Witch Builds List 1.0 - 2.4 (closed)

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Due to limited time available, i'm gonna stop updating this list when the next expansion starts in early december.
If someone wants to take over maintaining this list please contact me.
hi guys im back, last play was 1 year ago with my witch and used zombie build.

I lose too much update :D some1 can say me a good build to start again? im lvl 85 with a small budget like 5 ex 60 c.

Hope some 1 can help me.


Been playing PoE for a while now, but im kinda lost with the newest builds for my toon.. I may take break here and there and the skilltree changes time after time, and I am feeling a bit unsure what to do next.

I've tried to check google etc. forums for a build, but all the terms are making me confused.
Trying to optimize my DUAL FLAME TOTEM build gearwise, and I would appreciate if someone would give me an example about the newest skilltree/gear setup (minmax) also.
[PoE 2.4] Pure Chaos (CI BV Occultist Obliteration)

thx in advance
[2.4] Non-Shav's Low Life Blood Magic BV Chaos Occultist


Thanks for doing what you've done man. Has made browsing this subforum so much easier.
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NEC [2.4] SRS LL Auramancer MF in-depth guide

Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the work you've done with keeping this list up to date! I hope you'll find someone who can take over the maintenance of it.
[3.6] 83/83 Block Herald of Agony Gladiator - Über Elder Viable
[3.1] SRS LL Auramancer in-depth guide
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thank you for your work bada bing.

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