[2.4] RaizQT Inspired Crit Arc Totem [SC/HC Viable] [Budget Friendly]

Hello exiles and welcome to my build guide for a Crit Arc Totem Ascendant [Assassin/Hierophant]
If you like being edgy, then this is a build for you!

This build was heavily inspired by RaizQT (https://www.twitch.tv/raizqt)
I saw him play an arc totem character and he said it was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the thought of it so I decided to try it out myself (yes, Raiz did it first)

TL:DR? Here's a short video on the basics

Pros and Cons
-Safe (Can hide behind corners while totems do the work)
-Budget (Can be done on a 5 link and no required uniques)
-High ES once you get good gear
-Versatile (Can be done as another character/ascendancy)

-Single target sucks (Safe but pretty slow on a 5 link)
-Scion is far from Ancestral Bond (At least with the path I took)
-Not many totem nodes, so they aren't very tanky

You can level as any spell skill you choose, (Like firestorm or flameblast) including Arc. If you level with Arc, I recommend leveling more than 2 at once. Self cast one, and use the other in a spell totem to help with single target while leveling. Once they reach lv20, corrupt them and try to get lv21. This will massively help with your DPS. (Especially once you get a 6 link) Lifesprigs at the start, Axiom Perpetuum once you start specing into crit

No required uniques but Facebreakers are recommended for gloves since they give 90% crit multi. The rest of the gear just use High Energy Shield items with the Resists you need. For Rings you will want some Mana Regen unless you plan to get some on the tree, Flat Energy Shield and Resists. Crafting % Energy Shield will help a lot once you can afford it. For the Amulet, Crit multi, Cast Speed, Spell Damage are the most important then Mana Regen plus any resist or attributes you need.

Gem Links
Arc > Spell Totem > Increased Critical Strikes > Controlled Destruction > Faster Casting
For the 6th link, try to get a lv4 Empower (lv3 If you're on a budget then resell it once you can afford lv4) This will make your DPS skyrocket when you have your lv21 arc too

Clarity > Wrath/Discipline
Wrath for more DPS, Discipline if you want more energy shield

Keep a Vaal Clarity handy if things get too dangerous

Conductivity + Increased Area of Effect
Cursing Rares and Bosses will help

Golem? Use whatever you prefer.


Skill Tree

End Game Uniques
Call of the Brotherhood can be very nice offensively and defensively
Valyrium, a new unique ring that helps with stun immunity

I mentioned in the pros that this build can be played as another character or ascendancy, and you have quite a few choices
Ascendant [Occultist] - More Energy Shield, Energy Shield Regen and can take the path of the witch after Uber Lab

Ascendant [Elementalist] - Reduce Elemental Damage Taken, More Lightning Penetration, and 30% Lightning Damage when using a Lightning Golem

Inquisitor - Max DPS by ignoring elemental resists and using Empower instead of Lightning Penetration

Hope you enjoyed the build. Feedback on things to add to the guide or improvements on the build are appreciated.
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Great build, I have question:

what with the bandits?
Last edited by MrKato2 on Sep 28, 2016, 4:40:31 PM

Great build, I have question:

what with the bandits?

Hi is it possible to start this build as a witch or is it recommended to do run it as a scion?
Hi is it possible to start this build as a witch or is it recommended to do run it as a scion?

Being a scion is just for the ease of play with +1% base crit from assassin and a few other ascendant choices offer good stats. Playing as a witch is fine too.

Occultist would give you really nice defenses.
Elementalist wouldn't offer too much. IIRC totems and Shaper of Desolation don't work together but I could be wrong
Necromancer would actually be a nice choice giving you cast speed through Flesh Offering + Mistress of Sacrifice, slight physical damage reduction from Flesh Binder and Commander of Darkness has nice stats on it too.

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