2.3 Physical Earthquake Juggernaut tank

Hi, i'm kind of new on this. Played all clases with crapy self made builds but this one worked for me at least for lvl 75 maps, merciless izaro and atziri.
The idea was to make a pure physical build. I like physical builds because there are few monsters with the "armored" mod, and you don't need a curse to do real damage. I run Hatred and HoA auras because they take a percentage of physical damage bonus. With elemental resistant mobs the dps is still high and with non resistant is almost insane.

I have 10k dps right now. No crit, low budget. Resolute technique passive makes sure you always hit (and constantly leech!) without the need of dexterity and accuracy nodes or mods in gear. Going crit needs good gear and spend lots of nodes on crit to actually work, sacrificing other important nodes like life and armor.

Unwavering stance passive from kaom's boots makes sure you dont get stuned and knocked back.
Insane regen makes you immune to bleed and halves chaos dot (you still need some chaos res in gear to get positive or Merciless Maligaro and other chaos-based bosses that make chaos burst damage can kill you)

To solve mana issues, blood magic is used for every active skill in the build and the auras (HoA - Hatred - Arctic Armor) reserve all mana.

90% phys reduction from armor in gear, Iron Reflexes passive, and boosted fortify from ascendacy and passives in tree makes you nearly ontouchable especially at max endurance charges.
The Indomitable passive negates normal crits from monsters and halves those with powerful crits.
You want high health pool to avoid those izaro's crits though as he does insane dmg with his abilities if you get hit.

For reflection maps and strong bosses you can switch melee dmg for life leech in the main skill, but you can face tank almost every boss.

My dps is 10k right now. Endurance charges boost your damage, armor and elemental resist, and reduce some elemental damage as well when at max endurance charges. Unrelenting passive from ascendancy class makes sure you always are at max endurance charges combined with Warlord's Mark curse. When CWDT Immortal Call occurs it lasts like 5 secs pretty op and gives you time to gain charges again when it expires and so on.

Max endurance charges 8: 3 plus 3 from tree, 1 from ascendancy and 1 from merciless oak.
Note: Endurance charges are the key to the build! They boost your main defenses, life regen and your damage. You need to engage battle with endurance charges killing some trash mobs before. In battles with no adds switch to enduring warcry to make sure you get those endurance charges regularly on the fight.

Pros - High sustain and dps at same time. Burst damage proof, you won't get one shotted. Large AoE and fast trash clear speed. Fun to play. Budget friendly.
Cons - Low movement speed and mobility.

Now to the build:

Skills: Our main attack is Earthquake, which is used as aoe and single target too.
If you get 6 link you can get a life leech gem or multistrike-faster attacks, your choice. I prefer faster attacks.

Other active skills

Cast warlord's as soon as you see mob or boss, and spam warcry often to get increased damage.


And CWDT setup
you can link a increased duration too which will make it even more op.

Every slot is a unique except for the rings and amulet.

The weapon used is

which gives high dps and AoE but makes us move and attack slower.
The gloves synergise with the key of the build
gives us a great dmg boost and negates shock.

The belt
boosts our healthpool and pyhsical resistance when not under status ailments. We are immune to shock but still need at least a flask with the heat mod. The maximum resist debuff is compensated with endurance charges and the 8% reduction from max endurance charges.

The movement speed debuff is negated with
and gives us some real decent armor through the Iron Reflexes conversion. But you can replace this with a decent helm with high armor, life and resists after you take the unstoppable ascendancy node.

provides with decent armor and a great boost to health pool.

gives us more health (never enough!) and the Unwavering Stance passive which goes perfectly with the build. You don't want to get stuned or knocked back against a ranger.




Passive skill tree with 100 points:


Ascendacy nodes (in order normal, cruel and merc): Unyielding - Unflinching - Unrelenting

Note: I took resistnce nodes at the beggining but if you manage to get nice rings and amulets with high resistances you can drop them. Max resist 65, you need at least 135 on all resistances and positive chaos resist if possible.

Note 2: For bandits in normal you should take life, cruel point, and merciless endurance charge to get 8 endurance.

I will post a video when I have one.

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I'm beginning testing :)

I'm waiting for video
what when uber lab is completet what Ascendacy nodes will be the best to take? :/

i am 72 and i have complete the uber lab and only the last trail was a bit annoying cuase of the teleport and i was only close to die 2 or 3 times
the build is a bit slow when it comes to killing bosses but it have good survivable and i don't care that much about damage when i can survive :)
overall i like the build and i don't have to think about what's on my screem :)
Could you show how skill tree looks for max level 45? I'm very new to POE and this build is the first I'm trying.
Fun build, looking forward to the video!
You mention endurance charges are the key to this build. Is +1 to max endurance charges ring worth sacrificing the slot?
I'm wondering how you manage to cap resists with the huge stat issues with dexterity and intelligence. Jewellery with dex/int and good resists are expensive and i can't seem to find any that'll help me lol. Any suggestions?
TheHoboMaster wrote:
You mention endurance charges are the key to this build. Is +1 to max endurance charges ring worth sacrificing the slot?

I was thinking about using kaom's way on this build too, but the huge stat requirements for gems/gears say you can't really do it because you need stats/resists on your jewellery.
Immortal Flesh is terrible, never use it, max res is so important.
Sorry I haven't been playing the game from a while now. The belt sure, it ca be replaced with one that provdes you with high life stat and some resists, but this one works too idk if it works on end game maps like lvl 90 though, never been there yet.
Stats and rings, well if you can't get any good ring there you can always buy one and use some int dex nodes until you get the perfect gear, then you use the respec points. That's what they are for.
Again sorry but I see all the posts just now.
But i remember jewelry being the best in slot pick, so the +1 endurance won't work, i would prefer a high resist ring with some stat maybe, maybe not. I didn't have any big stat issues with the gear i posted and the tree so far, but when leveling that's a thing that always happens with all builds until you get the perfect gear and all.
Anyway I see new patches have come so I guess no build from last patches works anymore, that's how the game works.

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