[2.2] Inquisitor Shockwave Totem *VIDEO GUIDE* - Highest HP Possible

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For anyone who knows me or has been to my stream, you know I have played a lot of Shockwave Totem. For the latest expansion I have updated my characters and builds and as it turns out using Eldritch Battery and Mind Over Matter is no longer the best way to play this if you wish to do all content with ease.

Why no more EB MoM?


During the Izaro fight there is a lot of damage going around and you will lose all of your ES pretty quick taking away your ability to place totems.

But wabachaw, what about Zealot's Oath ?!?!?!

Do you want to run through the labyrinth with 0 life regen? I don't.

You have a higher HP Pool when you do not use EB MoM
When you use EB/MOM your maximum effective hp when it comes to a one shot is limited to the 70/30 ratio.

When you are hybrid you are not limited to this at all and can have a much higher effective hp, keeping you alive in more one shot situations.

Oak - All - All


Current gear

Keep in mind this gear is just what I put together in Hardcore league and it is not what I am actively playing


Passive tree for level (1-38)
108 Point Passive tree

You do not need either of these but a Lifesprig and Deerstalkers will making leveling so much easier.

Link the following in your Lifesprig

Link the following in your Deertalkers

Around level 38/40 you can begin to use a properly linked Shockwave Totem. Recommend at least having a 5link but a 4link works at this point.

4 linked SWT

5 linked SWT

Once you get Inevitable Judgement you can swap Added Fire for Increased Critical Strikes

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Just wanna say, i'm liking this build alot. currently only lvl 52 in PHC but no issue's atm.

thanks for the guide
IGN: sabratta
Started following your guide today. I'm at lvl 59 currently, just finished normal and cruel lab. I'm still using a 4L, but that is enough for 60mil xp/h in Dried Lake. Liking it so far, but I'm done for the day.
Great Guide! Could you PLZ explain why Void battery is not bis weapon?
How do you manage mana? Can you post your stats?
I'm currently running EB+MoM, but I feel squishy sometimes and I would gadly change to mana, but I fear I won't be able to spam totems anymore.
Is there any way we can get a update on this ? is this map viable at higher levels ? Been following this but seems kinda week now at 70's .
- how do u generate power charges?
- what's your dps when doing maps?
- how do u regenerate mana fast enough?
- what unique flasks do u suggest?
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This is my actual gear on it (lvl 91), i have to say this build do the job.

Solo i have been able to clear T13 map never tried a T14 because i haven't drop one yet ^^
DPS is nice for party too it's not vaal spark but it's fine.

To answer the previous questions :

Power charges are generated by orb of storm + power charge on crit (look my helmet gems),
Mana regeneration i have an instant mana Flask,
I think i ll drop a life flask for a taste of hate soon.

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Great build! This is the gear I went for, to boost my dps abit. Got like 100k dps/totem on tooltip atm and Im really owning anything so far :) picked up 2x leap jewels to get the 2 power charges. Took me like 10 sec to kill merc lab boss in PHC. Amazing build ^^

thx for answering my previous questions.

- the attackspeed on the dagger is for the whirling blades, right?
- why do some people chose facebreaker over maligaro's ?

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― Christopher Hitchens

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