[2.2] Dual RF Totem Chieftain Soul Mantle

Hi, I've seen there's already a big guide for a RF totem build but I'd like to show you this one since it's a little bit different.

Pro and Cons

It's fun to see them all burn to hell.
Pretty safe with life regen.
You don't care of almost every curses and many many other map mods.

Less MF able than other builds.
You'll need many Elemental res.
If you're not used to this gameplay you'll need some time to learn it(I did).

So what is it?

In this build you'll use mainly a RF Totem which is mana free, a Searing Bond to increase your dps and the Keystone is the Soul Mantle which provides you a huge dps boost in exchange of the need to manage curses.
Also you are a dual Curse and Elemental Equilibrium user. You can reach pretty easily 5k life and 500 life regen.


Righteous Fire + Spell Totem + Elemental Focus + Increased Area (+ Rapid Decay + Increased Burning for the 5 and 6L)

Searing Bond + Elemental Focus + Rapid Decay + Increased Burning Damage

Shock Nova + Curse on Hit + Flammability + Vulnerability
This way you switch the EE and apply curses.

Purity of Elements + Vitality
You can go for the 3 purity auras but you'll have to get some "less mana reservation" in the tree or with Enlighten. But you'll lose the life regen and will have to switch a Searing bond support for Blood magic.
I should try to add Arctic Armor.

Leap Slam + Faster Attack
I don't use Fortify because I don't really have much time for it, and well the aim of beeing a Totem user is to not be in the melee right? :)

Cast When Damage Taken + Molten Shell + Flame Golem
I use this one with a lvl 11 Cwdt this way they have a good uptime and Molten Shell gives 440 armor (and its damage are a bonus)

Vaal Lightning Trap
I don't use it but you can. Support (Multiple traps/GMP/Increased duration) will depend of the use you'll do of this Skill.


Here is my current tree(lvl 86).
We can't go for Ancestral Bond or the EE with Shock Nova won't work, and 2 totems are already enugh.
I went for the maximum of Totem damage/Life, aimed some life and life regen for me plus some sockets for my Jewels.
I think that next steps are some more life regen + socket for a rare Jewel at the Scion Start and maybe another Socket later. Or just One socket for 2 points and some life(many is available).

For the Bandits reward choose Oak/kill/kill


Begining tree(25 points)
Start with Fire trap + fireball if you don't want to care with the 85% hit chance of the marauder.
As soon as possible take searing bond and spell totem + firestorm

End normal tree(47 points)
Here you aim some Aoe Radius to help Firestorm with Concentrated Area, we take EE to use Shock nova(you'll have to buy it to another player) and we take some life.

RF tree(61 point)
Now you should be able to switch on RF totem and maybe use Soul Mantle + Self-flagellation

81 point
Now we'll go for the witch AoE and take life nodes we let on the road.

100 point tree
Here we take the last Totem node and some more life/life regen and sockets (Spire of Stone)


Soul Mantle and the Droede's Damning are mandatory for the build. The Soul Mantle will give you many curse, and since we use Self-Flagellation we'll often have 60 or even 80% increased damage but we need to have as much Elemental Resistance as possible, you need to reach 218 to face Elemental Weakness+Elemental specific curse. Yes 218.

That's why all my rares have as much life and Elemental res as possible, and I switched my Trolltimble Spire for a rare shield.
I should try to find a dexterity amulet in order to switch my Fluid Motion jewel for a rare one (totem life + fire damage + totem damage is best)

With the weapon you have some choice: a fire sceptre with the Leo's mod is great to begin a league, or Daresso's Passion is told to be great. Doryani's Catalyst is the best at High level.

You'll need a Remove Curse potion because Enfeeble will kill your dps, and sometimes Temporal Chains is dangerous ;)


It's my first guide and I'm a noob with video, yet I've done some lately. It's not on Youtube but I should be able to upload there if you want. I should do a video of a full map for the clear speed.

Dominus merciless lvl 65 (P1 and P2)
Malachaï lvl82
Atziri (sorry for the music :D)
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khanlid wrote:
it's a little bit different.

it's worse literally in everything and has zero expertise
you dont even take elemental overload, while having coh setup(that is way worse than blasfemy) that ensures free procs

and this pathing desion actually makes me cry

No rest for the wicked
Last edited by mezmery on Mar 17, 2016, 9:01:30 AM
Since you don't do any crit (or almost any) Elemental Overload is not really useful.
I use Coh because I have to hit to apply EE, so Coh makes me keep my mana for other usefull Auras.
And you need elemental resist aura to reach 218 elemental res.

For this pathing, well that's true I could take these 20 intel(scion/witch area you show) and remove 20 strengh betwin marauder and templar. It the same amount of points but put me to 1 point of a socket.
For the templar area I don't understand the matter, every other way is less interesting.
khanlid wrote:
Since you don't do any crit (or almost any) Elemental Overload is not really useful.

100% uptime with orb oh stroms coh setup that i use for bm maps.
zero expertise, as i said.
No rest for the wicked
You are really amiable ;)

I'll take a look to that Orb of Storm.

Edit: Just tried the Orb of Storm + EO. Ok it's good, not 100% uptime but I may improve this with training.

In addition I'm not a pro-player so no need to be rude. It's my first real totem build and I did it all alone. I almost never read a build except when I'm looking for something really specific that I don't understand, so I've seen the build I mentioned only few minutes before I wrote this one.
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khanlid wrote:
You are really amiable ;)

reading your "guide" after this https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1510181
is amiable.
w\e, maybe you enjoy pointless writing.
No rest for the wicked
Now I am curious too...why would you take elemental overload? YOU are not critting anything to proc it. If you want to spend a point in elemental overload and use orb of storms to proc or, or some herald, meh...maybe.
Last edited by cesmode on Mar 18, 2016, 8:39:37 AM
After the conversation with our nice friend I gave it a try, and well it works.
You use Orb of Storm in place of Shock Nova and it's fast enough on packs to proc a crit every 8s or almost.
I'm not good enough with clear speed so I don't have 100% uptime but I think that a better player can reach it.
But you have to level it in order to gain the additional chain. So I switched Increased Burning for Blood Magic in the Searing Bond set up.
Hey khanlid, I enjoyed your build write up. Ignore mezmery. Obviously has a totem up his butt.

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