[2.3]life based Inquisitor ele wander 100k+dps vp

Build idea
To make an ele wander thats able to one shot packs in high end maps (tier12+)
while still able to have vaal pact and leech from ele damage

Why not physical wander?
I had made a physical wander previously and physical wander and felt like it isn't really physical at all as most of the wand nodes adds elemental damage therefore majority of your damage is still elemental, and due to monster resistance it'd be just the same as ele wander

Is this a cheap build?
Yes and no, depends how far you want to push the limit

Why inquisitor?
ignore monster resis on crit, enough said

oak kill kill or oak kill kraityn


the tree is very straight forward, grab all the efficient nodes. Travel from Templar to witch then to shadow then ranger then duelist.
Some might say its way too much travelling nodes, but it is what it is , there's only one attack damage leech wheel on the entire tree, only witch have wand nodes, shadow's crit and ranger just for the drive by(its secretly crucial as with the stun avoidance enhance on boots you can have 100% stun avoid if you killed recently). modify the tree however you see fit such as more life less damage nodes and stuff, but atm im 89 with 4.7k life and im quite happy with it since this tree have so much travelling nodes. For after 90+, its just grabbing all the jewel sockets and get more life and crit chance on jewel.


Best defense is offence, vaal pact with 2% damage life leech for me is enough.
If you get the boots enchant i mention earlier, you can have 100% stun avoid too.
I don't play hardcore since i like to do challenging map mods and dont really want to worry about dying and stuff.
Chaos res can be bought up by getting some chaos res gear on rings and amulet, but i didnt bother with it

Do you die to reflect?
Yes when im going full retard mode and dont bother checking rare mobs, but ive stopped dying once reaching over 4k life. If you dont want to die to reflect, use this ring
and you wont die to reflect
ok apparently ppl still have trouble with reflect, to prevent 1hko to reflect, make sure you're cap on resis and have the entire lifeleech wheel before you take off the ring or else you will have trouble, heck might even make the ring a must for this build if too many ppl are having this problem (and yes please do prioritize hp on gear)



Why lioneye's vision?
This is a pierce build, the chestpiece comes with nice life and making it 7l on kb when 6l'd, colouring it will be a %$#@$ yes, if you dont want to use this chestpiece, can also use belly of the beast for higher life pool( but you'll have to drop a gem and replace it with pierce)
http://imgur.com/bII8tRNuse vorici 1b 1g option until you get what you need

gear explaination
try to get as much life as possible on rare gears, flat ele damage, life and wed are priority, diamond rings for crit( or resistance if you cant cap, but i dont think its hard as if you get a decent enough shield you should be able to cap res easy. Mine costed 50c

Required uniques are
you can use rare helm and gloves, but you'd lose alot of crit, remember, monster res are only ignored if you crit.

About wands
you want as much flat ele damage as possible, I've tried piscator's and its not great, on poe trade just search for 200epds min wands and see if any of them has high crit (10+ crit or can craft crit onto them) attack speed would be nice too but as long as its over 1.4aps its good enough

Leveling uniques
There are several honorable mention unique while leveling
this ring provides enough life and mana gain on hit with kb, allowing sustain till you get to the duelist life leech nodes
nice leveling wands that can be used untill you find a good ele wand.

gem links

main skill(in order of importance)-

charge generation-

Cwdt(with blodd rage self cast)-

frost wall for single target dps-

Aura(with curse on hit HoI which also shatter mobs)-

Movement skill-


map mods to avoid
ele reflect, no life and mana leech maps

after im done with finals

How to use frost wall for single target
mouse over the boss, frost wall him then spam kb at it, generally takes about 1-2 hits to kill the boss for tier 1-12maps , 12+ might take a bit more

special thanks to my friend aka the one dragged me into playing this game Myra and my friend in Garena server helping me with the skill tree and theory crafting the build
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Hmm isen't this a 2.3 build?
IGN: DillzMaster
DillzMaster wrote:
Hmm isen't this a 2.3 build?

no I made it during 2.2 but if you wanna go 2.3 you just have to put two ascendancy points into w.e you want
only inevitable judgement is needed
Tree update?
Yezum wrote:
Tree update?

Tree is still the same mate, nothing changed.

I would go for instruments of virtue for the last 2 points (or even for the merciless points).

In bossfights you cast frostwall > +50% increased damage. And the 20% increased attackspeed on "attacked recently" are also huge (I mean wow 20%)
yo dude im trying your build. just wondering how to get life leech? not from gem?
You use the unique ring until you get the leech from the tree. After that you are fine.
yea the tree is still the same, sorry I've been busy with uni stuff.
Yes the lifeleech you get them on the tree, but before that thief's torment is required.
I do agree getting the instruments of virtue, either use flame dash or frost wall will give you a pretty decent damage boost, not that this build really need more damage. But the more the better right(well until you oneshot yourself to reflect)
idk about getting it with merciless izaro tho, since the ele damage reduction is kinda like a weak version of arctic armor, but yea after invitable judgement its whatever you want
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Thx for the Guide,

One question: Bandits?
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