[2.5] Tibasu's Versatile Iceshot [SC/HC Viable][Budget Friendly]

Hey exiles Tibasu here with a Versatile Iceshot Scion build.
This build is meant to be versatile enough to adapt to a players preference, making it an easy beginner friendly build for new leagues.

TL:DR? Here's a video explaining the basics instead

Updates (12/09/16)

-Had a few people telling me they tried the build for Breach as a league starter and worked out well even when specing more life/less damage for hardcore
-Facebreaks were nerfed from 90% crit multi to 45% so you probably wanna use Maligaro's instead unless you don't need the crit chance

Pros & Cons
-Versatile in many forms
-Chill/Freeze + Maim keeps you safe from a distance
-Easy to crit cap

-Life build instead of CI
-Leveling is abit slow

Scion's Ascendancy is Trash
Honestly, it's not that great compared to the other choices but the point of this build isn't to have crazy damage, it's to be versatile. Versatility is great for players who are new, haven't learnt all the game mechanics, or want to try making their own build but don't know where to start.

Leveling can be done as either a bow build or a projectile caster (like spark or EK)
Follow either the video guide for the leveling process or the passive trees linked below

Useful uniques:
When Bow Leveling
Roth's Reach
Death's Harp/Opus


When Caster Leveling

Useful in General
Tabula Rasa

No required uniques but there are some useful ones
Chin sol if you want to make sure of Point Blank
Windripper if you want to go elemental

Facebreaker was nerfed to 45% crit multi but still decent if you have nothing else
Maligaro for extra crit chance and attack speed

Rat's Nest for the movement speed and crit chance

Carcass Jack for increased area and damage
Lightning Coil for physical mitigation
Kintsugi for occasional mitigation and lowering trap damage if you do lab runs

Drillneck gives alot of base damage when stacking pierce chance

My Gear

Gem Links
General Clearing:
Ice Shot > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Weapon Elemental Damage > Pierce
5/6 link can be one of many choices
Physical Projectile Attack Damage / Added Fire / Increased Critical Strikes /
Increased Critical Multiplier / Increased Area of Effect / Faster Attacks /
Physical to Lightning

Single Target:
Blast Rain > Weapon Elemental Damage > Concentrated Effect > Faster Attacks
5/6 Link can be one of many choices
Physical Projectile Attack Damage / Added Fire / Increased Critical Strikes /
Increased Critical Multiplier / Physical to Lightning

Curse on Hit Setup
Assassin's Mark > Herald of Ice > Summon Ice Golem (So bosses occasionally get cursed)


Blink Arrow > Faster Attacks
Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call


Passive Tree
I go through the leveling process in the video at the top of this post but I'll link a few bench mark trees and explain a bit here as well

19 Points
You can skip Constitution if you are playing softcore. Skip jewel sockets too unless you have good ones on you

31 Points
You can skip Bravery if you are playing softcore. I recommend Golem's Blood for the regen though

50 Points
Time to spec into crit since you should be using a Death's Harp at this point. If you don't have one (like in a new league)you can get Heavy Draw and Quick Draw instead

69 Points

89 Points

At this point I recommend specing into either Path of the Shadow or Path of the Ranger to save tons of skill points. I'll explain the ascendancy pathing in the next section. The last few points can be used on either Jewel Sockets, Frenzy Charges, more Life (In Duelist), Avatar of the Hunt for more damage, Piercing Shots (If you aren't specing Deadeye) even Vaal Pact

Shadow's Assassin is the reason I went with Scion. Extra base crit without using a Crit Strikes gem, Maim for crazy slows with Iceshot and the 40% multi on enemies with full life helps with one shotting packs.

The second choice is honestly up to you because each choice has it's own purposes.
Deadeye: 30% Pierce, Extra damage at range and extra projectile
Elementalist: Ele pen, reduced elemental damage taken, extra 30% cold damage from our golem and Elemental Conflux occasionally
Inquisitor: 20% ele dmg, 120% crit chance against most enemies (Since we chill with Iceshot and Ignite with Blast Rain) Consecrated is good too I guess?
Berserker: More damage and alot of leech + 25% Attack Speed when taking over 15% damage in a single hit, which happens often since we are evasion. Great choice if you plan on going Vaal Pact
Raider: Extra dodge, and Frenzy Charges on kill means you don't need to use blood rage. Good choice if you plan on using Vaal Pact
Juggernaut: If you like armour more than evasion, you can spec into Iron Reflexes instead of Acrobatics and use Juggernaut to gain Endurance Charges

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Hey. Great guide. Really easy to level with if you just buy som unique bows. I would love it if you make a skill tree after 89points and after choosing ranger/shadow starting ascendancy
I tried this build just to finally try a Scion build for 3.0. Just thought that I'd add that for my 2nd Ascendancy after the obvious Assassin, I took Slayer. It really helps with my biggest weakness of this build IMO: single target damage. Just a suggestion. I also use that Omen on the Winds jewel to improve Ice Shot.


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