[2.4] Dumb Commander - No Int Siege Ballista - 150k DPS - Atziri / Uber Izaro / T15

Hi there,

After having tried to max my Wispering Ice build, I had to take a break with Intelligence stat... Here is a siege ballista totem build using Iron Commander bow focusing on dexterity and strength and leaving away anything related to intelligence.


- Iron commander need dexterity, we grab everything we can on gear, tree and Scion got a nice boost with his ascendant
- We scale damage with strength and iron grip (this also provides nice life bonus)
- 10x Brawn jewel to scale dext and str, and remove all intelligence
- Using poison double dipping to rake up damages


An Atziri run
Atziri run
A video where the map has a sextant that garantee an unique on boss kill :
Courtyard with double boss


- Very good clear speed
- Can do all map mods (need to pot for no life regen)
- Good survivability
- Should be HC viable (not tested)
- Can run Atziri / Uber lab
- Blazing fast leveling, build can be started lvl 32 and really start shining with Drillneck lvl 36
- Quite cheap (1 ex budget with astramentis, and it's not mandatory)

- Lots of skills / support are not usable
- No CWDT setup (anyway that does not help for one shots)
- Some fight with physical spell damages in a small space can be tricky (i.e Malachai)


I'm currently lvl 89 and have:
- Around 1250 dexterity (7 ballistas) and 850 strength
- 5.6K life
- 8kk evasion and max resists
- 15k DPS per ballista with a 6L. That's up to 150k DPS, see bellow for details
- 60% movespeed

DPS computation

This computation refers to my actual gear and is not optimal at all. I will update the numbers as I level up and update gear.
- 8k physical DPS
Doube dipping :
- Totem damage increase : 64% from tree, -30% from jewel
- Projectile damage increase : 30% from tree + 100 % drillneck + 10% from slower proj + 10% from pierce
- Chaos damage increase : 20 % from tree + 30% from poison support
- Poison duration increase : 10%
- More multiplier: 29 % from slower proj, 19% from pierce
- No pierce support gem ye (need 6L)
- 30% increase damage with chieftain ascendant, up to 30% increase with deadeye ascendant (we will assume 15% for computation)
Other increase
- 15% physical as extra fire damage (if recent kill)

As poison stack, we can use physical DPS to calculate poison DPS.
Current DPS per ballista = 8k * (1 + 0.08*2*1.1*(1+0.34+1.5+0.5+0.45)*1.29*1.19) = 8 * (1 + 1.02) = 14.17k (15.36k if you have killed recently)
With 7 Ballistas, that's 99k DPS (107k if you have killed recently and 154k with proj weakness)

Max DPS reachable with 8 ballistas, +1 arrow drillneck and pierce :
8k * (1 + 0.08*2*1.1*(1+0.64+1.4+0.5+0.45)*1.29*1.2) = 16.k per ballista, 133k dps and 143k if you've killed recently. With proj weakness on target, that's near 200k DPS

Projectile weakness does not double dip :
Mark_GGG wrote:
No, it isn't. Projectile weakness only ever affects hits. It's a modifier to damage taken, which is different kind of thing to a modifier to damage. DoT cannot be affected by damage taken modifiers that care about the source (such as increased projectile damage taken), because the source is long gone by the time they would apply.


The amulet could be swapped for Astramentis for more life but less resistances, got it for 15c. The 6L body armour cost 80c (60c + 20c of essence of sorrow to craft it). The rest of gear cost few chaos per piece. Whole gear cost about 1.5 - 2 ex. Next piece of gear will be +1 arrow corrupted Drillneck.

10x Brawn jewel (will grab one more once i'm level 90) + 1 rain of splinters (will remove it once I have a +1 arrow drillneck)


Primary offence : Siege ballista + Faster Attack + Poison + Slower projectile + Projectile physical attack damage (5L) + Pierce (6L)
Secondary offence : I still don't know what I will use, perhaps mirror arrow or frenzy. For the moment i grap loot while ballistas clear the map
Utility 1 : Blink arrow + Faster attack
Utility 2 : Phase run + Projectile weakness + Increase duration
Utility 3 : Stone golem + culling strike + blind + life leach or fortify

Current Progression

- Lvl 89
- Currently running red maps with no problems
- Atziri done
- Uber izaro done
- T15 corrupted Colosseum with double boss
- Killed 2/3 atziri trio in Vaal Temple map

Feel free to ask any question. I will try to update this guide often.
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Have you tried using added chaos instead of phys proj? I find it's far more damage and still scales poison. Especially if you take into consideration that most mobs and bosses have lower chaos resistance.
League: Perandus(Standard) IGN: Destrominate
No I haven't tried, added chaos damage gem requires intelligence. I'm trying to add some flat phys damage, I don't know if the difference will be very high with added chaos. I will try to compare them by removing brawn jewels.
Where do you get the 4 arrows shown in the tooltip for your siege ballista? Im new with the skill, is there something Im missing, or is there a multiple projectile support in there somewhere?
I was using Rain of Splinters before having a +1 arrow Drillneck
I use this build now,to mutch for drillneck +1 arrow 8ex but díing sun +2 arrow 4ex
How's this build at 2.5?
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Live todos os dias
Nothing has changed, all items are the same, it works exactly like 2.4.

I started this league with a poison focused ballista commander (ranger, some intelligence for added chaos) and went up to T15 and atziri quite fast compared to my other league starts. I had higher damage than the dumb commander version, but lower life.
Hi! What skills you use in ascendant? Thx
still viable ?

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