Scion Builds List

I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 75-80 / played some mid-range maps (lvl 72-76) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear

Witch Builds List
Duelist Builds List
Marauder Builds List
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Shadow Builds List
Templar Builds List

Abyssal Cry/Essence Drain: [2.1] DimenRush Poison Abyssal Cry Build! (ver 3) AC as main damage source
Arctic Breath: [2.0] Ten Link Arctic Breath
Ball Lightning: [2.0] Scion Ball lightning Tanky 4 curses-on-hit/mf possible
Ball Lightning: [2.0x] 92% AoE Radius, 25% Knockback Ball Lightning Scion - cheap, MF viable
Bladefall: [2.1] RichJMoney's Chaos Bladefall Budget Build. "MingPep's Heart Rage of Defiance"
Bladefall: [2.1 HC & SC, UBER VIABLE] 50K DPS BladeFall - Max Block + EB + MoM + AA + GR
Bladefall: [2.1] The Real Unlimited Blade Works - Low-Life Bladefall! 140k Tooltip!
Blade Vortex: [2.1] Dbum's Blade Vortex SuperTank [Block, MoM, EB, GR, Cybil's] HC Viable
Blade Vortex: [2.1] LvL89: FoxTactics Vacuum Vortex reverse knockback with Empire's Grasp
Blade Vortex/RF: 2.1 Spin and Burn! Vortex+Righteous Fire
Blade Vortex: [HC] Dual Wield Dagger/Cybils Crit Poison Blade Vortex
Blade Vortex: [2.1.0] Surging Hands aka. The Blade Stomper
Blade Vortex: [2.1] Grand Vortex [huge Damage][Atziri/Uber][Immortal?]
Blade Vortex: [2.1 Video Guide] Tanky, High DPS, End-Game Crit Blade Vortex Build [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
Dual totems - Arctic breath: Triple Totem/Zero Aura/Perm Flask/Curse Immune Scion
Dual totems - Righteous Fire: 2.1 Talisman League Guide for Cheap Permacurse Dual RF Totems for Hardcore/Softcore
Dual totems - Spark: [2.1] Pancake's Spark Totem
Essence Drain: [2.1] Damning-King - Tri-Curse ED+Contagion | Super Fun | Awesome AoE Smasher | Atziri Viable
Essence Drain: "Burning Ebola" budget build ~22k (ED/RF/IW/Contagion) SC/HC/Atziri viable
Essence Drain: ARIWRFDOT (Armor ; Iron Will ; Righteous Fire ; Essence Drain&Contagion&Poison) [SC&HC]
Essence Drain: Essence Drain + Abyssal Cry - The Affliction Warlock! 22,700+ DPS!
Essence Drain: [2.1] Dimio's Defensive Support Low Life Chaos Build (shavs not required)
Essence Drain: [2.1 Video Guide] Tanky Beginners Contagion/Essence Drain Build [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
Essence Drain: [2.1] Miragent's DoT Build [IW/ED] (Budget, Fun, HC viable)
Essence Drain: [2.1.1d] 2H Essence Drain Build
Ethereal Knives: [2.1] I Cast Magic Missile! - Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives/Bladefall. 7K Life, 100K DPS!
Ethereal Knives: [2.1] Sutters_ | 130.5k DPS - Crit EK Chain - Jewel build
Ethereal Knives: [2.1] Low-Life Shock EK-Chain Archer(12.12)
Ethereal Knives/RF: [2.1 Updated] Nurbel´s Righteous Will Spellcaster (130k+ DPS, 6k+ Life, 16k+ Armor)[V- 3.0]
Ethereal Knives: [2.1] Aggnog's Iron Will One Click 7link EK Non-crit 114K DPS
Firestorm/cwdt: [2.0] The Dy'Ness Tank with lots of cwdt support
Firestorm: [2.1 SC] DDD Firestorm (RF, 100% chaos, Uber down!) 100& chaos conversion
Flameblast: [2.1] Breath Of A Dying King : Chaos Flame Blaster! 100% chaos conversion
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] Mind over Matter Freezing Pulser - safe, good damage and affordable
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] Bitterdream Freezing Pulse ("Bitterpulse") - Now with Video Guide!
Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.0][HC] CI Non-Crit Whispering Ice Storm Scion
Icestorm (whispering ice): A Storm of Ice and Fire - Avatar of Fire CI Whispering Ice
Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.0] [Tempest] CI Whispering Ice Tri-Curser
Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.0] Whispering Nice, HC/TEMPEST (Avatar of fire, Dual curse, high dps, great survivability)
Incinerate: [2.1] Scionic Flametank "After Dark" (CI-ZO 14.65%+ ES regen, Incinerate, newbie-friendly)
Incinerate: [2.1.0] Low Life INCINERATE. "Estaba de parranda" build. 10K ES 44K DPS tooltip
Incinerate/Vaal Molten Shell: supernova incinerate - good block, good chaos DPS, 5.7K life, about 500K chaos DPS vs bosses - TANK!
Lightning Tendrils: [2.1] TickleAndBlast - The Tendril-Shatter-Scion
Magma Orb: Scion CI Chaos Orber 100% chaos conversion
Spark/Vaal Spark: 2.1 MinKami_Spark+Vaal Spark+LowLife(1MSC) High Clearing Speed
Spark/Vaal Spark: 2.1.0 MinKami_Spark+Vaal Spark With Life Based High Clearing Speed
Spark: Scion Life Spark Build
Storm Call: [2.1] Storm Call - a different approach
Summoner: Poison Summoner 2.1 Talisman HC
Summoner: [2.1]MoM EB Arctic armour Summoner! HC viable!(Really good clear speed)
Summoner - Animate Guardian: [2.0][2.0] Animate Guardian, Frost Blades HC Viable
Summoner - Animate Weapon: [2.0] Elemental Animator Scion - The Nanoswarm
Summoner - Animate Weapon: Animate Weapon Build with EB/MoM/ZO + Atziri Video
Summoner - Animate Weapon: [THC] Animate Weapon/Flasks/Life based
Summoner - Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.0] Blink & Mirror Arrow Scion - Cheap and Effective!
Summoner - Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.0] Dariidar's Blink/Mirror Arrow Summoner - This world is an illusion
Summoner - Blink/Mirror Arrow: 2.0 Mirror Arrow Summoner/Trapper! Atziri down HC/SC viable
Summoner - Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.1] iao's Poison/Curse Blink/Mirror Arrow
Summoner (Skeletons only): (Skelemancer) Army of Bone Summoner. Modified 2.1 tree doesn't interfere with 2.0 version
Summoner - SRS: [2.1] GunFinX's Summon Raging Spirits Magic Finder | Mapping | Normal Atziri| #Updated 2.0# Tanky version: [2.1] GunFinX's SRS MF HC Tank Build | Atziri(Uber) Viable
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] "The Apprentice, SRS Magic Finder" | LL BM | 8Auras | Magic Find #UPDATED 2.1
Summoner - SRS: [2.1] GunFinX's ZeroMana MaxDodge SRS Summoner
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] Angryaa's SRS Minion Summoner also uses zombies + spectres
Summoner - SRS: 2.0~ Alf´s True summoner Z+G+S+SRS+G Life based also uses zombies + spectres
Summoner - SRS: 5 Aura SRS scion summoner, Dem Booffs.
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] SRS - The Not-So Glass Cannon.
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] Thrash Atziri in trash (SRS) (~15C)(Atziri only) Atziri build/guide
Summoner - SRS: 2.1 pure life SRS [2.1 DPS calc]
Summoner - SRS: #6 ladder Tempest Pela's Zergo build SRS self cast + dual totems
Summoner - SRS: [2.0] Bob's Blood Magic Summon Raging Spirit Build, all maps and mods
Summoner - SRS: SRS || scion/witch/templar || cheap&strong || in-depth guide || 2.0
Summoner - SRS: Eyedol's Tanky SRS/Summoner Build (6.7K HP, Lightning Coil, 240% minion dmg)
Summoner - SRS: [2.1 Video Guide] Tanky Beginners SRS/Summon Raging Spirit Build [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]
Summoner - SRS: 2.0~ Alf's Only SRS
Summoner - SRS: [2.1] GunFinX's LL Max Block SRS Summoner| 6 Auras | New League Viable
Summoner - SRS: The_Skull_Queen SRS Build 2.1 (500k+ dps obtainable, tooltip doesn't show)
Summoner - SRS/Animate Weapon: [2.0] Null's Inclination Bow/Summoner Build Guide Uses Null's Inclination
Vaal Righteous Fire/Flameblast: [2.0.5B]HC Viable Vaal Righteous Fire Flameblast Scion (Living Bomber)

Cleave (Reave): [2.0] Allout Lightning Melee (10 chaos budget build) uses Hyaon's Fury sword
Cyclone: Psyren's Exclusive "Jack the Hannibal Ripper" Dual Wield Cycloner or Ice Crasher
Cyclone: [2.0] MF Trolljölnir Cyclone, Dual curse/wield. (warbands)
Cyclone: Emberwaker, Emberwake, Oro's, Cyclone elemental build with ignite stacking
Cyclone: [2.03] Windz's RT Big AoE Knockback Shatter Cyclone WIP elemental build
Cyclone: Soultaker Cyclone *Solo* MF
Double Strike/ST: [2.1] Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play
Double Strike: [2.1] "Size doesn't matter" - Double Strike Tank Guide [SC/HC/Atziri/Rigwald/Maps] 6.7K HP 110K DPS
Flicker Strike: [2.1.0] CI FLICKER STRIKER - 737k Splash // >1.0m SingleTarget - HIGH-END DPS & CLEARSPEED
Flicker Strike: [2.0] pasta777's ::: FLICKADIGGA ::: 8k life ::: up to 230k on hit dmg mirrored weapon
Flicker Strike: Guide: Two hand Flicker strike with Oro's sacrifice. Hardcore viable Ele build with Oro's Sacrifice
Glacial Hammer/Ice Crash: [2.1]Glacial Hammer / IC + HoI Build. Massive Chain Explosions. Global Freeze, High DPS, Tanky
Glacial Hammer/Ice Crash: [2.1 Hype] Nuka's Massive RT Conversion Builds - up to 320k Melee DPS
Ground Slam: [2.1] The spikes of Ground Slam are poisoned, fun yet cheap and easy build
Ground Slam: 400k+ DPS Groundslam - Moshslammer
Ice Crash: [2.0 Warlords] Budget Oro's Flash Smasher Ele build with Oro's Sacrifice
Ice Crash: [2.0] [Cheap] Marohi Erqi Burning Ice Crash aka Melee Flameblast cold to fire build
Mjölner: [2.0] Aegis Aurora + Mjölner, Facetank-Scion
Mjölner: 2.0 Block/EB/MOM/GR cyclone mjölner build (hc viable)
Mjölner: [2.0]GomennaScion's ThorTank (Mjölner, ZO, CI, Max Block)
Mjölner: [2.1 Korago's "Budget" Life based Mjolner - No Voll's required]
Mjölner: [2.0.4 SC] Disnuker Mjolner with RF and AoE radius!
Mjölner: [2.1] Sossaman's Mjolnadin – strongest while cheapest mjolner-build? [Discharge, no Voll's required]
Mjölner: [2.1] Good ol' double Arc Mjölner
Reave: [2.1] Scion Elemental Claw Reave - Amazing clear speed on low budget elemental build
Reave: [2.1] Lee_P's Slide'n'Slash Crit Reave 233k AOE [SC]
Reave/Cyclone: [2.1] Arly's Elemental Cyclone Reaver Scion [Complete] elemental build
Unarmed (Facebreaker): [2.0]201.1k dps Facebreaker Cycloner Scion
Unarmed (Facebreaker): [2.0] Facebreaker Cyclone Scion *HARDCORE/TEMPEST* - Extremely Cheap!
Unarmed (Facebreaker): CircleOLife Cyclone Facebreaker Shield Block
Unarmed (Facebreaker): [2.0] The IceBreaker Scion. Ice Crash + Facebreakers + Counter Skills = Great fun!
Unarmed (Facebreaker): [2.0.x] Zma_PWned Crash (currently on Warbands)
Unarmed (Facebreaker): [2.1] Flaskman! - 274k+ DPS Crit Facebreaker Infernal Blow, with Flasks!
Wild Strike: [2.0] The fevered Soul Strike Scion (392 Manacost Wild Strike)
Wild Strike: (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Rainbow Soul [2.1] Cheap To Gear70k+ DPS - RUN ALL MAP MODS!
Wild Strike: [2.1] Wildstrike 200k+ dps -> with CoC 2.0 mechanics

Caustic Arrow: [2.1 Video Guide] Poison Arrow MF Guide 340+ IIR/45+ IIQ [HC/SC Viable]
Explosive Arrow: [2.0] (SC) BM, Dual Curse, EE, Explosive Arrow Scion
Explosive Arrow: [2.0.1] Bloody Explosive Arrow Build (258% Life + 7.8% Life Regen)
Explosive Arrow: 2.0.2[Tempest] Ghost Explosive Arrow Build (unique utility setup) uses knockback
Explosive Arrow: Vyvanne's 9 Link Explosive Arrow Build - EE, BM, Dual Curse. [Tempest] Uses two alternating EA setups
Explosive Arrow: [2.1] Explosive Arrow Build - Uber viable - Peyter
Split Arrow: [2.1] Realyn's Split Arrow Windripper build for HC - Video added Windripper ele build
Split Arrow: Null's Inclination Build uses Null's Inclination for minion support
Split Arrow/Blast Rain: [2.1] Ele Crit Split Arrow/Blast Rain Windripper ele build
Dual totem - Siege Ballista: [2.1 Video Guide] Dual Elemental Siege Ballista Build [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
Dual totem - Siege Ballista: [HC Talisman] Chaos/Poison Siege Ballista - over 30k dps per totem, 5k hp, 14k armor
-----Spectral Throw
Spectral Throw: Spectral Throw Returns ELE BUZZSAW 50k+ DPS Ele Atziri Capable/High End Mapping 2.1 Talisman
Spectral Throw: [2.1] Elemental Buzzsaw / Spectral Throw (Crit Sword)
Kinetic Blast: Kinetic Blast to a new level: CI 258k dps 10,5k ES 35%block #1 clear speed build
Kinetic Blast: [2.1.1] Morrah's WanderThrow LL ML ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ

Remote Mine - Bladefall: [2.1] Minefall -- bhwung’s guide to mining for exalts (bladefall + remote mine)
-----Trigger Gems
Coc: [2.1] Fakener - "The Nut Buster" Cyclone CoC Discharge (Viable budget revision)
Coc: [2.1] "Circe" lite - Speed Clearing Mana based Low life CoC EE dual curse wander
Coc: [2.0] MauranKilom's RF Cast on Crit Mapper
Coc: [2.1] Poor Man's guide to big wand CoC - 200K Dps and Atziri on a 5L
Coc: [2.1][SC] HoHoHo Marry XMas - CoC Staff - Spin2Win Xmass Tree (Ez Maps / FuN) uses 2H staff
Coc: [2.1] QoQ CoC (Quill on Quill Cast on Crit) uses Quill Rain
Coc: CoC Discharge 2.1
Coc: [2.1] ElectroZombi's Cyclombi - 4 Spell Physical CoC Cyclone Tank (Hardcore Talisman)
Coc: [2.1] The Queen of Blades - Hybrid EK+Bladefall CoC - Tank+Damage as Fuck- Sub 2:20 Gorge Run
Coc: [2.1] Voltaxic CoC Poison Spork - awesome AOE damage & clear speed uses Voltaxic Rift
Coc/Unarmed: Crit Doryani's Fister or in other terms; A Budget CoC Build Doryani's Fist - coc hybrid
Comk: [2.0] Hurricane Katrina 2 - Eyes of the Storm [CoMK Cyclone/Shock Nova] Cast on melee kill with maxed aoe.
CwDT: [2.0] Dreamscythe's Dance of Death - (cwdt Scold's) - [Video] sef-triggering cwdt using Scold's Bridle
Generic / CwDT: The Modular Tank Build generic build for tanky build with different classes
CwDT, Vengeance, Riposte: [2.1] I AFK to clear maps
Auras/Curser: [2.0] Support/Multicurser Build Guide 5 curses, 5 auras
Auras: [2.1] HC Tanky 8 Auras + AA / MF Culling LowLife Build
Curser: [2.0] Generic curse support guide - The Doedre's apprentice
Curser: [2.0] 6 Curse Double Whispering Ice Scion Support 6 curses
Gluttony of Elements/Curser: [2.0] The Glupport - Quad curse immune to physical & elemental damage support
Vacuum cycloner: [2.1] SlipperySiren's Ghostbusting and Leo Trolling Vacuumer

[2.0] Explosive Arrow Scion, 1200 regen, 7k hp, phase acro, top ranking pvp build.

1.0 – 2.0 builds

Other guides

Absolute beginners should have a look at
How to make a build - quick start guide as well as at the
Guide to Game Mechanics and
Noperative's General Guide to Path of Exile
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As always great job :)
Frenzy Facebreaker: The Facenuker
I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.
mondobogus wrote:
I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.

Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.
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Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.

Was already in the list.

Ethereal Knives: ZiggyD's Etheral Knives Mana Shield Scion Build Guide - Nemesis/Hardcore Tree updates at page 94

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