Scion Builds List

I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 75-80 / played some mid-range maps (tier 7-10) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear

ATTENTION: If you have updated an old build please make a post at the bottom of this thread so that i can add it again.

AC - showcases a variety of scion subclasses
ALS – alternative start
ASS - Assassin
BER - Berserker
CHA - Champion
CHI - Chieftain
DEA - Deadeye
ELE - Elementalist
GLA - Gladiator
GUA - Guardian
HIE - Hierophant
INQ - Inquisitor
JUG - Juggernaut
NEC - Necromancer
OCC - Occultist
PAT - Pathfinder
RAI - Raider
SAB - Saboteur
SLA - Slayer
TRI - Trickster

BER-RAI Arc: [2.2] JoSo's ARC-CORE, Beginner Friendly Hardcore Arc, High Life, Budget Viable
ELE- Ball Lightning: [2.2] Scion Ball lightning Tanky 4 curses-on-hit/mf possible
BER-SLA Bladefall: [2.2] RichJMoney's Chaos Bladefall Budget Build. "MingPep's Heart Rage of Defiance"
BER-RAI Bladefall: [UPDATED 2.2 HC & SC, UBER VIABLE] IMMORTAL 50-70K DPS Bladefall - Max Block + EB + MoM + AA + GR
BER-PAT Bladefall: [2.2] Scion Bladefall ~45k DPS to ~145 DPS -Eva-HP-Block-Dodge-WB-BR-Guide (Atziri/Uber viable)
BER-PAT Blade Vortex: [2.2 Video Guide] Tanky, High DPS, Crit Blade Vortex Build [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
ASS-BER Blade Vortex: [2.2.x | Bers/Ass] "Vortex" 1.5kk+ dps, Insane clear speed, Blade Vortex | Uber/high end content
ASS-BER Blade Vortex: [2.2 PSC]Belton's Self Cast Harvest Blade Vortex (Lowlife or Life) MF/Atziri/Godmode Speed
BER-SLA Blade Vortex: [2.2 PHC | Video Guide] Blade Vortex Blood Magic IW RF Build (dual essence worm)
BER-PAT Blade Vortex: [2.2] 700k+ Tanky Low Life Blade Vortex | HC/SC | Videos | Uber Viable?
BER-RAI Blade Vortex/VMS: [2.2] [PSC]NonSt0p's Bersassin LL 94% crit BV+VMS 1.2-2kk dps. Atziri Normal\Uber done! Scold's Bridle triggers VaalMoltenShell
JUG-PAT Dual totems - Bladefall: [Lighty] (2.2) Bladefall Totem's - HC intended
DEA-OCC Dual totems - Incinerate: 2.2 Dual Chaos Incinerate Totem - Budget, Atziri easy, end game viable
DEA-OCC Dual totems - Spark: [2.2 Video Guide] Cheap Dual Spark Crit Totem [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]
DEA-SLA Dual totems - Spark: [2.2] Freezing Spark Totem - Sire of Shards
DEA-OCC Essence Drain: [2.2] The Mistress of Agony - EB / MOM / ZO / AA + Tri-Curse Essence Drain / Contagion Ascendant
DEA-TRI Essence Drain/RF: [2.2] RF Contagion/ED PHC build
AC Essence Drain/RF: [2.2] RF/Essence Drain
DEA-OCC Essence Drain: [2.2] Indepth Guide - Low Life ED/Contagion -- DeadEye + Occultist
DEA-OCC Essence Drain: [2.2 DEA-OCC] Dire Drain: 60k Essence Drain DPS without LL or RF | Atziri DOWN easy
BER-TRI Ethereal Knives: [2.2] I Cast Magic Missile! - Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives / Bladefall. 7K Life, 100K+ DPS!
RAI- Ethereal Knives: [Ascendant] [LL] [Uber] Kangaroo's Ethereal Knives 364K DPS
ASS-ALS Ethereal Knives: Crit Ek (%70) 50-60K damage, 6000 life, %60-65 physical damage reduce, ARMOURED TRUCK BUILD
BER-OCC Ethereal Knives: [2.2] (BER/OCC) Ethereal Knives MF Build. 8.4k ES, >200k DPS, 230+ IIR, 43 IIQ, Triple Blasphemy
JUG-OCC Firestorm/cwdt: [2.2] The Dy'Ness Tank with lots of cwdt support
BER-ELE Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.2] A Storm of Ice and Fire - Avatar of Fire CI Whispering Ice - Uber Viable!
BER-ELE Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.2] The Curse Whisperer - Tri-Curse CI AoF Whispering Ice Elezerker - Kill Everything
BER-HIE Icestorm (whispering ice): [2.2] Acendant (Berserker/Hierophant) Low Life Whispering Ice! Up to 10k+ ES and 27k Avg.Dmg. peak!
AC Incinerate: [2.2] Scionic Flametank (CI-ZO 14.55%+ ES regen, Incinerate, newbie-friendly, Labyrinth-lenient) with lots of cwdt support
DEA-OCC Incinerate: [2.2] Low Life INCINERATE. "Estaba de parranda" build. 11K ES 60K DPS tooltip
BER-OCC Incinerate: [2.2]Strantana's CI, +150k to peak +270k CHAOS INCINERATE. Atziri kills with ease, all map mods viable chaos conversion
RAI-TRI Righteous Fire: [2.2] Pure Righteous Fire Scion Build
ELE-TRI Righteous Fire: [2.2] ES based low life righteous fire -- HC viable, Atziri facetank
GLA-TRI Righteous Fire: [2.2] Kaom's Molten Fortress || EE Righteous Fire Hypertank || 8K+ Life 73/60 Block Fortify
AC-TRI Righteous Fire: [2.2 Video Guide] Righteous Fire, Vaal Molten Shell Build Guide (Large AoE) [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]
ELE-ALS Spark/Vaal Spark: 2.2 MinKami_Spark/Vaal Spark 95%Crit Chance High Clear Speed Life based and Cheap
BER-DEA Spark/Vaal Spark: [2.2][PSC] Scion Low Life Voltaxic Spark/Vaal Spark
BER-DEA Spark/Vaal Spark: [2.2] Voltaxic Spark/Vaal Spark ♦ Insane Clear ♦ 7k Life ♦ Deathless Uber ♦ Videos Up!
DEA-INQ Spark/Vaal Spark: [2.2] Dual Curse - Spark/Vaal Spark - Map Clearer
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2]UPDATED Dela's Self Cast Flask Sparker level 100 [TaliSC] ALL Content viable
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Self Cast Crit Spark | Super fast Clear Speed | Easy to Gear
DEA-ELE Spark: 2.2+ Spark / Supp: Vspark by LumiunousSpark
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Crit Freeze Chaos Sparker / Atziri Viable
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Self Cast Non Crit Spark Hc/Sc Over 200% inc life
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Self-Cast Chaos Sparker - 100k+ DPS - Crit - EV/Dodge - Fast Clear Speed
DEA-AC Spark: [2.2] Spierk's Low Life Crit Sparker tri-curser (HC Viable, mid-high budget)
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] [Berserker/Deadeye] Life Voltaxic Spark - Non Crit - Blood Magic - Vaal Pact
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Mf Self Cast Spark ( Low Life )
BER-DEA Spark: [2.2] Another Sparker - My take on crit sparker - 112K tooltip!
ASS-BER Storm Call: [2.2] ASS-BER Storm Call - dual void battery - Uber viable
NEC-AC Summoner - SRS: [2.2] GunFinX's Summon Raging Spirits Magic Finder | Mapping | Normal Atziri| #MAX PDPS 600k# Tanky version: [2.2] GunFinX's SRS MF HC Tank Build | Atziri Viable
NEC-AC Summoner - SRS: [2.2] GunFinX's ZeroMana MaxDodge SRS Summoner | #2.2 Added Witch Tree
GUA-NEC Summoner - SRS: [2.2] Stag's Bloody Boner || Srs safe end game mapper || 200%+ life
DEA-NEC Summoner - Animate Weapon/SRS: [2.2] NeverSink's 20-Arrow Poison Animator - "The Venomancer" ☠ + Video Guide Uses Null's Inclination

BER-RAI Double Strike/ST: [2.2] Say_Ten's Double Strike/Spectral Throw Melee Scion - Cheap and Easy to Play
BER-SLA Earthquake: [2.2] Dime's Earthquake Ascendant - 100,000 tooltip dps 10,000 Life Level 100 in Perandus Hardcore
ASS-BER Earthquake: [2.2][BES/AS] 550K DPS Crit Earthquake / Vaal Ground Slam
ALS-ELE Mjölner: [2.2 Uber down] Heavy Armour Mjolner V3.0, the Uber farmer
BER-GLA Mjölner: [2.2] Mjolner + Aegis Block/Spell block Tank & DPS build NO VOLLS AMU!!
AC Mjölner: [2.2] Scionic Thundertank - Under 2 ex Mjolner
ALS-BER Mjölner: : [2.2] Fistan's Tanky LL Mjölner/Aegis Build (29k+ armor 75/71 block 12K discharge) Budget build
BER-ELE Mjölner/VMS: [2.2]Dual Curse + Mjölner + Scold's + Vaal Molten Shell = DeePeeEs
ASS-BER Sunder: [2.2] Hybrid Crit Sunder Varunastra 250k+ DPS (~2ex budget)
ASS-JUG Reave: [2.2 | PSC | JUG/ASS] CI Crit Claw Reaver, 8.5k ES / 100k DPS / 6.8% leech
ASS-INQ Wild Strike: [2.2] Crit Dagger Wildstriker "The AssQuisitor" Evasion/acrobatics 100k+ dps on a 5L
CHI-HIE Ancestral Protector Totems: [2.2] Lergrodan's Ancestral Protectors 120k dps (Facebreaker build)

ASS-DEA Barrage: The Voltaxicated - the build GGG will nerf the shit of - milions of chaos DPS - UBER down!
DEA-SAB Blink/Mirror Arrow: [2.2] Scion Clone Generator - Mirror + Blink Arrow Army
DEA-OCC Caustic Arrow: [2.2 WIP] Grocery's Caustic Arrow Scion! HC Viable!
BER-RAI Explosive Arrow: [2.2] Explosive Arrow Build - Uber viable - 3x100 - hc proof - Peyter - Ascendancy update
BER-RAI Explosive Arrow: [2.2] Scion Ber/Rai EA The Big Bang +budget Version
ALS-DEA Ice Shot: [2.2]Morgan Infractem 120k ice shot pseudo phys elem dual skill swap for reflex video
ASS-DEA Ranged Attack Totem-Barrage: [2.2] Loate's Thousand Arrow Totem Build
ASS-RAI Siege Ballista Totem: [2.2 Ascendancy] Ballistae Army! Rule with an Iron Fist! IRON COMMANDER
CHI-DEA Siege Ballista Totem: Orion's HC Iron Commander 5 totems/100K+ dps
CHI-DEA Siege Ballista Totem: Iron Commander 6 Totems 1k+ DEX 175k dps on 5L
HIE-RAI Siege Ballista Totem: Bringer of Ballistae: Bringer of Rain+Lioneye's Glare=3 Ballistae and 175k+ dps (HC build)
BER-DEA Tornado Shot: Windripper TS 100k+ dps MF (100/200++) build ele build
-----Spectral Throw
ASS-SLA Spectral Throw: [2.2] [AC/ASS/RAI] Kitty's Physical Crit Banana Throw | 107K+ DPS | Extensively Detailed Guide
ASS-BER Spectral Throw: [2.2] Elemental Buzzsaw / Spectral Throw (Crit Sword) 70+k DPS [Updated Tree]
ASS-INQ Spectral Throw: Spectral throw by MexJames
BER-DEA Kinetic Blast: [2.2][SC] Morrah's WanderThrow LL ML ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ
BER-DEA Kinetic Blast: [2.2 updated, sub 5 min lab run video] low life kinetic blast by ddddddddddddddddddddime
BER-DEA Kinetic Blast: Graceful Synergiser - LL CoE KB 350k dps/8.1k es/58% eva (non-mirrored)
BER-RAI Vaal Power Syphon: [2.2] MF Vaal Power Siphon dried lake farming

ELE-SAB Detonate Dead: [2.2 ELE/SAB] Ben's Scion HC DD Trapper (1 Shot Everything)
-----Trigger Gems
ASS-DEA Coc: [2.2] Poor Man's guide to big wand CoC - 200K Dps and Atziri on a 5L
BER-DEA CoC: [2.2] Quill Rain CoCer by Crupt (Back to the Ancient Times) [200+ Rarity] EK
ASS-BER CoC: The real king of the hill - ASSZERKER CoC - high life, insane damage and clear speed - cheap! Quill Rain + EK,FP,Spark
ASS-DEA CoC: [2.2] Elemental Minigun - Million+ DPS for 1 Exalt - CoC Quill Rain Quill Rain + Arctic Breath, Magma Orb, Spark
ASS-DEA CoC: The Piercing CoC Quill Rain + EK, Spark
BER-DEA CoC: [2.2] Berserker/Deadeye CoC Quill Rain Quill Rain + EK, Spark
ASS-DEA CoC: [2.2] Beta Quill-CoC - Full Screen Shatter - 100% pierce Quill Rain + EK, Spark
BER-DEA CoC: CoC Barrage Scion *HC VIABLE* *CHEAP* Quill Rain + EK, Spark, FP
ASS-DEA CoC: [2.2] High Voltage CocTaxi - The Voltaxic Coc Spark/Vaal Spark Hybrid - All Map Mods, Fun! Voltaxic + EK, Spark
ASS-BER CoC: {2.2} The Yolo speed demon CoCCharger discharge
ASS-BER CoC: [2.2]Queen of Blades: LL BF/EK CoC - 10k HP. 4.4% Leech w/ VP. Crit Capped (thru Enfeeble) 500+ Mult EK, Bladefall
ASS-BER CoC: Mathil's CoCSlam - It's exaclty what it sounds like groundslam + EK, Bladefall, GC
ASS-BER CoC: [2.2] Flicker Discharge, taking fakener to the next level discharge
ASS-BER CoC: [2.2] "Blade of Doom CoC MF" 2.2Mill DPS!!!!
ASS-DEA CoMK: [2.2 PSC] CoMK Wormblast-Sparkwave Edition uses writhing jars
BER-OCC CwDT: [2.2] Dreamscythe's Dance of Death - (cwdt Scold's) - [Video] sef-triggering cwdt using Scold's Bridle
...-... CwDT: COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build sef-triggering cwdt using Scold's Bridle
ASS-BER CwDT: [2.2] Build Self damage - cwdt sef-triggering cwdt using Scold's Bridle
CHI-HIE Auras/mf Culler: [2.2] "The Culler's Way" [ES] [MF] [TANK] [SOLO] [PARTY] [ATZIRI] - Tankiest culler build in PoE -

1.0 – 2.1 builds

Witch Builds List
Duelist Builds List
Marauder Builds List
Ranger Builds List
Shadow Builds List
Templar Builds List

Other guides

Absolute beginners should have a look at
How to make a build - quick start guide as well as at the
Guide to Game Mechanics and
Noperative's General Guide to Path of Exile
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I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.
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I posted a 1.1 update for Necro's RF build on page 38 of his thread.

Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.
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Another dual flame totems build but with blood magic. You should add it.

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Ethereal Knives: ZiggyD's Etheral Knives Mana Shield Scion Build Guide - Nemesis/Hardcore Tree updates at page 94

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