana flask?
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Hi, why keep Life Leech at L3? Is your str too low? thanks
Thanks for posting this guide! I've been playing a CI Assassin version with dual Void Batteries for a while, so it's nice to see what a LL version might look like. My CI version sits at 1.45M dps with 10.5K ES, but I've been debating whether to get more dps at the expense of a lot of ES since I'm in softcore :).

I'm not 100% certain but perhaps your tree for the LL version could be improved by going after the 9th power charge:


Here's how the two trees stack up (taking into consideration the boosts from the extra power charge via ascendancy and dual void batteries). The first number is from the tree above, the second is from your tree:

crit chance: +435% vs +460%
crit multi: +242% vs +201%
spell damage: +82% vs +114%
energy shield: +283.8% vs +236.8%

The above tree offers around the same damage, 47% additional ES, and an extra 0.5 to base crit from ascendancy which outdoes the extra 25% crit chance from your tree. The extra power charge accounts for +50% spell damage from the void batteries, +8% crit multi from ascendancy, and +4% spell damage from the boost to spell damage per power charge node.

The tree is also for a level 90 character, so the Influence wheel can still be taken with the remaining 3 points + a point from elsewhere; sacrificing the 20% to spell crit from the Doom Cast wheel is likely the way to go.

Your tree does get an extra 30 to dex and 5% to move speed, but more importantly it offers another jewel slot. The big question then is whether the extra jewel slot can equal or outdo the gains in the tree above. There are some other factors to consider too, such as the opportunity to get a second curse with only 3 passive points.

Let me know if I missed anything! I haven't tested this tree with LL yet, and wanted to run it by you first.
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Nice guide but .... it's not #1 damage BV , not sure if mine is but ....

Full screen so u can see that no aurabot or HH mods are used.

Im sure i would go close to 900k dps as assasin , occultist is more tanky .

P.S. Real ES is 7,6k , didnt want to recolor my shavs twice.
well done with ES GGG
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