[2.2] Why cant I hold all these rares? Easy Mode High Quantity/Rarity Tornado Shot Bow Inquisitor


The old thread:

Basically a highly flexible character capable of clearing maps fairly quickly and reliably. It never gets boring(at least for me) because you are constantly bombarded by interesting items. I managed to get my first ever Pledge of Hands and my second Bino's Knife in the span of 10 minutes, all through drops, all easy peasy.


+ Fast clear speed thanks to all the movement boosts I've been stacking, even with 10% movement speed boots, clearing huge piles of mobs with your eyes closed certainly helps too
+ Easy to use, keep clicking right button and chugging potions, sometimes press Q or W
+ Capable of clearing every map EXCEPT for the elemental damage reflect, blood magic and the ones where you are unable to leech, thankfully rerolling is easy with that much currency laying around
+ Fairly cheap except for the six link obviously
+ Fairly durable with 5k life and a ton of evasion(even though I didn't invest that much into it)
+ Cant kill itself to reflect
+ Very flexible with its item choices and skill tree

- Lacking in the damage department, clocking on only 20k with buffs, a minor nuisance though
- Definitely not the fastest clear, you wont be able to stroll through a map in 5-7 minutes, more like 10-15, extra minutes to identify and sell the loot though, also to store all those orbs you keep finding
- Cant do reliable certain map bosses, I've killed that weaver thing but I'd rather not do it again
- No chaos resistance, gotta pay attention to corrupting blood and vulnerability
- The character looks kinda silly as a Templar, like really

The Skill Tree

Easy enough. Life and critical nodes are mandatory, same as life leech and dodge. The beauty of the tree is that it is totally flexible. Three empty jewel nodes are easily within reach once you've acquired good ones. The ranger and duelist trees are ripe for exploration. Frenzy and power charges can be added if you feel like it. Even movement speed is fairly accessible if thats your cup of tea. Experiment!

As far as the Ascendancy choices go - Inquisitor -> Righteous Providence + Inevitable judgement + Augury of Penitence OR Instruments of Virtue if you feel like micromanaging.

Inevitable judgement is what makes this build tick. The 0% resistance to every element when you are using 3 of them on every attack is HUUUUUUUUUGE! No more added boss EHP, no more silly map mods like elemental equilibrium getting in your way, it is brilliant and beautiful.


When I did the build in the previous leagues I did not like this bow much. First off it fired so fast you needed to go blood magic + life leech to keep up. When they introduced the damage leech nodes the problem was that it dealt way too little damage per hit. Now since the resistances are gone you don't actually need tons of elemental damage anymore, so it is the perfect time to abuse its magic find power!
Find one with 6 links, I'll explain why later.
Critical chance is the only affix you need to watch out for, otherwise buy the cheapest one possible.
You can still go with a rare Decimation/Harbinger bow with triple elemental/crit multi/crit chance/attack speed if you want more damage.

Body Armor

Now why would I need the bow to be 6 linked? Because bows are cheaper than 6 link armor, thats why! Not to mention the freedom I have with choosing whatever the heck breast protector I want. Here is my choice.

It currently gives me 10% movement speed, more when I buff up my evasion with potions. Its also cheap as dirt........but wait, its not that cheap when it is 6 linked! See, 6 linked Windripper is worth 5 exalts, six linked Queen of the Forest is worth around 9. Of course the price keeps rising if you want a perfect one. You don't really need a perfect Windripper. See where I am going with this?
Of course you can choose any body armor you want really, even Greed's Embrace even though it is too cumbersome and I don't like it. Feel free to experiment with whatever you want!


As I always say - since quivers don't add to the magic find department.........yet, you need pure damage and some life from it. Stick with those 4 affixes(crit chance, multi, elemental damage, life) and you'll succeed. Last 2 are up to your personal choice(and wallet).


No exceptions! Its simply too good! Go for Starkonja if you want more survivability, a rare helm if you want more rarity. I still think Rat's Nest is the best there is.
As far as enchantment goes, since the build is so focused on landing crits you can guess which enchantment is the best.


Nothing more to say. Rarity is lovely, rarity is good, Decree of Fury is the best. It cleans mobs by itself. I don't see any other unique or rare gloves coming close.....unless you want more damage. Then you know what to do.


Surprise surprise. You can use a whole slew of unique boots but seriously, why skipping on the wonderful quantity? You can overcome the movement speed problem easily through potions and support gems(and even passive nodes) anyway.


Get a corrupted one if you feel like it.
Ok, here is the deal - if you have resistance problems in elemental weakness maps this is the way to overcome it. Swap this belt with a resistance one. You wont die if you lose the 8% quantity. I'd also suggest equipping the belt once you are comfortable with your other pieces of gear. Don't want to have less than 75% resistances.


Boring, I know. Get as much rarity as you can. You can also go with something with less rarity and more resistances/life, for example this

Whatever you feel comfortable with.


These should be the last step in building your character mainly because they are so darn random. Quantity and Rarity > everything else, thats why you are wearing them after all, everything else is dependent on your other gear.

Tornado shot + Added Cold Damage + Added Lightning Damage + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Weapon Elemental Damage + Innervate/Item Rarity

The innervate buff is great, the support gem by itself removes the movement speed penalty from the boots because of its super long onslaught. I prefer it over rarity because I am getting overwhelmed by items even without the additional %

Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark

To get those power charges and spread this lovely increased damage from critical strikes around.

Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal's Call + Increased Duration


Enduring Cry

Ice Golem + Minion Life

Flame Dash for some movement capabilities

Grace is absolutely mandatory, Vaal Grace is optional but still good


The last one is up to you. Could be anything you feel like you need at the moment, from a resistance potion to a mana potion. The goal is to keep going fast so chug them potions and use the Divination Distillate at the right times!

I haven't died in weeks with this build even though I am doing my best to vaal and run the highest level maps I've got. And I am lazy so I usually am not 100% focused. The build is strong and was made even stronger with the expansion......like everything else......but hey, I feel like I am finally reaching the perfect variant so I am not complaining.

Here is a video I posted in the other thread of me just rushing towards the precinct boss, my character was not nearly finished back then if you want to check it

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