[2.2] The Vigilant Berserker - over 400k dps

Hi and Welcome to my first written build guide for POE!


As the title suggests the build is using the berserker ascendancy of the marauder class.
The used skill is Vigilant Strike. The skill I think has the most % increased damage multiplier in the game - up to 203% at level 20. This with combination of the Aspect of carnage (40% more damage node) turns out to be dishing out quite descent damage. My current character reaches around 480k+ DPS when all buffs and charges are up - this is with the recommended setup of auras/heralds.

The Good and the Bad

The Good part
1. You always have fortify up.
2. Your hits can not be evaded and you CAN crit!
3. Very high DPS
4. High amount of endurance charges
The combination of the above somewhat compensates the bad part..

The Bad part
1. You are using abyssus and in addition you have 10% more damage taken from the Aspect of carnage berserker node.
2. The build is using specific unique items.
3. You have problems with physical damage reflect(due to the high damage) and can not run maps rolled with it.
4. You are dependent on your endurance charges in order to attack - there is not an actual problem with maintaining them but you have to keep this in mind.

Build explanation


Damage with all buffs and flask up:

The build utilizes the high initial damage of vigilant strikes and scaling into several MORE modifiers and critical strike/multi. The build requires a Hegemony's Era staff. With it's high initial crit chance the build reaches 75+% critical chance with none of the gear actually providing critical chance. And with abyssus and the tree nodes your crit multi is around 430 %.
The gems for a 6 linked Hegemony staff: Vigilant strike -> Multistrike -> Melee Physical Damage -> Added Fire -> Melee Splash -> Increased Critical Strikes

For some burst DPS use the lion's roar flask and put down the ancestral protector totem.

In order to maintain endurance charges the build uses 3 mechanics:
1. Warlord's Mark linked with Blasphemy - you have 40% chance to get an endurance charge when a enemy is slain.
2. Endurance Cry - the more enemies around you the more charges you gain.
3. The passive node for staves - Smashing Strike - gives you 10% chance to gain a charge when you crit.


With endurance charges up:

With charges and flasks up:

For the defense the build relies on the many endurance charges (up to 8), fortify buff always on, Lightning coil helps mitigates some of the phys damage (remember you are using abyssus and you are a berserker .. ) , arctic armour and a descent amount of leech from Blood Rage, tree nodes and warlord's mark. With endurance charges up yo have a bit over 7% HP regen per second but part of it is being consumed by blood rage on top of abyssus. You also have the Rite of Ruin berserker node which grants stun immunity and 6% reduced damage taken if you have killed recently

For those very hairy situation you can pop up vaal grace. This with combination with Atziri's Step gets you to around 50% Spell dodge and 34% chance to dodge attacks.
The Basalt Flask rolled with increased armor helps against phys reflect enemies.

The cast on damage taken is linked with Molten Shell for some additional armor. You can throw a life leech in there.

--Aura's and Buffs

The build can run a few combinations that are all descent and depend's on your personal preferences.

1. My recommendation and what felt most comfortable is Arctic Armour + Hatred
2. For Max DPS - Hatred and Herald of Ashe ( you would probably hit the 500k dps mark)
3. For Max Defense - Arctic Armour and Grace.

In order to be able to run these and also Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark you would need an Enlighten Gem and some mana reserve reduction tree nodes.

4. For less mana reservation there is the option for Arctic Armour + Herald of Ashe

With Blood Rage you have 3 frenzy charges and with Hegemony's staff you have 10% chance on knock back to get a power charge (with the Blunt Trauma node and Lion's Roar flask you knock back all the time )

Passive Tree



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That's a nice damage output :)

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