[2.1] Vexrays Dual Curse Dual RF Searing Fire Totems


Adding more Daily as I eventually get them uploaded to youtube lol.

Quick Dried Lakes Run

Channel T2 - 175 crit 25% multi Twinned Boss

Bandit Rewards

Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Kill All
Meriless - Kill All or Frenzy Charge (Frenzy charges increase damage by 4% MORE per charge, find a way to add them and let me know, to me it seems like too much micromanagement thus far.)

This is a brief description of the build and how it works.

Ive always been a fan of Righteous Fire and last season I made a RF Totem build, but it wasnt quite there yet. This season they introduce new skill gems and items that make RF so much better. Introducing my RF Dual Totem Searing Touch build =D.

Using 2 RF Totems as well as Searing Touch, you can double up the damage from burn and do devestating damage to anything in your path! Combine the dots with both build with dual curse and your power will be unstoppable.

The Good
One thing this build excels at is capability.

1. It can run virtually any map mod relatively easy. Theres no map mod I have found yet that hurts its damage, fire resistance and curse immune included.

2. Since were using RF on totems, there is no mana cost, saving you precious gem sockets and stats wasted in mana.

3. Combining RF and Searing Touch together creates a synergy, allowing you to control the damage through movement while placing extremely large and powerful A.O.E's throughout the map, this allows you to kite, place around corners, or otherwise avoid entirely any damage that would typically harm your wellbeing.

4. Extremely cheap on the currency. The entire build can be built with less than 30 chaos. The only major cost is Windscream boots wich average 15-20c.

5. No major 5 link requirements, however 5 link can be used to increase damage, damage will exceed 25-30k without a 5 link so its not necessary, making this build even easier to gear for.

6. Great for solo or party play! This build is easy on the eyes, very large A.O.E's ensure the survival of yourself and your teammates while providing 2 curses to the party.

The Bad

1. Currently Boss damage, while strong, isnt as strong as a pure damage dealing class. It does do the job, just depending on the boss may take a little longer than 5 seconds to kill.

2. Early levels are a little slow to start, using flame totem or flame surge is definatly faster untill you start putting points into totems.

The Skill Tree

Heres a quick look at my skill tree as of now, still fleshing out a little here and there for optimization, but as of now this is a 109 point tree. The reduced reserve mana can be removed for a 105 point build.

Finished Tree:

Current Tree:


With the simplicity of the build, there are many unused sockets that I have yet to put a use to. There are a total of 2 required uniques.


Doedre's Scorn - Make sure to get one above 16% increased damage or your wasting your time.
Windscream Boots - Higher elemental resists are a benifiet but other stats are static.

Optional Gear:

Realmshaper - http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Realmshaper An amazing early game staff that provides up to 50% increased damage for RF/Searing touch.

Searing Touch - http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Searing_Touch A outstanding map+ weapon, those who enjoy staves will be hardpressed to find better than Searing Touch for its whopping potential of 110% burning damage.

Doryani's Catalyst - http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doryani's_Catalyst Considered one of the BiS(best in slot) 1 handed elemental weapons in the game. Can achieve nearly as much burn damage as Searing Touch in 1 hand. Effective if you have the currency for one (1.5ex++), will allow you to play even tankier roles.

My Current Setup

This is bound to change, Ive yet to upgrade since early merc, some gear is just filler till I find better.

Build Progression

Early game concentrate on getting totem resistance and damage first, dont worry about cast/attack speed as its useless for searing bond and RF. Youll want to reach Ancestral Bond for dual totems by level 40, once you obtain it, you can immediately go for RF Totems as they do very strong damage early game.

While waiting for RF totems, Flame Totem or Flame Surge are both strong early spells, surge is a little mana hungry but puts out very nice damage with this build.

Level a purity of fire, flammability and RF early on, the higher level you get them earlier the better off you are. Purity of fire is by no means required, but it makes the difference when placing RF totems, they last a good 40% longer.

After reaching 38, start using increased A.O.E. on RF to boost your clearspeed and maneuverability. You should now have access to increased burning damage as well, this should flesh out a 4 link setup.
***Note:::: If you manage to get a 5 link setup, Rapid Decay is an amazing dps boost for RF Totems****

When you hit 60, start looking at weapons like Searing Touch or Doryani's Catalyst, depending on your currency. Searing Touch has taken me up to 76+++ maps with no issue whatsoever, just depends on your taste.

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Bump - Added videos to the OP. Took longer than expected
Great post, thanks!

In the dry lakes vid you don't spam RF totems very often, is this because of mana costs, is that a problem?

I was working on something like this from scion, any suggestions for tree differences?

Made on too, works like a charm. took different gearchoices and pathings.

shameless selfadvertise

i like doryanis catalyst way more than searing touch.

rf totems cost 0mana on every level/links

Boss damage is batshit Crazy, but you dont use EE or vaal lightning traps, which are core for this build!!!

My Youtube channel with builds, unique and mechanic discussions etc
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Hi there, build looks nice IMO. Gonna try it since im already bored with all theese melee specs. Prepare for feedback :3
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Thanks alot guys =D. Great thing about RF totems is they cost 0 mana. SO you can spam them as much as you want without really any issue. In the dry lakes video I was just rushing through stuff and generally i use RF totems more than searing bond but felt like showing off the synergy between the two. Both stack in damage so it makes very strong DoT dps.
Great post, thanks!

In the dry lakes vid you don't spam RF totems very often, is this because of mana costs, is that a problem?

I was working on something like this from scion, any suggestions for tree differences?


Sorry for missing this post, If your starting at scion i would grab the aoe nodes to the immediate left then head towards path of the warrior for the life, "Your" life increases the damage of RF totems, so grabbing that early can allow you more net damage than templar since the build tree i have doesnt have those nodes. Going scion, you could probably remove the amplify 4 node tree in templar to make up for some of the points used, dont worry about life regen as it doesnt help much for totems aside from making you more tanky. Since your starting scion, you could probably go elemental equilibrium as well, Ancestral bond prevents you from doing damage, but not from hitting, you could use a ice or lightning spell to proc and have your totems deal more damage, but its a little more micromanagement for additional damage
Bump Edit : Added Bandit Quest rewards, apologies for forgetting them.

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