[2.4] Rakels Eski-Bow-Mower (Nuro´s Harp/Reach of the Council/SC/high penetration)

What the hack is this
It is a hot summer and so i thought i´d need something
to chill things down a bit - so let´s turn Lightning Arrow into
something very frosty

*update* Still 2.4 viable? Yes it actually is. But i must admit i have overseen
one of the BIG nerfes in 2.4 - GGG entirely removed the interaction ebtween LA and
Frost Wall. This means basically a single target would be very helpfull in this
setup now, although it can deal without it. It can still be fun to play i assume,
but as usual when GGG wants to destroy something they to it right. This build
bloomed with the LA interaction in hard boss fights, and some of those will get
harder now. I am not quite sure if i will continue this. Thank you for chasing
reddits a*** as usual. The history of GGG ruining builds is quite long, and this
will stop be from making any further ones. A job well done!

DPS with Reach of the council on full blast. The build was never intended
to use it, the idea was in the first place to dela mostly cold damage. But
in the end it does not matter:

DPS at LVL92, with charges, using Nuro´s harp:

Hideout-tooltip DPS with Auras up is little above 40k, and would be around 55-60 if
not using cold penetration in the setup. Cold Penetration without quality does not
boost tooltip DPS at all of course, but i think it is still best in slot for this build.
High level bosses and resistant monsters melt like butter if you employ cold penetration
in combination with elemental weakness curse. The build deals mostly cold damage with
a little lightning damage on top - i don´t want to stand in front of monsters with
high resistances and run into issues and keep up continuous clear speed. It works
very well this way, and i have tested it the entire Prophecy leagues.

If enemies don´t go "boom" instantly, they are in most case frozen solid till the
next hit wipes em out. Dont underestimate the Tooltip dps as the high penetration
is not taken into account there yet. No need for a weird tree (as with templar
inquisitor) to get the benefit of high elemental penetration!

Pro´s and Con´s of this build


- with my scion setup you can throw out assassins mark later and use
ele weakness curse. with cold penetration support combined with ele waekness curse
we get 81% total penetration (with ele weakness at 20/20 and cold penetration at lvl20)
With Adding Fangs of Frost 89% can be archived (but seems overdo imho)

This setup anihilates endgame content very well. Even in a 5-link setup without using
cold penetration ele weakness will be good enough to not give a damn about resis
on most monsters, it provides us already with enough penetration!
- a lot of freezing critting fun and enemies scattereing in icy explosions
all over the screen - enjoy the boom
- Very reflect safe for a bower. I say that after a lot of pain with T-shot
and other builds. yes - i can still die from reflect, but usually you get away
with things and 2-3 shots on a ele reflect monster will most often not wipe you
from the face of Wreaclast! +4% reduced ele dmg during flask help a little bit,
but it is the combination of asc class, evasion, dodge etc. that keeps us safe,
and the chest also helps. If no flasks are up, the risk is a bit higher, but it
is easy to perma up flasks with this setup as they recharge very fast..
Offscreen clearing that happens somehow with pierce builds is not so dangerous
with this char. Of course you still should not play in "dumb-and-blind-mode" ^^
well but that we can´t have scince Voltax got screwed.
- you could even use a Voltax here and we would loose some damage that can reflected.
I think even after the nerf, Voltax could give us some more safety. Maybe a good
option for safe late leveling progress.
- fast clear-speed
- atziri is piece of cake with this
- not laggy, not annoying in partys, people ask themselves where the spreading
ice is coming from as they forgot about Nuros already.
- beneficial for party members: enemies frozen or slowed down, free life regen
from desecrated ground, most stuff is dead before others can even get there.
- freezes a lot of annoying stuff, very safe for a bower as
we do not have to fear melee attacks/devourers and so on
- cheap starting gear and rather beginner friendly if doing this with a ranger
- flexibility to go into ele- or phys bow builds with high end gear,
or change to windripper/mf without restatting
- can do most content with one 5-link item if you´r poor! buy a cheap Nuro´s
and any ev chest and even the cold steel jewel just costy you an alch
- Devourers are fun as they are usually frozen after the first shot
and can neither damage nor escape.
- Porcupines are no issue either! I did not die a single time from
them so far
- can run desecrated ground maps (no VP) won´t loose any health if BR is off
- no life loss from blood rage


- ele reflect maps are still not too great for this build, but can be done, life
leech gem MUST be added to the setup and damage sacrificed. VP is good to have
here but as i don´t like all that i stay away from that ele reflect map mod
the normal reflect of single targets in a mob we encounter does usually not bother
me at all though, as stated under the pros...
- you should not single target cold/ele resi monsters without ele weaknes curse
or even better combined with cold penetration! or you´ll screw clearspeed at high
tiers. learn to curse very fast :D
- at least one 6-link is very good to have at higher levels to always play with
cold penetration: as this costs u some, taking this as a downside. YET witha 6-link
i have the feeling this gets really wicked and it´s not sooo difficult theses days
to get just something. I´d not play this with a Tabula for many reasons :-)

- trying to full clear maps you might oversee frozen monsters if your too quick :) but
this clears very efficient don´t worry

important stuff

- DON´t continue to blast stuff at full speed once you
notice your health drops when you hit something. Use a Ballista
or slow down and stay safe! Windrippers and their APS are more
vulnerable here than my Nuro´s setup.

NERFED and you can forget about this part now:
- DON´t Frost Wall everything you shoot, you mostly don´t need
to. If you Frost Wall a reflect monster by mistake, that´s the ticket
as this focusses all our damage, and you don´t want that to reflect.
Don´t Frostwall Atzirirs mirror phase.
- DON´t Frost Wall the path of your party members in a rota. Only
then they´ll hate you with this otherwise party friendly build

- use ele weakness if you are using a scion instead of Assasins Mark,
as long as you only run a 5-link setup without ele penetraiton. When
you do, keep it still up. If your using a Ranger there is not
many options but legacy gear to get power charges if not using assasins
mark, so the 6l becomes more essential here and i do think its less good
- USE NURO´s! I do state indeed that other Bows are possible but this
build is optimized for it! You will deal so much cold damage that playing
with cold penetration support gem makes a lot of sense. Our cold damage
can then together with ele weakness penetrate all monster resistances
like butter, giving us a large damage boost.

So far it was a good grind with this build in Prophecy and easy
leveling progression. Reflect is not a big issue either, I do notice
it slightly but no big risk of suicide (using a flask activates
our Pathfinder dmg reduction and i´m good) So yeah, won´t run ele
reflect maps with this but thats just one mod that i evade asides
"no life and mana regen".

It is one of the most fun bowers i´ve played so far. Not much
fighting back from mobs even on high tier maps due to perma freezing
stuff, rogue exiles freeze mid-air, bears before they drop to the ground.
Don´t need temp chains with this build, freeze and spreading ice do that
in a much more efficient way it seems.

Atziri early with no issues with this (using blast rain for mirror phase),
Pale Court was no problem at all, Uber Itzaro seems to work and i took
his pet down easily (if i would not run into silly traps before the last
Itzaro fight^^ but to be tried again soon)

about me and this build

This is my first build, and i don´t want to take too much
credit for it - as it certainly has a lot of elements from other
builds that i´ve seen around here on the forum in the last years.
It shares big parts of the skill tree with other classic archer
builds. But it has it´s own elements so I decided to share it with
the community. I think it feels very nice to play and so far
i did not regret to play this.

Sorry if my English is not correct everywhere, I´m not a native
speaker :) i hope it works for you guys. I started the game
a little bit before Domination league started - and usually do
not play HC (if you care about these things) So, rather the
casual gamer who just enjoys playing and looting.

Surprisingly there seems to be a lack of bow builds that run
a lot of cold damage (and yes there might be reasons against it)
With the new Bow Nuro´s harp i thought this was worth giving
it a shot, and so i tried to get my own build started that i
I feel comfy with. Can certainly recommend it for new
players that want a safe and efficient bow build that´s a
lot of fun to play in the new league & cheap. But also
for anyone who just wants to try out something new, or
that new bow. It does not scale DPS to senseless numbers, so
if you want that go look somewhere else please -
but its far enough to deal with the current content and
it is certainly not weak.

This build is for easy mapping and challenge progress, and
has good survivability compared to a lot of glass-cannon bowers
around. It allows for a fast and still very safe play-style and is
very party friendly. Asides Lightning Arrow+Herald of ice looks pretty
sick if packs explode ^^ a permanent joy.

Most often packs just explode in a massive explosion of frost, leaving
nothing behind but chilled and consecrated ground. Got high hopes that
this char will be working well at high tier maps, but it remains to
be tested. I will update this hopefully over the time and improve it. At
this moment i´m running T11 maps at lvl86 in Prophecy with good
clear-speed and it´s still fun.

This is still work in progress, please be aware of that.

I played a lot of phys crit based, ele crit windripper and later voltax
chaos based bow builds in the past and i thought it was time to go for
my (sort of) own cheap and cheerfull setup. Did not want to jump onto another
hype train this league. I always modified other peoples builds slightly to suit
my own playstyle - and so the tree has many elements of other popular bow builds.
So i give the credits to guys like Aivy & Neversinks & Mathils
that gave me a lot of inspiration with their guides. Thank you and
everyone who has helped me along with ideas and info.


But WHY the hell would i try your build? Also when you can buy a
Windripper for a few chaos in Prohecy and thats sooo strong! You
seem to make no sense!

;-) Because its surprisingly fun to play, believe me - and it
a strong and cheap to make build in the current Prophecy league!

Well of course, if you think its a pile of crap, you can be so kind and
help to improve it - or go and write elsewhere please, thanks :=)

Decided to go for Nuro´s Harp when it was released, and do something with
it, and this is the result. I think it works well enough to share it.

Maybe you had similar ideas and want to try the same based on this.
The build is very safe and does offer some nice sides you will not have
if playing with other bows and scaling phys, chaos or plain lightning
damage. Also for the case it would not work out i wanted to have other
options without heavy restatting.

You are already here and notoriously bored of whatever your doing at the
moment. Just give it a shot, you might actually like it. And it is quite
versatile and possible to gear to whatever other bow build you fancy with
just a couple of regrets. Also - If your greedy and want to do a lot with
very little...this is a nice thing. It doesnt take any expensive item our
jewelry to run this char. Except for the very cheap bow and quiver you need
you can pretty much use self found items. The chest is a good advice for
prophecy, it allows us to reduce our "oneshottability" problems a bit.
You scatter almost every enemy - not leaving much to detonate corpses behind
as a plus. If you don´t kill stuff right away you usually freeze it, and
dying enemies within the pack slow the remaining ones down with icy ground.
If you don´t go for VP (i will try after 90+) the consecrated ground you
create everywhere on smashing mobs is a nice bonus. Scion allows us
to either go for a good mix of defenses and damage or go for the ranger
start of the tree and safe a quite a lot of nodes later on... I figured
this is a nice mix of flexibility, clear speed, and defenses. At level
75 to 80 i really started enjoying this a lot, and for some reason i enjoy
it more than the voltax-mathil build i played during Perandus. It just
feels a lot safer although it is slightly slower.


Reasons for Scion
With 8 Ascendancy points we can late game pick the ranger start and
unskill a lot of points that we won´t need. 5 points allow us to pick
nullification and sniper instead to close the gap to ranger via the
right side of the tree. We move our Jewel node in the center to the very
right later on, saving us onr more point. With Vaal Pact this
becomes a less good choice though. Ranger gives you easier leveling
progress and strong Asc tree - so i doubt it will matter. As i never
made a high level Scion i thought with the recent Ascendancy changes
i might just give it a shot and see how it performs.


The required piecs of Gear to make this work are Nuro´s Harp and Drillneck:

Nuro´s Harp beeing the only bow providing us with free chilled
ground and a good cold damage base to scale with - the Harbinger
base is not too bad, not the Crit we get from a Windripper but more
pure cold Dmg (and that´s what we wan´t to scale as much as we can)

Drillneck becomes important as this is a pierce build, using the
Frost Wall Mechanics to speed up killing rares and bosses. Both items
are available in Prophecy for a couple of Chaos, preferably get high
APS on Drillneck and 220 cold dmg on Nuro´s (~240 if you can get a nice one)


Corrupting an Additional arrow on Drillneck is OP if you can get it, we
don´t need the 10% pierce chance from Drillneck as we have full pierce
from the tree and pierce gem already.

Cold Steel jewel is strong for this build but not mandatory. I use it in my
tree though, might do a version wihtout it later eventually. I noticed that a very
well rolled Jewel with added cold, crit multi, aps or similar will be better in this
socket (we will have some useless phys scaling from the nodes Aspect of the EAgl & Lynx)
Only reason to still take them is a nice mix off crit, acc rating and movement speed.
I will still test if another option is more viable but for starting the cold steel
jewel is a cheap and good way to make better use of those nodes (...Lynx, Eagle)

Note: place it here for best use and making use of ranger
pyhs nodes. We won´t go into Flash Freeze though. Transfering
those other Phys nodes to Cold nodes seems better as we also get
crit, acc rating and movement speed on that way. This sacrifices
a Jewel Slot that could also be used in a 7% life / added cold
/ crit multi or chance jewel instead

Other bows that will work here are Windripper and Voltax,
but hey we´ve dont that so often - and can´t scale cold
dmg so much if not using Nuro´s. As a silly corrupted Voltax
comes for free with one of the challenges it´s nice to keep
that one for reflect maps though. The damage we deal with it
is pretty similar but i prefer the icy apocalypse. But for those
map´s i don´t want to reroll i might just swap it in without
restatting anything or changing any gems in my chest that carries
my main attack gems. If you want to go pure Voltax, rather play
anohter build :)

Gloves: Best in slot Atziris Acuity as usual, followed by
Facebraker for their crit Multi as usual, followed
by Maligaros, Shadows and Dust, APS/Resi/Life gloves. So
much choice.

Boots: Atziris Steps will be difficult to stat for resis, we
will usually be using EV gloves with good life rolls and as
good resis as we can

Jewelry: any that caps our resi, after that life above everything,
then flat cold damage,lightning damage, crit, acc rating. And of
course keep an eye on our stats. Compromises are most likely to
be made here, but stuff to get started with can be self-found pretty


life, aps or aps with bows, increased cold dmg, increased lightning dmg and so on
are good rolls that we want to have here

Helmet: Rat´s Nest best in slot for damage and there is not much
reason for wearing anything else (but maybe high life/ev)
so cheap option would be Starkonia´s, or for Devoto's Devotion.


Kintsugi is a nice choice in the Prophecy league, though you may
go for a high ev life resi chest, Queen of the Forest is ok and
cheap, Lightning Coil is a very nice option but hard to stat in
a league.

So far i´ve been very happy with Kingsugi. Except for having only
one resist it really seems to decrease the chance to get one-shot
when crashing into a mob. As our attacks freeze so well we have
hardly any problems there.

(thanks to a few lucky fusings..)

Enchantments: larrow dmg or larrow add arrow for helmet. whatever
you feel like on boots/gloves. Cold or Lightning damage or reduced
chance to get stunned on boots seems to be useful stuff here.

Belt: any ele dmg-res-life rare belt that fits your stats.
lightning or cold version of Doryani's Invitation can be used but
100+ life belt with ele dmg will be much better as we neither
need the additional leech nor the chance to freeze/shock. Our crits
take care about that. Prismweave is good to level with.


my current setup in Prophecy:

Get a long duration movement speed flask, eventually a silver flask or anything with increased duration. 2 insta recovery life flasks suggested with remove bleeding, another
normal one (mine with increased chance to gain a flask on crit) We need long duration flasks
of some sort to keep flask effects from Pathfinder up permanently.

Atiri flask of course is a good option as well but at the
moment i like Silver flasks a lot for the nice Onslought effects.

My current setup in Prophecy with stinking jewelry and not wearing
Rat´s Nest or Facebrakers:

my current gear in prophecy:

Stats, Defenses

Life pool around 4,7k with shit jewelry at lvl91, getting above 5 just requires
a bit better gear than i got in Prophecy atm.


Jewelry is crap at this moment, but here the current numbers:

Lvl 91, gems not fully leveld (19/20, some just 20) buffed + vh + onslought (6l)

unbuffed with auras and golem:

Siege Ballista (6l) with LMP

alternative BR for atziri (not recent, can do more) buffed (6l)

This is not the end result by far...So this is still gonna boost a
lot, as i´m not even wearing gloves that give me any kind of real
damage boost atm. With 20/20 gems and of course if i can manage
with lvl 21 wrath and added cold dmg i´ll post the numbers as
soon as i can...


Passives and Tree:

Scion final tree LVL 91 after splitting and 8 ASC points

http://i.imgur.com/yHW9j0S.jpg top
http://i.imgur.com/TMRyofU.jpg bottom

Sorry only screenshots - splitting ain´t possible atm in any builder.

(for lvl 100 get more sockets, get life wheel written
in blood top of the tree for even more safety...though i
guess this build rather aims to 94-95 max chars, not really
requires more points either i would level a scion or ranger
that far ^^)

Scion leveling tree:

[needs update]

i suggest to pick Acrobatics as early as you can. Get Phase
Acrobatics eventually, for t12+ maps, lab, and so on it helps a lot.
Get arrow dancing eventually to help avoid reflect even better.

Close the tree late via the right side (Sniper/Nullification nodes) -
this will not work early nor make any sense. It can best be done
after all Asc points and getting the Ranger starting nodes! Some
restatting will be required, i picked the 2nd Jewel node on the
Scions path to the Ranger first and put that elsewhere later to
save another point. I don´t want VP with this build so unstatting
all the points in the center is fine later, and i do not miss
having no VP with this build. Master of the Arena makes no real
big sense but before picking a pure strenght node i´d go for that.
With the additional regen we do have NO degen form Blood Rage so
that would be another Reason. I decided to save the point as i can
live without it very well.

Fangs of Frost could be another viable option now (and is not worth
skilling before i think) but the additional cold penetration is
actually very valuable.

Ranger tree

coming very soon!


Gems & Socket colors:


Lightning arrow - Gmp - Added cold - Pierce - Wed - Cold Penetration

You do not NEED cold penetration and can swap for some other gem, but
it is very strong in this setup imho. I didn´t use it at first but
was lucky to get a 6 link very early this league, and it seems to
be worth keeping it in and not any other dmg boosting gem (such as
added lightning dmg)

For the start i played without cold penetration although it can be
somehow annoying at t10+ maps. With a 5-link and no CP gem this can
be a downside of this build - also you can get in low leech situations
with single monsters if your damage is not high enough. Pick another
mana leech node as long as that is the case.

NERFED - we can use some CWDT setup instead. Ice wall is dead for bowers.

ice wall - spell echo - faster casting - blood magic:

allows us to spam ice walls for defense and offense, we can
block enemies and bosses, block their projectiles, focus our
AOE attack on a mob our single target. WE NEED 100% pierce for this!
This is essential. This works so well that an additional single
target is not required except for Atziri runs. We can use our
other sockets as defense, for cwdt setup or to boost mirror and
blink arrow. I went for this setup for now:

Blast Rain - Concentrated Effect - WED - added cold - faster attacks - increased critical strikes
or increased critical damage

(you might see elemental focus equipped here in my bow but i´m not going to
use that, just want to level the gem for something else. We want to freeze and shock
still, so despite the dmg boost this is not a good choice) We can not use
poison in this setup as we don´t deal any phys or chaos damage with BR - sad, but
also this is just for atziri mirror phases and otherwise we drop it for cwdt
setup or whatever we like.

blink arrow - not much to say about these but i suggest
to use it for normal mapping as it only requires a slot to work.
Cooldown is crap, so we really need to use Lightning warp setup
for the lab

Lightning warp - faster casting - less duration : THIS IS ESSENTIAL FOR
or, if you are as shitty as me with traps, you´ll die. This
is an EV build and it does not like spikes a lot. Bring remove bleeding flasks
and have enough life pool before you even consider going there. Even in if pulled.

mirror arrow:
good to have, not a must though. I prefer to run a siege ballista against reflect
targets as secondary attack most of the time. For Atziri i switch that for Blast

phase run:
nice as we can use that to run through our own frost walls - (if we still want to
use those at all after the nerf!) but we won´t have a free slot and it has activation
time. So if you can wear a flask for this, though i prefer atziri or silver flask in
my setup and don´t have room for that.

Vaal haste or Vaal Clarity+increased duration:
- always useful to have clarity at hand for i.e. no leech maps or low
mana situations. I start to prefer it over vaal haste, though that is a nice
dmg and clear speed boost and my favorite in most maps.

Blood rage: is a must have. I don´t intend to use VaalP Pact in this
setup, so our regeneration and consecrated ground make us barely notice
life degen! I like this, and its very relaxed to play with it.

I used to play with Vaal Pact-Blood Rage a lot but sometimes it can be
very annoying to keep up health with flasks. Do as you prefer, but if
you play without VP you can get the Rangers starting point later and
unskill a lot of nodes to be used elsewhere (if Scion)

Curse Setup: Assassins mark and later Ele Weakness

as we need a ton of crit, assassins mark is very good of course and
almost the best option...if there was not high resi monsters on high tier
maps! we can down those MUCH quicker using ele weakness adding up to our
cold penetration. Getting enough power charges from the scion´s assassin
part (that seems not much, 10% if monster if any monsters on full life are
hit, but it generates sufficient power charges with the clear speed...so
later we dont really need assassins mark anymore)

Carry both curses if you can and only use ele weakness on annoying resi
monsters with big life pool and use AM most of the time still. Sounds silly
as we can only use one at once - but its a viable option imho.


Wrath (as we scale ele damage) and to shock enemies.
Herald of Ice to explode packs and really scatter almost everything.
It gives us about the same dps as herald of thunder at mid-game, and
playing it seems to suit the build much better compared to thunder.
Herald of Ice also means the explosion damage from targets we hit
with that does not reflect back to us. One more reason why i use it
here. Take note this build is not 100% reflect proof but it avoids it
pretty well most of the time.


if you want to, i just threw enfeeble with during level progress and
dropped it later, it does not seem to be required to run cwdt setup
unless you want to generate endurance charges for immortal call manually.
A thing i dislike to do myself.


Something about the mechanics:

- Flasks are very important as soon as you skill into Pathfinder
Ascendancy. They boost our damage and defenses so we always want
to have some flask running.

-it´s a rather simple life/ev/dodge build, it´s mostly the bow´s
mechanics that are a bit interesting. For those who are new to it:
we try to crit as much as we can, this is the essence of the build.
If you crit with cold it means 100% chance to freeze enemies (unless
they can not be frozen, only applies to a few bosses) Also, if we
crit and kill our enemies with the crit we scatter them. Nuro´s
gives some chance to spread ice around scattered targets. If you
hit a pack, this means there is a high enough chance that some of the
scattered corpses will spead ice:
This hinders our enemies movement and gives us regen as we also
create additional consecrated ground. Asides we freeze most enemies
that we did not kill, so most packs are unable to attack back already
after the first one or two hits, if not blown apart right away. This
adds to the safety this build provides.

After a decade GGG has decided this is no good and removed
the machanics of frostt wall/LA from the game!
-The Frost wall + LA pierce interaction is nothing new and exists
in other builds as well. It is powerful, but who finds it is too
op should consider there is other very very strong single target
attacks in the game. I do not consider this "better"

Asides: we do not really need it. It is a superb bonuds when crashing
stronger bosses as Itzaro and Atziri, but the high penetration
is already so good we do not need that and could just employ
any viable single target such as blast rain, a fire arrow trap,
whatever. It will still melt stuff even if that Frost Wall
interaction should ever be removed or trashed by the devs
100% pierce is very important for this build as long as you want
to make use of this interaction with frost wall! (50% from tree,
50% from pierce gem) Otherwise you can drop both pierce node and gems,
the ice wall setup, and go for more pure damage.

SO don´t be shy to have a good single target ready as an alternative if
you want to :) Also for Atzri this will be required,
otherwise you´ll have a problem dealing with the mirror phases.
Burning arrow (i.e. in a trap) or Ice shot without GMP or Blast
Rain will do, whatever suits you best. Blast rain works well enough here for
me and i like it a lot. Also works with cold damage :)

-If you don´t know why ele penetration is so strong -
as higher the map tier, as higher monsters resistances. So if
you don´t penetrate any resistances you deal close to 0 damage
to some end-game content and very few damage on most red maps
as many packs are resistant to the one or other element. Penetration
takes that problem away, and even adds more damage on top on most case
if you penetrate more resis than the monster has. Calculations for
this mechanics can be found on the Wiki: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Penetration

-Cold Steel jewel allows us to pick more cold damage nodes, not
mandatory but eventually worth it you like to make use of those
phy ranger nodes.

- Crit chance is the essence! If we crit, we scatter, we freeze
with every crit, so this is what we really want to boost to
around 60% (before power charges!) The build and its mana regen
will suffer if you have insufficient crit chance.



Ascendancy class

Scion - first pick assassin and pathfinder with the
first 6 points, and later the ranger starting tree.

Lots of other choices possible but i figured that would be
the combination that works best for me. Easier to keep up
power charges this way, flasks grant us extra damage and
reduced elemental damage and effect. Helps also to deal with
reflect and the more difficult bosses.



Why not go PPAD, Phys to lightning and so on? Why use
Lightning Arrow when that acutally converts 50% of Phys and
you don´t have any?

- The bow deals not enought to really go and scale it.

because the bow is not doing any phys dmg and we won´t get
enough from anywhere else

- Oak, kill all, then either frenzy or pcharges. I went for
an additional frenzy carge here.

Lab runs?

- you can do it, don´t worry too much! Will still have to do the
hard lab and report how hard it actually was with this :)

More Frenzy charges via tree?

- Sure, go for it if you feel like. I prefer to rather invest in jewel sockets
and/or more life. My reason is simple...we clear fast enough, and during boss
fights they are hard to keep up. Good investion for late game though.

HC Viable?

- i honestly don´t care - not my thing

Atziri viable?

- certainly it is

could have taken her on way earlier i guess, but i don´t
like to buy sets, i find enough sooner or later. A good
crit shots her right to the next phase so it was a rather
short fight.

Suggest to either use blast rain, burning arrow or ice shot as
single target. Positioning will be viable of course..

screw the nerf again - this doesnt work any longer
A second 5- or 6- link is advised here. You can blast all phases but
the mirror phase with frost wall+LA, only use your weaker single target
for the mirror phase.

Uber Itzaro viable?
- was able to kill him but not finish the lab as for silly suicide in
traps :-D still got to go for it again but yes this works

Uber Atzrir viable?

- i don´t care right now, sorry :) Might try with this eventually,
no guarantee atm

Go lolife?
- Would change the build a lot and make it very expensive at
the same time

Won´t ele resist monster be annoying?
- To some extend yes, as i told before. Still Usually our overkill damage
wipes em even with resis, and with cold penetration we don´t really have
to bother a lot about this issue. Also possible to pick Fangs of Frost
from the tree for some more penetration.

Video footage?

Not at the moment, i shall put some up if i find the time. Sorry.


If you have any, or think i am not correct about something somewhere,
could´ve made better choices in my tree or whatever, feel free to tell me.
This is my first build and not really a full guide, and it does not understand
itself as such: I share my ideas here, and you can like it or not, improve it,
take it, leave it. Up to you. If you got any questions you may try to
whisper me in-game and i´ll try to help if i can and have the time.
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Hi, I am trying one of these, using a windripper till I can cap
my resists on the drill neck. Did you get any farther on yours than
what is in the op?

hey, just did an update so acutally yes :) Did not continue leveling in the last days and did most of the challenges but it feels well at 91 and now after the tree split.
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Hey! im definitely gonna try it, but what would be the skill tree at ranger class? also ascendancy? Im deadeye right now, got a windy already and buying the required gems too! Seems op tho

My current Passive tree

If u need a budget vermin ranger, im able to! I mean, to try it out on ranger class
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Did you pick the phys nodes like heavy draw in your tree for Windripper or are you still using some other bow to level with?

By build goes straight ele so heavy and deadly draw do not really give us anything at all (with a windripper, you deal some phys, but it is imho to little to be worth scaling it) I use the cold
steel jewel close to those nodes, but still as it´s radius is limited, it exactly reaches till
that node before deadly draw and heavy draw. You could unskill these two points and place cold steel
jewel in the socket for testing to see if that gives you a good cold damage boost on your ripper.
It might not be worth using that entire cluster to the right at all, because there is smarter
choices later on when you have enough points.

I made quick version of a similar ranger tree (yes i know it says scion still^^ but that
should not matter)

life tree


and a quick damage version....


I will still improve these and post them in my build. On Std. my Ranger build with ripper looks pretty much like this tree:


You see those are all very similar. It is a tree used very similar with most ele archers in poe.

Indeed i wrote u can use a Windripper with this, and on standard i use one myself. Still, it is not quite what I intended it to be with a Windripper - you´ll have an easier time scaling cold with Nuro´s and it will imho be safer. But, yes, in the end less Dps. Good thing is you can swap at any time and Nuro´s are dirt cheap. Can just advice give it a try :-D

And for Ranger ASC classess: Natures Boon / Master Fletcher / Master Alchemist / Nature´s Adenaline: for me this sounds like the safest setup for a Ranger, and i consider the ele penetration from Master Fletcher as very strong late game. Combined with Fangs of Frost and Cold penetration this is very strong against late tier bosses. Might be more important than other Asc dmg boosts later. The Pathfinder class at least the closest thing to what i´ve beein doing with my Scion here.
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another update
more infos and some new screenshots
Is it possible to use ice shot instead of lightning arrow since ur focused on cold damage?
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raawwrr wrote:
Is it possible to use ice shot instead of lightning arrow since ur focused on cold damage?

Both LA and Ice shot convert phys dmg to ele. Basically from that point it does not matter, we can only get scaling from the base attack multiplyer on the skill, get most damage from support gems and gear actually. Not getting any additional cold damage from ice shot, or additional lightning damage from LA.
So the only reason for ice shot would be the higher base attack multi - a bit more tooltip dps. So basically it really does not matter from that point. As we can´t focus our dmg via frost walls and as the aoe effect just works a bit different lightning arrow is actually the better choice in this setup. This allows us to abuse our AOE as single target if we need to. So with this entire pierce setup LA works actually better. Also as Wrath as main support aura is still the best for this build (hatred doesnt work here as it needs base phys) this build can not go 100% cold, but about 2/3 of the dmg pool will be cold. I did not figure out a way to go 100% cold with Nuro´s without big disadvantages, and as this also allows to shock on crit i see it as a benefit to do some lightning damage as well.
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