Circles O' Death Juggernaut Build

Diablo III Streamer here trying out my first POE Guide. If this is a double post, we apologize.

The build revolves mostly around your 2 circles o' death: Righteous Fire and Blade Vortex

Blade Vortex in your chest, ideally 6 slot with 3 blue, 2 Red and 1 green. Here is my current:

The dream would be to get an additional blue slot for fast casting.

Righteous Fire on your shield, we don't really like any 4-link RF setups:

In order to not get wrecked by Righteous Fire, you'll need the following life regen Equation:

With 75 Fire Resistance (100-75)*.9 = 22.5% life regen needed
With 83 Fire Resistance (8% *Rise of the Phoenix) = 15.3% life regen needed
With 89 Fore Resistance (8% *Rise of the Phoenix+ 1% *passive + 5% *Purity of Fire) = 9.9% life regen needed

The build also revolves around the Cast when damage taken gem. The helm and boot setup is pretty mandatory. Take note of the gem levels. It's important!

On the boots we went with artic breath. A) because it looks bad ass. B) its a great combo with cast when damage taken + hatred + Greater multiple projectiles and it acts as a snare for annoying kiting mobs. Warlords mark for additional survivablity and endurance charge juice.

The helmet is uber important. Enfeeble and Immortal Call keeps us alive.. a lot. Immortal call can protect us from getting one shot. It would probably be better to manually cast but sometimes you just don't know when crazy damage spikes are going to happen. This keeps us fairly safe. Keep up endurance charges with enduring cry if possible for maximum time on immortal call.

Bladefall and molten shell both gain juice from the iron will effect of doon so... why not. We like molten shell on Cast when damage taken and we like how bladefall looks.

The glove slot is our mobility slot.

Leap slam with faster attacks and fortify is a must. Enduring cry is just there to keep our endurance charges high.

Ring slots are mandatory essence worms with the following skill gems:

We use the passive blood magic and we can't afford to give up any of our health pool so this is why these rings are so godly for this build.


Only one jewel is mandatory here: It has 100% uptime as we have no mana at all. Sadly, we can only use one :P
Everything else is based on need. You may need more dex or int to level certain gems or wear certain gear. So play with that. If you have everything you need. I'd definitely go for Spell damage when wearing a shield plus cast speed.

Current Skill Tree:

The Dream Skill Tree:

All Current Gear:

Video Guide:
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Flicker strike is attack and don't benefit from faster casting. You can use Lightning warp - less duration -faster casting instead, or fortify - leap slam - faster attacks
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Instead of the two Curse CwDt setups, you should try a secondary Blade Vortex BV-CoH-Curse-Curse

you will have Curses more reliably, one more 4slot for just the necessity of pressing one button every few seconds.

Additionally, the Iron Will from Doon Cuebiyari does not benefit RF dmg - use a 4Link with Elemental Focus (thats definitely higher dmg increase than Inc Burning Dmg anyway; in a 4link you can use both.

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