[2.0] OMG I'm (almost) invincible! - CoC Immortal Call 96-100% resists

First note: Credit for inspiration for this build goes out to Markusz, who made a nigh-invulnerable Shadow (of all classes) that you can see in action here if you haven't already.

By now though most people on these forums have probably seen that video, but Markusz's build takes an extremely high level of gear to achieve that invulnerability. I decided to make a build that comes close, but can be built on a budget.

Goals: Must achieve near-invulnerability to physical and elemental damage in the same fashion as Markusz's build for people who think they'd like that playstyle.

Must be affordable for people who do not have the time or inclination to farm that much gear/currency.

Must be viable as a primary/only character with better clear speed and general utility than Markusz's build (Markusz stated he only uses that character as a swap-in for extremely difficult bosses. He could easily give it a higher clear speed but that isn't the point of his build).

Warning: This build is not as strong as Markusz's build. You are not invulnerable. You cannot face-tank Core Malachai for 14 straight minutes (or probably even 14 seconds). You can probably kill Merciless Malachai without taking a trip back to town if you want a point of reference.


Is this build viable for...

Leveling?: Only for masochists. If you insist on using it to level, use a normal Molten Strike setup with multistrike/melee damage/etc.

Self-found?: No, not without an inordinate amount of time invested or luck.

Hardcore?: In my opinion, HC viability depends on player experience more than the build. If you are comfortable playing RF builds and poor man's builds in HC, this is as viable as any other.

Mapping?: Yes of course, very little point in a build that isn't. Because the build does not rely on any specific uniques other than your shield slot, you actually have room to sprinkle in some magic find gear.

Atziri (normal)?: See Hardcore answer.

Uber Atziri/82 map bosses?: If you have access to these, you have much better options. Not viable without significant monetary investment.

You will need:

Rise of the Phoenix and/or Saffell's Frame (I said it would be affordable, not free)

5 Link body armor (thankfully it doesn't really matter what type or what's on it, as long as its decent)

2 Ruby + 1 Sapphire + 1 Topaz flasks with charge-generating prefixes and your usual assortment of status-clearing suffixes.

A mace to hit baddies with

Strongly recommended:

Romira's Banquet (It makes playing any CoC build so much easier with semi-reliable crits and gives much needed accuracy)

6 Link body armor (again, it doesn't make the biggest difference what's on it)

20% quality Surgeon's Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz flasks of Heat/Iron Skin/Warding/Staunching in some combination. (These are not that hard to craft yourself)

Surgeon's Life and/or Quicksilver flask of Dousing (to shut off Righteous Fire in emergencies)

A Sceptre (either elemental version is fine) with some combination of Increased Critical Strike Chance, Increased Attack Speed, and Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold. All 3 would be preferable, but just do the best you can.

A belt with Increased Flask Duration and Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold.

Skill/Support Gem combinations:

Molten Strike + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun + Cast on Critical Strike + Immortal Call + Glacial Cascade/Arctic Breath/Cold Snap/Ice Nova/Flame Surge/Shock Nova (2 of those spells in a 6-link)
- This is where we'll generate our passive endurance charges. Molten Strike isn't the best choice for doing so, but its far better for CoC than say, Heavy Strike. Further spell discussion below.

Ice Golem (optionally: Blind, Multistrike, Fortify, Increased Minion x)
- You'll need the accuracy and critical strike rate. Do not leave home without your little blue sidekick.

Leap Slam + Fortify + Vengeance (optionally: Increased AoE, Power Charge on Crit, Curse on hit, Blind, Ice Golem)
- Initiate and have Fortify up all of the time. You won't have the block rate (especially with a Saffell's) for Reckoning to do much. If you need a solo socket for Ice Golem, he fits fine here. Fortify will keep him alive.

Purity of Fire + Purity of Ice + Purity of Lightning (optionally: Empower or Enlighten)
- The source of your elemental invulnerability.

Righteous Fire + Increased Area + Increased Burning Damage (optionally: Concentrated Effect, Empower or Faster Casting)
- RF is responsible for over half of your damage between its own and the damage it adds to your spells. If you find yourself frequently having to turn it off, link faster casting so you don't lose as much time that you could be attacking.

Enduring Cry (optionally: Increased Area of Effect, Increased Duration)
- You will have to use Enduring Cry for Endurance Charges. Your passive generation alone is never going to be enough.

Curse of choice + Curse on hit or Cast when Damage Taken
- See curse discussion below.

Alternate Skill/Support gem possibilities:

Power Charge on Crit in 6-link
- You could use PCoC instead of a second spell in your 6-link if you have poor Power Charge generation or wish to use Cold Snap as your single spell. This should be considered a backup plan though; spell crits refill surgeon's flasks as well and you need every charge you can get.

Wild Strike
- You could use Wild Strike instead of Molten Strike if you find a good buy on a six link but don't have the chromatics to get the color combination you need, or if it is corrupted.

Blood Rage
- Do you like living on the edge? Do you feel the need to look like a christmas tree? Are you REALLY good at using Enduring Cry on cooldown? Well you'd better be. Blood Rage WILL get you killed at some point, but if you laugh in the face of death and want some frenzy charges it can be slotted with a Cast when Damage Taken + curse setup.

Spell Choices:

Arctic Breath
- Very good overall choice. The large area of chilling ground you will create slows any enemy in the game except Atziri. The damage is good but sometimes it may not fire in the direction you wish.

Cold Snap
- The highest damage cold spell along with high chill and freeze uptime IF (big if) you have the power charge generation to support it. Does not function well with Romira's in this build since your Molten Strike crit should have just removed all of your power charges.

Flame Surge
- Incredible damage potential against anything burning from Righteous Fire, but no utility whatsoever.

Glacial Cascade
- Better DPS version of Arctic Breath at the cost of losing the chilling ground. The two of these together can carry you quite far. Like Arctic Breath, it will sometimes decide to fire off at a different enemy.

Ice Nova
- Guaranteed 360-degree damage, but the lowest DPS choice. It does have the slight advantage of a 6% base crit chance (20% higher than any of the other cold spell choices).

Shock Nova
- Should only be used as a 2nd spell in a 6-link. The damage can be somewhat unpredictable but it has a very high shock chance (and shock duration with quality) and is a guaranteed 360-degree hit. It also has the 6% base crit chance like Ice Nova. Primarily recommended for the Elemental Equilibrium build variation.

Curse choices:

Because this is a budget build and not reliant on super itemization, I strongly recommend you use a curse to make up for some of your weaknesses. The choice of curse of course depends on the weaknesses in your current gear. The good news is that since the build is only 95% invulnerable instead of 100%, you have the option to use either Cast when Damage Taken or Curse on hit to automate your curses and because the build already requires you to watch flask timers and use Enduring Cry, you almost certainly want to automate them.

Assassin's Mark
- If your critical strike rate is abysmal then Assassin's Mark can be a big help. The power charge generation is unreliable (and useless on solo bosses) though, and the life/mana on kill are practically useless.

Elemental Weakness
- This is usually your highest damage option. Simple and effective.

- If your 6-link is Evasion and/or Energy Shield, Enfeeble can be a godsend. It can easily prevent a 1-shot that might have otherwise occurred after a short Immortal Call.

Poacher's Mark
- An interesting choice if your accuracy is low. If you can't hit, you obviously can't crit and none of your spells will cast. It also grants life/mana on hit (only to attacks, but Molten Strike hits up to 4 times per swing plus up to 3 times on secondary targets) and increased flask charges (which you are dependent on). Frenzy charges, while not a priority in this build, always add significant damage as well.

Warlord's Mark
- Good overall utility with increased Endurance Charge generation (both through kills and the increased stun chance) and life leech for your attacks AND spells. If you just can't make up your mind, you can't really go wrong with Warlord's Mark.

Skill Build:

The skill build is separated into several stages, primarily divided by your available maximum fire resistance.

Level 65:

Passive tree (with 2 points left out in case you have a nice jewel or need a dexterity node or haven't picked up your final skill book from Tasuni)

Level 65 is the earliest you can safely run Righteous Fire using a Rise of the Phoenix and your Purity auras should have just hit level 17, giving you +3 max resistances. At this point you have 98% maximum fire resistance with your ruby flasks running and the extra life regeneration we picked up will make up for the remainder. You'll probably need 2 ruby flasks to maintain 100% uptime, but we're not too worried about the sapphire and topaz yet. Carry 2 life flasks instead.

Level 75 (without Saffell's):

Passive tree

Now you are properly immune to your own Righteous Fire and your flasks have increased duration to help cut down to just 1 ruby flask. You'll have 92% maximum cold and lightning resist along with better crit rate and overall survivability. You can temporarily take out the two points needed for Barbarism to pick up something else since you're at 101% maximum fire resistance. You can also trade Blaze (fire damage in the shadow area) for Freeze (just above it) if you are using 2 cold spells, or change to the two intelligence nodes across the top to save a point.

Level 80 (Lv 20 Purity of Fire/transition to Saffell's):

Passive tree

The exact time to switch to Saffell's Frame depends on when you can get your hands on a level 20 Purity of Fire either through leveling your own gem, buying one, or through +gems/fire gems on gear. We've respecced in a few places to get 51% increased effect of auras taking that +4% maximum fire resistance to +6%. That puts us back at 99% maximum fire resistance but again, that's fine because we get 96-98% cold and lightning resistance while our flasks are up.

Level 88 (Lv 23 Purity of Fire, Elemental Equilibrium endgame goal):

Passive tree

Once you are able to get a level 23 Purity of Fire through some combination of corruption and + gems, you actually get to drop some of your increased effect of auras. The +5% maximum fire resistance only needs a 40% increase to reach +7% returning you to true fire immunity. The jewel slot in the build is for a Conqueror's Potency (quest reward jewel), though you could also leave the first point in the Leadership cluster which would allow you to remove the two points needed for Devotion over on the templar side of the tree if you wish.

Elemental Equilibrium is an excellent damage increase in this build because we rapidly rotate through Fire -> Cold -> Lightning -> Fire single-element hits. Socket Shock Nova along with your choice of cold spells (not Glacial Cascade) and enjoy the disco show. Just make sure you have no elemental damage added to spells on your weapon/ring/etc and no cold or lightning damage added to attacks (fire damage on attacks is okay).


Normal - Help Oak, Cruel - Kill all, Merciless - Help Alira (possible swap to Oak later)

Why the extra power charge from helping Alira in Merciless? Because we are not using daggers as in Markusz's build, the 50% global critical strike chance helps make up especially in the spell crit department. More than that though, without a Voll's Devotion you are extremely unlikely to ever be sitting at maximum endurance charges using this build. 5 endurance charges is plenty. If you do find yourself at 5 endurance charges a significant amount of the time, then switch to the Oak reward.

Regarding Purity Auras:

Coming soon

Useful Uniques:

Coming soon

This has been a long project. I'll try to break up the novel with some images later.
Reserved for future discussion
Interesting build.

Any updates for these 2 sections since it has been 2 months ... ?

* Regarding Purity Auras
* Useful Uniques:

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