2.1 Burning discharger,quad curse, 1200+strength IW

This build has been pretty much dead after enduring cry became an warcry ,no longer beeing able to support it with spell echo and the nerf on elemental proliferation.

Build Link

The ideea is to use an enhanced warlord mark alongside with 40% curse effectivness from tree to bring the chance for enduring charge on kill at around 70% wich is great.

Further more elemental weakness+flammability+Enhance+Elemental proliferation should shatter the resistance of every living thing.

With the addition of blasphemy im going to reserve all mana in order to use 4 curses making the gameplay so much easy.

Have to mention that this build couldnt be done before talisman(at least not the iron will+quad curses). The reason is that before adding blasphemy gem a quad curse setup was spell+curse1+curse2+curse3+curse4+enhance forcing u to use a staff in case u would want a 5L or 6L discharge. Now reserving all the curses u can just use a doon cuebyari and a shield boosting the strength + damage by alot.


body armour

We gonna use an astral plate since we have 2/3 red gems and will be easy to color
Iron Will
Blood magic
Area of effect
Elemental proliferation/burning damage/fire penetration/controled disctruction

Main hand

single target
blood magic
concentrated effect
+iron will on doon cuebyari+a godly faster casting corrupt (the dream)

Off hand

vaal flameblast
concentrated effect


depending on colors/item


depending on colors/item


Cwdt level 20
Molten shell
Artic breath/wither

Lightning ball to trigger EE inside a ring


Can run with a buget version all u need is a 4L and u can run dual curse+anger until u get a +1 curse unique
Easy to play and very defensive (for those who havent try an enhanced temporal chains with some curse effectiveness nodes makes everying so damn slow, on top of that a cwdt+gmp+artic breath+wither (gotta test this) for even slower effect on mobs)
7 jewel sockets
4 curses
Burning effect
Can do all maps except curse immune
Sort of easy to get a 6L... Farm or buy Celestial justicar
Great for partys as a support build
Can do up to t14-15 maps (i know this because i ran a flameblast+quad curse on darkshrine)


To get the most out of it u need a Doon Cuebyari, Sun crest helm, astremantis amulet
U cant compare the clear speed with a reave build for example
Hard to get Item rarity on gear due to the uniques choices
Doesnt do very well with totem bosses lucky us there are only 4 (vulcano map,Oba,unique strongbox,kaom path dude)

Last edited by Caldoni on Dec 11, 2015, 6:56:48 AM
Well, with that tree you can go max three curses. 4x35% plus enhaced gem, that won't work.
how do you reserve all the auras, I checked the values with enhance and the aura reserve nodes on the poe aaura calculator and it didn't come out even https://poe.mikelat.com/#Zkm=_m/d4KecfK2

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