[1.2] Sovyn's Lazy Pally - Tanky Templar with Max Block

Guide is current for Path of Exile 1.2 Forsaken Masters

Hail and well met! :-)

Summary - The basic idea of this build is to have a very easy to play melee character with high life, 75 percent chance to block, typically 47 percent spell block, decent armour, excellent avoidance versus projectiles, decent elemental resistances and to also deliver a good amount of damage.

In keeping with the 'easy to play' theme, all of the defensive stratagems employed in the build must be passive, or at most, activated only occasionally.

No debuffs to repetitively cast, no endurance charges to worry about. Just wade right in there and smack 'em in the face. :) Stopping to check the loot, or to smell the roses as it were, is no problem for this build. Easy.

Although they may be helpful, the build does not require any specific unique items, making it doable for even those just starting out in Wraeclast.

For maximum flexibility, you can use virtually any melee attack skill gems and one handed axe/sword/mace/claw/dagger of choice.

Passive Skill Tree

20 point progression build (approximately level 18)


40 point progression build (approximately level 34)


60 point progression build (approximately level 49)


80 point progression build (approximately level 60)

90 point progression build (approximately level 70)

100 point progression build (approximately level 80)

110 point progression build (approximately level 90)

Click here to view the 120 point build

Total of Bonuses from Passive Skill Tree

Stats & Buffs

+273 to Strength
+164 to Dexterity
+123 to Intelligence


176% increased maximum Life
+60 to maximum Life
1.3% of Life Regenerated per Second
5% increased Effect of Buffs on You
4% increased Movement Speed
20% increased Life Recovery from Flasks
20% increased Flask Recovery Speed

+45% to all Elemental Resistances
+8% to Fire Resistance
+1% to maximum Fire Resistance
+12% to Chaos Resistance
8% chance to Avoid Elemental Status Ailments

113% increased Armour
+10 to Armour
25% increased maximum Energy Shield

24% increased Evasion Rating
Doubles chance to Evade Projectile Attacks (Ondar's Guile keystone)

Block and Stun
38% additional Shield Block Chance
10% additional Chance to Block Spells with Shields
190% increased Defences from equipped Shield
30% increased Energy Shield from equipped Shield
80% increased Armour from equipped Shield


Your hits can't be Evaded (Resolute Technique keystone)

Attack and Cast Speed
43% increased Attack Speed

Physical Damage
236% increased Melee Physical Damage

28% increased Radius of Area Skills
20% increased Area Damage


Shield - This is your most important tool.

For Most Folks - Possibly the best choice if you have access to one in the early to mid game is a Crest of Perandus unique shield with its high 40% chance to block. We do lose a good amount of evasion going this way, but it is a decent option nonetheless. If you were to use the Crest of Perandus into the end game, you would want to have a high evasion chest or helmet to make up for the low evasion on the shield. Another very affordable option is Thousand Teeth Temu. You may also want to consider a magic or rare shield. See shield crafting examples below for more information.

If you go with a magic or rare shield or Thousand Teeth Temu, they max out at 37-38% block. You can optionally make up for the difference to max out your blocking with the 2% block node across from Berserking on the skill tree (if your other gear does not supply extra blocking).

For Rich Folks - 37%-38% chance to block, 1000+ evasion rare vaal buckler with a high life roll. This rare would fit perfectly with the build as presented. Alternatively, Aegis Aurora may be useful if you can scrape together substantial armour and energy shield from your other gear. Rathpith Globe (gear with the intelligence stat required to equip) or perhaps Saffell's Frame may be necessary to enable end-game content such as Merciless Dominus and Temple Map Piety, just for example, but neither of these spell block shields are expensive -- on a strict budget, these bosses can be safely skipped. Honorable mentions for the unique shields include Lioneye's Remorse, and Daresso's Courage.

Shield Crafting Examples (Possibly only of interest for self-found or players new to the game):
At level 46 for example, you can get a Corrugated Buckler, which will serve you well. Look for one to start crafting.

First, we use four Armourer's Scraps on it to raise its quality to 20%.

Now we have a choice to make. Two options:

Option 1) For the very poor, we could then use a single Orb of Transmutation on it, and then use several Orb of Alteration until we roll a suffix "of Intercepting" with a 3% Additional Block Chance modifier. It took me all of five cheap Orb of Alterations in my testing, but maybe I was lucky. Then, if the item has only the one mod on it, use an Orb of Augmentation to bring it up to two mods.

Option 2) As I had a few Orbs of Alchemy and Chaos Orbs, I opted to go that way instead of the above method. I used 1 Alchemy to bring the item up to rare status, and 1 Chaos to re-roll the properties. Fortunately, it then had the 3% Additional Block Chance modifier:

If one has a lot of Chaos, one would keep re-rolling until the item has the 3% Additional Block Chance modifier and other desirable mods such as a good maximum life roll.

The next step for your shield slot is to find either a plain white Corrugated Buckler, or, preferably, wait for a Vaal Buckler with an ilevel ( /itemlevel command in game ) greater than 58. You would typically use 4 Armourer's Scraps to raise the quality to 20%, use 1 Orb of Transmutation on it to make it magical, and then craft it with Orbs of Alteration until it rolls an "of Walling" suffix with a value of at least 5%. That will suffice to max out your blocking with the optional 2% block node across from Berserking on the passive skill tree. In my testing, it took around 50 Alterations to roll Walling. If it only has the one property, hit it with an orb of augmentation. If it has a second property (other than Walling) that you like, and you are somewhat well off, you can then hit it with a Regal Orb to add a third property. /end shield section

Weapon -

For Most Folks - I suggest a hard hitting fast weapon with an attack speed suffix. As with all melee builds, you will need to constantly upgrade your weapon while leveling in order to keep your kill speed up. Look for rare one handed weapons with high physical damage percentage (XXX% increased Physical Damage) and flat physical (Adds XX-XX Physical Damage) and attack speed (XX% increased Attack Speed) bonuses. Preferably all three. Some flat elemental damage on top of these can't hurt, but the build does not emphasize elemental damage. Alternatively, a fun variation on the basic build uses Facebreaker gauntlets for some hand-to-hand action instead of a weapon. For end game, you should aim for a weapon with 250 or more DPS.

For Rich Folks - The Soul Taker unique is a good choice, albeit limited on damage, due to its elimination of mana as a concern. Most will want to go with a rare weapon with 350 or more DPS.

Amulet - None of these options are very expensive - Stone of Lazhwar is quite nice with this build, especially for maps. It will result in 47% chance to block spells with this build, which does make a noticeable difference in areas filled with spell casters. The Anvil is a unique amulet that deserves mention as well -- assuming you can live with its drawbacks, you can save yourself a few block nodes and invest them elsewhere. If you don't have those uniques, any amulet with a high life affix is a good choice. Other mods to look for include chaos resist, elemental resists, leech, armour, physical damage, mana regen, quantity/rarity. You could even switch them out as needed as the Stone of Lazhwar is not very good when in areas populated with melee monsters.

With auras and your gear, I recommend balancing some combination of the item categories to follow to achieve 30% physical damage reduction and 30% chance to evade on your character sheet.

Helmet -

For Most Folks - Rare with high armour, life, any resists (chaos/elemental) you may need, optionally item rarity. Early on, good unique choices include Ezomyte Peak, Goldrim, then, in your 30s and 40s, Deidbell. After the 40s, you should be looking for better rare helmets as above.

For Rich Folks - One option is The Bringer of Rain in place of a chest and helmet. Several block nodes could then be reallocated into other areas you may be weaker in on the passive tree. Alternatively, Alpha's Howl is a decent choice. If you use Alpha's, you would socket your aura gems in here. Abyssus is a choice if you want more DPS -- see chest section for more info. Most will opt for a rare helmet with high life roll (90+), high defenses and several 25+ resists -- simply a version of the budget recommendation above, but taken to the max.

Chest -

For Most Folks - The best armour-based chest you can find with armour bonus, life, resists (chaos/elemental), and as many linked sockets as you can get. Bramblejack is nice when just starting out. Belly of the Beast is a good option a bit later on as it offers a lot of life.

For Rich Folks - Kaom's Heart is a good choice, if you feel you can get by with only a 4-link for your damage skill gems. For most, I suggest an 5-link or 6-link rare Astral Plate with the mods listed in the "for most folks" section when you reach level 62. The extra resists that Astral Plate provides will help you to free up other pieces of equipment for other things. You can alternatively go for an evasion-based chest (e.g. Carcass Jack) instead, but you would need unusually high armour on your other equipment to compensate. Another interesting choice is Lightning Coil -- excellent synergy with Abyssus above -- you should run a high level Purity of Lightning aura if you go this way.

Gloves -

For Most Folks - If not using Facebreaker, the inexpensive Slitherpinch may be useful for its leech if you are having trouble with mana. Most people will choose a nice 'rare' item instead of these uniques, but they have their place.

For Rich Folks - Rare with high armour, any resists (chaos/elemental) you still need, life, attack speed, physical damage, item quantity/rarity, roughly in that order of priority.

Belt -

For Most Folks - Rare belt with armour, life, resists (chaos/elemental) if possible. Wurm's Molt, or Perandus Blazon may be useful early on to help equip your items.

For Rich Folks - Rustic Sash with over 20% damage, 200+ armour, 50+ life and resists, or Meginord's Girdle or Immortal Flesh if your resistances are well over the cap in Merciless.

Boots -

For Most Folks - I do highly recommend boots with both life and 30% increased movement speed if at all possible.

For Rich Folks - As above, plus resistances (chaos/elemental) and armour bonuses. Alternatively, particularly with the Aegis Aurora, the Rainbowstride unique boots will serve you well.

Rings -

A Word About Leech - When you reach the higher levels, say, mid 60s and up, I recommend that one item have mana leech on it, most often this will be a ring. This will replace the blood magic support gem on your attack skill or any mana flasks you may still be using.

For Most Folks - Resists, life if possible as well. You can get by for a while in your mid levels with a 1% mana leech ring -- I recommend 2% when you start linking more support gems to your skill. If, after going through all of your other equipment choices above, you still do not have sufficient chaos resist (you at least want to get to around zero chaos resist), then this is a good place to get some, by choosing Amethyst Rings as your base items. Kaom's Sign may be useful for a fourth endurance charge. Blackheart is also a choice early on.

For Rich Folks - 2% mana leech ring with resists and 60+ life. Other ring 70+ life and high roll flat physical damage bonus plus one or more of item rarity/quantity/stats/resists. Dream Fragments is a convenience if you don't require the other things a ring can do for you. A high roll Le Heup of All is also a good choice. Other choices include Ming's Heart or Death Rush. Andvarius may be desirable in some situations.

Skill Gems

Auras and Buffs -
At the moment, I am running the following auras on the mana globe:
Grace for defense. Grace adds a considerable amount of evasion, even if you have little evasion on your gear. This goes well with the Ondar's Guile keystone that the build utilizes.
Hatred for damage. Hatred goes really well with a physical damage based build as it adds a percentage of the physical damage as additional cold damage. The more physical damage you do therefore, the larger hatred's contribution.

Honorable mentions / other options (as needed):

Determination - Useful if your physical damage mitigation is a little bit low. Note that this aura increases the armour you already have and won't make up for a lack of armour from gear. Possibly better earlier on in the game when most incoming hits are small, due to the way armour works in PoE. I used this aura while leveling up.

Clarity - can be useful to run low level Clarity aura in some situations, e.g., if you can almost keep up with mana cost for a skill, clarity may provide a nudge in the right direction. Can be run with Blood Magic support gem in a pinch.

Tempest Shield - May be useful in the early to mid levels to bolster your blocking capability as you will not as yet have all of the blocking nodes from the passive skill tree. You won't be using this skill in the endgame, however, as the mana it reserves is best used for other things. If you use Tempest Shield, remember to activate this buff each time you enter a new area.

Purity of Elements - Can be an excellent crutch early on until you have adequate elemental resistances on gear. Not for endgame.

Purity of Lightning - Level this up as soon as you find it. Useful to activate before encounters such as Dominius, and, later, the Torture Chamber end game map boss. This is situational and not used all of the time.

Purity of Fire - Level this up when you find it. Useful for certain encounters that have a strong fire component, such as the boss in the Crematorium end game map. This is also situational and not used all of the time.

Linking your chosen auras together with a leveled up Reduced Mana support gem is required. You can get a Reduced Mana gem for free from the 'Sharp and Cruel' quest in act 2 of Cruel difficulty and begin leveling it up. Add the auras on as you can, starting with a single defensive aura. You can add your second 60% aura around when your Reduced Mana gem reaches level 17-18. With the two auras reserving your mana, you should have over 50 mana remaining, which is enough to use certain attack skills without pause.

Curses -
Enfeeble - very powerful against endgame bosses. I only suggest using it against the hardest bosses as it would otherwise become too much like work. Use it with increased duration and blood magic support gems if you find your mana is too low to reliably cast it.

Triggers -
These are optional but helpful for endgame. You can obtain at least one Cast when Damage Taken gem for free at the conclusion of the 'A Fixture of Fate' quest in Act 3 Merciless. You may wish to forgo the trigger gem and choose Multistrike from that same quest instead, if you do not yet have it.
First Cast when Damage Taken - Level this trigger gem to level 2 only. I recommend linking this with Enduring Cry (level only to 5), Molten Shell (level only to 8), and Enfeeble (level only to 5). You can use Vulnerability (level 4) here instead of Enfeeble in easy going areas.
Second Cast when Damage Taken - Level this trigger gem up to approximately level 11-13 unless your life pool is very large, then level it more as needed. Generally you want this to trigger at around half of your life pool. I recommend linking this with Immortal Call (level to the same required level as your trigger gem) and Increased Duration (level to max). If you want to use a 4-link for this one as well, I suggest Summon Skeletons (same required level as the trigger) as an additional distraction -- each skeleton will absorb one hit you don't have to.

Attack skills -
Lots of freedom to choose here. You will want to choose only one or two different attacks. If two, choose one for area and one for single targets. We will need the rest of our items' sockets for the aura and utility gems. Your main attack skill will be socketed into your chest armor (unless you own Bringer of Rain) as that's the only one that can have 5 or 6 linked sockets.

Recommended attack skill - starting out: Molten Strike, obtained free as a quest reward for slaying Hillock, the very first boss encountered as you start the game.
Recommended attack skill - endgame: for Swords/Daggers/Claws: Reave (my current top choice), for Maces: Ground Slam, for Axes - Cleave. These three skills have built-in AoE damage at a very low mana cost, which is important. Level up all three by placing them in sockets on the alternate set of items in your weapon switch so that you can quickly adapt as you find better weapons of different types.

The above are the safe, recommended choices, but if you are an experienced exile and can handle their mana usage problems with your handy Soul Taker or Blood Magic Support gem on your 6-link, other popular choices include Infernal Blow, Lightning Strike, Glacial Hammer, Cyclone, Dominating Blow, or Heavy Strike with melee splash or Double Strike with melee splash.

For rich folks, I do recommend as much quality as possible on the attack skill gem and its associated support gems.

Mana Management -
I suggest for the mid levels that you consider using a Blood Magic support gem linked to your favorite attack skill. You may not find this until level 50 or so. Once you have it, link it with your attack skill gem. You may be reserving all of your mana pool to run auras around the mid levels, depending on your gear.

When you reach the higher levels, say, mid 60s and up, you probably have acquired a mana leech item or support gem and the intelligence nodes I suggested in the build and have leveled up your reduced mana support gems sufficiently that you can remove the blood magic gem from your attack skill and use the little bit of mana you have left after auras to use your attack skill. This is a good move because you can then potentially use another support gem with your attack skill, and your life globe stays a little bit fuller, generally speaking.

Linked Sockets

You can get by with just a four-link and a three-link. The endgame setup is more elaborate. Something like the following, just as an example:

Four, Five or Six linked socket item (typically the chest): 4-Link: Reave (green) - Melee Physical Damage (red) - Multistrike (red) - Concentrated Effect (blue). 5-Link: add Faster Attacks (green). 6-Link: add one of the following: Blind or Melee Damage on Full Life or Added Fire Damage or Life Leech.

Three or Four linked socket item (example: helmet): Determination (red) - Grace (green) - Reduced Mana (red). Fourth socket: Hatred (green, situational for DPS)

(Optional) Four linked socket item (example, gloves): Cast when Damage Taken (see notes above) - Enduring Cry (red) - Molten Shell (red) - Enfeeble (blue) or Vulnerability (blue, situational for DPS)

(Optional) Three or Four linked socket item (example: boots): Cast when Damage Taken (red) - Immortal Call (red) - Increased Duration (red). Optional Fourth socket: Summon Skeletons (blue)

(Optional) Two or Three linked socket item (example: shield) - movement skill - Whirling Blades (green) or Leap Slam (red) or Shield Charge (red) - Blood Magic (red). Optional third socket: Faster Attacks (green)

(Optional) Two or Three linked socket item (example: weapon): Enfeeble (blue) - Blood Magic (red). Optional Third Socket: Increased Duration (red) (To be cast on engage with the harder bosses to make sure it is cursed right away.)


At first, you will be using pretty much whatever you find. I'd suggest three life flasks and two mana flasks. The more uses they have, the better. For example, early on you will notice you can hit some of the life flasks three times instead of only two.

From the very beginning, you want to save up any flasks you find that have quality on them. You will be turning in to any NPC vendor several flasks at once that together total up to 40% quality. You receive a glassblower's bauble each time you do this. Save them up as you level.

When you start finding plain white hallowed life flasks, it's time to execute my plan.

I recommend two instant life flasks.

So, hit a plain white hallowed life flask with four glassblower's, this will raise the quality to 20%. Next, use a transmutation orb, then alteration orbs until the flask has a "Seething" or "Bubbling" prefix.

Make two. Put these on potion slots numbers 1 and 2. You will be tapping these anytime you get seriously hit, which should not be too often.

If you want to finesse it, you can try for useful suffix mods as well, such as Staunching (removes bleeding) or Dousing (dispels burning).

For your remaining three flasks, I'd go with more life flasks for topping up between fights, but it's up to you depending on your needs. In my case I would choose Ample or Saturated hallowed life flasks of Iron Skin or Reflexes or even "of Resistance" if you find Necromancer's elemental curses to be a problem for you. Perhaps one of each.

Optionally, if you want some extra work, Ample Granite Flask of Iron Skin is nice if you get hit hard, to mitigate a follow up blow that may finish you off.

Finally, you may want one mana flask handy for the end game when you are doing maps with the "of smothering" affix. This will be used situationally so keep it in your bag. It should not be needed normally as, if you are following my guide, you will have balanced your attack skill's mana intake to match the leech available on your gear by this time. I suggest a "Saturated" mana flask for this purpose, as you want the mana regeneration from the flask to more closely match your mana draw.

As you progress through the game, the question will arise - what is the best way to do the bandit quest? The answer:
Normal: Side with Oak for the 40 life, unless you own a Kaom's Heart that you plan to equip later.
Cruel: Kill all bandits for the skill point reward from the townsfolk.
Merciless: Kill all bandits for the skill point reward from the townsfolk.

Endgame Tips and Tricks

Act 3 end boss, Dominus: Have a flask with "Removes Bleeding."
Dunes (66), Spider Forest (69): The Blacksmith. In his second form, he can spawn zombies each time he leap slams. The zombies have a powerful chaos AOE when they die. Two ways to deal with it: 1) swap gems to single target only attack skill (no multistrike either), focus on boss, ignore zombies (this is the only option in most groups). 2) Stand toe-to-toe with Blacksmith and don't let up, so that he won't leap slam.
Museum (68): Pull and kill the other two bosses one at a time. Leave Alal the Terrifying until the end. For chaos resist on a tight budget, you can roll amethyst rings with alterations. Bosses that are a real threat (museum, for example), you can just pull them separately and switch rings for the chaos fight.
Temple (71) boss: Good ol' Piety. Bring Topaz flasks/Purity of Lightning aura/pack on Lightning resist gear. Fairgraves' Tricorne with its Cannot be Shocked mod is very good here.
Jungle Valley (72) boss: The only concern here is the big spider which has an attack similar to GMP/Freezing Pulse, except chaos damage. Bring chaos resist flasks/put on chaos resist gear.
Torture Chamber (72) boss: A lightning bonanza. Bring Topaz flasks/Purity of Lightning aura/pack on Lightning resist gear. Fairgraves' Tricorne.
Residence (74) boss: Basically Dominus, bring a flask with "Removes Bleeding."
Maze (74) boss: Vaal Oversoul. Don't take consecutive lightning blasts and avoid the smash by running around to his back when he raises his mace arm. You can also use a movement skill to do this.
Plataeu (75) boss: Has a serious chaos damage aura, make sure you have some chaos resist gear on (I'd say around -20 should be fine).
Crematorium (76) boss: Like that firestorm unique mob in the second area of the game, except harder. Avoid the firestorm, or if you're very well geared you can try to tank it, just make sure the map doesn't have reduced max resist or elemental weakness mods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why not get Iron Reflexes?
If you get Iron Reflexes, you give up our first line of defense, which is evasion. Evasion is not streaky, it is based on an entropy formula, guaranteeing you won't get hit several times in a row.

Blocking on the other hand is random.

So, if something makes it past your evasion, then your random chance to block is checked.

If something makes it past that, your armour is checked and your life is your final line of defense.

I don't suggest going all evasion, or going all armour. We need both.

The problem with the Iron Reflexes approach is not only that you get hit more often and in a more streaky fashion, but also that the delivery systems for certain kinds of damage will bite right through armour. A build like mine with some of both (and Ondar's Guile) will stop those things cold. Like splitting Voidbearers and named snakes, but there are many others. In maps, many of the projectiles are chaos damage. With Ondar's, which only works with evasion, we can get by without expensive chaos resist gear, otherwise, not so much.

For example, as of this writing, I have 39% chance to avoid melee attacks with my evasion, and double that (78%) chance to avoid projectile attacks. This is before my maxed block is ever checked. Before my armour or resistances are checked. Before anything is deducted from my life.

Obviously we need armour too (I have 42% damage reduction as of this writing) for physical hits that get through. Molten Shell and Granite flasks, if desired, are on top of that. You can do better here as I am self found so my gear choices are very limited.

Evasion as a first line of defense really does make the difference oftentimes of getting hit vs. not getting hit. For example, I usually do Kole without him getting a hit in.

We get a ton of evasion from just one piece - a high evasion shield - due to the nodes we take on the tree that increase defenses from shields.

The rest of the gear can focus on armour.

Q: I don't have enough dexterity, what to do?
If you are finding that all of the good weapons that drop for you before level 60 require dexterity, you can get the Precision node near the Templar start and re-spec out of it at a later time. The Quickness node may be an option, depending on how far along you are. You can also, if required, use an Onyx, Jade, Citrine or Turquoise amulet. The common Perandus Blazon unique belt is very handy for a stat shortage situation as well.

Q: Is the Lazy Pally Hardcore viable?
Yes it is! We have had many people reach well into their 80s using this build in both regular hardcore and the 4-month hardcore leagues over the course of the last year. That said, no matter your choice of build, if this is your first time playing through Path of Exile, you want to start out in Standard league or the Standard ruleset 4-month league to learn the ins and outs of the game before subjecting yourself to hardcore mode. There are many mechanics found in the game that are simply unfair if you are not prepared for them. When you can never die in Standard, you are ready for Hardcore.
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My Current Gear

My Current Tree (Link)

My Current Stats (Grace + Hatred + Herald of Ash, no other buffs)


Offence (Reave):


For approximately the first year and a half that I casually played my lazy pally, I remained strictly self-found. Self-found means that I only used items that I found myself as a drop. You can certainly choose to either use nice items acquired by the trading scene that PoE offers, or expend currency to upgrade your equipment earlier on. I had chosen the most difficult route, that is, I was self-found and saved most currency for endgame crafting. However, following my defensively oriented build, I soloed all of Merciless difficulty and most Maps even with extremely modest self-found items, proving the viability of the lazy pally. I more recently decided to acquire gear by trading in order to be better able to tackle the new, more difficult endgame content Path of Exile has to offer. With the lazy pally, even gearing with some of the best choices does not have to be expensive. For example, the gear shown above cost me thus:

rathpith globe 14 chaos
rainbowstride 25 chaos
death circle two-stone ring 3 chaos
damnation coil ruby ring 15 chaos
the anvil, corrupted 15 chaos
pandemonium glance nightmare bascinet 8 chaos
rapture fist titan gauntlets 20 chaos
horror curtain holy chainmail 0 - self-found
chimeric bond rustic sash 10 chaos
18% quality concentrated effect 8 chaos
all other gems 0 - self-found

As you can see, the total cost of my endgame gear set as above was only 120 chaos so far (about 4 exalted), not including the weapon, making this an extremely low-cost build for endgame capability, at a time when hundreds of exalted are typically spent by most other builds for the endgame suit. This amount of chaos is easily raised by the two chaos recipe and minor trading during the course of gameplay. Admittedly, with patience and time on my side, I did benefit from the kindness of others relative to providing fair deals.

A five-link body armor is just fine as the build realizes very minimal benefit from a six-link.
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Gameplay Videos

Merciless Dominus

Maze Map Boss Vaal Oversoul

Torture Chamber Map Boss Shock and Horror

.....more new videos soon.


That's all folks - Discussions and commentary welcome!

01-01-2014 -- removed life regen nodes, life nodes, damage nodes near duelist start and added damage/life nodes, damage node, life node, intelligence node, and amplify
01-02-2014 -- Updated weapon section to be more weapon type agnostic, with some additional detail. Updated recommended skill gem section to include AOE attack skills for specific weapon types. Updated the linked sockets section to coincide with attack skill section.
01-10-14 -- Updated the gear/shield section for additional clarity.
02-04-2014 -- Updated gear section with some additional unique suggestions and a few mentions of chaos resist.
02-18-2014 -- Adjusted all progression builds to include a few key damage nodes around level 80.
03-05-2014 -- Updated skill tree links for compatibility with PoE version 1.1.0. Updated total stats (120 points), and miscellaneous changes to gear recommendations.
04-21-2014 -- Added a note about quality on attack skill and supports
05-08-2014 -- Added Molten Strike as a recommended skill for early game
07-14-2014 -- Finally added note about spell block shields in gear section
07-15-2014 -- Edited linked sockets section
07-23-2014 -- Added Melee Damage on Full Life back into my suggestions for 6-link
07-25-2014 -- Added a mention about Thousand Teeth Temu in the affordable shields section
07-30-2014 -- Added a video of the Lazy Pally killing Merciless Dominus
08-05-2014 -- Added a video of 74 Maze Map Vaal encounter
08-17-2014 -- Added a video of the 72 Torture Chamber Map Boss encounter
08-20-2014 -- Updated 120 point build tree and stats for 1.2 Forsaken Masters
08-20-2014 -- Added new progression builds for patch 1.2.0
10-02-2014 -- Added a mention of the Belly of the Beast unique chest
10-07-2014 -- Improved the aura section in the guide

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I was curious to see how people responded to this.
I'm quite similar to yours minus the elemental damage.

Thanks for your comment. Looks good. I like how you snuck down there relatively early on and got Diamond Skin. One thing that occurred to me though, you could remove that strength node to the right of Ancestral Bond and go down through the shield nodes near the starting point instead to pick up some extra goodies.
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-old info removed-
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Hi, one question, which attack skill do you plan to use?
Each build is dependent on a particular attack skill.
Its really impossible to be master of all skills.

If you can tell us which skill you want to concentrate on, e.g. Lightning strike, groundslam,
etc. we can comment more.


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MxDGentle wrote:
Hi, one question, which attack skill do you plan to use?
Each build is dependent on a particular attack skill.
Its really impossible to be master of all skills.

If you can tell us which skill you want to concentrate on, e.g. Lightning strike, groundslam,
etc. we can comment more.

Hey there, thanks for your comment.

This passive tree build does not focus on reinforcing any single damage skill gem or weapon type. Instead, this build provides a strong survival platform, leaving the player the flexibility to choose his or her best one handed weapon, and to utilize his or her preferred choice of melee attack skill gem and support gems.

Thus the build is ideal for those who do not have everything already, perhaps even self found, and perhaps have little desire to enter the trading scene.
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-outdated info removed-
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It's been a while, and I have not had much time to play! However, I updated the original post with the all new spec for PoE 0.10.3. I'm level 49 now and plowing through Cruel Act 3 - no problem!

Just thought I'd update you all and bump this for folks interested in an easy to play melee build.

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