[2.4] The Purple Plague - 100% Pierce GMP ED+Decay Scion (some videos)

Hi guys!

This is going to be my first build guide so feel free to comment with some feedback, suggestions, or any constructive criticism so I can get a little better.

So to start off I want to note that this build was inspired by the build of the week ED is honestly no different if not a little bit concerning the passive trees of any essence drain build out there but I wanted to share a different approach to essence drain utilizing the new decay modifier from the Essence of Delirium.

The big key difference is the playstyle. I, for one, hate having to continuously use contagion to spread around my essence drain because I feel that its just too slow for me since I like fast paced gameplay plus decay doesn't spread with contagion. This is where the GMP pierce comes in where I can just throw essence drain at a pack of mobs and can just keep speeding through the maps. I also chose Scion because strength was a tad bit easier to obtain as opposed to Witch (I prefer Witch because of ascendency but Scion is still good). Another thing to note is that Tri curse isn't essential to the build but it does help out a ton for high tiered maps.

The main focus is utilizing this mod "Your Hits Inflict Decay Dealing 1000 Chaos Damage Per Second For 10 Seconds" and combining it with Essence Drain

1. Pros/Cons, Mechanics, & Screenshots

- Fast clear speed
- No reflect
- Safe build (Just have to throw 1 ED at a pack and everything dies)
- Can do most map mods (Some not recommended for HC cause rippy)
- Great solo but decent group play (Group isn't fun because everyone hits the mobs before you :( )
- Cheap build up until around T13+

- Without certain uniques, some maps are pretty rough
- Might miss some mobs if you cast ED on your char and the GMP spreads really wide
- Have to swap GMP for SP or EMP for faster kills
- Can die if you aren't paying attention (Made it to around lv88 or so without dying but when I tried the new maps I never did before I got killed by some the bosses because I didn't know what they did T.T)

So how does it work?
Well from doing a bit of research and testing, many of the PoE community found that the decay mod scales with chaos damage, DoT, Duration, and with the supports that are connected to the skill that is being used. When I found this out I immediately wanted to try this build out and so I tried this out on a bow character and I honestly didn't like it and I didn't know why but I turned to ED and I am loving every single second of it. The build utilizes the decay mod "Your Hits Inflict Decay..." by piercing (100% chance) through the mobs which allows the ED to hit all of the mobs to apply the decay. I used ED because it uses also applies a damage over time effect as well as how it uses the support gems that affect the Decay modifier. We use quite a bit of different elements to increase this damage like cursing with vuln/temp chains and using a wither totem and we also have around 5.2-6k life (Depends on gear life rolls) and like 600 ES or so. All in all this build is pretty solid in terms of damage and defenses.

Damage does not factor in Decay and all of my gems are Lvl19 and only a couple are even quality


Defense w/o Flasks

Defense w/ Flasks

2. Passive Tree & Ascendancies

This tree is set for around lv90 for Scion since its a pretty ideal level to achieve
Scion: http://poeplanner.com/AAMAAVxBQU1BQVFNQWZyNjhndVNRRVlxdlNzZ19KMS1ZV1czUE1tNnF0Zkkxa3RpOV9ncTNQa0dILWVpQ3h4Mi1NNGNEN252RF9vOU40NlpYT3VIeVJTajZ1Sk1jM092dW11QkZuVk5TcHdpUFJwdWhHR3A0TDN6bFdBZjMxMUt2dTAzZFgyZjhySmc2V0ZYR2c5c3kwVVZId0dZRXM2SUE4Qi1jdmcwZlBDaVBHbWp5c05paTJjZ1U5VzlxakJhX0Q2c2tpOE02R1lyN0NmYmFHby1idFlURnROSElEQ2FWWWVKMmdyVkk2Mk1STHlzS1hmSWJ5TV9kOFlvMlBaMnFiSXhpckxURnd1d3FXM24yVXV4RE5nNUlFWllISHBVdThOVkpVWV82WEVDSHk2ZWJkWjdQRmJjd0ZBa1RiU2FJVlV1eFc2WXlBd1FhZXVLdENkbktSakUxcVVqUzZBPT0AEEFBQUNBQWZRQVFIMEFRQUEAAA==

For the ascendancies I chose to go with the Shadow's Trickster because of the regen and evade chance as well as the ability to start at the shadow tree. As for the rest of the points you can go with Ranger's Deadeye (For Pierce) or Witch's Occultist which I went with the latter because of - chaos res and damage.

3. Bandits

oak - kill/alira - kill
Cast speed is entirely up to you

4. Gearing & Enchant

For gearing:
I recommend getting good evasion rares with life/resists to cap that res and once you get to maps, try to get ele weak cap so you can run those specific maps without having to reroll

Of course a decay weapon (Any 1h will do) but I recommend getting a Sai dagger because the implicit block chance is nice to have
As for the other weapon I recommend Breath of the Council

As for getting to red maps I recommend getting the uniques that benefit ED builds (But not needed) ie.
Cospri's Will & Heretic's Veil

This is my current gear:

Not really fleshed out because some upgrades could be found but ideally this is pretty much it. (I have a tabula on because I failed to 6L my cospri's lmao)

I prefer the ED damage because most of the time I am just speeding through and don't really stand next to the mobs to curse but if anything, the curse enchants are pretty solid so they all can work.

5. Gem Links

The main links that are essential are:
Body Armour:
5L - BBGGG (ED - Controlled Destruction - Pierce - Void Manip/Rapid Decay - GMP (Swap GMP with SP for Bosses of high tier maps)
6L - BBGGGG (ED - Controlled Destruction - Pierce - Void Manip - Rapid Decay - GMP (Swap with SP)

4L Rare Dual-Curse - BBBG (Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Enfeeble - Temp Chains)
4L Heretic's Veil - BBBG (Vulnerability - Enfeeble - Enlighten - Temp Chains)
Reason why we go dual curse with a rare is because there wouldn't be enough mana unreserved to use an ED if we went tri curse.
Still link all three curses so you can interchangeably use them for different maps if you cannot afford to tri curse

Decay Weapon:
3L - RBB (Spell Totem - Wither - Faster Casting)

Other Weapon:
3L - RRG (Leap Slam - Fortify - Faster Attacks)
3L - GGR (Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify)

Every other socket/link is up to you to use but some good gems to note:
Vaal Lightning Trap - Makes bosses a joke
Vaal Haste - Lets you speed through maps much quicker
Golem - Preferably stone, chaos, or flame. Honestly up to you.
CWDT - CWDT set ups are pretty nice, I prefer using Arctic Breath from watching Hegemony rather than using Immortal Call

6. Jewels & Flasks

Jewel mods from most important to least:
Max Life
Chaos Damage
Damage Over Time
Spell Damage

You can use whatever flasks you feel like but I recommend you use a basalt or Rumi's so that if you ever do get in a situation where you're going to get hit hard, you won't get one shot because of your lack of armor.
Immunity to bleed and freeze are a must

7. Videos

These are some pretty rough videos that I made just to show the build in action and with certain mods
(Sorry for my clearing, just wanted to show how the build worked :P)
Tier 7 Oasis w/ Temp Chains

Tier 12 Crematorium w/ Enfeeble/No Regen
(I got hit quite a bit because of my carelessness so my HP dropped a bunch so yeah HC don't play like this)

Tier 15 Overgrown Ruin w/ More Life/Crit/Damage Mods/ Double Boss
Also has a stupid sextant that makes me take more chaos damage and puts chaos mobs in the map
Switched to Temp/Enfeeble for this map because of all of the damage
Sorry for the 1 curse word I said in this video because my FPS dropped lmao
As you can see I am really sloppy lmao but no RIPs and also for some reason the ED+Decay pierces through proj shield so you don't have to get close to kill those mobs

This is all I have for now but I will try to update it with the feedback and suggestions that I get. Thank you for your time and may RNG be on your side.
- KrisDoYourMom
May the RNG gods be with you.
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Hey I found your build and I am doing a Scion build and wanted to try out a different style. I'll try this one. Well represented and good information here. Thank you.

Give this build a +1 or whatever its called. :D +1 bump.

Thank you I'm going to look forward to trying this,
The Morgawr

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