[3.0] THEORY Ele Blade Flurry. 6-13 mil VS Shaper, 6667 life

Hey everyone

Here's a pastebin for what I've been working on.


The above includes some items from league that I'm currently using and isn't min-maxed. it has 6667 life and 6 mil dps vs shaper. There's no legacy items, though there is a 420 dps dagger.

Here's a pastebin for items you can get in Standard. (Both are the same pastebin, though configured differently. So you can use either and play with them).


The above has 6667 life and 12.8 mill damage VS shaper

The build gets to 16.4 mill VS shaper with frenzy charges.

The build gets up to 26 mil fully buffed.


I hope I've included enough items for you to play around and get a realistic feel for what you can achieve with the same or similar items.


3.6 mil AOE Mapping DPS @ 6.7k life using Sybil's and Bisco's



Welcome to my Shadow's CI, Crit Blade Flurry build.

- This build focuses on quick clear-speed, with minor gems swaps when dealing with bosses.

- The Aoe promotes solid leech as Blade Flurry rips through everything.

- 10k-15k+ ES pool to survive big hits.

- We can use Blood Rage for frenzy charges as assassin.

- Power charges are obtained easily as both classes

- Quick switching to a Culling Strike weapon provides some extra loot.

Trickster Vs Assassin

- Trickster is a much safer pick, that can pump out awesome DPS while having much more defences. I would strongly suggest going trickster until late game, where you can then swap to assassin once you have built up some currency and can endure losing the all the many benefits of trickster.

- Assassin is much stronger. It reaches crit cap so easily and gets massive bonuses to DoT. This is a pure-glass cannon approach if not built on-top of good gear. It's glass, though omfg does it deal insane dps.

If playing on softcore, you could go with assassin to start off, though I would advise against it. You will love playing as a trickster and if you do eventually swap to assassin, you will understand just how much you lose dropping trickster.

Trickster benefits:
- massive movement speed boosts (drastically better than assassin)
- 0 movement mana cost (assassin can run Shield charge without mana issues though)
- Attack speed boost up to 56% (enormously faster attack speed than Assassin)
- 250 flat es (this amounts to at least 1k more total es)
- massive evasion boosts (as soon as you swap to assassin, you will notice how much more you get hit)
- free frenzy charges (no need for blood rage makes trickster significantly faster, without the risk of BG degen)
- faster es regen

Assassin Benefits
- DPS (your tooltip will be lower with Assassin than as trickster, though almost all of Assassin's dps is on the back-end through poison and bleed)
- easy crit cap
- free power charges (though at 95% crit, only 5% of our hits generate them, so it's extremely inconsistent without massive attack speed)
- Power charge duration

To summarise
- Either class is fun, though a beginner will benefit much more from trickster than from assassin. Starting a new league will be much easier with Trickster too as the benefits from it heavily, and I mean heavily outweigh the DPS loss. Go assassin once you have some built up some currency and can afford some defensive items.

Hardcore VS Softcore

If you want to play hardcore, then we need to go Trickster, at least at first. Damage is not the priority in HC and because of this, we need to invest in a class that can survive. I will be adding a Hardcore variant on this build soon to help players who want to experience the thrill of actual survival.


This is my usual AOE Tooltip without flasks

This is my AOE Tooltip fully buffed

This is my Concentrated effect Tooltip without any flasks

This is my maximum Tooltip - Conc effect and flasks, etc.

These are my buffed defenses

DPS Calculations, including link to calculator!

Trickster max Physical DPS (excluding any DoT)

Below shows how much dps we deal while gaining stacks, then while at max stacks. It doesn't show what damage we deal when we unleash and it doesn't show anything from Curses, poison, bleed etc. Trickster doesn't get anywhere near as much DoT. Using a legacy voidheart means we do a massive amount of additional damage, though I'm not confident enough to say how much.

Poison Damage & Bleed damage

I don't know how to calculate this yet please halp meh!

Assassin Max Physical DPS (Excluding any DoT)

Below shows how much dps we deal while gaining stacks, then while at max stacks. It doesn't show what damage we deal when we unleash and it doesn't show anything from Curses, poison, bleed etc. I'm pretty sure assassin deals an additional 200% on top of this at least with a min/max setup: flasks, wither totem, etc.

Link to damage calculator for BF

This website is the best physical representation of how differently trickster and assassin distribute their damage. AT first glance, it looks like trickster just does a flat million more dps than assassin, though anyone who's played both, will know assassin reigns king in dps.


Generating power charges without skyforth's.

- There's a few ways, though one's by far the best.
Faster attacks, fortify, Shield charge, Power charge on Critical Strike.
As Shield charge hits much, much more often than whirling blades, it actually works amazingly well when generating power charges.

Trickster Stats

Aoe with Auras, golem and charges

AOE Buffed with Auras, golem, charges & Flasks

Conc with Auras, golem and charges

Conc Buffed with Auras, golem, charges & Flasks

Defenses with flasks Buffed

My Gear



Phoenix grip adds front-end dps and defense. Voidheart adds back-end dps. I use phoenix grip when mapping and Voidheart vs Uber Atziri and Shaper. Every now and then a mob will survive a hit or two and you will get to see the poison damage from voidheart, though I would honestly recommend against using it outside of hard bosses.


From the flasks above, I would ensure we have Atziri's, Tate of Hate, a Bleed and Freeze flask. I only use the freeze flask on maps where I know I need it's benefits - like shaper for example - though the rest of the time I use the bleed flask in it's place.


Lion's implicit armor bonus doesn't stack with Rumi's. This means that we only get the Melee and Knockback. I have swapped this out for Sin's of Rebirth because although it does give less dps, it blinds close targets, gives evasion, immunity to burning, some dps and it has 3 uses that last 6 seconds wtf!!?

Culling Set up for end-game bosses


This weapon has culling strike as an implicit. This is perfect as it allows for us to use IIQ, IIR and anything else. The weapon also does very little damage, so we don't run the risk of doing too much damage and nullifying the cull effect.

We only use this on end-game bosses as sparing 10% of a boss on lower tier maps can be very tricky...

- Core Gems for Both Trickster and Assassin:

These gems are recommended if you want to scale Phys damage

These gems should probably be saved for our 6th link

Gem difference between Assassin and Trickster


Assassin doesn't require the crit chance gem due to their ascendancy tree. This means we can use any dps gem in place of crit chance. I use Crit Multi because it scales phys, as well as anything that scales from phys. You can use added fire, void manipulation, or anything you like as assassin.

Trickster absolutely requires the crit chance gem in this setup.

Jewels: required and optional.

We need an Energy From Within Jewel and a mana leech jewel. It's entirely up to you after that, however I would always recommend Leech as the first thing to aim for.

Generating Endurance Charges


This setup gives us both fortify and Endurance charges. This is a huge discovery I made today! I cannot believe I never thought of it before. It's basically blasphemy warlord's mark!

Desirable Accessory affixes

- ES Flat and/or ES%
- Physical Damage
- Accuracy
- Crit Change and/or multi
- Weapon elemental Damage
- Life leech
- Resistances (as required)
- We will require strength; at least 60 strength if all gems are lvl 20 - 21

Ascendancy order

1st: Ghost Dance
2nd: Shade Form
3rd: Walk the Aether
4th: Swift Killer

Optional 3rd: Patent Reaper. If you're using Bino's &/or voidheart and have enough mana to not have to worry about movement skills, this will make you so fucking tanky it's unbelievable. I have tested this and it's ridiculous and adds dps and mana regen. We lose 20% attack speed though if we're trying to be tanky, this will work exceptionally well with a Bino's and lower dps.


1st: Unstable Infusion
2nd: Deadly Infusion
3rd: Noxious Strike
4th: Toxic Delivery

Don't worry about what order we're grabbing these in as much. Assassin does so much damage it's insane. The fact we can get a carry through uber for free means we can have all 8 ascendancy points by level 70 and it's after that we start to do insane dps anyway.

Stun Avoidance

There's a few options for stun.

- Eye of Chayula - probs worst idea
- Stun avoidance Enchant on boots - excellent option.
- Heart of Oak Cluster for passives - required without Skyforth's
- Kiara's flask - works for onslaught, freeze and stun. Some people refuse to play without this flask
- Master craft on helm for stun avoidance - fantastic craft though limits potential of helm

If you get the enchant on your boots and the heart of oak cluster, you will be over 100% avoidance if you've killed something recently. This works excellently while farming and is better than the Skyforth stun avoidance as that's basically like having 5k life if you have 1000 mana.

I never suffered from stun in the early days as ci after getting the enchant on my boots. I get stunned now though using skyforth. Just not very often.


Key focus for early game

Everything else is completely up to what you can find and works well.

Passive tree @ level 49


There's very little to put up a fight, except in the middle of a Breach. Those can get so nasty!

The aim here is to get levels. Any gear will take you to merciless, though then we need at least a couple of rares. If you have time and you save, you can gind yourself a Bino's before level 90. This build will be mainly life focused until I can swap to CI. You can avoid the force shaper cluster in order to get close to the herbalism cluster sooner. I would prioritize getting a Bino's before a Belly of the beast, though either contributes greatly to this build.

Passive tree around level 75


This is my level 96 passive tree.


The lower your level, the more passives you need. Kill all 3 on each difficulty then after around 93+ you can start to respec for Charges if wanted. I prefer the passives for more character control earlier in the game though later we do want some bandit choices.
- Normal - Passive
- Cruel - 16% phys
- Merciless - Extra Power charge.

- I would say stay away form Chaos Inoculation until you have about 2-4K+ ES.
- Slam everything into phys damage and ensure you have a link slot for life leech
- Vaal's pact is a must without Atziri's Gauntlets.
- Use mightflay until you can get a bino's
- Anything with the required resistances and high es is ideal.
- Endure until level 87+ - when this build takes off.

Strategy: Mobs

- Whirling blades in
- Pop all flasks (if you want)
- Watch everything pop

On occasion, there will be a really tough mob. You will kill it x2 as fast if you use flasks, though I try to avoid using flasks outside of boss fights.

Strategy: Bosses

This is when we swap out Increased AOE for Concentrated effect.

- Whirling blades in
- Pop all flasks
- Whirling blades in and out accordingly.
- Pay attention to Boss' attack pattern and learn what you can and can't tank.

Running map mods

Reflect: Even with 6.3% leech (including BR) and taking out aoe and using phys to lightning, you want to avoid maps rolled with phys reflect.

Hexproof: Not an issue

Blood magic: we can use flicker instead though as we cannot use frenzy, we probably want to avoid it. We cannot use BF in blood magic maps.

No regen: The one's easy. If you run out of mana, Whirl in and you're topped up.

No leech: avoid at all costs.

All others are fine.


- Get Auras and golem up instantly.

Whirling after getting to 6 stacks is a great way to make yourself harder to hit, and to pump out massive dps.

We have more DPS than some builds, though many builds that PVP are extremely long range so they click to win without taking damage, then they gloat about how easy it was. Needless to say i'm quite salty haha!

Older Videos


t16 Hydra with moderately tough mods - old testing setup. Less crit and dps than current
T15 Shaper Courtyard With latest setup - probably final setup
2 minute T16 Phoenix run
6 minute Deathless shaper!!!
5 minute Party shaper Deathless using Vuln' on hit gloves and Voidheart
3-man party deathless Shaper under 6 minutes!
Deathless Uber Atziri

Overall opinion

There's lot's of room for variation, the only restricting factors are ensuring maximum resistances and a minimum of 7-9k es to stay alive. Then you can gradually increase your dps by swapping in Abyssus and see if you can take the hits yet.


This is a version of my current build that has around the same amount of currency I had 2 years ago. Things are much cheaper now, and it's much easier to farm currency these days, so I'm beefed it up a little. Almost everything you see here I bought today at full-market price without getting any kind of discount. You could haggle and/or farm some of these to save money.

Gear and Price List

The Beast fur
- 1 ex + 1 ex in chromatics
Bino's - 20c - basically better than anything below 315pdps, though even it may still be better.
Death's Door 7 ex - amazing boots that give res, movement speed, es and bleed immune. Get the enchant that helps avoid stun and we should be stun proof while farming.
Crown of eyes - 20c - Es, leech, mana, accuracy and the bonus from spell damage is pretty good.
Doyani's - 13c - probably the best belt in the game for <1Ex
Shield - 2 Ex - simple shield with good resistances.
+1 facebreakers's - 1 ex - We reach crit cap early, so we don't even need the banit power charge.
Ring - 20c - as we don't need much crit, I would suggest getting a steel ring instead.
Voidheart - 1.5 ex I couldn't afford the final 1.5 ex for a voidheart, though there was a guy in sarn selling one for ages.
Amulet - 40c - Leech and phys damage are awesome
Flasks - 5c - two of these are legacy, though you can find them non-legacy for 1c.

Total Spent - 13.5 EX, 118c. All for sale!

Trickster, Low-Medium Budget Stats

Regular 5-link damage

Conc effect damage

Maximum buffed damage

DPS Calculator for Low-Medium Budget Setup. Remember that this excludes all DoT, curse damage, etc. Thi is purely front end damage that also excludes when we unleash.

Low Budget level 96 Passive tree


Video of Low-Budget Variant


Thanks for your interest!
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Thanks for your build!

I was playing CI shadow reave some patches ago...

Could you link some videos?

Hey thanks

I'll try making some today. I've never made any so it will be a learning process for me!

Demo video up. Hope to make an Atziri video sometime soon!
would you play this HC? would you modify anything?
699 of ES on armour and 439 on shield is enough? or i should look to a better armour piece(i already have it and the acuity)?
Hey, sorry for late response!

I wouldn't recommend this build for hardcore as it's all about getting right on their face and crushing it. This means they crush your face too.

If I were to go hardcore, I would drop abyssus, and a total of 50% dps so that everything could be invested into defense.

As long as you have max-res, 700Es chest and 500es shield should be heaps! I use archons for the res and the armor boost. If i didn't need heaps of res, I would probably go a titanium for that beautiful 500 es, spell damage (with CoE) and higher block chance.

I've added a new video, new stats and gear update.

I'm going to sell acuity soon and try roll a +1 Legacy maligaro's. I will get slightly less ES and armor. I will also lose a passive as I will need to get Vaal's Pact, though I will get heaps more dps even without +1.
hmcg020 wrote:


Your shield is legacy.... Anything else I should warn about?

https://github.com/ment2008/POE/releases - My Loot Filter
Already swap for your build, i have 8.8k of ES, all res at max, but with bino`s i beat only 140k of DPS with everything on, normal dps steps at 70k only, how do you bead 180k with bino`s?
my profile is open, so, if you want you can take a look at the equips,

this is the final tree i`ll try, just waiting to finish my lvl 3 enlighten

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