[2.2]HC Magicfinder|iiQ/iiR:76/327|6k+hp 13k+ Armour 71/75+block 81/80/80res Cheap/Freshstart/HC-SC

What's up Exiles?

So i just wanna share my current Build im working on in the Perandus Hardcore League.
Its not a 100%ready Full-Detailed-Buildguide cause its not ready yet.
But it should demonstrate you how awesome it is right now^^

The Buildidea/Why im playin this?:
After i got all free MTX in PSC i had a Discussion with a HC Mate about Magicfinding in HC and that its not worth in Perandusleague
and even not worth at all... and i was like:
"Well than im playin MFer in PHC now just for fun and Science dont know how yet but im tryin..."
and started theorycrafting/Planning.
So my personal goal was to have a Magicfinder that is only for Dried Lake farming and Rare Lowlevel Maps...
(farming here means nearly "brainafk" just for "generating" currency to fund my other Builds)
... but it got way better^^

Freshstart in PHC in Midleague while League's dying:
First rolled a Witch Necromancer SRS with +1 fire weapon with SRS in it and as a 2ndSource i used a spelltotem+SRS and Zombies.
So like with some castspeed Nodes early on you can have 20+ SRS up right after start... so its safe and decent speed.
Progressed like that -> got Reve. Rod with lvl24 and bought a staff for 5c at lvl49.
18%block 5L6S White... rolled +2fire on it.
Played that Char up to LvL85 ---> 5 pure Ex + Kaoms Heart from Cadiro for 7,5k coins and i bought 6L Staff for 2ex.
Character is still alive you can see it in my Profile IGN:HC_Necro_Witch
with these Items and Currency i made the following Character...

Class: Duelist
Ascendancy: Gladiator
Current Level: 87
League: Perandus Hardcore (PHC)

Overview of Current Stats:
Increased Itemquantity: 76
Increased Itemrarity: 327
Life: 5986
Life Regen: 453.2
Armour: 12830
Block: 71
Spellblock: 75
Fire Resistance: 81
Cold Resistance: 80
Lightning Resistance: 80
7+ Seconds long Flasks per 1 use - x2 cause you can use them twice

(keep in Mind these Stats are with Flasks up... but if you read the thread and watch the Videos
you will see that you have them up like 99% of the Time... so for me it counts only with Flasks up^^)

Pros and Cons:
- Build only uses Proj. Dmg and Spelldmg Nodes so nearly all Projectile Spells usable ---> Try out what you want or like!
Just replace the +2 FireGems Staff with +2 Cold or +2Lightning to use other Skills with...
- Cheap at Freshstarts (cheap early effective upgrades)
- Magicfinding while lvling possible
- Easy Playstyle
- Good for Beginners
- Build needs only 4 Ascendancypoints
- 7+ seconds long Flasks!
- High Flexibility
- 7 Jewelsockets
- Fortify Buff possible cause of Staff with LeapSlam+Fortify
- | iiQ/iiR:76/327 and more! | 6k+hp 13k+ Armour | 71+/75+block up to 78/78block with "The Anvil" |
- | 81/80/80 res. and more you can prepare for certain Situations... for ex. Crematoriumboss you replace your Quicksilver with a RubyFlask ---> 90 max FireRes. than :D
- Options to go Dual/tri/Quad Curser
- And maybe more but i think its enough^^

NONE! for me it has 0... in terms of what i made this build for...
if you feel like it has some... its your feeling^^ not mine. ;)

Passive Tree:

Current Gear and Gem Links:
My Profile MF_Gladiator

My 4th Flask so this one

is totally free to use Flaskslot -> Use here what you prefer.

The Gemlinks are not "set in stone" you can use what you prefer here...
For Example you can use a Leap Slam + Fortify setup somewhere to get the Fortify Buff

Or if you dont need Vaal Grace you can switch that to a 2nd Vaal Haste

But these are just examples... you see,
its really flexible...
Just use what you prefer and if you wanna try out something... Try it out!
And tell me/us your Results.

Gearsetup for Mapping/Getting more LvLs:
Switch Item Rarity to Faster Casting

still iiQ/iiR 40/180 with Flask
30% increased projspeed for crazy AOE Flametotems^^
Not more "switching" needed... No Passivenode resets... just gems and gear

My current Jewels:

Recommended Gear/GearInformation:
Recommended Gear (In the LongRun not recommended to start with!):
Kaom's Heart

Perandus Blazon Belt 8% iiQ - (if youre in Standard and have access to legacy versions -> 12% iiQ)

Sadima's Touch 16% iiQ - (if youre in Standard and have access to legacy versions -> 24% iiQ)

Goldwyrm 20% iiQ - (if youre in Standard and have access to legacy versions -> 30% iiQ)

Rumi's Concoction Flask 30% block (Since we have the Block conversion from Gladiator you can totally ignore the spellblock from flask makes it cheaper ;) )

Divination Distillate Flask highest iiQ/iiR what you can get - (if youre in Standard and have access to legacy versions -> 25iiQ and 60iiR)

Conqueror's Potency Jewel is a Quest Reward and it has only 1 "roll" so it is always perfect rolled (We need this to Buff our Flasks even more)

Progression / How to get wealthy:
Progression @ Fresh Leaguestart (Only this makes Sense to explain, if youre wealthy you'll lvling on that way that you prefer most)

--- SKIP ALL TRIALS AND LABS until you hit Merciless Highgate ---

1. Mule or Buy these Gems -> Flametotem/Firetrap/FreezePulse/Spark/LightningTrap
2. Get a +1 FireGems 1h and a +1 ColdGems or LightningGems 1h (you can get them from LvL1 from Vendor's check Vendor's after Lvlups!)
3. Lvl with Flametotem/Firetrap and FP or Spark/LightningTrap depends on what weapon you could get...
4. Rush to Ancestral Bond Node like -> CircleOrder: Red->Green->Yellow->Blue

From now on its totally up to you how to progress further, just get the nodes you actually need to get Resistances Capped and Life and enough Damage to kill stuff.
Progress thru the Game with Dual Flametotems and FireTrap/LightningTrap/VaalLightningTrap

-> My Tip: Start Lvling an Item Rarity Gem as fast as you can and also use it in a 3L while lvling with Flametotem+CullingStrike+ItemRarity that you can cull Bosses/Rares
Just put down your "normal" Damage Totems at a Boss/Rare and with like 25% or more less HP from the Enemy Cast 1x -> Flametotem+CullingStrike+ItemRarity
Overall you can stack Rarity while lvling not crazy amounts but just a little bit from Gold Amulets/Rings check Vendors after lvlups for cheap lucky upgrades.
-> My Tip: If you can get a Vaal LightningTrap you can use it to apply "Shock" its nice for clearing Perandus Packs for ex.
-> My Tip: Get a Perandus Blazon Belt and a Divination Distillate as fast as possible even in freshleagues not that hard and they are really cheap too.
-> My Tip: If you find VaalOrbs while lvling use them on Haste/Grace to get Vaal Versions of them, they will help you and they're easy to sell early in the league with a little bit of profit. So the Avg of hitting a Vaalversion is pretty high, i had it several times now that i got 4 out of 5... so its worth tryin...

5. Get to Eternal Laboratory as fast as you can -> Farm Tropical Island Maps to get Flora's Gift Cards for your 1st 5L Staff -> Transmute/Alt/Aug it to +2 FireGems.
With some Luck its possible to get the 5 Cards in under 10x Tropical Islands.
Keep in Mind that you have to get a 18% Block Staff later on for FullBlockeffect but a 12% one is totally fine to start with.

6. When you switch to Staff you want to have the Staffblocknodes from tree already -> Staffblocknodes

And now its again totally up to you how to progress further, for example you can use "The Anvil" Amulet to get 8% additional blockchance or use a Goldamulet for MF...
But here is an example for 83 Points used
---> 83 Points

-> My Tip: After "6." i would do the normal and cruel lab to get the spellblock for more Defensiveness for Magicfinding Dried Lake
Also this Build needs only 4 Ascendancypoints ... why? cause it does not benefit at all from last 2^^
So just get incredible Defensives for norm and cruel lab runs with like Vitality and Arctic Armour.
Since we are using a Staff it allows us to use LeapSlam+Fortify Combo to hop around and get Fortify Buff.
So with that setup its pretty hard to die in normal and cruel lab...

7. After you got the 4 Ascendancypoints you can just start magicfinding.
The Worstcase-Scenario here would be 12% Blockstaff only but even this is enough to start farming if you combine that with VaalGrace.
At this point you can have like iiQ:20+ and iiR:180+ with RarityFlask up! easily
Start farming Dried Lake or Solaris LvL1 for Perandus and Cadiro or just do Dominus Runs or Rare T1 Maps... just do stuff that is easy for you...
The Build is made for "generating" Currency while farming nearly BrainAFK :D so priority is not to die.

-> My Tip: Start collecting Items for the Chaos Recipe as early you can! (UNID recommended!)

8. Improve your Char thats all... Invest in more iiQ and iiR as fast as you can cause this will pay you off in the long run... 100%
Items you wanna have: 2x Ventor's - Kaom's Heart - Sadima's Touch - Goldwyrm - Sire of Shards(if you prefer +2 or +3 staffs go for it)

Some of my lvling/early Gear:


Characterinformations and Screenshots from Charactersheet:
Only with Golem and Auras (Makes no Sense to show it without cause you have them always up)

Rumiflask + RarityFlask + OnslaughtFlask (only for Offense active)

as you can see here with RarityFlask and Rumi's up we have 81/80/80 max. Res. 71/75 block iiQ/iiR: 76/327 and 12830 Armour
and as you can see in my Videos you can have them up like always!

and if you run out of flaskcharges just tp in town and refill your flasks and get back in the fight^^ (or alt+f4 whatever^^ just dont die)

Stats you can have combined

Ultimate Grinder in Action 14mins
1x Rare Tropical Island / 1x Rare Strand with 129% Quantity to show whats possible --- At the End -> Result from only that Strand.

Dried Lake Runs 5mins
2 quick Dried Lake Runs
1st with Full MF Gear iiQ/iiR: 76/327
2nd with Mapping Gear iiQ/iiR: 40/180

HC Magicfinder - Current Results 2mins
Screenshot Montage of some magicfinding/linking results with my current HC Magicfinder

What's possible?/What i aim for?:
Let's *dream* a little bit...
2x Perfect Ventor's
Gold Amulet with 74% Rarity -> Max possible what you can get (I have one of those in PSC ;) its not impossible to get stuff^^)
Perfect RarityFlask iiQ:18 and iiR:60
Some more HP Nodes from Tree to get 6,5k+ hp...
Get rid of the 23%coldres from my Helmet and replace that craft with %armourcraft to get more Armour
LvL21 Flametotem Gem (all other Gems as corrupted Versions too but Flametotem has priority)
with all that its possible to have something like this:
and even more cause i havent calculated the right numbers yet and its all without jewelsockets so 400+ rarity is possible.

6L Sire of Shards with corrupted Culling Strike^^ saves up 1 Gem^^ but this is real dreamin right now xD

to Do List:
For Thread:
- Make everything more beautiful... colouring/textsize and stuff
- Calculation to get exact numbers of stats
- More Videos

For Build:
- Whispers of Doom Passive Node for +1 Curse
- Full MF Supporter Quadcurser for Groupplay (+1 Curse Amulet and Windscream Boots and Whispers of Doom)
- AOE EK Totems or Freeze Pulser (Build only uses Proj. Dmg and Spelldmg Nodes so all Projectile Spells usable)
- Funbuild -> Empire's Clasp Gloves and switch Iron Will Gem with Knockback Gem :D

This is my first Buildguide for the forums, so dont be that "harsh" with me xD.
Feel free to ask any Questions or if you have some Suggestions/Ideas post them aswell
you can reach me here in Thread or Ingame or Youtube what you prefer...

Best Regards
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Added New Video -> "HC Magicfinder - Current Results"
Added Overview of Statistics after Introduction
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i like the build, but would you be kind to share your item filter as well?
Hi callmax, grats for your build.

I am following it but I would like to know if you link flammability with cast when damage taken like you show in this post.

I watched the videos and I can see that you can throw the skill instead be casted by cwdt.

Also I run out of mana so quickcly, how do you solve it?

Thanks for all.
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