Definitely a cockroach. 100% Chaos Ice Trap Juggernaught. HC league focus.

UPDATED: 3/26/2016
This build is a work in progress as well as the thread. Give me a few days to update and tidy up the thread.

The Karui Cockroach. "Move like cockroach, sting like Malachai." Want to be the biggest baddest cockroach on the map? This one is fun. You will survive all sorts of things just like a cockroach. You will be smashed only to get up and run away leaving your pursuers wondering how your prehistoric armor serves you so well. Your agility and movement will leave many amazed. You will grab the can of raid from your attackers and hurtle it back at them as your eyes behold it's explosion on your attackers releasing the chaos contained within. All while skittering around with legs moving faster than the eyes can see. So gather around and get ready to spread your wings to pounce on unassuming victims instilling terror in all who oppose my six legged friends.

Came up with this idea in the beginning of league when I found a ring I had never heard of. I have played for a few years but took about a year off until talisman launched. I have a few very successful templates I need to get around to posting. This one I will need the community to pitch into possibly to maximize it, but damn this is a lot of fun so far.

So why not Shadow? This is HC and surviving is king. I believe I can do incredible DMG with this on top of having great defense. If I was in softcore I would make a shadow to compare and take crit and trap dmg nodes in the north and very south of tree, but the hp is so lacking and starting out you would be squishy as hell. I started out with lightning trap until I could switch over backed up with spark. It worked very well and I was tanky as hell...

So the key to this build was this:


LvLing Gear

Current Gear:

Current Gem Testing:

Ice Trap 2ClustTraps 3TrapDMG 4EleFocus 5ContDes 6?ControlledDes/Poison

Enfeeble 2Temporal Chains 3Inc AoE 4Enhance/End Cry (With Heretic helmet)
Enfeeble 2Temporal Chains 3Inc AoE 4Blasphemy (without)

CWDT 2IncDur 3Vaal Grace 4Molten Shell 3R 1G

WBlades 2Fortify 3FasterAtt 4?Blind/Culling Strike/Blood Magic

Abyssal Cry 2Poison 3Void Manip

EndCry 2IncAoE 3IncDur (colors are an issue)

Current tree subject to change over the next few weeks as I optimize things:

My plan is to tri or quad curse eventually. I can keep 2 on blasphemy and I can proc 2 curses and also use EE with Ice Nova. Although the mechanics of the ice trap probably make EE futile. We will see in testing. Right now I am perfectly happy with just Enfeeble on blasphemy. When I get into my 70's I will be adding one to blasphemy though and it will most likely be Temp Chains. i may just stick with dual curse as it seems plenty efficient and the others seem trivial to add currently. I also really like the idea of adding Mokou's ring instead of Doedre's...
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Updated a few things. I settled on the Scold's Bridle which currently adds 1k dps to the tool tip and was finally able to put on Atziri's splendor which has been simply divine =)
any videos?
jokergod13 wrote:
any videos?

No unfortunately my comp can't handle it. It was a pretty fun template you definitely need trap cool down tho since your on the marauder side of the tree but definitely a viable very tanky template. I am sure some people can come up with some tweaks for it and make it better, but I couldn't think of anything I would do different.

I will leave it for the community to try and build upon if they wish. I recently died after I switched over to an experimental CoC build to the damn totem bloodline mod ;\ I admit I am addicted to trying lots of my crazy ideas like this one.
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Cant load the skill tree, it says its out of date sadly
cantrill1966 wrote:
Cant load the skill tree, it says its out of date sadly

same... sigh
I built a chaos ice trap with a wicked ward occ witch. same as you, I'm not happy with how squishy the shadow dude is. problem is though.. the shadow has all the necessary trap ascendancy for the build to be really explosive : ]

I wonder what you're thinking in terms of ascendancy with your marauder.

the skill tree doesn't work btw :P

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