[2.2]Depressed Templar - Cast on Spin

Are you tired of constant high FPS?
Are you looking for a build with enough DPS to kill everything on screen, including itself?
Does your skillbar feel cluttered?
Have you ever thought to yourself: "Damn, my cyclone just doesn't cost enough mana!"

Fret ye not! I have the solution to all those problems!
You've seen cast on crit. Having to hit monsters. Pah!
You've seen cast on drink. 10% of our max health? Are we babies?

I present to you: Cast on Spin

First off: this is not a guide. It's more a proof of concept.
I don't have a video.... https://youtu.be/j1xrVVDEo3g I have a very bad video of dried lake spinning!(it lagged even worse while recording. i play on a potato)
I don't know if Templar is the best class or Hierophant the right ascendancy. My gear is mostly garbage. My gems aren't leveled.

I created this build because Scold's Bridle is ridiculously cheap in PSC and I got bored of bladevortex...

Basic Principle
Cast when Damage Taken + stuff, triggered by Cyclone and Scold's.

But we want to cast high level gems. For a lvl20 CwDT we can either greatly increase the damage we take or get cyclone to cost 818 mana. We achieve this by actually using voidbringers increased mana cost to our advantage and further equipping a million Fevered mind jewels (5 so far in my build, 8 for lvl 20) to increase our mana costs by 880%.
This means cyclone has to cost about 84 mana, which is easily doable in a 5 link with bloodmagic.

So every cyclone deals us about 3000 damage... how do we not die?
This sweet little thing

While this flask is running, instead of dealing us 400% of its mana cost as damage, cyclone actually heals us for 400% of it's mana cost. (scold's deals its damage first, though. so we still die if we don't have enough life to take the hit). That is a LOT! And it is instant.
It uses very few charges and is usually full after every pack.

So now all we need is a fast weapon to get to about 4 attacks per second, since CwDT can only trigger each spell every 0.25 seconds.

This is what I'm wearing at lvl 75

Brightbeak is great because of its resists and the high attack speed. I have 3.8 attacks per second, which is pretty close to ideal.

And my flasks

As i said, mostly random stuff.
All we want is life and resists.
NO Armour! As that would reduce the damage from Scold's.
The Scold's i got from Cadiro, but they go for around 30 chaos in PSC.
The Fevered Minds were 3-5 chaos each.

In standard this build would be massively more expensive.

And my skilltree so far.

Life, jewel sockets, charges, spell damage/crit.
I leveled with Cybil's Paw and Blade vortex. Which got really tedious around lvl 60... at lvl 65 i equipped Scold's and never looked back.
After many suicides i got the hang of my flasks and can now run through packs if I'm careful.
I use Anger because i assume the flat added damage to all spells is more damage than a single additional spell, but i have not done the math.

- Zerphi's is a mana flask. You can not use it when your mana is full. And the effect will end when it reaches full. I get around this by using a sapping life flask of remove something(so i can always use it, even on full life) just before Zerphi's and by having Mind over Matter, which keeps my mana pretty much at zero while i'm spinning. It also mitigates some of the Damage to my life, which is nice.
- Leveling up ends zerphi's effect since it instantly sets your mana to full! i died to this more than i'd like to admit.
- Scold's does its damage first! if you get hit hard enought that schold's does more damage than your current life, zerphi won't save you!
- Shock and vulnerability hurt.

But Narf, Is this build hardcore viable? Uh... no.
Can it at least do Uber? Haven't even tried normal atziri.
Does it lag? Yes, but i don't think thats entirely my fault at the moment...

Proof of concept. I know there are many improvements to be made. I'm just throwing this out here and maybe you guys can optimize it for yourselves.
For me it's the most fun i have had playing this game(which means a lot).

Thank you for reading, if you've made it this far :)
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LMFAO I need to see a video of this it looks amazing.
unicorrrn wrote:
LMFAO I need to see a video of this it looks amazing.

https://youtu.be/j1xrVVDEo3g here you go. made a short one just for you! but i warn you. it's bad.
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narfcicles wrote:
unicorrrn wrote:
LMFAO I need to see a video of this it looks amazing.

https://youtu.be/j1xrVVDEo3g here you go. made a short one just for you! but i warn you. it's bad.

Well now I see why you are depressed
zankioh wrote:
narfcicles wrote:
unicorrrn wrote:
LMFAO I need to see a video of this it looks amazing.

https://youtu.be/j1xrVVDEo3g here you go. made a short one just for you! but i warn you. it's bad.

Well now I see why you are depressed

it's a harsh life... to be fair, the recording software i randomly grabbed from google did make the fps worse. i can usually clear dried lakes without THAT kind of freeze. unless perandus boxes...
Hi, I noticed you don't crash every time you cyclone. What do you think about adding this to the build?

Then you use CoC, which has a .05s cooldown, or 20 cast/s. I count 10 cwdt-casted spells on your gear, each doing 4 cast/s. With 2 spells on CoC, say, firestorm and ball lightning, that doubles your cast/s! I'm sure you can shut down an instance with that magnitude of casting.

(Props on the idea! Someone asked on reddit a week ago, "Where are all the crazy Ascendancy builds?", and to them I say: The builds are here!)
builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1663570/
The Fevered Minds were 3-5 chaos each.

Hard to believe. They're 30-50c now.
Thanks @ThatsSoGoodman for that suggestion.
I wanted to try a CwDT Scolds Templar build and was looking here to see which Ascendancies people took (I normally don't look at the builds section because why try something out if I already know it works?), and that definitely sounds like something I want to try. Though once I respec to the original plan probably not dissimilar to this one (props @OP for the writeup, had a chuckle), I'm not sure I'd pick Cyclone over, say, Wildstrike or Frenzy. More consistent self damage with less reason to oneshot oneself.
Edit: Ok, currently leveling that CoC/CwDt hybrid. Frankly, it doesn't even come close to the sheer lunacy of the OP.
Edit2: Price of Fevered Mind is up above 1 Ex. So this build is definitely not doable on a budget anymore. Though going Berserker instead could work, with the increased damage taken, and the attack speed would actually be useful for something.
... Or take the upper path for 100% extra leech, in case healing your entire health 3 times per second wasn't enough for your taste. ;D
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