Witch Builds List

I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 75-80 / played some mid-range maps (tier 7-10) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear

ATTENTION: If you have updated an old build please make a post at the bottom of this thread so that i can add it again.

ELE - Elementalist
NEC – Necromancer
OCC - Occultist

ELE [2.2 ELE] Atherakhia's BEGINNER FRIENDLY Arctic Breath Elementalist Witch
ELE [2.3] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta
ELE [2.2] Crit Freezing Pulser Elementalist - Perandus HC
OCC [2.2] {HC} Occultist CI Crit Freezing Pulse - Ascendancy Update
NEC [2.2.1][HC] Block Necromancer / Dual Curse / Freeze Pulser
OCC [ Perandus SC League ] PA+RF Freeze Pulser Critter Occultist
ELE 2.2 Elementalist Ice nova. Insane clear speed, AoE, and damage. Super cheap
OCC CI's Wet Dream - Crit - Doulbe/Triple Curse - Cast When Stunned - Ice Caster
ELE UPDATED 2.2 [ELE] | [2.0][Darkshrine HC] Crit Ice Spears! MoM + EB with ZO
OCC [2.2] occultist classic ice spear build.
-----ICESTORM (whispering ice)
OCC [2.2 Whispering Ice, Lowlife, Pure Unique wearer 1900+ Int, updated]
ELE [2.3] The Curse Whisperer - Tri-Curse CI Whispering Ice Elementalist - All Targets, Low Budget
ELE [2.3] Myra Burning Vortex (CHEAP, 100% fire, AA, dual curse, Vaal Pact, Vaal righteous fire)
ELE 2.3 - The Frost Nuke™ - Crit Vortex + Herald - Full screen explosions
ELE [2.3 HC | Video Guide] VORTEX Elementalist build | Iron Will | Righteous Fire
ELE [2.3] Elementalist CI Crit Vortex
OCC [2.3] Occultist CI degen chaos vortex chaos conversion
ELE [2.3] Elementalist Vortex build, in-depth guide
ELE [2.3]I Can't Believe It's Not Discharge!® - LL RF DoT Vortex Elementalist [Updated]

OCC 2.3 Occultist Detonate dead AKA Purple death.
ELE [2.2] Crit Elemental Overload DD Elementalist
ELE [2.3] DD Elementalist / Safe, Powerful, Budgetfriendly, No Reflect
NEC [2.3] Oddopsi's Budget Necromancer. HC/ATZIRI VIABLE!
OCC [2.2] Fireball carpet bomber - 10k ES , 184 GMP dps (CI ,VP) / 708k single target flame surge
ELE Budget Fireball Elementalist
ELE [2.2] Elementalist: Non-Crit Fireball, 4 Rolling Flames; Single Target Flame Surge
ELE [2.2.3]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Selffound possible!/Atziri Viable!
OCC [2.3] Legasi's Masterpiece - Trivialize all Bossfights! Atziri Guide Inside! (HC viable) chaos conversion
ELE [2.2] ELE Firestorm/Heralds A Storm of Frost, Thunder and Ash
ELE Elementalist Firestorm Witch 2.3 - Blood Magic
ELE [2.2 Perandus] Cheap, Easy, Beginner Friendly Flameblast Elementalist (Video Added)
ELE [2.3] Tichel's Elementalist Detonate Dead or Flameblast
ELE Cheap Prolif Flameblast, HC viable - 2.3 updated
ELE Elementalist Flameblast Feat 2x Obliteration BOOM CHAIN
ELE [2.2] Flameblast Ignite Elementalist - lvl 100 Perandus SC
ELE TankyBlast™ - Elementalist [SC/HC] [2.3]
ELE [2.3 Video Guide] Cheap Meta Pizza Blaster [HC/SC/Uber Izaro Viable]
NEC 2.2 (HCP league) Balrog whip lash build, 211k+ DPS ( 72/71 Block/Spell Block )
NEC [2.2][The Masochistic Soul Collector] Max Block, RF, Scold's Incinerate [VIDEO]
ELE [2.3] Fistan's Incinerate Elementalist - 100K LMP tooltip - 9.5K ES
ELE [2.3] Elementalist ignite based Incinerate, INSANE burst dps with Scolds+VMS - way over 1M
OCC [2.3] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - 160k-880k DPS - 15k ES +Eva/Armour - T15/Uber viable
-----VAAL MOLTEN SHELL (triggered with Scold's Bridle) ATTENTION: nerfed in 2.3
ELE [2.2] Nuclear Shell - VMS Scolds Flameblast (Elementalist)
OCC 2.2 Crit Vaal Molten Shell - 1 000 000+ DPS because why not?
OCC [2.2]LL crit VMS Occultist (Insane DMG)
ELE [2.2] Aschere's Elementalist Crit Vaal Molten Shell (VMS)
ELE [2.3] TheGrillfriend
ELE [2.3] The CI Living Bomber(Vaal RF/Lameblast)[Video Guide/explanation]

OCC [2.3] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - beginner-friendly, flexible & fun Mind over Matter-Caster
ELE [2.3]FoxTactics Hellfire Arc build [Full conversion fire arc] Vaal righteous fire one shot fire conversion
ELE this is my 90 low life full fire conversion arc prolif elementalist fire conversion
OCC [2.3.0] LL Crit Arc Occultist - The Void Arcer makes a return
ELE [2.3] Ball Lightning Elementalist - strong and cheap - leveling & video guide - great for new league
ELE 2.2 - "Blue Fireball" - Pure fire non-crit Ball Lightning Elementalist [Budget, SC, HC viable (?)]
OCC [2.2] Occulist/CI/Crit/Brotherhood Blue Balls of Death
ELE ♫ [2.3] BurningWarp Elementalist Prolif, insane clear speed, Atziri and Uber Lab farmer
ELE [2.2] Shaper of Desolation / Non-crit Shock Nova / HC / Cheap
ELE [2.2] Tri5 Curse EB MOM ZO crit Shock Nova Elementalist w Videos
OCC 2.2 Self-Cast Crit/Proj Speed Spark - 115k+ DPS - Fast Maps up to Tier 15, Fast Bosses/Atziri
NEC [2.2] [HC] Spark Max Block Necromancer
ELE Chilly burn spark (technically finite dps) fire conversion
OCC [2.3] Occ Low Life Crit Voltaxic Sparker chaos conversion
ELE [2.3] Elementalist Voltaxic Spark Really good high map clear speed+viability (t13+) and good life chaos conversion
ELE [2.2 Storm Call Elementalist]Righteous Caller of the Flames fire conversion
NEC [2.2] PSC Necromancer God of Lightning Build Guide with videos
ELE [2.2] Fastest stormcaller elementalist on wild Wraeclast [STORM CALL WITCH NEAR 120k DPS]

OCC [2.2 HC Self-Found Guide] Self-cast Non-crit Bladefall! Beginner Friendly, Full Walk-through
OCC [2.2] Sherkhan's Bladebender [Occultist quad-curse Bladefall]
OCC [2.3] "The Lawn Mower™" God Tier Blade Vortex / UBER & Core deathless / with video! 2.3 Updated!
OCC [2.2] Lawn Mower lite - Dual curse LL Bladevortex. Mowing on a "budget"
NEC [2.2] Ele BeyBlade, Tank Necromancer ( up to 276k dps )
OCC [2.2] The Occultist Vortex Blader - [PSC] LL Endgame Experimental Theory
NEC 2.3 Poison Block Vortex Budget Supertank -- League Starter (new vid)
ELE [2.3 Video Guide] The Taming Ember's Vortex Elementalist [HC/SC & Atziri Viable (Possibly Uber)]
ELE 2.3 Infernal Bladevortex. Mission failed, yet! fire conversion
OCC [2.2+]Essence Drain RF UBER/ALL BOSS
OCC [2.2] Occultist (Contagion + Essence Drain) Beginner starting build
OCC [2.2] Lowlife Contagion/Essence Drain - Hc Viable
OCC [2.2] Low Life Tri-Curse Poison Essence Drain Occultist - Uber Viable, 10k+ ES, 40k+ DoT dps
ELE [2.2] Windz's Lazy Essence Drainer HCP (no contagion)
OCC [2.3] Tanky Good DPS Low-life Occultist Essence Drain Dual Curse [Atziri viable]
NEC [2.3] Essence Drain/Contagion NECROMANCER - HC Viable, Low Budget to get started
NEC Drain Tank build: Essence drain necro, 200%+ life, 75/75% block, MoM, AA and Lightning coil [2.3]
OCC [2.2]Low Life Ninja - 180k DPS Crit EK, 9.7K ES, No Mirrors Required!
OCC 2.2 The Ultimate Self-Cast Crit EK Build/Guide (Occultist Witch) - 418k+ DPS / Quad Cursing
OCC [2.2] Lehenaa - Crit Low Life Ethereal Knives 200k+ DPS
NEC [2.3]Dragon Jooced - "Pick Your Poison" Necromancer has Bladefall + BV variants

{2.2} Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Tier List basic infos for classic summoners
NEC {2.2}Spectral Gods: Super Tank Poison Summoner [Using da belt] focus on zombies
NEC [2.2] Lasgo's Tanky Crit Spectral Summoner focus on spectres
NEC [2.3] Spectre/Curse/Aura Necromancer with MoM/EB/ZO. Beginner friendly
NEC {2.2} The Spectral Zoommoner spectres, zombies, SRS
NEC [2.2] Army of Zoom (with Video) - Necromancer SRS, Spectre, Zombie build
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: 4 Keystone Spectre Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Atziri Viable]
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: 5 Keystone Horror Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri Viable]
NEC [2.3]Zombie, Spectre madness with 12 aura support
NEC [2.2] The Gravelord Nito build
NEC 2.3 Improved Guide on Leary's Auramancer (UBER! viable classic summoner, 945-2027k dps, ez MF/Lab)
NEC [2.2] Necromancer: Undying Grappler Summoner [Softcore]
NEC [2.2] Spectacular Spectres - Ultimate Utility Guardian (No SRS) with videos. Low-Cost
NEC [2.2] Miger's Knitted Horrormancer
NEC HORRORMANCER - low budget beginner friendly
NEC Electrified Punkheads[2.2] Classic necro plus SRS, and Midnight Bargain, ft. Charge-O-Rama!
NEC [2.3] Queen of the Dead | Low Life Classic Summoner | Solo & Party viable
NEC 2.3 Necromancer Spectre/SRS Angryaa Spectres + SRS
NEC [2.2] The Skeleton Queen (30 skeletons / 60 seconds / over 300% minion damage) (With videos) Skeletons only
NEC [2.2] One Dozen SkeleMages focus on skeletons
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: Lich Queen Skeleton Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Izaro Viable] focus on skeletons
NEC [2.2.1] The Explosive Sheep°78/71% Block Chance°750 Life Gain per Block°OS BOSS minion instability
NEC [2.2] Rathma's Chosen - Attack/Summon Hybrid melee hybrid
NEC Perandus Pure Life Srs in progress + 2.2 Deathless uber srs(STD)
NEC [Ascendancy] Angryaa's SRS Spectre Necromancer.
NEC Pure SRS *Cheap* *Atziri* *Magic Find* *Endgame Viable*
NEC (2.2) [PHC] BM Necromancer SRS 8.7k life, fast clear
NEC [2.2.2d] Badreinigers CI SRS Witch Necro Summoner
NEC Temp League SRS
NEC [2.2][NEC]Femur of the Saints and Queen's Decree Armour Based Summoner PHC
NEC [2.2] PHC #1 Necromancer lv100 SRS build
NEC [2.3] Necromancer SRS - 1H + Shield. Max Block. Extreme Defense & Offense. [T15 + Atziri viable]
NEC [2.3] BM Keystone SRS
NEC [2.3] The Poet - SRS + Blasphemy Enfeeble+TempChains
NEC [2.3] LL / SRS / Support / Necro / BloodMagic keystone [Endgame Viable]
NEC [2.3] Saltizard's Raging Summoner [CI SRS] - Uber Down!
NEC [2.3] Srs Build 8k life, tons of Dmg ( PvE,PvP)(The Build for the Lazy)
NEC 2.3 NEC SRS SUPP " The dishwasher " Safe, Fast , hight damage
NEC Animate weapon Necromancer with MoM, updated for 2.2 Patch!Animate Weapon
NEC [2.2] Dead Men of Dunharrow (Animate Weapon Summoner) Max Block, EB/MoM. Atziri Video! Animate Weapon
NEC [2.3]PHC Zoomancer Weapon Animator - 200+ minions. Atziri viable Safe and Fast clearspeed Animate Weapon
NEC [2.3] Animate Weapons of Mass Destruction (EB/ZO/MOM/NA/EE) Animate Weapon
NEC [HC 2.3] Necromancer Animate Weapon Atziri viable Animate Weapon
NEC [2.3] Animate weapon SIX AURA of GLUTTONY Animate Weapon
NEC [2.3] Animate Weapon Summoner featuring Cloak of Tawm'r Isley Animate Weapon
NEC [2.2] MOosChaosArmy Null's Inclination Beacon of Corruption 3Curses MaxBlock HC/SC Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
NEC [2.3] Whaitiri's Chaotic Null's Inclination Necro - all map mods, 73/65 block without Rumis Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
OCC [2.2] CI Poison Blink arrow/Mirror arrow Occultist Summoner (level 95 Perandus) Blink/Mirror Arrow
NEC [2.2] Elemental Blink/Mirror arrow summoner Blink/Mirror Arrow
NEC [2.2] Kamikaze Yourself! Blink / Mirror Arrow ☺ Minion Instability ☺ Low life ☺ Purities ☺ Max Block Blink/Mirror Arrow
NEC [2.2][SC][NEC]Mirror Arrow Trap & Skeletons' Totem - A cheap and beginner friendly build Mirror Arrow
NEC [Prophecy, 2.3.0] Hardcore Blink arrow / Mirrow arrow Necromancer trapper capped block Blink/Mirror Arrow
OCC [2.3] Clonemancer: One For All, All For One (Uber Viable, Millions of DPS) Blink/Mirror Arrow
NEC [2.3 SC] The Hipster Member of Pale Council (self-cast Mirror/Blink, 4 Blasphemy curses, 9 jewels) Blink/Mirror Arrow
OCC [2.3 HCP] BDY's 20k ES Mirror Arrow/Blink Arrow Boss Killer Occulist - UBER Atziri down! Blink/Mirror Arrow
NEC [2.2] Summon Raging Inferno (3 x 6L flame golem) Flame Golem
NEC [2.3] Dancing Dominatrix - Dancing Dervish/Dominating Blow Melee Necromancer (WIP) Dancing Dervish

div [2.3] Dual Flame Totem Crit version. 237k dps. Easy Atziri and all map mods. Uber down.
ELE 2.2 Perandus Explosive Arrow Totems (Cheap, high dps ,over 6k Life w/ MOM)
OCC Freezing Pulse: [2.2][Occultist] Sire of Shatters (Dual Freezing Pulse totems feat. EB+MoM+Tri-curse Blasphemy)
ELE Ice Nova: [2.3] Beginner-friendly Easy-Peasy Ice Nova Dual-Totem
NEC SRS: [2.2] Necromancer - Dual totem SRS EE + 9 Zombies and 3 Specters
NEC SRS: [2.2] [HC] LL SRS SpellTotem aura necromancer blood magic

ELE Multi-Skill elementalist. Taming/Emberwake. Tanky/fast clearspeed. Never boring. can be played with a lot of different spells
ELE [2.3] Burning Arrow Elementalist || Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget (Atziri Viable) burning arrow
OCC [OCC] CI Caustic Arrow - Atziri Down caustic arrow
OCC [2.2 OCC] CI Hidden Potential Caustic Arrow Uber Atziri viable caustic arrow
OCC [2.3] KrazyEd's CA Occultist- 3-4 Curse DoT Resistance Crusher caustic arrow
OCC [2.3 Build Guide] Lurifaxx's Soul Ward Occultist! [HC/SC/Atziri Viable] caustic arrow
OCC [2.2 Occ] KuteKitteh's CI EA Regen Tank - Durable w/10k ES, instant clear, EZ-Atziri, affordable! explosive arrow
OCC [2.2] CI Explosive Arrow Crazy ES Regen explosive arrow
ELE [PHC] Witch explosive arrow NO GMP / Lvl 98 & 100 with Aeiko explosive arrow
ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist (HC, Fast Clear) explosive arrow
ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist - Insane Clear Speed with 11 Grand Spectrum explosive arrow
ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist Witch [PSC] explosive arrow
ELE [2.2] Ice Shot Elementalist - Lots of Ice explosions! Fast clear speed ice shot
ELE [2.3] Boulz's Grand Spectrum Lightning Arrow Conflux Build (High Budget / HC viable) Lightning Arrow
ELE Windripper elementalist CI 130k+/175k+ LA dps 7arrows, solo reflect immune 219iiq/404iir, top mf Lightning Arrow with Windripper
ELE Doomfletch's Prism Elementalist (Budget and strong) [Top30 PHC] Split Arrow using Doomfletch's Prism
ELE [PHC 2.3] AutoHerald Elementalist Heralds as main damage source
NEC [2.2] Meleemancer, Complete Domination dominating blow
NEC [2.2] Yesterday's Minion-less Necritmancer (Crit - Block - Melee Witch) earthquake + Hegemony's Era
ELE [2.2] Burining Earthquake Elemetalist (Avatar of Fire) earthquake, fire conversion
ELE [2.3] Meltquake - Earthquake Degen Elementalist [PHC] earthquake, bleed+poison
ELE [2.2 ELE] CI Melee Elemental Hit + Tri-Elemental Damage Elementalist elemental hit
ELE [2.3] Offscreen Melee Witch: FB/IB Elementalist- Insane Prolif Chains facebreaker/infernal blow
ELE [2.2] EmberStrike - 2h Flickerstrike - Insane damage flicker strike
ELE Sherkhan's Aerialist [triple curse CI pure physical Flicker Elementalist] flicker strike
OCC OCC [2.2] CI Dagger Budget Flicker Strike flicker strike
ELE [2.2] [HC] Oro's Flicker Strike Elementalist, HC Perandus flicker strike
ELE [2.2]The Supreme Gentleman's Oro's Elementalist with VMS [videos coming soon] flicker strike
ELE [2.3 HC] HecticHippo's Elementalist Oro's Flicker Strike. Tanky, fast, fun. flicker strike
ELE [2.3] FROSTBLADES WITCH 5/6 KEYSTONES EB + MOM + ACRO + PHASE ACRO tanky insane dps! by STOYA frost blades
ELE [2.3]The Burning Ice - Ice Crash Oro's Elementalist ice crash with Oro's Sacrifice
NEC [2.2] Varuni's Death Knight (Varunastra - Necromancer melee/block tank) sunder + Varunastra
OCC [2.3] Poison vacuum cleaner bloccultist sunder
NEC [2.2][HC] Crit Staff Necromancer 30k DPS 70% block, 6k Life + Fortify sweep + Hegemony's Era
ELE 2.3 Doryani's fist - Angry Charger - Ice crash Elementalist unarmed with Doryani's Fist
ELE [2.2] The Wild Spellblade | Elementalist | Pure Elemental Wild Striker wild strike
ELE (2.3) Way of the Grand Spectrum X10 (Wild Strike Elementalist) HC Prophecy wild strike
ELE The Goddess gone Wild (TGU - wild strike - perma buff) wild strike with Goddess Unleashed
OCC [2.2] The Nautilus - DeepWater Tank
ELE [UPDATE 2.2]Elementalist Mjolner: Life and armour - EE/RT - Tanky and Fun! Atziri video added!
ELE [2.2.0] Tanky RF Elementalist mjolner witch, volls not required
OCC [2.2] Culler-support. Now also budget! - Full MF | 12.6kES | 7 Auras + Guardian
OCC [2.2] Lowlife BM 10Aura 3-6Curse EE Conduit Hard Support - NO ENLIGHTEN NEEDED aura support
OCC 2.2 Notive's Tanky Low Life Blood Magic Occultist Septa/Hexa Curse Blasphemy Cheeser curser
NEC [2.3] Necromancer: Aurabot Support Build [HC / SC] aura support
NEC [2.3] SRS Auramancer LL Witch SRS + aura support
OCC 2.3 WItch Supporter 11 Aura / 3-4 Curses + More aura support
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Auramancer Pseudo Support Build Guide [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Atziri/Uber Izaro Viable] classic summoner + aura support
NEC [2.3] 10 Aura | Tri-Curse Necrobot Support aura support
NEC 2.3 Necromancer Support 12auras and 3curses aura support
ELE [2.2] [Ele] Ignatius: Fire Nova Mine Screen Sweeper
OCC [2.2] Black Mage - Low-life Grenade Trapper ice trap
OCC [2.3]CI Bladefall BOOM BOOM mines with poison, Tri-curse, deathless uber at 82. Affordable.
OCC [HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison miner occultist atziri/high maps triple curse CI ES
OCC [2.3] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow - Darkscoil. Extremely tanky, easy T15 farm
OCC EB Triple Curse Occultist Bladefall Miner [HC Atziri farmer+curse-bot]
OCC [2.3] CI Occ Crit Trap Bladefall
ELE [2.3] Elementalist: The Sire of Ignites - Ball Lightning Trapper, guide & videos using Sire of Shards
OCC 【2.3】ViViiiii's Temporal Chains Posion Miner Everything You might interested to know Bladefall miner
OCC [2.3] Xirgil's Cranker Blocker Curser Occultist (multiple builds) Bladefall miner
OCC [2.3] Brofessional Necrophiliac 11k+ ES, Uber Viable, Millions of DPS (with Videos) Detonate Dead traps + chaos conversion
OCC MoreRain: Life&ES CoC Discharge [2.2]
OCC [2.2] Bucket Down CoC LL Occultist || Ridiculous DPS, 10k ES
OCC [2.2] CI CoC Discharge done right by Rico
OCC [2.2 - Occultist] Lowlife Cold ST CoC "Kamehameha Throw"
OCC [2.2 HC Perandus WIP] LL CoC BM 6 Auras
OCC [2.2] COC Barrage wand occultist
ELE [2.3 PSC] Belton's "Fakener" 0 Mana Cost Elementalist CI CoC Discharge
ELE CoC Lightning Warp Storm Call Elementalist (budget but scales well)
OCC [2.3/Occultist] Low Life CocSpray - AFK Map bosses - Tanky, tri curse phys Coc - Guide & Videos
OCC [2.3] CoMK Blade Vortex, Quad-Curse Occultist using The Harvest CoMK
OCC 10 spells Abaxoth on Cocaine CWDT Build,HC and Uber Atziri Viable triggering CwDT with heartbound loop
OCC 2.2 and 2.3 Nuclear Sojourner - Shield Charge + CWDT - Insane triggering CwDT with scold's bridle + shield charge
OCC [2.3] Legasi's Fallen Angel elemental wander
ELE [2.2] One-click screen clear: Emberwake/Taming KB Wander Elementalist elemental wander
ELE [2.3] Elementalist Wander | Fast Clear Speed, Reflect Immune elemental wander
ELE [2.3.x] Elementalist LowLife Kinetic Blast - Fast Clear, Uber viable elemental wander
ELE [2.3]Dela's Obliterate Build CHEAP & FAST clears 200% life UPDATED corpse detonation with Obliteration
OCC [2.2] Occultist - Profane Bloom Chaos Wander corpse detonation
ELE [2.3] The great Herald of Chaos! by Akilander Obliteration + Heralds

1.0 - 2.1 Builds

Other Build Lists
Duelist Builds List
Marauder Builds List
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Ranger Builds List not maintained since 6/16
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Other guides
Absolute beginners should have a look at
How to make a build - quick start guide as well as at the
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Noperative's General Guide to Path of Exile
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Last bumped on August 27, 2016 8:58 AM
Last edited by Bada_Bing on July 26, 2015 4:50 AM
i agree, my ci cold crit witch is almost unaffected except for 2-3 aura loss, you might need to modify some stuffs on the guides though.
I am looking for a good fire witch build, anyone running one in 1.0?
I haven't played in quite a while, but when I was I was working on the 7 aura EB summoner build. Is there an update on that at all, or is anyone working on a similar build?
Here's my classic ci cold crit witch updated for 1.0

Kuro's Classic CI Cold Crit Witch
Last edited by kuromahou on October 27, 2013 12:37 PM
Here's my classic ci cold crit witch updated for 1.0

Kuro's Classic CI Cold Crit Witch

no vaalpact and a couple bad decissisions, this build isnt good. And you shouldnt go for the templar side.

Explain me how you want survive reflect + a couple of mobs hitting you without vaal pact?

Last edited by chack on October 27, 2013 1:37 PM
the build is good, kuro.
kuromahou wrote:
Here's my classic ci cold crit witch updated for 1.0

Kuro's Classic CI Cold Crit Witch

the build is ok....cant realy get vaal pact now...too many wasted points to get at the bottom of the tree
kuromahou wrote:
Here's my classic ci cold crit witch updated for 1.0

Kuro's Classic CI Cold Crit Witch

the build is ok....cant realy get vaal pact now...too many wasted points to get at the bottom of the tree

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