[2.4] Pure Righteous Fire | Fast Clear Speed/Very Tanky | HC/Atziri Viable

Hi guys!
This is my Pure Righteous Fire Build with a Scion!
So the first thing is that this build only use RF to damage your enemies, there is no any other dmg support like Firestorm or Incinerate.
Second is after Ascendancy update Scion in my opinion is better than Marauder as RF.

As Ascendant Scion you will be able to get the Trickster & Elementalist Subclass which gives quite nice boost to RF build, also you will recive 3 passive points in the process.

Trickster Bonus:
+30% Faster recovery of Life, Mana and ES after you kill enemy with Damage Over Time
+20% Increased damage if your ES is not full

Elementalist Bonus:
+4% Reduced Elemental Damage Taken
+30% Increased Damage of each Damage Type for which you have a matching Golem

+VERY Tanky (~70% Phys DMG reduction and 8K LIFE)
+A lot of life regen
+Decent Clear speed
+Nice DMG
+Immunity to Reflect
+Immunity to Fire Damage
+Thanks to Acendancy update you can now do MORE maps mods like Blood Magic or -Max Resistance
+Laby destroyer

-You still can't do maps with No Life Regen
-In party the dmg seems to be ridiculously LOW


Passive Tree:

First take Trickster, then Elementalist and after this take Path of the Shadow.
If you don't have Legacy 'The Blood Dance Sharkskin Boots' then instead of Frenzy passive "Savagery" take jewel socket.

Life on Normal
Passive on Cruel
Frenzy on Merciless

Elemental Equilibrium - Decrease enemies Fire Resistance by 50% if you hit them with cold/lightning DMG (RF does NOT count as a HIT)

Iron Reflexes - Converts all Evasion to Armour

Skill setup:

Righteous Fire - Increased Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Increased Area of Effect

So after Ascendancy we've got new support gem Elemental Focus, this gem grant lower dmg than Concentrated Effect but there is no penatly to AoE so in my opinion EF>CE
BUT in case you will fight with though boss like Malachai or Atziri change your Increased Area of Effect to Concentrated Effect, this will give you almost no AoE at all but your dmg will be deadly AF.

Cyclone - Fortify - Curse On Hit - Flammability

Spining into enemies will grant you Fortify - buff that will give you +20% DMG Reduction. Your enemies on other hand will lose -44% of their Fire Resistance because of Curse and additional -50% to Fire Resistance thanks to Keystone Elemental Equilibrium. THIS SETUP WILL INCREASE YOUR SURVIVABILITY BUT DECREASE YOUR CLEAR SPEED.

Blade Vortex - Curse On Hit - Flammability - Added Cold/Lightning Damage / Increased Area of Effect

So you guys came up with this idea and I must say it's really good. BV don't slow you down like Cyclone do so it's improvement to Clear Speed but BV can't proc Fortify so this is a bummer but you still should be tanky enough. Add Cold/Light DMG gem if you can't get Additional cold/light dmg for spells in your gear. THIS SETUP WILL INCREASE YOUR CLEAR SPEED BUT DECREASE YOUR SURVIVABILITY.

Purity of Fire - Grace - Empower - Enlighten

Purity of Fire will gives you MAX Fire Resistance and regular Fire Resistance, Grace thanks to Iron Reflexes Keystone provides huge Armour bonus. If you don't have Empower, then Enlighten is not necessary.

Movement and Frenzy:
Leap Slam - Frenzy - Faster Attacks

Use Leap Slam to jump over gaps and stuff, Frenzy so you can keep your Frenzy Charges when fighting with boss.

Flame Golem - Minion Life - Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT)

Flame Golem will grant you Extra 20% Damage + 30% Fire Damage when you are Elementalist.


Things that we must have are:
Boots - The Blood Dance Sharkskin Boots (Legacy if possible)
Shield - Rise of the Phoenix Mosaic Kite Shield

Armour - Kaom's Heart Glorious Plate (Legacy if possible) or Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale or Carcass Jack Varnished Coat
Gloves - (STR/INT) Life and Resists (and Rarity of Items Found - Optional) or Southbound Soldier Gloves
Helmet - (STR/DEX) Life and Resists (and Rarity of Items Found - Optional) or Hrimnor's Resolve Samite Helmet
Belt - Life, Armour and Resists or Doryani's Invitation Heavy Belt (Fire DMG variant)
Rings - Life and Resists (and Rarity of Items Found - Optional) or Le Heup of All Iron Ring
Amulet - Life, Armour and Resists (and Rarity of Items Found - Optional) or Ashscale Talisman or Ngamahu Tiki Coral Amulet
Weapon - Doryani's Catalyst Vaal Sceptre or Singularity Platinum Sceptre or Doon Cuebiyari Vaal Sceptre
Jewels - 7% Increased Life and Increased Area Damage / Increased Fire Damage / Increased Damage over Time / Increased Damage

Remember that you need someting that gives additional Cold or Lightning DMG to your attacks/spells AND you CAN'T HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL FIRE DMG to your attacks/spells

Special thanks to VoidMoon for Elementalist Idea

Leveling in next post.
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What's the best way to level with this build?
So leveling up is quite tedious and can be hard and I'll tell you how i did this. For the whole Normal you should use spark, split arrow or sharpnel arrow, you know just to make to Cruel, this will be uncomfortable for you since you won't have any att speed or dmg and at this point you should NOT do the laby beacuse for a good buff you need 3 points (you get 2 points per laby on each difficulty). Take Life from Oak. Start to leveling up all your gems which are: RF, Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus, Increased Area Of Effect, Increased Burning Damage, Cyclone, Flammability, Curse On Hit, Fortify, Purity of Fire, Grace, Empower, Enlighten, Flame Golem, Minion Life, CWDT, Leap Slam, Faster Attacks and Frenzy (8xB, 7xR, 4xG). Passive tree on end of Normal should look something like this:


On Cruel if you can, buy armour or staff with 5 slots (B-B-B-B-R), cap fire res, get 3 best life flasks you can get, 1 Ruby flask and 1 Random flask with ignite resist. Turn on your Purity of Fire and start using RF - Conc Effect - Ele Focus - Inc AoE - Inc Burn DMG. If you can't get 5L then go without Ele Focus. Use Cyclone - Fortify - CoH - Flammability to get def and dmg. Use Stone Golem for now so it will help you with life regen. This can be hard and you will be all-the-time on your life flasks so turn off your RF with Ignite Resist flask whenever there are no enemies to refil your flasks or you are in danger. Get passive from bandits. This time you need to do both laby on Cruel and Normal. If you will make it you will recive 30% inc Life Regen from Trickster so it will be much easier. It will be still hard to beat Cruel I know but there is no really other option. Also don't forget to get The Blood Dance for life regen. At about level 55 you should be able to run RF with enough life regen thanks to Trickster, Blood Dance, Stone Golem and PoF. Passives on end of Cruel:


Merciless, now it can be only easier. There is only one thing now you need - Level 65 - Rise of the Phoenix. With this shield it will be much easier. Get Frenzy from Bandits. Do the laby whenever you will feel ready. Swap your Stone Golem with Fire Golem. You don't need to fight with Malachai. Just get shield, then start making money to buy rest of the gear. There is really not much else to say in this difficulty. Just level up to get more life and armour. If you don't have Legacy 'The Blood Dance Sharkskin Boots' then instead of Frenzy passive "Savagery" take jewel socket. Passive Tree:


Also I would say that even if this build is extremely safe at high lvl, it can be a nightmare for low lvl so I wouldn't suggest this build for HC if you are new in this game.
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Just one question... does "30% Faster recovery of Life" from trickster affect life regeneration ? I thought GGG was quite strict with the difference between "life regeneration" and "life recovery".

Also, you probably don't need unwavering stance since you use cyclone - during cycloning you are immune to stuns anyway.
Faster Recovery affects stuff like Leech, Flasks and Regeneration, your life regeneration will not change on your character details (C) but you can feel the differences. Just turn your RF, you will start losing life slowly, kill someone and you will again start getting life.

About Unwavering Stance you actually got your point, I stick with this from beginning of my build and it was really weak build with ice nova instead of cyclone and I just forgot that with so much life, def and cyclone ofc I don't need that passive anymore. Thx I'll change that.
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Wow thank you for the thorough response. Hope I have as much success as you with it!
Im glad that someone is intrested in my build :)

Also added Laby and Arsenal run

Laby ~7 Minutes + Argus

Arsenal - 60% Less recovery of Life
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Really nice build, semms to be soo tanky, also nice clear speed. Good job mate !
hi dude !

i'm extremely interested by this buil , but i actually dont have a kamom's heart , neither the currency to buy one.

So i wonder if it can work with the belly of the best or any other body armor ( less expensive ) that you can suggest ?

thanks again for your work ! and by advence , thanks for your answer ! ( sorry for my bad English tho )
Ofc Belly is good option if you can't get Kaoms. Also if Belly is too much for your wallet you can try Carcass Jack.

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