Scion Builds List

I try to include only builds that have been played to endgame (~ lvl 75 / played some maps) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear

Witch Builds List
Duelist Builds List
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Templar Builds List

Ball Lightning: [1.2 SC] Ball Lightning Crit Scion, with a twist!
Detonate Dead: [1.3/HC] Whaitiri's Detonator of the Dead - solo/selffound-viable DD Scion
Dual Flame Totem: [1.3] Dual Flame Totems: Solo, Self-Found, Beginner-friendly. AA+EB!
Dual Flame Totem: [1.3] Dual Flame Totem, Crit
Dual Shockwave Totem: [1.3] Crit SWT /Self-found - New league friendly/ Torment
Firestorm: The Dy'Ness Tank
Firestorm: Firestorm and vaal storm call duration Tank fighter
Freezing Pulse: Freezing Pulse Tank - (Mara or Templar also possible)
Incinerate: [1.3.0]PewPewPews official Starter-Friendly Incinerate Build
Incinerate: My Incinerate + Flame-Totem build uses Three Dragons
Incinerate: 72 Block, Max Spell block, Incinerate Atziri Farmer, 70k DPS.
Incinerate: Scionic Flametank (CI-ZO 13%+ ES regen, Incinerate, newbie-friendly)
Incinerate/RF: [1.3.X] MIJOTHY'S SHOCKING RF INCINERATOR - 200k+ DPS, 10k Fire Pen Tooltip (LMP), Shocks all bosses
Incinerate/RF: Flow's RF 2handed 82 fire res 16,29% regen hp life based
Incinerate/RF: [1.3] The Burning One - RF VMS Scolds self-ignite Incinerator uses Vaal Molten Shell powered by Scold's Bridle
Lightning Tendrils: ThereIsAnother's Lightning Tendrils Build - Has Killed Atziri
Lightning Tendrils: Cursing Thundergoddess - Lightning Tendrils, Vaal Storm Call , Multicurse
Lightning Tendrils: [1.3.0, HC, BL] Asta's Lv91 Pledge of Tendrils [~30k DPS, 12k Eva, PA, VP, Ondars, AA, ~7k HP]
Spark: [1,2] Self cast spark is nice!! [EB][OG][AA] Rampage (work in progress)
Spark: Bloodlines "Press D to End Game" High Projectile Speed Vaal Spark Scion 1.3
Summoner: [1.3]SRS BUILD / Hybrid / Uber viable + Vid]
Summoner: GunFinX's Summon Raging Spirits Magic Finder | Mapping | Normal Atziri
Summoner: "The Apprentice, SRS Magic Finder" | LL BM | 7Auras | Magic Find
Summoner: TyrantKeel's Blood Raven Summoner Bow-Summoner hybrid
Vaal Righteous Fire: [1.3] Vaal Righteous Fire Build

Cleave: [1.3] Dual Wield Axe Shocker - High HP, Balanced Atk/Def, Cheap, Fun!
Cleave: [1.3.1] Dual Axe Cleaver - 106k dps up to 215k dps - easy atziri
Cyclone: DimenRush Master Jedi (Cyclone) build cyclone with maxed aoe
Dominating Blow: 1.3 BeyondDominating - HC Budget Dominating Blow Tank DB + zombies and spectres
Double Strike/ST: Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play
Dual Strike: [1.2.2] Sando's 1.4m+ dps Dual Strike Scion / Uber Atziri viable
Dual Strike: Hellcat5's Guide to Melee Scion 1.3.1
Facebreaker Cyclone: 108.5k dps Facebreaker Cycloner Scion >1.3< 1.3 update:page 9
Facebreaker Cyclone: [1.3] Cyclone Facebreaker Build - Cheap and Tested!
Facebreaker Cyclone: [1.3] Nervreaker - Block 75/60 - FB BoR AA Cyclone
Flicker Strike: Crit Dagger CI || Herald of Ash Flicker Prolif ||
Flicker Strike: Polla's Butterfly Build
Flicker Strike: [1.3 Build] "Flickering Candle" Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Striking Shenanigans
Ground Slam: [1.3] Damn! She's Stunning - Budget 2H Mace Ground Slam Scion perma stun build
Leap Slam: [1.3]Bouncy's Turbo Leap Slam 55k tooltip dps budget build
Mjölner: 1.3 Mjolner "The Thunder God" (Vaal Pact, Super Tanky, HC viable, Atziri Down, Cheap)
Mjölner: My Budget Mjolnir Build
Mjölner: Nuclear Leap Slam/Hulk & Thor's manbaby.
Mjölner: [1.3] Mjölner Low Life Crit Build.
Molten Strike: I call it "Rack 'Em Up" An Evasion Crit Dagger Build
Reave: Razorchild CI Reave --> Max 190k DPS -> 4.6k ES -> 50% Block + High Armour
Reave: Divine Reave Scion-120K DPS 4K HP 10K ARMOR 30 EXALTS
Static Strike: Kaom's Megastriker 100k+ dps Low-budget Static striker + Massive prolif
Static Strike: Tanky Static Striker - 25k+ Buffed - Solo the Game - Extreme viable - Atziri Down
Static Strike: Sherkhan's SSS [100k+ Staff Scion Static Striker; 4k+ HP, Phase Acro, New-League Friendly]
Sweep: [1.3] "No Life Kripp Lives" - Sweep CI

Blink Arrow: [1.3] "Agent Smith" Scion Version / Mirror/Blink Arrow Triple Aura clones build
Explosive Arrow: [1.2.0] Explosive Arrow - Mana based with maxed AA/MoM
Ice Shot: [1.2] Malibu's Infernal Ice Shot Uses Pyre for cold to fire conversion
Ice Shot: Resolute Technique Ice Shot Scion
Ice Shot: [1.3.1] Crit IceShot Antireflect - HC Build (Freezer+Schocker)
Poison Arrow: Fill the screen with 20k dps poison clouds! (26k with curse) Tanky too! HC vialble! Atziri Viable!
Poison Arrow: [1.3] Lib's Scion BM PA (1.0) 33,8k DPS DoT (Cursed) 279,7k Damage per Arrow. ~Tanky. Shoot & Run
Tornado Shot: Crit Tornado Ripper - Fastest map clearer? You decide! Up to 95 crit
Tornado Shot: Tornado Shot Crit Life v1.2.0
Tornado Shot: Codename AKFlubby: Results of pushing Ripper up to +1 arrow, .. 140k gmp ts
-----Spectral Throw
Spectral Throw: Elemental Buzzsaw - Solo the entire game, quickly and cheaply 1.1.0 update
Spectral Throw: 1.3.0 FyndelThrow Phys/Ele Lowlife COE SpectralThrow / Uber atziri deathless
Spectral Throw: [1.2] Life EB Aura Crit Spectral - 19.4k LMP with a 5L Budget Setup, HC Viable
Spectral Throw: Elemental Crit Spectral Throw [1.3.0 Updated]
Spectral Throw: Velvet's elemental buzzsaw {crit} ~ Atziri deathless/map clearing 1.2.x
Spectral Throw: [1.3] Ele Crit Low Life Spectal Throw [Budget]
Spectral Throw: [1.3] Lib's Scion BM IG LL ST (7.0) 82.6k GMP / 116.8k LMP~ 129.2k GMP / 182.7k Buff
Wander: 1.3 Kaiserin's Hybrid Synergiser Wander updated 1.3 trees:page 142
Wander: [1.3] pabrt's Frost Wall Kinetic Blaster
Wander: Lawyne's Imbued **BL4ZE RUNNER** Kinetic Blast Reflectproof ~ 100k GMP DPS ~ 7,5k ES ~ 22 AA
Wander: [1.3] Poor man's Kinetic Blast wander 40k LMP
Wander: [1.3] Wanderfully Balanced Kinetic Blaster
Wander: [1.3] [Bloodlines] Duff's Ele Wandsaw Kinetic Blast 5 Aura/Buffs
Wander: 1.3.1 Low Life Kinetic Blast Wander (for the upper middle class)

-----Trigger Gems
CoC: [1.2] Wurpo's quill rain + cast on crit build (aka stress test build) with videos Uses Split arrow/Barrage to trigger several spells
CoC: [1.3] CoC Sci/Sha/Ran/Due with Block - Song of Ice and Fire. Uses Spectral Throw to trigger fireball and arctic breath.
CoC: [1.2] Cold Hands - CoC + Cold Snap Bow Build [1.2]
CoC: Total Chaos Voltaxic CoC Build converts lightning spells to chaos with Voltaxic
CoC: [1.3] 40ex Uber Viable Barrage CoC 500k+ dps (1.22m+ DPS boosted)
CoC: [Bloodlines] RF Cyclone CoC Flame Surge
CoC: [1.3] Discharging Molten CoCs (Work in Progress) needs Voll's Devotion
CoC: Ice Queen - Coc freeze whole screen molten strike w/ cold spells
CwDT: [1.3]Scolds CWDT+CWS Discharger uses Scold's Bridle to selfdamage
Support: Pure Support: _VOC_ / LvL 88 #8 Torment - build and gear (Updated 12/16/2014 for 1.3) - 6 Curses Pure support build with 6 curses + 7 auras
Support: [Build 1.2.0] ZiocxOmega Aura Supply Supporter(10 Auras ES Blood magic Conduit, with Generosity)
Support: Otariidae's 1.2 bootleg pubbie party oddball cullball curseball auramancer supplementator generic support for public parties
Support: [1.3] Kaom's auraculler / RF / 700 regen / 9 Auras / Infinite Rarity 6.5k+ ES mf + auras
Support: [1.3.0] Generic support guide - Hexa Curse 6 curses
Support: Whispers of the Angels - World's dankest curser
Poison Arrow: [Invasion] RaizQT's Poison trapper. Poison Arrow linked to Trap. HC. Starts as witch with 1.2
Blink-Mirror Arrow: [1.3] [BL] "This exile is an illusion, World!" TrippinPeaches's Illusion Squad (Blink/Mirror Arrow) Clones build.

1.0 - 1.2 builds with broken trees

Other guides
Map Management Resource The ultimate guide to maps.

Absolute beginners should have a look at
How to make a build - quick start guide as well as at the
Guide to Game Mechanics and
Noperative's General Guide to Path of Exile
Cold witch guide for beginners:
Fireball witch guide for beginners:
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Voll's Devotion technically is no longer a legacy item as it can be aquired even in 3-month leagues by buying an anarchy or onslaught mod when using Zana's map device. It is extremly scarce though.
Cold witch guide for beginners:
Fireball witch guide for beginners:
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Good stuff.
As always great job :)
Frenzy Facebreaker: The Facenuker
Cold witch guide for beginners:
Fireball witch guide for beginners:
I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.
mondobogus wrote:
I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.

Cold witch guide for beginners:
Fireball witch guide for beginners:
Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.
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Kanzeon wrote:
Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.

Was already in the list.

Ethereal Knives: ZiggyD's Etheral Knives Mana Shield Scion Build Guide - Nemesis/Hardcore Tree updates at page 94
Cold witch guide for beginners:
Fireball witch guide for beginners:

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