[2.4] ES based low life righteous fire -- HC viable, Atziri facetank


2.2 skill tree

Updated the skill tree if anyone wants to try this build out... I haven't tested it tho, but should work even better than in 2.2

2.4 skill tree

2.4 skill tree version 2, with 51% aura efficiency for 90% fire resist

2.4 plateau run
Credit to Metzenw for the video.


The Vertex can be easily replaced with any other high ES helmet, it's there just to be able to run one extra aura (Purity of Ice in this case) because i didnt have lvl 3 enlighten gem and to provide us with some extra regen and ES from lvl 21 vitality and discipline.

For jewels you want something like this. Energy shield + area damage/damage over time/fire damage. Then you also should have 2x
in specific sockets

Increased Area of Effect - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Righteous Fire - Concentrated Effect

Purity of Ice - Discipline - Vitality - Enlighten (lvl 3, or 2 in The Vertex helmet and you get some extra regen and ES as well from higher level auras, if you use the helmet)

Flammability - Fortify - Curse on Hit - Cyclone

Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1) - Molten Shell (lvl 10) - Summon Flame Golem (lvl 3)

Reduced Mana - Lightning warp

Vaal Discipline - Increased Duration

Purity of Fire - Blood Magic

Vaal Cyclone

-high movement and clear speed (18% MS from shield + ring)
-can do all high-end content (atziri facetank, t15 maps)
-extremely tanky, with high resists and 10k+ ES (with proper gear 14k+ ES shouldn't be a problem)
-relatively cheap, only required items are shavs and RotP (not anymore outside of perandus i guess)
-insane dps - one shot everything
-can do vulnerability and 40% regen maps (on SC only, if you have shavs ring you should be ok even on HC)
-no 5 or 6 link required, 4 is enough.
-the new weapon effect for completing 24 perandus challenges goes really well with RotP shield

-falls off in parties - you get no benefits from supports and auras, RF doesn't stack with other people's RF
-physical mitigation is not the best
-can't do some map mods: no regen, - max res
-doesn't work very well if you are below level 80

Put your auras up, turn on your RF and proceed annihilate everything in sight. If your ES is dropping low, pop your ruby flask. If physical mitigation is required, use granite/basalt flask. Be careful about getting cursed with vulnerability and be prepared to use your curse immune flask if needed. Cast your vaal cyclone in big open areas full of enemies for best blending effect, just be careful not to lag out if you are playing on a toaster. Your normal cyclone is used for spreading flammability curse and elemental equilibrium - this is very important for your dps, especially on boss fights. For even more survivability you can get enduring cry and manually use it if you feel like you need those charges. Lightning warp for mobility.
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video plz
Are you still playing this? How is it working out?
The build is most definitely viable for pretty much everything, I can fully recommend it. Lately i just decided to put it away for some time, as i'm trying out new builds atm.
how come you don't pick Pain attunement? ain't this LL?
This is pure RF build, not a spellcaster. RF doesn't benefit from spell damage. But of course you could play around a little bit with the skill tree and make it to spellcaster with pain attunement keystone, shouldn't be a problem at all.

We are using low life for benefits from Rise of the Phoenix, Lori's lantern and to be able to run 2(1) extra auras.
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Looks good not sure why you dont take elemental overlord should be reasonably easy to crit every 8 seconds (or even 1/2 that and still get a massive ele dmg bonus).
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Good point, i completely overlooked this keystone. Should be very good dps increase for just 1 point spent.
Here's a video of a Plateau run. 2.4
Can someone tell me how i manage to prevent my RF from killing my ES, i have legacy shield , better gems etc, yet my ES is dropping when i pop RF.


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