[2.4] LA/Barrage Voltaxic Assasin/Raider Updated to AoW

Nothing major has changed.
Frost Wall got nerfed so you now have to run a single target setup.
I decided to use Facebreakers instead of Acuity so i can go for lvl 26 Wrath.
I will be going for Assassin/Raider instead of Assassin/Deadeye.
That's about it. :)

2.4 Nerfs
Frost Walls created by you or your allies are now no longer considered enemies for the purposes of projectile collision detection (your projectiles will not collide with your own Frost Wall). This intentionally fixes the exploit case where a player stacks many Frost Walls around a boss and uses a skill like Piercing Lightning Arrow to trigger an excessive amount of hits.

Pierce's mana multiplier has been increased from 110% to 130%. Its damage at high levels only has been reduced. Its damage at level 20 has been reduced from +29% to +19%. Given the strong utility of this gem, it doesn't need a damage bonus that high.

◘ Frost Wall is done.
◘ Nerf to Pierces more multiplier.

2.3 Videos:

2.3 Gear & Links:


Offensive & Defensive Stats 2.3:


Gear Explanation:


This bow is still very powerful even after the chaos nerf.
60% of lightning damage converted to chaos damage means that elemental reflect is not an issue.


Drillneck gives us Attack Speed, Flat Evasion, Life, and 100% Increased Projectile Damage.
Try and get a +1 Arrow Corruption on Drillneck.


Critical Strike Chance / Attack Speed / Movement Speed
All really good for us.

you could go with Starkonja's Head but i still think Rat's Nest is BIS.


Kintsugi for 20% less damage on that first hit. Since we barely get hit by anything i found that Kintsugi suited my needs better than Lightning Coil. Also it's a bitch to get res capped with Lightning Coil. If these items are to expensive for you simply go with an evasion chest with life and resistances.


In 2.3 i used Atziri's Acuity and to be honest i didn't think they where worth the investment. In 2.4 i'm going to be using Facebreaker with the +1 level to gems corruption to get lvl 26 Wrath and HoI.

You could also use:

◘ Maligaro's Virtuosity

It has crit chance and crit multi.

◘ Atziri's Acuity

If you use these switch to Assassin/Deadeye.

◘ Rare Evasion Gloves

Go for the new gloves with the implicit % projectile damage. and get the following:

Flat Lightning Dmg / Att Speed / Life / Resistances


If you're capped on resistances go for Atziri's Step otherwise use a pair of high movement speed boots with life and resistances.


I prefer the Heavy Belt because of the implicit strength, it makes reaching strength requirement much easier. Get weapon elemental damage, life and resistances on here aswell.


Your ideal amulet has these stats, get as many of them as possible.


Weapon elemental damage
Flat lightning damage


Critical strike chance
Critical strike multiplier


Your ideal rings has these stats, get as many of them as possible.


Weapon elemental damage
Flat lightning damage


Resistance/Attack Speed/Accuracy/Attribute


Its only really worth it to get 1 Static Electricity and only use it while leveling. Put it in the jewel socket between Scion and Ranger, near Vaal Pact. Exchange the jewel once you respec to Rangers starting point.

On the rest of your jewels get Life/Crit multi/Crit chance/Proj Dmg/Att speed with bows

When you search for jewels remember that LA is effected by a lot of different Crit multipliers. Look at my jewels and read the different crit multipliers.



My Flasks are up in all combat situations.


I'm Running Wrath, Herald of Ice and an Ice Golem.
Thats it.

◘ Wrath for mad deeps.

◘ Herald of Ice to shatter mobs.

◘ Ice Golem for accuracy and crit chance.


◘ Acrobatics + Phase Acrobatics + Arrow Dancing. 40% dodge chance , 30% spell dodge, 40 more chance to evade projectiles. The drawback of Arrow Dancing is i have a 20% less chance to evade melee attacks, that is not really a problem for me since almost everything is dead before any melee attackers reaches me, also we make up for it with maim on crit and flasks.

◘ With flasks up i have an additional 20% phys dmg reduction, my evade chance is at 45%, dodge chance is at 50%, spell dodge is at 40%.

◘ Assasin's "Maim" on critical strike reduces movement speed on mob by 30%. Helps slow down any approaching mobs. and is in my opinion really underrated.


Oak - Kraytlin - Allira

How To Level & Passive Tree:


Level with a lightning damage bow + Wrath + Static Electricity jewel.
To be honest you could run Storm Cloud until you switch to Voltaxic.

Ascendancy Points
You will be picking Assassin and Raider. You only respec to Deadeye if you are determined to use Atziri's Acuity.
Pick Assassin first and Raider after.

Leveling Trees
◘ Travel and grab life nodes, pierce chance and a bit of projectile damage. Rush pierce chance.
If you dont want to run a mana flask there is a 0.4% mana leech node between Herbalism and Arrow Dancing.

◘ Next pick up King of the Hill, Assassination, True Strike, Vitality Void and Vaal Pact.

◘ Next pick up Lethality, Heartseeker, Phase Acro, Jewel Sockets, 2 Frenzy Charges and Depth Perception.

◘ Next pick up Golem's Blood, Jewel Socket, Fury Bolts, Art of the Gladiator, Bravery, Frenzy Charge, the 4 eva/life nodes by ranger start and lastly the 3 crit multiplier nodes by scion start. Also once you get a jewel stronger than Static Electricity get Ranger start from ascendency and specc out of unnecessary points.

◘ If using Acuity

Gems & Links

LA Setup 4 link.

LA - GMP/LMP - Pierce - Added Lightning.

LA Setup 5 link.

LA - GMP - Pierce - Added Lightning - WED.

LA Setup 6 link.

LA - GMP - Pierce - Added Lightning - WED - Inc Critical Strike Chance.

BR Setup 4 link.

BR - Added Lightning - Concentrated Effect - Poison

BR Setup 5 link.

BR - Added Lightning - Concentrated Effect - Poison - Weapon Elemental Damage

BR Setup 6 link.

BR - Added Lightning - Concentrated Effect - Poison - Weapon Elemental Damage - Undecided

The 6th link is either going to be Slower Projectiles, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Multiplier, Faster Attacks or Void Manipulation.
Im leaning more towards Slower Projectiles, Faster Attacks or Void Manipulation because it will be easier to colour.

Other Gem Setup

Wrath - HoI - Enlighten lvl 4 - Empower lvl 4 (In +1 to gem level Facebreakers)

Decoy Totem - Inc AOE - Minion and Totem Ele Res - Ice Golem

Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace - Inc Duration - Blink Arrow

Pointers & Tips:

While leveling, equip as many items with flat lightning damage on and equip Drillneck as soon as possible.

RIP Frost Wall. Now Useless

It has been brought to my attention that some people still don't know about the broken Frost Wall. I've made a video trying to illustrate how broken it is. Notice the ammount of damage i do to Voll before and after Frost Wall.


Someone asked about the mechanics of Frost Wall:
Axug wrote:
Anup wrote:
how exactly the mechanics behind frostwall works? I tried to use it (3 frost walls in front of boss, then shoot him) and I havent noticed damage increase.

Everytime LA hits a target it also hits up to 3 additional targets within a certain area.

You trigger the same mechanic every time LA pierces Frostwall.

So whenever LA pierces frostwall it will hit the boss.
On the illustration above the boss will get hit by 4 out of the 6 arrows we fire.
Now imagine you have 6 frostwalls up on top of boss. The boss would then be hit 4 times for every frostwall. 4x6 = 24 hits everytime you fire LA.

This is of course calculated with 100% pierce chance and without knowing the true aoe of lightning arrow.

Base radius on LA is 18 but can be increased with AOE effects such as gem, skill points and enchant on helm.

If you have any questions or request lmk and i'll do my best to answer them.

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Nice Build! Voltaxic isn't dead after all.

culled em
I met this guy in dday omaha beach, he carried the entire group that day with voltaxic, post nerf. If you need a build that is safe and can do any content in the game, reflect, blood magic you name it, this is your build.

The only downside is that it's not twilight strand viable.
Uber Atziri down.

◘ Minor changes to tree.

◘ Upgraded Jewels and boots

Went from 93.98 crit chance to 94.79
Went from 371% crit multi to 439% crit multi
Went From 4526 life to 5060 life

Lost 2 k tooltip dps.

Can u make VOD UBER
izumin1124 wrote:
Can u make VOD UBER


Im on my way to lvl 98 so i wont be doing videos until i lvl.
But i'll upload video once i level.
QUick question... have you ever feel annoy when fighting with resist chaos + ele ? I use Voltaxic before and killing LAB boss isn't that smooth...
nike2000 wrote:
QUick question... have you ever feel annoy when fighting with resist chaos + ele ? I use Voltaxic before and killing LAB boss isn't that smooth...

Havent had that problem at all..
i dont even notice if the map is enfeebled and with 80+ light res.

With lab boss this is what i do.

put down decoy totem.
avoid first hit
spam frost wall
shoot 3-4 times.
and he's dead.

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