[2.3] Vigilant Juggernaut with Hyaon's Fury + Elemental Overload

Greetings! This is my league starter build for Prophecy, and I’ve had great success with it. Currently I’ve started running Tier 11/12 maps with relative ease and I’ve also defeated the Endgame Labyrinth Izaro. I’ve never killed Atziri with any character but I’ll certainly give it a shot with this build as I’m pretty confident in it!

Build Summary:
A Melee Elemental Attack build which uses the Hyaon’s Fury unique sword empowered by Elemental Overload. Skill of choice is Vigilant Strike due to the fact that hits with it can’t be evaded, sparing the need to invest in any accuracy. To enable free spamming of Vigilant Strike, the build ascends into the Juggernaut and allocates the Unrelenting skill. Some investment into Critical Strike Chance and a lot of investment into Attack Speed improves the uptime of Elemental Overload.

Pros and Cons:

+ Very high damage combined with considerable tanking capabilities;
+ Pretty cheap with Hyaon’s Fury not being an extremely popular item;
+ Easy to gear up with only one required unique and a few recommended ones;
+ Wielding a sword enables both Whirling Blades AND Leap Slam for great mobility;

- Cannot run anything with Elemental Reflection
- Possible to run hexproof maps but quite a hassle (requires recoloring of gear and DPS loss)
- Despite being considerably tanky, it’s not as tanky as a Juggernaut can be

Offensive and Defensive stats at level 87:

DPS with Blood Rage, Fortify and Charges

DPS with all of the above + Elemental Overload

DPS with all of the above + Vessel of Vinktar

Defense without and with Endurance Charges up

Passive Tree at level 87:



Your weapon of choice is, of course, Hyaon's Fury, as it is the unique which defines the build. It has a massive amount of lightning damage. With the highest roll, you can get 430 elemental DPS from it. It also gives you 12% increased Lightning Damage per Frenzy Charge. It has a drawback related to Frenzy Charges, too: you take 3% increased damage from everything per Frenzy Charge. I use 5 Frenzy Charges so I get 15% increased damage taken. Ascending into a Juggernaut helps compensate for this drawback.


I highly recommend Devoto's Devotion, but it isn't required for the build. A nice rare with lots of armour and life will give you more survivability. Devoto's is an offensive option: it gives you attack speed, which this build needs a lot of, and also movement speed. The chaos resistance and very high dexterity mods are also useful. If you don't get Devoto's you will need to get dexterity somewhere else in your gear, as you don't get much from the passive tree but need at least 104 to equip Hyaon's Fury.


You can use regular GG gloves with life, armour, tri-res and perhaps some attack speed. However, if you are going to use the Vessel of Vinktar flask, which is great for this build, then I highly recommend you use Veruso's Battering Rams, because it grants you immunity to shock while at maximum endurance charges, compensating for the Vessel's drawback of shocking you during flask effect. Anytime you wanna use the flask, just use Enduring Cry before to make sure your Endurance Charges are maxed, then use it and you won't get shocked. You must use Enduring Cry BEFORE using the flask; using it after won't remove the shock effect.


A regular tanky shield with tri-res, life and a lot of armour. Before you get an endgame rare one you can make do with Lioneye's Remorse, if you can get the resistances somewhere else.

Body Armour

As much armour as you can get, because the build allocates the Unbreakable ascendancy skill, which doubles armour from body armour. Aside from that, your regular life + resists. My current one is this:


Regular rare boots with armour, life, resists and movement speed. My current ones are:

Belt, Rigs and Amulet

For the belt, you want a Leather Belt base for some extra life, and then life, resistances, armour and Weapon Elemental Damage in the mods. For the rings and amulet you also want Weapon Elemental Damage and flat lightning damage too, and then life and resistances. Some critical strike chance on the Amulet will help you trigger Elemental Overload more frequently. The Amulet should be preferably a Jade base to help meet dexterity requirements. When you can get enough resistances from other gear, I suggest switching from resistance rings to diamond rings, as the critical strike chance implicit will help with Elemental Overload. My current items are:


My personal preference for any build is to have two Quicksilver Flasks, one with bleeding removal and another with curse removal, and then life flasks. In this build I switched one or two life flasks for the Vessel of Vinktar with the variant that adds lightning damage to attacks. It gives me a lot of extra DPS and huge amount of leech for more intense moments. The drawback is shocking you for the flask duration, which is something that can be fixed, vor example, by wearing Veruso's Battering Rams as explained above.


Low level gameplay recorded as soon as I could use Hyaon's Fury:

Promenade run with EE at level 74:

Jungle Valley boss fight at level 82:

Please post a reply if you liked the idea or have any suggestions. Feedback is always appreciated!
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I've leveled to 74 now and made a second video, this time running a Promenade with Elemental Equilibrium (great clearspeed despite the damage decrease).

Need to get more life, but the attack speed is now very good and getting better. EO uptime is great.

Video: https://youtu.be/-G-_txRDA5k
Made another quick video of the Jungle Valley boss fight.

Damage has scaled really well but the build is in dire need of some more life nodes which is what I'm working on atm. The 2 final ascendancy points will also provide a lot more armour and stun immunity so that should solve most of the problems I've been having with damage taken.

Current DPS at level 82:

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I started making a full guide for the build.

I've reached level 87 and defeated Izaro in the Endgame Labyrinth. I'm running Tier 10~12 maps with relative ease. Next up I'll try Atziri and see what this build can do against her (I've never tried Atziri before in the game).

Please comment and leave some feedback if you're interested in the build!

I must say that this is a very interesting build. If they were still running their Build of the Week series, I'd recommend sending this one is as its quite different than most meta builds.
The Fey will never lose, as one of their members, Chap, has taken it upon himself to right their wrongs and see to it that Liesel and Magiere are safe.
xFeywolf wrote:
I must say that this is a very interesting build. If they were still running their Build of the Week series, I'd recommend sending this one is as its quite different than most meta builds.

Thanks! But I thought they just looked at the class forums for Build of the Week candidates. Do we actually have to apply at a specific place?
Nice build!

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